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  1. I wasn't comparing it to HI, but other MSV users for Neoterra which people tend to value over the aquila, the Devas in this case. This argument is just a strawman. I won't engage in the rest of the post, because it's always the same logic that disgregard the value and impact some things have in your opponent's decissions, deployment and movement options, taking for granted that you can't take advantadge of it (ie having a good FTF piece, forces your opponent to hide, and therefore people concludes you had wasted points in that FTF piece). And i actually prefer ODD/TO to MSVs most of the time, specially on neoterra, i was just pointing out that if you want some MSV, Deva's or black frairs to less extent aren't the no brainer option
  2. Anyways, Aquilas are underrated, the BS 15 makes quite a difference, as he is a very good active turn threat, much better than DEVAs. Yes, you get 2 DEVAs for the same price, but you don't get a +3 on your face to faces with them. But to be honest, i think that factions who don't have access to smoke, their MSVs should get a discount.
  3. Having EM grenades is no joke either tho. I will only play MO when they release a new starter, otherwise no chance, but good to see people having fun listbuilding for it after the first impressions people got at HSN3 release.
  4. Is that a yes or a no to placing mines on a coordinated order ?
  5. The script is a bloated mess. Still better than Independence day 2 tho, not like that's saying much.
  6. I would certainly despise it if people could actually bring it while not being on the army. I don't think that's even possible anymore.
  7. Did CB ever say why the teutons are not linkable anymore ?
  8. Ok, so more or less when are these puppies gonna hit the shelf ?
  9. That has very little to do with game design when you are talking about being to play with random strangers and potentially be able to have a good time. You could perfectly streamline the rules a lot and get the kind of enjoyment you are describing if they are enough to give you a sense of playing a narrative. But you don't seem to understand or give credit to what is to genuinely care about the game as a game system in itself rather than a tool for a narrative.
  10. The Zuyong is used as a Lt., There is no lt. option for Zuyongs with a multi rifle. And pretty sure Red Veil will be like Icestorm, keeping rules as simple as possible, hence why the Orc, even tho he has a multi rifle, had a combi rifle on the profile.
  11. Stable elsewhere. They are rising the pound prices to keep them at the same value.
  12. Just wanted to add a little more about Spain's situation. I agree about Spain, Ciudadanos is in short a secularist PP. And Podemos best branches are at the cities, because on a state level... something that spurred as intellectual ended up being complete demagogy and yes man (i don't mind populism, only if it's filled with demagogy). Not gonna lie, the only thing that could do a change on Spain would be stopping parties for being able to sustain the corruption, but i certainly wouldn't put my trust on any of them. Kind of sad imo, but i think the last months of "no goverment" has been more productive for the country to fight corruption than any reform.
  13. Germany savings rising and rising. %GPD http://data.worldbank.org/indicator/NY.GNS.ICTR.ZS?locations=DE Germany investment % GDP rising very steadily but very low. https://www.quandl.com/data/ODA/DEU_NID_NGDP-Germany-Total-Investment-of-GDP Exports/Imports intra EU (most countries on deficit, italy 1.5 surplus, france 1.0 surplus, Germany ? 9.4 surplus). The problem is that those countries DO NOT NEED LOANS, they need investment. Loans withouth investment is catch 22 forever in debt. Will show you an example USA tends to run a deficit on trade for the reason that's a responsible hegemony. It's true that they get back a part of that thanks to how Wall Street works, but that's fine because that's through investments. Germany ? Nah, saves and then loans. That's not what they are saying. What they are saying is that following the current Troika directions (austherity) the country will not be able to get out of recession, and hence never will be able to pay for the debt, except getting more loans, and thus expediting more power to the Troika. Sometimes i wonder if what they really want to do is just reduce wages, to reduce housing prices just to use Greece as EU's Florida (joking... well half joking). In short, they are asking for some breathing room to actually be able to do the needed reforms is what Syriza asked for in the beginning. So they obviously ask for a revision of the debt, to be something that they can get actually to pay, while the EU defends the loaners (which is not you, or german's citizens, but your private banks, which then will bailout asking for your taxpayer money). So when you say that you want them to pay a debt that they can't really pay you are telling them to concede and utterly destroy their economy, or prospects of future. I will just give you a link about what happened when Germany was on scraps after the second world war. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_Agreement_on_German_External_Debts Yes, debts can be pardoned for the good of the people and hopes of a better future for that country. Greece is on that point, and instead of helping them, Europe just forced them to make their own coffin, and start digging while forcing other souther countries to watch their future if they don't comply.
  14. Montesa LGL is pretty good. And i agree, most of the time what makes an IP resilient, is that it has 2 wounds, not armor 3 vs 4 ;P
  15. No roll and no hacking ARO. Is pretty reasonable most of the time.