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  1. To get away from the Warren-shot-JFK-and-faked-the-Moon-Landing parts of this thread, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this campaign, far more than I did Flamestrike. A big part of it was the story of Strike Zone Wotan felt far more coherent. We had a clear narrative arc that we knew about from the get-go. We knew all along that the Combined Army was on its way through the gate, it was just a matter of when, so this gave all the human-on-human-on-Aleph-cyborg violence an undercurrent of cyberpunk misery that I loved. I also appreciated that the scenarios were, in my opinion, a bit more fun and varied than they were last time. I don't recall being interested in playing the scenarios last time around, but this time they just seemed more interesting to me. I never did get to use my Sekban with AD... That's not to say I don't have some complaints, but any suggestions I have to have those corrected have already been stated by others in this thread.
  2. I'll be getting a few more in against my plucky Aleph opponent. It's a shame we don't have more CA or Tohaa players around here - us humans (or whatever Aleph soldiers are these days) are getting mighty tired of shooting at each other.
  3. Ugh, I don't like that one bit.
  4. What do you mean? That other factions are deliberately rating opponent factions' reports low? That would profoundly bum me out if that's been going on.
  5. Speaking as someone in North America and therefore as someone whose opinion surely matters more than those in the Old Country* - I would also prefer if the campaign was October - November or something similar. But I also recognize how difficult it is to operate something across various hemispheres so I'll hardly march to your office with a torch and pitchfork. *Kidding!
  6. I quite like them, but I'm not saying your feelings are wrong. I can understand why they might be awful for "your game", so to speak.
  7. Yeah, same here. I should get maybe three between Friday and Sunday and that's really assuming I'm not burning through the goodwill of my pair of opponents. I figure if I keep feeding them french fries they'll keep showing up to my house...
  8. I also am choosing the mission and zone first, then playing the actual game. I'm also trading off with my opponents. I currently owe my local Aleph nemesis two games in zones of his choosing.
  9. I don't understand the issue that you're having. Can you maybe clarify? Maybe go point-by-point to walk us through this?
  10. No, being in BtB with a figure carrying it doesn't contest it. A model will always have the beacon as long as it's not in the null state. Once it's in the null state the model "drops" it; to quote: IF THE MINIATURE CARRYING A BEACON ENTERS A NULL STATE, THEN THE PLAYER MUST LEAVE THE BEACON MARKER ON THE TABLE WITH A DISCONNECTED MARKER BESIDE IT.
  11. The answer is simple, my friend - play just enough that you're helping your faction, but not so much that I can't surpass you this time. Deal? ;)
  12. And we're live!
  13. Will we be flagged as spamming reports if we generate two reports on a Monday, two more on the Tuesday, play four games on that Tuesday, and then submit them all? I'm crazy enough to create a backlog of viable reports. I did it last time. I hated myself for it.
  14. It's not the upper limit that concerns me. I would rather we have far fewer battles to report so that there aren't a huge number to go through if you want to leave feedback, and also so that we can focus more on making each one unique and fun to read. My dream is something like two per week, so that everyone who wants to participate can do so at the maximum rate. This way someone who has nothing but time and someone who works two jobs and has two kids can both contribute the same amount to the overall campaign. EDIT: I have no idea why it has a second quote box in my post. The mysteries of the universe are many and varied.