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  1. I know. I'm just highlighting the fact that aleph don't get 5 man fire teams and that the Djan can have a sort of discount in a link. I know Infinity is not a perfect game, but as far as Tabletop games go, it's up there with Malifaux and the like in terms of balance. Sure there will be the odd bizzare exception, maybe that is posthumans, , because posthumans are really really good. But, if posthumans are slightly too good, then I have faith that CB will nudge up their points accordingly
  2. Those minis are baller as f***! I love the little symbols on the bases. What is your vehicle from? Is it the right size to Proxy a traktor mul? I'm going to have to look at your blog.
  3. Is guided fire a long skill or just simply not an ARO skill?
  4. Just to add my petrol to the mix: djans are linkable in QK. And 2 or 3 can be cheap hafzas in disguise. Greeks only have specific, limited link teams.
  5. There is some stuff that's CB only like the mugs and t-shirts. Which is a pity because of shipping costs.
  6. nca

    Do you think a squall + tik is more sensible?
  7. nca

    While discussing Acon Shock Army with a dear friend, I noticed that they could have 2 Tikbalangs. As always has been. No great revelation there. (RIP Toni, my waifu *) Then something twisted in my brain clicked, the thing that advises my other half what broken Pokémon tcg combos to play, could NCA.. Surely not? Oh yes. YES. We can take 1 more Ulhans than vanilla. My next question was not why - because it's f++king awesome; two TAGs ready to decommission enemy chemical weapons¶ is better than one, but how? How can we make this work? And so dear colleagues, I posit the question; not 'is a dual Ulhans list possible?' (yes) but rather; is it viable for ITS? If so how? My initial thoughts fuelled by caffeine and serious levels of prescription drugs∆, was to take a minimal link toolbox of fusileer order monkeys (Lt, FO, hacker, paramedic), along with an engineer and supplemented by 8point order bots leaving room for a bolt with drop bears. 🐻🐻🐻 However I don't think this is the best possible dual Ulhans list and so I am open to suggestions! *Actually its the Pokémon Hex Maniac, but that's irrelevant to the story ¶My nickname for my Ulhans, is 'Ulhanz Blix' ∆the list would be longer than this forum post
  8. Xe is just a fragment of Mayanet given consciousness. Xis preferred pronoun is "silicon based t'feck" and xer favourite computer program is c:/hackTAG.exe
  9. Yeah locally its played that you can open doors as part of a short skill and then they close straight after, unless its something like the 8x8 armoury. Also who needs lockpicks when you can have missiles? #AmIRite
  10. I've had battered mars bar once and I'm a type 1 diabetic. (the kind with the good drugs). It was not a smart move.
  11. Its a bit of a weird one, but 99% of the time you can only ARO to the person who is spending the order. EG: If fusileer angus, tired of being CB's bitch in all examples and blocking LOS to a trauma doc directly behind him, spends an order and overdoses on her morphine, just because you can now see the trauma doc you can't ARO to her. You could only ARO to the drug addled Angus because he's the one spending the skill.
  12. Pics would help. As would posting in the miniatures section of the forum
  13. I am convinced that a couple.of players on the tournament circuit that visit my local tournament scene their away day lists arranged for 'cluttered' and 'open' tables. They say our tables are denser.
  14. But it's still only a 20% more chance of survival. You'd be better taking just 2 fusileers instead, or even better an FO auxiliers and a warcor. Run the warcor into the mines!