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  1. That's an excellent deal for the money!
  2. Looks like quality terrain but for that price I would like more scatter included. I prefer semi-dense tables and this amount of terrain leaves too many wide open areas for my preference.
  3. Yes Mutual Awareness will happen between both models, think of it as "If you can see me, I can see you". However, you'll have to decide with your opponent beforehand how to treat the "hole" you are viewing the enemy model through. In my gaming group we treat these situations with a house rule "You can shoot into or out of a door/window/opening, but not through" and they are considered Saturation Zones.
  4. Looks like you've got the heads swapped onto the wrong models and positioned incorrectly on the shoulders, each model has a specific seat for a specific head, using the wrong one will not let it sit flush with the body.
  5. - Haris Teams have a maximum of 3 models (one model must have the "Haris" rule in their profile) - Normal Link Teams have a maximum of 5 models - Duo Teams have 2 models When playing a Sectorial Army, you may field a Normal Link Team of 5 models, one Haris Team and any number of Duo Link Teams.
  6. @masterofmelee I've never been to NOVA before, if I want to play in tournaments will buying the SuperNova Access Pass get me into every event or is there a separate registration fee per event? Thanks
  7. Also the most obvious similarity is that there is a badass female model from Bakunin Nomads named Kusanagi!
  8. Welcome to the game and to the forum! We're glad to have you on board. I took a look at your website and your paint schemes for the Yu Jing models look really good. Hopefully you have a local game store nearby where you can play some demo games, Infinity is definitely a learning experience so don't get discouraged if you lose the first few games you play, this game is very strategic so model placement and engagement are crucial decisions you'll have to make on the fly. As always, let us know if you have any other questions about painting / tactics / army list composition
  9. Yes, let us know what missions you will be playing so we can help choose the most effective units
  10. Maghariba Guard and Odalisque Patches
  11. Great choice for a gaming mat, I have the exact same one myself. I would suggest buying a cheap wooden rod from a craft store, 1" diameter and 4' in length to use as an aid when rolling up the mat and it also helps keep the mat from bending and creasing when in the bag.
  12. Hello @Roodpart and Welcome, It may be a bit far to drive but here in Maryland there are monthly tournaments held at several stores around the state. My favorite by far being Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie (just south of Baltimore City). There is an active and welcoming group of Infinity players that frequent Games & Stuff for weekly games (Thursdays), monthly ITS Tournaments (Last Saturday of each month) and an annual tournament every November called "The Baltimore Brawl - Infinity Dire States". Please let me know if you'd like to come down for some games, I'm sure weekends would work better due to the long drive.
  13. If your opponent is playing Shasvastii and likes Tags then he more than likely will be bringing The Avatar or a Sphinx as his Tag. In either case, I would try to gun down the Tag as soon as possible, not an easy task by any means but like Teslarod mentioned, make sure you bring some heavy fire power with MSV2 to ignore TO Camo and ODD. Also watch out for any model that has Sepsitor (Avatar, Anathematic, etc.), that weapon can steal your troops from your army. Good news is that its range is only a Large Teardrop template but still very dangerous. Shinobu loves to kill Tags, so make use of her hidden deployment to get a sneak attack on the Tag from behind. (Do not use her as your Lieutenant in this case).
  14. I'm not sure who the actual manufacturer is, but the fact that no company is mentioned for making them makes me think they are privately made specifically for the ITS packs, which makes sense because they are not for sale on any other company's website that I've seen. I have a few of those camo markers if you're interested in trade. Send me a PM
  15. This forum is for a different game entirely, which is not affiliated with Disney.
  16. I think that paragraph is referring to the "N3 Unit Profiles", which lists all of the available weapon load outs the particular models can have. Red Veil is a starter pack and the unit profiles listed in the book are very basic, the full profiles have many more options. You can access all of the full profiles from the Infinity Army Builder here as well: Infinity Army
  17. I have a Maghariba Guard and Odalisque patch, will send pics later today
  18. I've been playing a list lately that works surprisingly well as a defensive module. Crane with Spitfire in a link with 4 CG, and a Haris of the Hsien HMG with two Zhanying, One with the ML and one with Breaker Combi / Sensor. The rest of the list can vary depending on the scenario, either load in a few more CG as specialists or add in a few Bao. Let your specialists grab objectives while the two link teams sit pretty in overwatch positions and annihilate any enemy troops that venture into LoF (I keep the CG in the link hidden behind terrain so the Crane does all the dirty work). The Zhanying has been especially effective with B2 Missile Launcher in ARO.
  19. Thanks for the replies guys, good to know that Orlando has a thriving infinity community. Not too far of a drive from St.Augustine for ITS events but yeah probably a little too far for Thursday night gaming. Once I'm moved in officially I'll reach out to you all to see what's up. Thanks again.
  20. Hello All, I'll be relocating from Maryland to Palm Coast / St.Augustine in a few months for a job and was wondering if there was an Infinity community nearby? I've done a little research and found CoolStuffGames in Jacksonville and D20Gamespot in St.Augustine but am not sure what the infinity scene is like at either shop. Seems like Orlando might have the biggest player base, but I could use some guidance from my fellow gamers here. I've been playing for a couple years now, and have had plenty of ITS experience. Thanks!
  21. I hear ya, the Djanbazan model is not very pleasing. I use a Hassassin Ragik Spitfire without the wings as a Djanbazan. The newer sculpt is great.
  22. Soaking in acetone is prob your best bet. It will dissolve the glue and paint, but you've only just primed it right? Doesn't seem like too much work.