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  1. I Play a Legate HD+ regularly, and with Asura having a bump to WIP, Breakwater is better than Redrum against incoming KHD hacks anyway isn't it?
  2. The Suryat Duo is arguably one of the best ways to approach Rescue, along with the Malignos and Sphinx being the few units with terrain skills. Outside of that mission, they don't really fit in with my playstyle with Onyx :/
  3. This is a BIG PROBLEM. And Galicia is full of imported Eucalyptus forests. That thought did enter my mind... I'm just glad everyone's safe from what I can gather. I only realised how close the fires were when Jaun and Inma marked themselves as safe on FB, it's not being reported that well in the UK :/
  4. I remember most of the surrounding area is forests from the times I've been there, I didn't know just how close the fire was to Vigo until I saw the picture at the top. Have they shut the airport? Stay safe @Koni et all. Smoke inhalation is no joke.
  5. Oooh, like it!
  6. Well, I used Bit and KISS over the weekend. Played against vanilla Nomads twice, both featuring Interventors. Maestro is awesome, Nomad players are now salty. I'm ok with this.
  7. A list I take if I'm expecting masses off ODD + smoke and MSV shenanigans uses 3 ML Unidrons in a link. Provided that they look over an area that th e opponent will want to get to, they can be remarkably effective in ARO, and even withstand a hit too.
  8. I've got a two year old and my sister's 13 year old, I hear you buddy. I'll make sure your crew bring a beer back for you! As you said, careful use will get the most out of our newest recruits. I've been playing around with lists since they appeared and they're so damn useful thanks to the points bracket they sit in. I usually take another Unidron or Nexus spare for redundancy with my links, but it looks like a KHD will take that slot now..!
  9. That'd be Rambo.
  10. Your name rings a bell, if so I'll see you at War of the Worlds for the battle of Bit and KISS!
  11. From previous seasons clarifications, the description should include a reference to the Paramedic.
  12. I wouldn't be so sure. You met Rory at Vigo, right? The man was so tall he could probably of jumped from Vigo to Last Cies...