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  1. Corregidor are just as good as Bakunin IMHO. Jaguars can link which is at least as good as imp Morlocks. Morans are great (Koalas are great, BS 12). Intruders are great (Bakunin has no MSV2). Stealing peoples shit (Bandits) is great. Alguaciles take a dirty great dump over moderators. Tomcats are great. Moira's are very skewy whereas Wildcats are always good. Brigada hacker linked with tinbot is one of the best in the game etc etc. They just have different strengths. Custodier makes a decent Valeria Gromoz (Pitcher). Kusanagi would make an ok Bandit. Either could be a decent Carlotta too I think esp Kusanagi (looks like she's landing from AD) Healer would make a fine Daktari or the BS one could be a decent BS Moran or Bandit. Make a small conversion with them and they're even ITS legal. Not that anyone I play cares.
  2. In general, PanO are better at doing (especially shooting) things directly. Nomads are better at combining things for situational, strong effects. This might be why you had trouble with PanO in simple, direct starter type games. Get a Jaguar to throw some smoke down for your Intruder to shoot through, or upgrade your Spektr from Icestorm to a hacker to immobilize his Father Knight before shooting it and you will start to understand the strength of Nomads. The game is very balanced, so what faction you should end up with should be more dependent on what playstyle and / or models you like. Welcome and have fun with it! There's a lot of depth to Infinity, so you will probably be discovering the reasons behind things that don't make sense at first for some time. It's a fun ride.
  3. I guess it's potentially pretty useful if you were gonna dodge anyway - say vs a chainrifle / flamer that you want to stop spamming at a group of defenders. if you engage and win the roll, but are not in range to engage, do you get hit because you fail, or still successfully avoid the attack? (I don't engage much)
  4. I don't quite get your meaning. Could you explain further?
  5. Survival form like Fraacta woulda been nice.
  6. I feel like WIP 16 sucker punch with 2 1/2 wounds pulls it's weight, even against KHDs. Pity it loses the MSV to get it tho.
  7. If you start with 5 Alguaciles and 5 Jaguars however....
  8. I don't think the Alert! trick would work even if it didn't require LoF. The models alerted wouldn't turn around until the resolution phase anyway, when you're already in CC. I've had a similar reaction from an opponent, and I understand why (it feels unintuitive and therefore gamey) but it is important to realise this interaction is confirmed as deliberate, so they need to learn it to play it properly. A good way to counter it is to deploy models spread out but so they can see each other - that way the target model may not be able to shoot but another model probably can - maybe even on a normal roll. Personally in a casual game if an opponent was really taken back by it I would probably offer to take it back this once (because they didn't know) if they liked but make it clear that's the way the rule works and that's the way I will play with them in future. I think that shows you're not being a dick, while still emphasizing the need to generally play the game as designed.
  9. Yeah I definitely think that is an excellent line of development. I know I spend a lot of time thinking about / wanting to interact with a game like infinity when I can't actually play but do have an internet connection. Hence why I'm on the forums a lot, lol. An enhanced ability to engage with it in a gamified way when I can't actually play could be a better class of procrastination haha
  10. I think this is mainly what was being asked for / suggested here, at least from my perspective. Thanks. You can tell us until you are blue in the face that something is not happening under the hood, in a fuzzy way, to show results at a later date but it's a hard ask for that to shout down what the game itself is saying is objectively happening right now, in front of our face, with charts and everything. Everyone knows Charts = Truth, right? lol. If you're addressing that for future, which it sounds like you are, awesome. I think the ability to make 'inflatable tanks' is cool, just how exactly you integrate strategic deception into a game without it feeling like cheating is obviously a tricky balance at times but also something a system like yours has a great capacity to evolve over time, if you're looking for opportunities to do so. Thanks mate
  11. Yep. I definitely agree that it could be more elegant and accessible with minimal loss (perhaps even an expansion) of utility. If N4 comes that's definitely something I would expect and look forward to.
  12. The analysis in the OP is really good in general, the conclusion is quite overstated IMHO. There are definitely instances where Trinity is better - sometimes where you need to outright kill a 1w (esp NWI) enemy that order, where you want to split burst (more common with KHDs because of how they work without firewall through enemy repeaters) and when you have a normal roll. Situational, sure but Infinity is a situational game. The general idea that it would probably be better if those situations were more evenly split by the different options is true though, I think.
  13. Being at the edge is just about being able to see (draw LoF). Since you are only as high as your base when prone, you usually have to be near the edge of a higher elevation to see your enemy when prone