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  1. still serching for guys to do charts of the special skill like the one I did. I'm seraching for someone to split the work with (better 3-4 guys)
  2. Hello i want to know if the mrrcenary duo "scarface +cordelia" will remain usable for the tohaa army after the end of the event. I have no i tention to buy something that I'll not use for long. Thanks
  3. 1) yeah I know 2) I'll prove it 3) If you have avice on how to shorten the text please write it down, My knowledge of the language go only so far so if you can help to shorten some text 4) Good idea
  4. Better now ?
  5. thank you for the advice I will modify that accordingly
  6. a chart for AD (almost finished something is missing), how does it looks ? 1/3 of a page instead of 2 and half pages....
  7. yeah that would be helpful this is absolutely complex. for hacking program I'm happy with the integration they did in the army builder So there is indeed an ammo chart; my apologies. I serched for that but I did not find it some days ago. Now we lack a "skill that grant other skills" charts; an equipment chart and a skill chart
  8. I immagine a world where you don't have to connect to internet to know the answer of a question. A world where you don't have to exit the store to get signal, a world where you dont't have to wait until the page load, and last but not least a world where you could get the info you are looking for with a quick glance. Immagine... you can. below you can see an example of what I want to do. I'm doing a status quick chart and divided the status between "coomon status" "status that you geto beeing hit by some peculiar weapon/program" "status related to skill or equipment". I have yet to translate them I'm only organizing them for now.
  9. there is no status chart, skill chart, ammo chart and so on. are you people blind ?????
  10. As the tile states i'm serching people to do charts for skills, equipment, ammo, status ecc ecc. who wanna join tha cause ? You can also post here charts found on internet that can be helpful for player. Infinity is a good game a lot of gamer not oriented toward miniature are interested but got discouraged by the scarce approachability. who wanna help ?
  11. Charts for everything. Actually helping make the charts in excell
  12. I need help to make quickcharts, who want to join ????
  13. always putting in my mouth things that I didn't say ...... ho rules should be changed. I sayd approchability. nothing more to say
  14. Let's say that for now the game is doing good because it invade new countries but when the excitment for the novelty will end I foresee a grim future. Tonight someone offered me to do a game with a gamer that played N2 and I honestly don't have the will, It's a lot of time that I don't play and the image of me going to look for things in the manual make me sick. So for now infinity will remain on my shelves, I will stop to buy miniatures from corvus belli because this game lack approachability, I will stay tuned and wait to corvus belli to do something and I will return to play when there will be a real enjoyable game." So I end this with, my concern were irrelevant. This game targets a few people and evidently I'm not in their midst, I will return to play when they will widen their approach. Afterall if they don't care why should I ?Sorry for the disturb. GL and GG.
  15. The sentences are quite simple as you can see. The inuit people has more than 30 words for snow.. this is not the case. I'm not a genius in english as is easy to see by the way I write but I could still translate it easily enough. Never said that you should use google translate as a tool for translation. pick a player form a country that knows his language and engish and pay him to translate... The reason why you should pick a player is because they now exactly how the rules are intended to work. don't pick someone that don't know what he is translating. And write things clearly in the first place. For instanche in the wiki enty I noticed this sentence " The trooper suffered a successful Attack" (seea above) if you don't know the game or if you are a new player you have to ask yourself what is a successful attack to begin with. you can consider both a successful attack to be the one when you hit but the armor prevent the damage or the one in which you actually do the damage because the attack roll is in fact successful in both cases. It's not a sentece that is "stupidproof" and when I was a noob I had tons of stupid question. It should state: "when an attack overcom the ARM/BTS roll of the target ecc ecc". There is no possible question to ask here or doubt tho have .