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  1. A lot of good ideas! I bought a aquarium decoration Buddha from Nobby on Amazon. It is not neccecary to paint and it have a good size and is slightly damaged for a used look.
  2. This is awesome work. I like it. Give me some thoughts for a character in the RPG!
  3. I hate you for this awesome table. This is really good stuff and very inspiring. THX for posting!!!
  4. I like your way of painting! Great job pal. A big "thumbs up" from me!
  5. Some points of the stencils are so fragile and thin, that they will closed after some painting sessions. My first idea was using the spray cans, but if i can't clean them, it will be better to use my cheap airbrush pistol. So the spray layer should be thinner than a spray can. They should made them from plastic so that the could be cleaned with alcohol. I guess, this would be better.
  6. Last week i bought the airbrush stencil and is it possible to clean up these after using?
  7. The green light effect you can easily make with Vallejo Game Color 72104 Fluo Green. This is a dayglow color. I take it often for all green glow effects on armor and weapons. Also aviable in other colors.
  8. The heliport is nice, especially when i can mout it on the top of the District 5 Builidings. Will it also fit to the District 5 Guard house, when it is smaller than the normal buildings? And what are the differences between the factions?
  9. Damn, i need more money...
  10. My bases are different for every army. Haqqislam get handmade desert/rock bases, for Yu Jing i use urban style bases from MAS and Ariadna get handmade rock/wilderness style bases. But i dont know, which bases i use for my upcoming C.A.
  11. I made some rust effects only with the sponge with brown and red color on a forklift and made some scratches with sand paper. Looks very dirty and old.
  12. I dont want a discussion about the army builders. I dont like Aleph Toolbox so much, because it is less comfortable und last time i want to print an army with A.T. nothing happened. Dont know why. Ok, A.T. is aviable in german language, but english is not the problem.
  13. I know, Ko Dali is sepsitorized by the Combined Army, but sometimes i want to play without the effects of the storyline. Because it is a cool mini and i want her as option in the army builder, even with a note, that is not chooseable in official tournaments. Regards from germany Chris
  14. Looks good. Maybe a little more dirt or moss on the roof and the stairs so it don't look as if it were newly constructed.
  15. Dont worry about the temerature. MAS bases are high quality und look very good. So you can take them.