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  1. So, back to the OP for just a moment, the only real answer is "we don't know". The only detail we have is from the last couple seminars with Bostria who said outright that the next book is Campaign Paradiso N3 but that we shouldn't expect that for at least a year. If everything goes perfectly well, and that new concept artist they have hired works out, then MAYBE we'll see that book at Gencon 2018. But I wouldn't bet my own money on it and personally I think it's much more likely to be Christmas 2018 or even Adepticon/Rumble 2019, Gencon 2019 or Interplanetario 2019. At the same time, if we get to Christmas 2019 and don't have CP-N3 in hand then I will personally be surprised.
  2. And, likewise, I see your point but still deplore the "gotcha" element.
  3. That's the thing here 'though, The function of Electric Pulse and how it interacts with Surprise Attack is unusual and simply revealing the Open Information is likely to result in a negative play experience. That's my issue with it.
  4. Oh, I agree 100%. But, basically, ever getting that -6 means that your opponent has objectively made a mistake in play. A mistake which is much more likely due to ignorance of the rules or inexperience than anything else. Now, you can say exactly what does and does not suffer the -6 when you share that Open Information, but technically all you have to say is "the Hexa has Electric Pulse" not spell out the functionality. I don't like mechanics which catch people out like that. Well, sure, that too.
  5. Yes, precisely. Getting the -6 from Surprise Attack basically depends on your opponent being ignorant of what it applies to. It's the very worst kind of "gotcha". My point earlier was that while the optimisation of the Hexa isn't great, that issue is compounded by the costing problem. One or the other would be ok, but both just hurt. And on top of that, as you point out, the KHD is nevertheless such a strong option that it feels almost necessary in many builds.
  6. Sure, but my point is that we're discussing Auxbots and their potential usage on PanOceania units. Not Devabots and their usage on ALEPH units. The presence of the latter in some PanOceania sectorials notwithstanding.
  7. I wouldn't bother with the LGL, but often take an HMG (which is the same SWC). But, at the same time, you likely won't be using the HMG or LGL in the same game where the Missile Launcher gets to shine so I'd either run the long range ARO setup or the specialist and advancing weapon.
  8. Well, any other faction in the game would reply "with smoke". To be fair this isn't likely to ever be an issue in PanOceania.
  9. I'm not a big fan of mechanics which rely on an opponents ignorance of the rules to function.
  10. Only if you believe +1CC and +1PH on a unit which uses neither is worth the same as Dogged. And, yes, it's been broken down several times and every time you've been forced to admit that they are at least "a couple of points" (as if that means nothing) too much.
  11. I like these in theory, and I like the idea of expanding the Auxbot design space.
  12. You thought wrong. Because clearly I don't understand how Infiltration works, and explaining it is going to change my opinion.
  13. Yeah, it is a pity we don't get Knauf... but I do sometimes run a pair of Hexa Snipers so he'll be useful for that.
  14. I'd assumed that the implications of the Electric Pulse were well known. It doesn't change the indisputable fact that the Hexas are overcosted across the board, but they will always see play as the only source of KHD in PanO and Hidden Deployment Sniper (as Infiltration on most competing units is basically pure bloat).
  15. Setting up TAGs where they have LOF to shoot Warbands sounds like a good way to lose your TAG. And the apartments do have front doors big enough to get Size 3 and 5 units in... but I was kidding. No, you are not. The BS, PH and especially WP attributes of many of these units have no connection to their place in the setting nor any justification in their cost.