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  1. @War Hound, last chance before Interplanetary?
  2. That sniper shot could possibly be the general release Scarface I suppose, the end of the season isn't all that far away now. Would.explain the colours.
  3. Is this going to be season 8 or 9 of ITS that you're thinking of, as it takes place after Interplanetary...
  4. I still am, however the hippy informs me that he's (And I kid you not) getting his hair done that day...
  5. That is stunning work, just beautiful O.O
  6. Hmm, I cant see it either. @HellLois may be able to assist..?
  7. Regarding Jammer: This Technical Weapon doesn't require LoF and acts in the user's Zone of Control, inducing the Isolated state. The user of a Jammer can declare a BS Attack using his WIP Attribute against a target within his ZoC. However, this weapon does not require LoF to the target. (Emphasis mine) The use of a Jammer is a Comms Attack and not applicable to this scenario. BS ATTACK SHORT SKILL / ARO Attack. REQUIREMENTS The user must have LoF towards the target unless the BS Weapon, Special Skill or Equipment used states specifically that it does not require LoF. EFFECTS The user employs his BS Attribute (or that specified by the weapon) to fire upon one or more enemies. At the time of the BS Attack declaration, the user must choose which of his appropriate BS Weapons, Special Skills or pieces of Equipment to use. If the attacker has more than one target and a BS Weapon, Special Skill or piece of Equipment with a Burst value higher than 1, he must distribute his attacks as part of the BS Attack declaration. The attacker must also specify which type of Ammunition he will use, if more than one is available, as part of the BS Attack declaration. Above states that "The user must have LoF towards the target unless the BS Weapon, Special Skill or Equipment used states specifically that it does not require LoF." Grenades of all varieties make no mention of the clause in the Jammer's description: "This Technical Weapon doesn't require LoF ". Additionally, your point "Thus, smoke grenades do have a special rule causing them to not require LOF" reinforces the point myself and others are making, as when declaring that you are aiming at a point anywhere but on a trooper's silhouette, you are reliant on your LoF to the point that you are aiming at. The Targetless trait merely means that it doesn't have to be a trooper that you're aiming at.
  8. That's actually a pretty good way of explaining it, I'll memorise that one for future reference! Another point to add, assuming that at some point you'll throw smoke with the Makaul whilst it's in a Triad: If it's in your active turn, you can place the smoke in two different places. If it's an ARO, both smokes must be aimed at the same point.
  9. Like Edster I've had a read through your other entries too, it's my sort of humour so I'll be sure to check back in the future! According to your profile you're in St Albans, right? There's an upcoming event in Woking run by @Kurrelgyre that could use your sort of reporting
  10. Love the report, a good mixture of detail and humour, I look forward to many more! Also, props for the event name, events I have had in my garage have been named Garagefinity too. As well as another called Drinkfinity. We introduced a rule that a Critical Hit only counted if you had a shot. That was a mistake. @War Hound, have a look at this, I think we have clones!
  11. It should be public unless you tick the Private box. What country is the event in and what's it called? I'll go have a look.
  12. "A BS Throwing Weapon, useful at short range against groups of enemies or obscured targets. " (Emphasis mine) (Sorry Toadchild, borrowing your quote XD) Smoke Grenades are listed as a type of weapon, not equipment. Also, the Zone of Control rules explicitly list the available skills available to you and their clauses. You may not declare a BS Attack as an Zone of Control ARO.
  13. @War Hound, interested?
  14. Nope, a little more literal I reckon.
  15. When I deploy my Rodok team I always do it with 'pop tart' tactics in mind, mostly because my opponents don't take it into consideration.