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  1. Additional to my votes as an Onyx player: I voted on the TAG option (Not heavy) not due to expecting it to shrug off hits, but for mind games, mobility and if all else fails a homing missile. I play a Sphinx I also voted for durable LI as I do like Unidron Links. Dogged is just wonderful sometimes.
  2. I play both competitively and casually and I like the critical mechanic for the most part. The only time I tend to dislike the rule is when one side gets a disproportionate amount of criticals, but that's life. As the player rolling the crits, I don't like it as it doesn't feel like having a strategy was worth the effort. As the player receiving the crits, salt. All of the salt!
  3. Unfortunately the answer is that it can take some time. I got accepted earlier this year, but I applied somewhere around a year before that. If I'm honest, I forgot that I applied! Koni's usually horrifically busy so don't worry if you don't get a reply at first.
  4. This. In fact, THIS in bold and capital letters. I've noticed that at most tournaments I go to, someone will say (in a humerous way, not salty) "I don't want to play them, they've played at Interplanetary!" All it means is I sat in front of my PC with a few browsers open so I could get one of the first tickets. If skill played any part, it would be down to my relentless ability to refresh the page.
  5. It looks simply wonderful. Do you take commissions? Might have some things to pay you to do in the future....
  6. That was awful. Please do it more! Superb!
  7. It essentially means that Spawns count towards dominating areas at the end of game rounds for missions like Supremacy etc, but not if the scoring is done at the end of the game.
  8. All the upvoting for the correct prefixes.
  9. The pseudo mine is open information, as the Cadmus seed, unlike the others, doesn't have Limited Camo. It must go off at the first opportunity.
  10. I've quite aware of this, hence the specification of Wound based units. The Samaritan has to get there first, it doesn't have the benefit of Forward Deployment or Mimetism making it require a great deal of care to use well. Most importantly though, you're forgetting Rodoks. They're a substantial investment for a Fireteam Core and will be taken off the table entirely if they fail a save against Shock or Viral.
  11. I primarily use Hacker profiles for Umbras, I've found that the amount of KHDs being thrown around these days usually means that it introduces a weak point into the link if I put a hacker in there. Also, with a 6-2 movement, I much prefer to have them do opportunistic striking. With the right support they make it to the enemy's cheerleaders pretty reliably. As always, each person plays differently though. I've used Umbras to fill in a spot in the link after someone dies quite frequently, the flexibility in Onyx links is wonderful.
  12. I've played Onyx pretty hard this year. Everyone has their own way of playing things, but my two cents is: Play aggressive, as a few have pointed out, outside of some access to fun TAGs, the units we get are remarkably fragile. Shock will ruin your day if you're running anything Wound based that isn't a Suryat and being unable to go prone does a lot to restrict where the Unidrons can go and what they can do.
  13. Nearly but not quite, I used the Nexus as the primary 5th member over Umbras.
  14. The pubs are still open, you won't have a reply for a while.
  15. I thought it started on the 1st? It's very possible that I'm wrong, I couldn't find the article at first glance. I'm hoping we will for proofreading purposes, but only time will tell.