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  1. I'd be willing to grab that other remote, and if you need to break a box of mutts, I'd be interested in the fem with a gun to make that box a little less awful for you. off the actual list of available things I'd like an agulacile hacker and when they're available uhahu and jehtro from the outrage box. I'd also like to get a leila sharif, but I see you have a bunch of the civie from her dire foes box, so I don't blame you if she's unavailable. Finally I'm hoping I can maybe get something that's not in your store, but might be available through your distributor; it's not a deal breaker, but would be convenient.
  2. So, I've never tooled around with sectorals, nor have I really payed attention to the fireteams I've played against. I glazed over the rules a while ago, but didn't really pay attention to the requirements to make a fireteam. I thought fireteam core could be mix and matched, since sekbans make a point to say a sekban and two others seks comprise a haris fireteam. Re-reading the rules I think I'm wrong, and a fireteam core has to be all the same unit, so a bahram core could be 5 muyibs, or 4 ghulams, but not 4 ghulams and a muyib. I want to identify which is the actual case, is it integrated or segregated?
  3. Hey, Sorry if the question has made it's rounds before, but I'm curious about the origins of the logo the Haaq use. It looks a lot like the aum symbol from Hinduism, but on it's side and with some extra stuff. I'd like to stick a patch on my work bag, but I'd hate to be unintentionally offensive. the same question applies to the hassassin bahram as a curiosity. Thanks
  4. I've never seen a battlescribe database for infinity, no, there's an app for android on the play store, that I didn't care for and the website, which yeah does not space out well on phones. I've had the most luck with my phone building lists beforehand on a computer, and making PDFs then just dropping those on drive. ( I also tend to try to have similarly priced proxies in a 3rd battlegroup in case I want to adjust for the game. it means less variability on the fly, but thus far that's worked pretty well for me.
  5. hrm, if you're cracking open a kits box, I might be interested in the left handed combi fella too.
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a bunch of weapons for reasons, I'm trying to get 2 ( if you're willing to pop open another specalist) pan -o hmg's, 1 tohaa cc weapons, all your adriana hmgs. and the traktor mul.
  7. I have to double check But isn't a guided shot a long action? can you do that coordinated?
  8. I just bought some clear acrylic ones on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Clear-Miniature-Bases-Circular-1-5mm/dp/B00QQQ14UM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1442595822&sr=8-1&keywords=55+mm+bases then glued my already based models on the clears, it looks pretty good, and saved me a bunch of time.
  9. I dunno, I'd certainly drop him in there with my halqs. I like the idea of mech deploy wiith one of the heavier shotguns or maybe a K1 combi rifle or something. Really take advantage of that big heavy guy crazy kill potential up to 16ish inches.
  10. I'm relatively ok without suppression if the single shot works, or like someone said ages ago give them marksman 2 or something so at the right range band it's a matter of how successful I was at connecting in ARO.
  11. Yeah bane, I think you and I are on the same page. It sounds like my initial question has been ruled as the shot happens and his nothing. Bane just wants to find a way to rectify crunch with real world logic, I'd like that too now that the crunch is resolved. In the same sense I think just calling it a prone camo marker makes sense, no secrets about the makers owner is given away and it resolves the size issue.
  12. Oh, yeah of course bloodgod, I meant, like on deployment you can be tricksy with minelayers and a mess of camo'd troops. But after that it's not like a camo marker can lay down a mine, it's explicitly, this guy, who can lay mines, leaves a camo marker, or this guy who can lay emaulers leaves a camo marker, there's not really a question as to what it is. I don;t know if there's anyone who can leave multiple types of camo markers though.like just a mine mule.
  13. Well fluffwise it makes sense, you just got ungracefully thrown form your mech ( I always just assumed it was prematurely firing the ejection system) the fancy, auto retracting stairs or whatever aren't there, and you're scrambling to get back in. And not necessarily crunch exactly, but game feel says why even bother ejecting the pilot if they can get back in immediatly afterwards and still behave like nothing happened. I haven't really used tags yet, so I'm partially at fault for assuming, but it's goofy to me that getting in to a tag isn't a short skill to begin with. A bike kind of makes sense since I'm assuming there are no helmets in the infinity biker universe. but a giant warbot, that should take some time, there are hatches and whatnot. the only other good way to get the same feeling of being ejected would be a scatter for the pilot's max move. and it's still an -probably- uncovered scramble to get back in.