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  1. The picture alone shows him using a Flash Pulse, so that HAS to go in. Aside from that, there's plenty of evidence to support Super Jump and Climbing Plus. Although come to think of it, Advanced Command or Inspiring Leadership would be suitable too.
  2. To quote Bostria from Interplanetary last year, much like the CA KHD, "Before the next book"
  3. Yes, and yes I believe.
  4. The Samaritan isn't the only unit with the Protheion skill. The Aswuang also has the skill and Camouflage, enabling it to make use of the Surprise Attack. It doesn't need an Umbra as it has the skill Fireteam Core. This means you can take anywhere from 2 to 5 Rodoks in a Core link. I only tend to use the Hacker profile for the Nexus LT if I don't have the points to take a Legate or Malignos hacker. In Onyx your LT choices are limited and quite obvious, I find giving the Nexus LT a hacking device actually makes them more vulnerable, so I stick with the Specialist Operative profile usually.
  5. It's a knife, you can see it in the picture of her facing backwards. On another topic, I can't be the first to think it, but those breasts are gigantic, right?
  6. CB are on holiday this week. They'll be back next week and hopefully you'll get a reply then :/
  7. I suspect it's how we get an Albedo TAG for 57 points!
  8. Xeodron is a better all-round TAG than the Overdron, but kinda sucks at range. On the other hand, the Sphinx (Whilst expensive) is worth getting if only to see the look on your opponent's face.
  9. looks like I wont be painting this month after all... Went to get started earlier with the airbrush to find that no air is making it out of the Renegade. Nevermind, I thought, I've got the Neo as a back up! On closer inspection, the nozzle has snapped on the neo. I suspect the toddler. In short, arse nuggets. Expensive arse nuggets.
  10. Or a Scarface
  11. I think the Skiavoros gets a lot of flak it doesn't deserve. I've used it a few times, especially the Sepsitor profile, and providing you don't give away AROs, can be very good.
  12. I have my work cut out...
  13. Aye aye @Stormygeddon! The Gwalios are assembled, Speculo next. I'll start posting progress once primed
  14. Okay, I'm going to join in the fun for once! I've just obtained a horrific amount of Shasvasti from my local store and I'm planning to get 3 done this month. Which should I choose from: Cadmus Combi x3, Gwalios HRL x2 and BSGx2, Seed Soldiers, Speculo Killer, Malignos Sniper and Hacker and Haiduk.
  15. I'm inclined to agree with you, I'm kinda dissapointed in the choice in missions. On the other hand, my brain isn't going to melt from overthinking like it did last year.