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  2. Glad you enjoyed yourself and have such a good meta to game with!
  3. @Safir Nice job! The weathering looks great
  4. @PsychoticStorm The feelings are mutual, it would be great if I could post one response to a topic without another member responding condescendingly. Seems like any time I put in the effort to respond on these forums I get hijacked by someone who feels the need to showboat their knowledge of the game...
  5. @vorthain Thanks very much, all hand brushed, I do not own an airbrush. @Safir Thanks very much!
  6. You'd be better off taking a Janissarie ML anyway
  7. Well until CB addresses the problem, that's the way it is. Alguaciles in QK only just recently gained the deployable repeater back in the FO profile, so I wouldn't be surprised if the ML Brigada profile was excluded. You can troll my response all you want Errhile, but you can't argue with Army 6.
  8. Fairly positive that's the way it's supposed to be...
  9. Try spraying some Testor's Dullcote
  10. It's real guys! It's finally come true!!! FAT YUAN YUAN! FAT YUAN YUAN! youtube
  11. If you live near a shopping mall, there is most likely a custom embroidery kiosk existing somewhere least three malls in my area have them. You can take any image you want to them and they can load it into their software that controls the embroidery tool.
  12. Adding to this question, say you have a hacker in a building or prone on a roof, somewhere that blocks his visibility any ARO generated from a hacking program executed within ZoC but outside LoF other than Reset?
  13. Always check with your TO prior to the tournament to see what their stance on HVT models are. In my meta we use any model we like that fits the 25mm base S1/S2 criteria.
  14. Ain't nothing wrong with a multi rifle though, and obviously I would suggest using the extra SWC if the Hsien is the Lt.