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  1. It's real guys! It's finally come true!!! FAT YUAN YUAN! FAT YUAN YUAN! youtube
  2. If you live near a shopping mall, there is most likely a custom embroidery kiosk existing somewhere least three malls in my area have them. You can take any image you want to them and they can load it into their software that controls the embroidery tool.
  3. Adding to this question, say you have a hacker in a building or prone on a roof, somewhere that blocks his visibility any ARO generated from a hacking program executed within ZoC but outside LoF other than Reset?
  4. Always check with your TO prior to the tournament to see what their stance on HVT models are. In my meta we use any model we like that fits the 25mm base S1/S2 criteria.
  5. Ain't nothing wrong with a multi rifle though, and obviously I would suggest using the extra SWC if the Hsien is the Lt.
  6. I think @HotFreshTofu meant that by making the Hsien the Lieutenant, you get an extra SWC point, which is fantastic.
  7. I split two Red Veil boxes with some mates who wanted the Haqq models, and I took the YJ...My main motivation was to get two of the exclusive Ninjas and those saucy Tiger soldiers. Doubling up on models is never a bad thing imho.
  8. That's an excellent deal for the money!
  9. Looks like quality terrain but for that price I would like more scatter included. I prefer semi-dense tables and this amount of terrain leaves too many wide open areas for my preference.
  10. Yes Mutual Awareness will happen between both models, think of it as "If you can see me, I can see you". However, you'll have to decide with your opponent beforehand how to treat the "hole" you are viewing the enemy model through. In my gaming group we treat these situations with a house rule "You can shoot into or out of a door/window/opening, but not through" and they are considered Saturation Zones.
  11. Looks like you've got the heads swapped onto the wrong models and positioned incorrectly on the shoulders, each model has a specific seat for a specific head, using the wrong one will not let it sit flush with the body.
  12. - Haris Teams have a maximum of 3 models (one model must have the "Haris" rule in their profile) - Normal Link Teams have a maximum of 5 models - Duo Teams have 2 models When playing a Sectorial Army, you may field a Normal Link Team of 5 models, one Haris Team and any number of Duo Link Teams.
  13. @masterofmelee I've never been to NOVA before, if I want to play in tournaments will buying the SuperNova Access Pass get me into every event or is there a separate registration fee per event? Thanks
  14. Also the most obvious similarity is that there is a badass female model from Bakunin Nomads named Kusanagi!
  15. Welcome to the game and to the forum! We're glad to have you on board. I took a look at your website and your paint schemes for the Yu Jing models look really good. Hopefully you have a local game store nearby where you can play some demo games, Infinity is definitely a learning experience so don't get discouraged if you lose the first few games you play, this game is very strategic so model placement and engagement are crucial decisions you'll have to make on the fly. As always, let us know if you have any other questions about painting / tactics / army list composition