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  1. Fluff implies Tuareg like abilities (TO from skill at blending in rather than technology) though that doesn't mean much. I think CB keep adding ARO snipers for vanilla to help them keep up with defensive link teams. Not sure it works. Lunah must have a different niche in mind if she's ISS exclusive - fluff seems to more or less confirm that. From that point of view SSL2 mimetism might make sense. Sensor would be cool. A backfield KHD would work pretty well with extensive repeater access in ISS (as would sensor with all the sniffers, in addition to granting that sweet sweet triangulated sniper fire lol).
  2. Writing all the things that are included in other things on the profiles would save a lot of rules errors and time though.
  3. I kinda hope the book after the next will be N3 master edition, revised - with all supplementary books included, a second cleanup pass for all these niggly rules things and some new sectorials to boot. I just know that would end up as N4 though. And we'd start the circle again.
  4. (in reference to IJW's post) 1. Because if you set it to Burst 2 with Enhanced Reaction then apply a +1 it's B3. But if you apply a +1 to B1 it makes it B2, then you set it to 2B with Enhanced Reaction the Burst is 2. The latter is correct, obviously. 2. Yep, it's a bonus because of what the word bonus means ("something extra or additional given freely"), not because it says it's a bonus. The rulebook doesn't need to define what every word means when their ordinary definitions suit the purpose anyway. So for both these reasons it's B2. So put Assisted Fire on your Unidrons instead
  5. Yeah Hospital doc with palbot is legit good (it can also help him advance if needed by drawing AROs on a first short skill). For that reason if I could squeeze another hospital knight in so I can take him unlinked I would. I think docs outside the link are very useful these days. Shame you have to choose one or the other.
  6. Man Achilles: Corinthian Helmet Limited Edition would rock. Because obviously what the game needs most right now is more Achilles sculpts
  7. Since people who crossed him started getting stabbed in the face a lot.
  8. I had a witty rejoinder, but I'm too scared it would put me on a watch list. Infidel.
  9. +1ing this should be the only post allowed in this thread, on pain of having your patriarchy next level surprise shotted.
  10. Metachem Lv3 Riot Grrls?
  11. Not a mess. A RIOT.
  12. Yeah, Asawira - especially in a Haris is a pretty good gunfighter who can back it up with melee. I mean, he's no Swiss HMG, but nor should he be. A super soldier equivalent non hackable HI for that sectorial would be nice though. Also a super soldier climbing plus, super jump, super mobile objective getter / infiltrator / specialist would be cool - something in the Bran do / Kotail / Shikami wheelhouse but with a Haqq spin would be nice. No in faction ODD, but don't think it really suits tbh. Something with a Jammer that isn't ext impetuous? lol So basically, yeah. Super Soldiers!
  13. If you read the fluff Avicenna studied medicine with Haqqislam. Also I don't think recreations work quite like that anyway. It's recreating a historical person, not just adding modular code. If you could just "download the data" like that Aleph could make all of them fight like Achilles, general like Sun Tze and inspire like Joan. Which I don't think they can. It might not always make complete logical sense to us, but the game has fanciful sci fi elements like this so things can be unique. Perhaps the initial recreation just includes the aptitude (base personality), but not the knowledge (which must still be learned) for example.
  14. Yeah there are a few multi interaction things like that where it could be clearer, or the whole interaction could be summed up somewhere succinctly, perhaps even in the FAQ or an additional summary on things that come up. Like: Burst may never be split in ARO (including with Targetless weapons) unless specifically excepted. Targetless weapons target a specific horizontal point on the play surface. A Hackers Hacking Area includes every model targetable by the hacker. Models using Stealth inside a Hackers Hacking Area, but outside its' LoF do not generate an ARO by doing so (unless the Hacker has Sixth Sense, which Stealth is not effective against) Stealth only prevents the generation of AROs, but does not prevent an activated model being targeted by them if a valid ARO has been generated (for example a model with stealth activated together with models who do not have stealth is targetable) etc.
  15. Yu Jing has a KHD on a WIP 14 TO HI sooo... yeah may not happen but not that far fetched at all.