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  1. ISS gets csu ISS gets csu
  2. I actually really like that locust! Plus the PanO breaker combi and marksman rifle look sick
  3. What research was there to do? All through out the marketing of the pack they never said there wouldn't be profiles. All they did was show pictures of the minis like they do for every other product. I think they didn't say it because they didn't want it to affect sales.
  4. I'm sorry I don't buy the whole oh they're not primarily a game company and they make models for people to paint mainly. The problem with the outrage pack is no where did they say anything about there being no stats until a week ago with a Facebook comment. It honestly felt disingenuous. Right from the beginning they should have said there wouldn't be profiles for them at all or no profiles at launch. They should have put it under the bootleg umbrella so we'd atleast know. The vast majority of models CB makes have stats and profiles in the game so it was safe to assume these would too. They should have communicated better.
  5. I can definitely see that. I mainly play Pan O so alot of the others would be tough to fit in. Not to mention I already have a ton of proxy models already. As far as Emily goes she's actually my least favorite one and looks the furthest from the manga imo. If she had cool stats or equipment I'd definitely over look it. As it is now I don't think I want to she'll out 50-60 dollars for a box of units I originally thought were going to have profiles and recently found out won't.
  6. Sad they won't have rules for the outrage models. I was gonna pick it up but now it's a pass for me.
  7. What's the new profile for panO?
  8. She got a ton of fluff in the hsn3 book
  9. Bet we see an orc box with hmg, boarding shotgun, hacker, and tinbot
  10. I wish they wouldn't have let people buy multiple copies of the book... Fingers crossed they have more for the weekend...
  11. So I love thinking about my units and armies fluff so I have a couple examples for you. First I always try to run my n3 bounty hunter as I love the model and am always a fan of bounty hunters. I have him go after the enemy hvt saying they have a bounty on there head. I have a whole back story for him about he was a former Aquila guard and so on. He usually teams up with Miranda Ashcroft. Vanilla PanO. Task Force Paladin An elite unit made up of Panoceania's best Indigo special forces. Notable members include Bipandra, Konstantinos, Miranda Ashcroft, a squad of professional and heavily armed indigo fusiliers, an expert Nisse marksman, a veteran orc trooper, a pair of akal's to disrupt the back line, a bounty hunter who owes the higher ups a few favors, and a pair of devout father knights to handle the worst of the enemy. The unit led by none other than Joan of arc herself. A versatile and fast moving force they can handle a wide variety of missions. The task force is sent in when an objective has to be taken, when failure is not an option. Neo-terra. Tempest company One of the most professional and hi-tech PanO military forces. It is the long arm of the Vatican, protecting it's interests at home and abroad. Under command of high ranking swiss guard this unit is known for its assaulting and holding of enemy territory. Able to pierce far behind enemy lines with its impressive retinue of advanced rems and tags. This unit also boasts having one of the most elite bolt teams within its ranks allowing this unit to operate in any hazardous condition. Tempest company has also captured the attention of aleph who regularly supports the unit with its own forces such as the terrifying Garuda and capable deva units. Nothing in Neo-terra is ever black or white and while the unit officially answers to the Vatican it is also under the influence of powerful corporations who have helped it gain the impressive tech it employs in battle. These corporations have there own interests and investments to protect so it isn't too uncommon to see corporate security units usually from Asiimov security embedded into the company especially when operating in areas with corporate assets near by. Because of the tactical and strategically flexibility of the unit the Hexahedron makes great use of tempest company and insists on putting it's own Hexa agents in with the company to fulfill what ever shadowy objectives they are after. Even with all of that the thing tempest company is most famous for is being home to the armored cavalry heavy lancer unit 07 "Thunder Lance" This squalo series tag has been instrumental in many Neo-terran victories. Able to completely annihilate the enemy at long range with accurate multi hmg fire or heavy grenade artillery barrages this mechanical monstrosity is truly a sight to behold when set upon the enemy. Qapu Khalki. Asiimov Security This Pmc was founded by 2 brothers who were former Kaplan soldiers who left to start there own mercenary unit. From a humble beginning Asiimov Security has grown into one the largest and most succeful PMC's in all the sphere. Dabbling into a little bit of everything including corporate VIP security, asset recovery, bounty hunting, silk transportation, no job is too difficult as long as the price is right. For Asiimov security it's not about who's right or wrong, at the end of the day it's just another job. Asiimov has a wide array of units able to suit any need. From crazy tag pilots such as scarface to shady pirates like the yuan yuan Asiimov Security will help you sleep at night...for a price.
  12. Nice ideas thank you very much!
  13. So normally when I run Pan O I always throw a bounty hunter into the list. The n3 bounty hunter is my favorite model. I love the wild card nature of it and when I get smoke grenades on the boot roll life is good! I also usually bring Joan as my Lt to make my bounty hunter into a regular order along with all the other Joan bonuses. Normally I don't think about themes when I put together a list but lately I have and I honestly can't think of any reason why a Joan led strike team or black ops team would include a bounty hunter or Miranda Ashcroft or both? Any of you creative types could maybe come up with something to help me get some inspiration?