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  1. No worries at all, always enjoy your show - it has one of the most thoughtful casts of all the Infinity podcasts I think (though each of the podcasts has it's own 'super power' IMHO!). I guess my point is that the opportunity to verify the result doesn't need to be formally presented. The information to do so is open, so no one can or would realistically try to prevent a player adding up the OP themselves to compare in my experience. They were playing Annihilation, so Plebian would have known what units he had lost and taken out, and could have fairly trivially summed them to make sure what he was being told was correct (in fact that seems more or less what he did eventually). No one could really take that opportunity away from him, and I feel like given that, it's each player's responsibility to check at the table - particularly since simple maths errors or omissions are easy to make at the end of a game and therefore happen often if it's left to just one side, and doubly so if you suspect your opponent isn't totally trustworthy. It's a bit hard to blame your opponent for adding up wrong, when you didn't take the simple initiative to add up yourself. To be honest I'm a bit surprised a player as good as Plebian clearly is didn't basically know the score before it was added anyway. He must know the game and both armies pretty well. Obviously it was a pretty taxing game. Being exhausted isn't really your opponent or the TO's fault though. The other things is, does it matter if you don't name someone when you give enough information for anyone to identify them anyway? Anyway, not saying I'm absolutely right, I wasn't there either. There's probably a lot I don't even know about the situation. But they were my thoughts on that kind of situation in general (using that one as an anecdote as you say quite smartly) that might be some food for thought is all.
  2. Really appreciate you sharing all the stuff you have mate.
  3. Enjoyed the episode - always do (the last one on CC was particularly good I thought). Couple of points though. Do you feel it's fair to absolutely label a player a cheat based essentially just on the hearsay account of his opponent? I know Plebian is a friend of some of yours, and a very well regarded player, but it seems a bit unfair to take his account as the absolute truth without even hearing the other side of the story, from someone who may not even be able to defend themselves in your language (and I'm sure his account would be quite different). No one is perfectly unbiased, especially when they are a participant on one side. There's a bit of accusation of "Euro-centrism" in the episode but this could easily be seen as "Amero-centrism" (especially the idea that it's a Spanish person's responsibility to communicate in English to an American in Spain) particularly since I'm not sure the same complaints would be made if it wasn't an American playing in that game . I feel like part of sportsmanship is accepting the TO's decision at the end of the day (even if players may not like it in the heat of the moment). Otherwise it can feel a bit like sour grapes carrying it on later. Also, isn't it both players responsibility to verify the result of the game at the end of it? Making an accusation that another person is adding stuff up wrong seems to ignore the fact that all the information is open, and both players have the opportunity and responsibility to make sure it is correct. Running back and getting the result changed later is something I wouldn't always expect to even be allowed, because you've got to close things out officially at some point. It was very gracious of the organisers to Plebian to even allow this really. I agree wholeheartedly on a lot of other stuff, like good TO oversight over top tables. Though it's also good to remember TO's are often volunteering their time so everyone else can play, so best to always appreciate that I think. I'm sorry if any of that sounds overly critical, I don't mean it to be and I definitely appreciate where you are coming from. It's just a few thoughts I felt worth considering as a balance to what you where saying. It pays to be a little bit careful with accusations of cheating IMHO, because there's often two sides, and often we just hear one.
  4. Just hitting on 9's I think, though using Joan's lt order to get an extra one where needed.
  5. Basic Fusilier no2 is about as non obvious as a lot of sectorials get.
  6. Mother duck Azzy with his 4 Hafzalings was pretty cute. Full auto would be a good rule for him too. QK definitely feel like they need some sparkle these days. They were great before HSN3 but the combo of giving their stuff to everyone else (haris, mixed links, Scarface), not getting what others had in place (characters) taking stuff away from them (Azzy links, Hafza in merc links) and not getting a lot of love since has left them a bit behind IMHO.
  7. I think IJW is misremembering slightly (Rory is a mate of mine - his ITS handle is dancingpidgeons or similar if you're looking for his list). It was actually a Squalo he was using, in a double TAG list with a Tikbalang and Joan. He won every game he played with that list (lost one with his other list). I think in a meta where people both take cheap orders as king (inc 8pt REMs that dodge terribly) and tend to turtle up with second turn spec fire can be particularly devestating. Heightened of course with table wide terrain effects that nerf dodging - but that was only 1 game I think. Its interesting that I think something like 5 players went to tie breakers like for 5-10th. So a couple of silly mistakes (forgotten coup de grace etc) not made might have had him score much higher, though I'm sure that would be true for any number of others too. Still, shows that TAGs and spec fire can both be strong, used well.
  8. Some of these statistics are unsurprising. Some are quite so. I think it would be a mistake to take them as a true indication of best play. We'd like Interplanetary to be the Olympics of Infinity but I suspect it's not amazingly above the typical standard of play of a big satellite tournament for many of the participants. Only a few players qualify by winning satellites, plus obviously there's some very experienced players like IJW etc, but I suspect that's still a minority.
  9. You'd think a character or two Oda's could bodyguard for (ie link with) would make sense in the new mixed link world. Tarik would do. B5 fatality L2 hhhhnnnngghhhhhh
  10. I'm quite surprised by some of the stats, some things I think are quite strong are under or not represented. Riot Grrls as a gimme in Bakunin is no surprise. Even if they weren't quite strong the other link options are pretty problematic. Surprised someone didn't do a bit better with them tho. You've got to keep firmly in mind the direct action ( / TAG) focus this year both in the factions taken and the type of lists. It's no wonder there were less Nomads (kings of specialists) and more PanO / CA with their face punchy style and amazing TAGs. More button pushing you'd prob see more Zoe / Pi Well for example.
  11. Yeah but that's what he's saying, a common knight link with more females than males wouldn't reflect the lore, because they're supposedly uncommon. That's not to say a female Sepulchre, Teuton blister etc might not fit in just fine.
  12. Thing is, I was neither responding to wish listing nor saying "lol stop whining". I was responding to sarcastic insults. However, if you'd like your thoughts to be immune from reasonable criticism, maybe a public forum isn't the best place for them. Not that I find either of your opinions unreasonable at all @Counting_Kittens or @Stiopa Generally quite the opposite in fact.
  13. ... then often suggested things that would buff the faction as a whole. Sometimes in a long, ranty, entitled, vitriolic, insulting whine. About toy soldiers. Some of the things smart PanO players bring up are very worth listening to. Some of the things people who don't agree with them say are too. There's misunderstanding in both directions. Listening as much as you speak helps some.
  14. If you like the idea of it the multi lft Lt is great for a last turn near zone clearing run using his Lt order when it's too late to get put in loss of Lt anyway.
  15. Nice durable Lt profile esp for Corregidor. Hacker + Tinbot in a link is a strong durable specialist combo, very hard to counter hack. B5 HI HMG wins a lot of arguments. Flamethrowers are handy on 2w models. The 5 link is strong, but very expensive. Overall quite solid.