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  1. If someone comes to Mutawiach from begins back he can only declare ZoC ARO, such as reset, change faceing, and those provided by skills or equipment. Jammer is a weapon. Can he use it in ARO?
  2. I was wondering if a list with 2 Kerails and 4 beasts would be effective? Any experience?
  3. Can I use smoke granate and throw it on a wall?
  4. Well there is a difference between "any point on the table" and "any point of the table". At least I can see that difference. If I give you a marker and then a task: put a dot on any point of the box, you'll do it. Then I ask to put a dot on any point on the box, then most people will put it on top of the box.
  5. It is legal, but in most cases there are obstacles that forbids it due to template size.
  6. OK
  7. That is my problem. It has a Special Skill or piece of Equipment allowing reaction to enemy actions without LoF. http://infinitythewiki.com/en/Equipment Jammer is a weapon not a piece of Equipment, so if want to be picky you can have an argument. I want a clarification and confirmation by some authority. My approach would be the same: you can Jammer in ARO without LoF. But if someone points this out, I would like to know: are weapons equipement? And the question has its basis since there is distinction between Weponary and Equipment in every rulebook.
  8. That is how I interpreted it, but if you approach it form the other side - you face the limitation of types of ARO that are ok. I want to be sure.
  9. And yet another sponsor. A very nice one. Gingermane is from Gdynia, Poland, and they make a very cool looking terrain. The best way to get familiar with them is their FB page where they maka raffle among those who will like, share and comment on their creations. A new webstore is also available, so do check them out! https://www.facebook.com/gingermanestudio/
  10. Warsaw Open 2017 1. Venue and date: “Dragon” Gaming Club, PZL, Al. Krakowska 110/114. 25-26.11.2017. 2. Tournament formula: 5 battles in the following format: 300p/6SWC, Spec-Ops 12EXP. Theplayers may have up to 2 lists from a single faction or a sectorial. The tournament is registered within the official ITS ran by Corvus Belli. <future link> 3. Payment: The entry fee is set at 60PLN (15euro). Registration is only confirmed after receiving payment. We offer no refunds in the case of a cancellation.. Prepayment is possible until 12.11. Players who pay the fee before 12.11 will receive a special WOC 2017 gadget. Max no. of players: 32. Bank account details for the entry fee: Michał Reszka Bank Millenium 67 1160 2202 0000 0003 1360 3120 Title: OMW 2017 Name and Surname [Nick] 4. Schedule: 25.11 09.00 - 10:00 Registration / preparation of any tables that the players/sponsors may bring 10:00 - 12.00 Deadly Dance 12:15 - 14.15 Transmission Matrix 14:15 - 15:00 Painting competition - “Armies on Display”/ lunch break 15:00 - 17.00 Hunting Party 18:00+ After party (Details soon) 26.11 10:00 12.00 Comms Center 12:15 14.15 Acquisition 14:30 - 15:00 Prize award ceremony 15:00+ - Any help with cleaning after the tournament is welcome Schedule may be subject to change.. 5. General information A) PREPARATION: • All players should upload their lists to the OTM before the tournament. • All players should have their printed courtesy and full lists with them. • All players should have a complete classified deck. The “HVT Kidnapping” is to be used for this event, as well. • All players should also have a measurement tape, several D20 dices (at least 3), markers, templates etc. LoF markings is required on the models’ base, as per the ITS rules. • Camo markers and what they represent should be marked on the list. Same for which figure is the Lieutenant in case of several possible miniatures (e.g if there are 3 Combi Fusiliers, we write down that the “Female” or the guy “Moving forward” is the LT. PROXIES i.e “Counts-as”: • Up to 3 proxies are allowed on the table. The proxies should be easily recognizable: HI should be only proxied with a different HI, Rem with a REM etc. • A model is not considered a a proxy if it has not beenreleased yet, or if it is a conversion. C) PAIRINGS Challenging other players is is allowed in the first round of the tournament but only for players players from different cities (Warsaw vs Gdansk, Lublin vs Poznan etc.). The Swiss system is applied in the following turns. D) JUDGING/PENALTIES rules on LoF/ no LoF. A player with no LoF markings will always be ruled against in case of a dispute. In case of problems with 3mm of visibility - roll the dice. Stalling Each player has 1h for entire game: 10 minutes to deploy and 50 to play their 3 rounds. If a player is stalling during deployment, a judge should be informed immediately of the fact and that player in question will be penalised.. If a game is not finished within 2 hours then both players will receive a penalty. Sportsmanship. If a player misbehaves, he may receive a penalty. Penalties stack with each other : 1. A verbal warning. 