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  1. You can bet me and @War Hound will be there!
  2. That is one big f****g gun.
  3. Whilst not in Manchester, I think @Graviton and @Solar are in the north-west. Any ideas guys?
  4. I have no idea how, but both myself and Warhound managed to let this slip our mind. We'll be in contact later today..!
  5. I honestly never thought Yan Huo were Line Troopers, that's insane... ...Dire Gaki. Protheion, but the explosion template scales with wounds XD
  6. It can wait for my character class Sphinx!
  7. I have no idea how I did it, but I meant to type this elsewhere.
  8. Guys, stop. Take it to the rules forum, PM, whatever. ON TOPIC: I like having major differences between the Aspects, to me it made the *Combined* Army just that, a grouping of races and constructs under the same banner.
  9. I appreciate that I'm going way off topic now, so this'll be the last post from me on the matter... Osprey Publishing have a very good reputation and do a lot of very well referenced books covering a lot of periods that you may find useful. A friend of mine works as an author for them. There's a re-enactment market (TORM) near Coventry from this Friday to Sunday and one of the stalls will be selling them.
  10. Sorry, I felt I had to ask >.< HellLois is on holiday at the moment but @Koni (Won't let me tag -_-) swings by the forum regularly, hopefully he can help.
  11. I know it's possibly one of the most repeated statements on the internet, but... ...have you tried checking your spam folder?
  12. Not one that I know well, but I know they exist, I think they do pyro work for the most part. I Don't do too much these days, but I'm a member of God's Company of Tabor. There's a woman in my group who's only about 5' 1" tall and has the friendliest demeanour. New members to the group constantly assume that she's part of the living history display part or similar... Nope, that'd be Ayliffe. Long term practitioner of Krav Maga, mother of two and unstoppable with a shield and sword, I've never even landed a hit on her. The pint-sized Valkyrie holds a license to provide 'security' to various establishments (She's a bouncer part time), once she was followed by a man at approximately 4AM on her way home. When the police arrived he had two broken arms and she was kneeling on his neck. I have never spilled her drink.
  13. I know that there's at least a group that plays at the Customeeple shop in Vigo. @Yasbir IIRC you live in the Vigo area (I think I saw a previous post about the wildfires), if so do you know?
  14. As a British re-enactor myself, I can confirm that the Polish hit hard enough that you'll feel it for the next two weeks, but their real area of expertise was alcohol. Some of the Polish re-enactors I've drank with have brought some booze with them so potent it makes turpentine taste like tap water. Can you remember the name of the British group?
  15. After greeting my opponent, I'll usually say "I'm playing X, what army is going to turn it into a red mist?" Can't remember seeing it explicitly saying that you have to say what army you're playing anywhere, but sportsmanship is a thing.