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  1. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on how to handle properly built and run Caledonian spam with PanOceania.
  2. lol We DO have more than one PanOceania player in our meta @Teslarod ;-) That's not me (protip, I haven't played Vanilla PanO in over a year as I've been on pure NCA focus to get them all made and painted) but another PanO player. When I did run Joan (which I haven't in a long while) I paired her with cheaper offensive options.
  3. PanOceania is one of the places where I think the Jager is really going to shine. For a startoff, Joan aside, Irregular doesn't really matter on AD. But you are right that Joan makes it totally irrelevant. But a cheap AD specialist is golden for us (as something we can't otherwise access) and so the Jager is a welcome addition.
  4. It's bullshit because: 1: NeoTerra is a lot more urban than Varuna. 2: Airdropping into water is a thing TODAY let alone in the future. 3: Treating the ALEPH options in Sectorials as anything other than "native" to that Sectorial is equally bullshit (it's actually pretty elegant design, allowing for breadth of options without adding bloat to Vanilla). And, in any case, I don't think the argument is any less bullshit when applied to NeoTerra TBH.
  5. True. And I certainly will if you won't. The idea that Varuna would have no AD on the basis of that argument is pure bullshit.
  6. Actually, despite being one of the founding nations of PanOceania, New Zealand has not yet rated a unit name. There's a passing reference in the Croc Men but that name has nothing to do with New Zealand.
  7. I can hear the Yu Jing players screaming from here.
  8. For a given, highly specific, situational and confining definition of "work".
  9. In the context of the thoughtful and carefully worded OP I find this kind of dismissive response quite unfortunate. What is clear is that there is no community consensus and while some people don't see it as a problem others do (in some cases, very much so).
  10. *Everyone Playing Other Factions* "WAAAAAH!!! Soldier of Fortune is broken because PanOceania can shoot 'through smoke too goodz WAAAAAAH!!!" *PanOceania* - Uses smoke to do objectives -
  11. To be fair, PanOceania will provide our best lawyers. He can probably get away with anything short of the wrong genocide.
  12. To be fair, that's not technically a different model. That's just the same model in a different "form".
  13. *shrugs* They already have one rifle, so it's not that much of a stretch to imagine they have another option. But you may be right.
  14. Really? I'd have thought that it was the least likely of the "out of place" options to get ditched. I mean, it MAY also be a stand in, but not so obvious a stand in as Saito or Forza.
  15. That may come up if you are shortcutting, but technically you should roll saves from each separate weapon and hit separately anyway RAW. So this is just a case where it matters to keep track, so you have to be stricter about your allocation.