2. -1OP total 3. -3OP total 4. -1TP total 5. -2TP total 6. additional -2TP for each consequential penalty. This penalty will affect only the ranking atthe tournament and the OMW and the sequence of selecting prizes, but not the standing within the OTM, as that feature is currently not implemented. E) PRIZES Prizes are selected based upon your final standing. F) IN cases unmentioned by this document, a Judge or the Organizer has a final say. 6. Painting Contest - “Armies on DIsplay” The contest is is divided into 2 groups. Only miniatures painted by the players themselves are allowed (i.e no miniatures painted by commission painters) For veteran painters. All units from a list played at the tournament should be presented. For beginners. 3 different units from a list played at the tournament should be presented.They should present 3 different units from their list. (example: Grunt, Foxtrot, and a Maverick is O.K, but 3 different Alguacile are not) The winner will be chosen by a popular vote, where the voter can pick one of the presented armies. H) “Dragon” Club is not offering places to sleep. There are other hotels and hostels in close vicinity. LOFT Hostel Airport Sky8Noclegi Werb Club Hostel
  11. We are currently full. 40 out of 40 players payed their registration fee. Yet there are more sponsors: Playmaty https://www.facebook.com/playmaty/ A producers of mats and 2D terrains. Great quality, and really nice designs. You can take aloot at their products and make great purchases. http://playmaty.pl/ Hexy shop https://www.facebook.com/hexygames/ A hub of great designers making different kinds of items. Bits, Models, Terrain pieces - you name it. Check their shop and be amazed of many different kind of products. LootPile.eu https://www.facebook.com/lootpile.eu/ You can check them out and see what they have. Brushes! They are good.
  12. thank you additional. If Gao rael has one ADHL then doeas he have 2 of them in Hunting party? So burst 3 in triad?
  13. I would like to have a clarification on Hunting Party. 1. Hunted down. - LT is hunted down if a unit was a LT at any point of the game and is IMM or Isolated at the end of the game. - Can I "hunt down" unconcious units?
  14. You can now register on OTM: https://its.infinitythegame.com/event/yzin32jm-otwarte-mistrzostwa-warszawy-2017
  15. This week a great produces decided to join us. A-Case makes a great transport bags for our models. The best way to see how it works is to check their website, or look at their kickstarter. I think this is the best way to transport models that are painted beautifully. Magnets in bases, and metal trays in the case makes them stay in place and in upright position, so no scratches will ever happen. Check them out. https://www.facebook.com/armycase/ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/armycase/a-case-miniature-wargaming-carrying-display-case
  16. Yet another pack of our great sponsors Corvus Belli. What to say more. They are the devine creatures that brought Infinity to life. Now they made Aristeia! Check them out, all of their pages if you don't know them yet. https://infinitythegame.com/ https://aristeiathegame.com/ Deep-Cut Studio. One of a few producers that make mats on demant. YOu have a file you want to make mat out of - contact them. They standard projects are also great. Very nice designs, and a good prices. http://www.deepcutstudio.com/ Paint forge. A wonderful producer of even more wonderfull tufts and flowers to make your bases great again. Check them out, you'll be amazed. http://paint-forge.blogspot.com/ Wargamer. Our key distributor of Infinity in Poland. But not only infinty. Next to our favourite game they have others including their own. Check their website and their special kickstarter for Hot and dangerous models:) http://sklep.wargamer.pl/ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1263001724/hot-and-dangerous
