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  1. If every time there's a global campaign players flip out then CB will probably just not bother in future. For a long time Infinity was a largely non toxic community but sadly this seems to be slipping as of late :-(
  2. It was nice to get a shout out for my batrep with @Big Mac
  3. 5th at Bournemouth Infininty Open. Thanks to @turtley_awesome and my gracious opponents @RainbowUnicorn, @Gamma Ray & Milou. Congrats also to @PanOwner and @Epsolon921 for painting and painting!

  4. Yeah I must admit I'm not putting in the effort that I did initially as time is limited and if its all undone by people spamming 150 point games vs n00bs or 'banking' reports of dubious authenticity I question the point in writing up a massive detailed BatRep that means very little.
  5. I'm playing MRRF I also cannot roll dice (as @Gamma Ray can attest to!) So:
  6. I think the what is everyone does it is a valid argument. Perhaps not practically because everyone won't do it but rather because that sort of thinking is what allows them to profit from their behaviour. So if this behaviour is not discouraged then everyone should do it in order to force a change. Also if all is fair in love and war where do you draw the line: lying about batreps, making up batreps, smashing your opponent's miniatures with a hammer so they can't play, DDOSing the warconsole website so enemies can't submit reports, bribing Warren, kidnapping his family to exert leverage?
  7. She's paying for msv which is situational in Onyx, however she can hard counter nomad smoke+Intruder type combos or steel phalanx/Moira ODD. Going on suppressive isn't a bad thing, it's a deterrent. I would avoid the 40k-minded fallacy of 'no kills = no value' - eg; my doctor doesn't kill much (well sometimes my own troops!) but his value as a specialist and healer are what I pay for not his ability to shoot things! Similarly the Makreep can threaten fire lanes and force enemies to take a more convoluted route to objectives- forcing your opponent to waste valuable orders to do so.
  8. Alive have been out for longer than the Manga characters, several of whom aren't available for hire. Personally I'd much rather a box of 4 alive (cypher, bit&kiss, switch) than random mercs. But it might shake things up a little. Alive can be used by more armies than the Outrage mercs so financially I don't see why they are holding back. If CB drop alive 1 month before ITS changes then removed them people gonna be pissed. I doubt they will, I'm just saying why focus limited resources on less useful stuff?
  9. Bullet Vodka?
  10. Following with interest!
  11. Mate I've won prizes at about 3 tournaments in a row for being most critted player so I feel your pain. Where are you based? We should go drinking together get angry and burn our enemies d20s!
  12. So @Big Mac had this crazy idea for a game set in tunnels.. Cue a CQB firefight with flamethrowers, mines and boarding shotguns galore! Be sure to check out the flipside for his perspective!
  13. AD 1 & 2 are "we are already here" 3-5 is drop from the sky.
  14. Completely unnecessary but just wondering if we could have an option to set our faction flag as a sectorial flag? : but only if we are exclusively using that sectorial for the whole campaign. EG I am playing MRRF and am Marked ariadna, it would be nice to recognised as a sectorial in batreps etc. And onna similar note there seems to be space for it on the group chat/mini forum but no options for little avatars or sectorials flags which would be awesomeness! Anyway I know it's purely cosmetic and not a high priority but thanks for reading!
  15. Here's space Hulk Wotan Style. Bloody brutal cqb action; Now with video: