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  1. Personally I am a big fan of the current sculpt. But this one does blend in with the current look they are going for. The remote pilot though, That thing is awesome!!!
  2. I would love to hear what they brought and how they played.
  3. Personally I feel like onyx doesn't have all the tools necessary to be competive. It does a few thing very well, but its too obvious what you are trying to do, so your opponent can easily counter it. You can't build a list to take on multiple situation. Or build a list with one or two backup plans. the lack of warbands, smoke, CoC, and KHD really take the wind out of its sails. I feel like CB could give them a few more options and it wouldn't break them. Like a krakot. or a another Harris option like rodoks or makreep. Or zero v smoke on someone. Idk. But I just don't feel like they are a complete sectoral right now.
  4. I picked up tohaa as my second faction since I got no love as a shasvastti player. That was a dumb idea. I feel like unless your a human super power your just not as important. After all it is the human sphere Run by humans, played mostly by humans. So CA, tohaa, and those idiot out on dawn can get whatever trickles down.
  5. That nexus looks so much like a chaska. If you put it side by side with the one from a rasail boarding team you couldn't tell them apart.
  6. The point I was trying to make is there are other units with seed embryo rule. And your opponent won't know if it is a seed, Cadmus,caliban, or spec ops. Yes it is a S0 camo marker. But so is all the other seed embryo units. That's why seeds are important. To allow this shell game. If seeds were the only model with this rule it would be far less useful. But they are one of 4 units with this rule. I agree with you. First rule under air deployment says the skill is optional. So you can deploy a Cadmus like a normal trooper.
  7. Those Seed-Embryos which have the AD: Combat Jump Special Skill cannot be deployed using any other level abilities of Airborne Deployment. A landed capsule will hatch automatically in the player’s next turn following its landing; immediately by spending 1 Short Skill; or by spending one ARO during another player’s turn. As they are used to being deployed in dangerous areas, and lack the stealth device which is disabled after a landing, the capsules of Seed-Embryos with AD: Combat Jump have an Electric Pulse and a single use defensive device, which works like an Antipersonnel Mine if enemy models approach within range of an unhatched capsule. A Seed-Embryo that scatters off the battlefield will need to spend 2 Orders to appear on the border of the table, at the same point where it left. It is hatched when placed on the table. First rule of AD says you MAY hold your model back to deploy in your active turn. And any unhatched seed works pretty much like a mine. You just suffer n2 consequences if you scatter off the table when you drop in. Also they way it's written the mine will blow up if you land them next to someone and they aro against your long skill drop.
  8. They can hatch from a model entering thier ZOC. They done need LOF. so you hatch as they approach and are ready when they make it around a corner. Don't deploy them out in the open. Put em in buildings and on rooftops.
  9. I wouldn't say that they are a great unit. But they are not as bad everyone makes them seem. Primarily for camo shell games. They do start out as a camo marker first. It's just s0. So they have to be discovered before they get shot. And they have 360 los. So they can cover a good bit of your DZ. But best of all you can now bring caliban Cadmus and corax hasht and your opponent will assume it just a seed soldier. Which in itself it's pretty good. ..oh that camo marker on a rooftop is prob just a seed, I can ignore it. Nope. Turn two up stands a BS12 feurbach (caliban). ... going up against HB hold back your Cadmus and counter deploy next to their fiday. As soon as he moves you hatch. if he shoots you, a mine blows up in his face. If he walks by you are free to aro next order. Now I know this is mainly the other models making the kills. But it wouldn't be possible if the lowly seed soldier didn't do his job first. You need to bring more than one S0 camo markers to really make them shine. Also this mainly applies to SEF cuz yeah vanilla has much better options.
  10. That seems more like wishlisting. Not to sure how accurate that is going to be.
  11. True. Killer hackers def suck. But it will take a lot of orders to get your yoagat up to the HVT to hack them. If you go first you can deploy the zerat as close to the HVT as possible. Then with very few orders you can drop a d charge. Spotlight HVT. And hack HVT. Then who cares if she dies. She already completed 3 objectives. But if you go second, deploy her a little further back and spend the orders to move her up field. She is still faster than a yoagat and can hide pretty well when she needs to. On my highly classified list I bring 2 hacker zerats Killer hacker can't typically kill them both on turn one
  12. You could drop the m drone for an r drone and give your rasyat a spitfire At maybe have your zerat a hacker. Hacker version has d charges and can complete more classifieds
  13. #smoke4onyx +1 I might actually play them then.
  14. On reading the whole mission. I got totally hosed on firefight when my opponent air dropped a whole team into my deployment zone. I wasn't ready for that.