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  1. Because they don't have the Speculative Fire trait. Also not the targetless trait, so both our statements are correct and add useful but irrelevant information
  2. Or the Speculative Fire trait. But then you would have to declare a Speculative Fire shot
  3. And I was also more talking about who you nominate But otherwise I'm completly agreeing with what was said. After you've placed all team members (in this case after you've placed the kept-back phoenix) you would place the team leader marker next to the model you want to be the leader. Otherwise imo you couldn't have the kept-back model in the link, because while you formed the link phoenix wasn't there and you would have to spend a command token during your first active turn to reform the link including phoenix.
  4. Which makes it actually also important who you nominate as your leader during deployment, preferably the one in total cover and not the heavy weapons guy you leave out as an ARO piece.
  5. Ah damn it.. Missed that part.. So in the sense of the original question, Lean Out wouldn't help. So basically you can't Lean Out through a terrain piece you get Total Cover from and in that scenario your only option is move (stand up)+shoot and next order move (go prone)+ shoot again - or dodge if you don't want to shoot..
  6. Which would be the case if Ortega was prone behind a ledge (that is less then 1 inch wide) and with Lean Out would be out in the open for the shot. So nice. Good to know that could work!
  7. Can the Lean Out skill really be used for that? I'm just asking because in the effects part it only says that you get LoF to units directly below the building. But do you also get LoF to a unit on the next building?
  8. @solkan can't I always decide which model(s) declared the different ARO? So in your example, couldn't I say the two models shooting get kicked out, possibly because I desperatly want to keep the single dodging model in the link?
  9. If B moves and steps into E's ZoC, E can declare an ARO against B (including Hacking attacks if B is an appropriate target like a REM), but also against A via the Repeater (again, using the link backwards and applying Firewall). Is the above right? If so, can A then ARO vs the attack it is getting or it is like getting an indirect template hit in an active turn from an ARO template, like you get no reaction? I think you didn't get the last bit right. If B moves into ZoC of E, E can ARO against B including hacking. E can NOT ARO against A, because A wasn't acrivated with this order. In subsequent orders where A is activated, B will be able to hack ARO with firewall, no matter where A is on the board.
  10. @IJW Wartrader: thank you very much for the extensive answer. Especially about why it was formulated the way it is. I was rather sure that this is the correct interpretation, but couldn't convince my friend.
  11. My friend and I just had a situation come up in a game which we couldn't completly resolve our selfs: I was with my Bandit in CC with a Bulleteer REM, I just used Engage to get there - so it's PanOs active turn. Now he wanted to flame my Bandit with his Auxbot HFT. He could place the template so it wouldn't cover his Bulleteer. Now the problem: is the flamethrower canceled (simply illegal) because it hits the Bulleteer (a friendly model) or is it legal because the template doesn't cover the Bulleteer, despite still hitting him? If it's the second (it's legal), why wasn't it simply worded, that templates into CC is canceled..?
  12. Oh, missed that Long Skill part.. Thank you!
  13. Just asking, but does recamo require LoF? I thought not, so a blinded troopers can recamo?
  14. Does it really matter when you remove the marker during that order? Isn't it more important that its gone at the end of the order, can't be triggered multiple times during an order, and all troopers passing through the template during the order it triggered will be hit by the mine. (Also troopers that moved through the area bevor you declared the mine ARO) So the way I'd do it, would be as soon as its triggered, place the template and leave it until resolution of the order, and after resolution remove the template and the marker.
  15. What about this thread: http://infinitytheforums.com/forum/topic/31381-solved-stealth-hacking-and-you/ It has an answer marked by Palanka as correct and it says Stealth applies. Sixth Sense on the orher hand negates the Stealth advantage. So imo a Sixth Sense hacker is pretty awesome