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  1. If the wording was "...can take the place of any member of a fireteam" people would argue that RAW that means that member of the fireteam would have to both be in the list first and in the fireteam second before she could "take their place". So she couldn't start the game in the fireteam, and it'd take breaking the fireteam and reforming it with her in it (and minus the member she is replacing). Obviously, that's ridiculous. Words aren't perfect outside maybe a super well written technical manual. Sometimes you just have to use the most reasonable interpretation and accept life isn't perfect.
  2. It seems very likely to me that Tunguska will get MSV2 somewhere (High tech sectorial). Both other Nomad sectorials have a "Bruiser" HI Analogue (in CJCs case it just takes the form of a light TAG) and a lighter, linkable HI. So it's definitely not out of the question.
  3. I think there's this sort of ecology where KHDs make AHDs (and repeaters) go away, then TAGs and HI become more prevalent (which may have been the point of KHDs in the first place), and then the AHDs come back into vogue a little as a nasty surprise for the heavies. You just have to shoot the KHD in the face first, which I guess is that natural counter for them. If other hackers go away because of KHDs, then you should see KHDs lessen after that because they are not so much use without other hackers around. Problem is KHDs are also a cheap specialist, so they are useful anyway which skews the ecology toward them. So really the solution should be make KHDs non specialists (and not able to do classifieds), then you have more of the (presumably intended) scissors paper rock meta game in hacking. Other hackers are expensive in compensation / comparison. Failing that I wouldn't mind at least non marker state AHDs gaining deflector L1 by default. The ones with a marker state already some useable gameplay defence.
  4. uberfallkommando would rip that thing up so hard you'd have to be careful to leave a wound for Bran to kill it though. They're the beast in CC...
  5. Kusanagi Spitfire in that Haris is awful good at clearing opposing ARO's on the way to it too. B5 BS14 ODD is no joke.
  6. Yeah no doubt he's good. Just a bit hit and miss, and so far I've missed with him. I do feel like he's worth it because he's not super expensive for what he can do and if he does pay off he can go big. Also the AD advantage on the Hellcat is actually pretty worthwhile on the Machine gun. HMG in surprise position in your deployment doesn't suck
  7. I always get him killed tho. 6-4 + super jump + impetuous can get him in trouble real quick, even with stupid durability. think he has to go down as reserve, basically, so you can place him very carefully
  8. I've played top table at a 50+ satellite (with Bakunin tho). I've played around with double intruder sniper + alguacile link + jag haris a bit in casual games and smaller tournaments (placing but more for fun). I found this set up is quite devestating esp against lower tech factions that are less likely to brind MSV (my friend plays caledonia a lot). The jags are super reliable at getting smoke down on the intruders and defending them. And once smoke is down Intruders can safely pick on whatever they want in your opponents turn. That's quite strong. Also bandits are great disposable attack pieces IMHO. Can work ok against visual mod reliant forces like aleph too but you want a back up plan with another list. In my case one of the missions was highly class which I think Corregidor do quite well too (tomcats). Depends a lot on missions tho IMHO.
  9. Moderator Spec OPs Light Shotgun, Light Flamer, Doctor WIP 13, Lt Profile
  10. Use a Hellcat.
  11. Seriously though, I think the Kriza is meant to be analogous to a link team in its own way (like the Swiss / Hac Tao / Yan Huo are too). Seems pretty hopeful that a "stand alone link" unit like that would get to link as well. Not sure ML LSG kinda thing is out of the question for same reason though.
  12. I want Macross style missiles to come outta them cannisters on the back...
  13. How do we know the Kriza wouldn't get dual ML's anyhoo?
  14. Hmmm, maybe I'll have to give it another go.
  15. I like her, just the KHD with two bots mainly like everyone else. She's great for defending. I dunno about cybermask tho. Every time I try it she seems to fail it, and failing several attempts is really not great. WIP13 doesn't feel quite reliable enough.