  17. More and more sponsors appered: Q-Workshop. A great dice manufacturer from Poland. If you would like to have a dice with special, one of a kind rite on them - they are the ones to call. https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=q-workshop System Gaming is a producer of one of the greatest set of terrain I know and played on. Also, of course, they have a variety of accesories, So I strongly suggest to check them out. https://www.facebook.com/SystemaGaming/ Mantic games is also a producer of terrains and accessories. If you want to check their full offer, you will have to go through many, many miniatures, not only from Infinity. https://www.facebook.com/manticgames/ PWORK Wargames is a mat producer, and I must say a really cool-loking ones. There is not much to say. You need to see them to appreciate the details. https://www.facebook.com/PworkWargames/ TerraCutter is another terrain creator. They have a very interesting set of buildings and accessories. Definitely a place to check out. https://www.facebook.com/groups/terracutter/ WLZI. That is a special one and close to my heart. WLZI is a league in Warsaw lead by Zippy and judged by me personally. WLZI will also support Warsaw Open with small gifts to all participants. https://www.facebook.com/groups/342667372597716/
  18. More, and more sponsors, comes to Warsaw Open 2017. Among them are: Siren Miniatures, A Wasaw producer of games and miniatures. http://sirenminiatures.com/store After Hours Workshop. Terrain producers from Chełmża. They have a lovely Hexan series of buildings, but a great bases as well. Also, they do painting for order. https://afterhoursworkshop.com/pl/strona-glowna/ Zen Terrain. An another producer from Poland with great Hab series, as well as military bases, and police station (with internal pieces). Great things can be found in his store. http://www.zenterrain.com/ Customeeple. A well known producer from Spain. Their products are just great, and include great siluettes, markers, and terrain.http://www.customeeple.com/infinity-shop/
  19. Kromlech and Bits of WarThese producers come from Warsaw. They make nice bits, bases, accesoriea and their own line of miniatures. I encurage you to take a look on their web sites. Their offer is impressive.http://www.kromlech.euhttps://bitsofwar.com/ Micro Art StudioA companty that requires no introduction. A partner of Corvus Belli for many, many years. They have markers, tokens, siluettes, terrains, bases and many many more. Their marchandise has "Designed for Infinity" high quality mark. Check their website and get your Infinity experience to a new level.https://shop.microartstudio.com/pl/
  20. Our first confirmed sponsor: RCTRAX comes from Koszalin in Poland. In thier offer there are car models, planes, and even trains. Accessories and tools to make your modeling work easier. Infinity is important part of their offer as well, including models and variety of accessories. Check their web site, and see their impressive offer. http://www.rctrax.pl/
  21. The points are for: 2 kill DataTracker. 1. Classified. up to 3x 1 dominate assigned Q 1 use TAG in it 1. dominate more assigned Q. If I count correctly. Me and my opponent we both have the same Q. I use Tag and I dominate it. and it happens in all 3 raound. I have 9 pts for it, I do classified, and kill datatracker. I have 12 pts? Is this correct?
  22. And what is the difference in Objective points if I destroy them and if I destroy the ones in my side? The are objectives for: 1. designate equal number of any atennas 2. designate more 3 destroy the same ammount without distinction of type. 4. destroy more, again any atenna count 5. kill HVT 6. kill him with DataTracker. So why those antennas on the other side of the table are so distinctivly described? Maybe there is additional objective in plans, but was dropped?
  23. "Only those Antennas whose base is entirely placed in the enemy half of the table will be considered valid towards accomplishing the Objective of Destroying more Antennas placed in the enemy half of the game." There is no objective like that. Why is it here?
  24. I must agree. Populatity of such tournaments proven, that many players liked this approach and 10 orders.
  25. When do You place symbiomates/Bugs? Should I place them at the same time as Kaeltar? Can I place Nikoul or Gorgos from reserve and give him a mate? My confusion comes from description of symbiomate "can be assigned... to those troppers... who are present on the game table". And reserve is not on game table when Kaeltar is placed and symbiot are to be distributed.