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  1. Meanwhile ALEPH technical support is doing a sterling job of troubleshooting the onboard gaming arcade. Ajax invites all comers to a Dance Dance Revolution throw down.
  2. This is part of the problem. The whole narrative is a bit... off tone and it all comes down to how CA are handled and the general approach folks are taking. If you want covert ops intrigue (what Infinity is about), then the CA need to be doing covert infiltrations, not all out invasion. But PanO is suddenly facing a massive 'Sygtir will burn!' invasion... from a ship that hasn't even arrived yet. If all we had was covert aliens sneaking around as a prelude that breeds suspicion and everyone else can use it as anew excuse to try and infiltrate/undermine each other (like Ariadna and Aleph have vs the nomads so far). Also the narrative so far is slightly hackneyed and unresponsive to what people are actually doing - for instance CB clearly wanted/expected Yu Jing to attack nomads and Nomads to attack yu jing. but they ignored each other. yet the campaign material doesn't account for this and still reads like they did exactly as planned The Tohaa, Alephe and haqq were basically just ignored and given nothing meaningful to do - and what they did do hasn't been acknowledged and the secret objectives we are being given now are trying to railroad us further (as well as not having realistic timeframes to achieve) e.g. get 400 points in 10 days when your best rate of points is 150/week I can't help but feel if we want 'all out war' then we should be playing vs an NPC faction. or CA players should be getting double/triple points to represent a war footing and represent their actual threat level to everyone else
  3. Father @Luisjoey ALEPH is as confused as you are. We have reviewed all of Mayanet and found only limited records of any ALEPH action at La Forja - the successful apprehension of a number of Alien agents. Anything else is surely fabricated. The destruction of the La Forja Mobile Shipyard has all the hallmarks of accidental structural failure caused by the excessive age of the vessel and lax maintenance.
  4. Unfortunately the game and it's nature is very peculiar. It apparently grew out of an rpg but has grown into a competitive wargame. The 'narrative' that we get is very limited, based on non-neutral pov fluff pieces (none are substantial) and very little is clearly defined in any detail In a sense this is nice as you have freedom to craft the setting but I think too much. When the official rpg and source books come out hopefully this will change - I will definitely be up to run a game In the meantime you just have to realise that sadly the community is very ITS focused, because the game is built around ITS. That has helped it in a way but hindered it in others. Look for example at how railroady the plot of this campaign is, and how CB have failed to actually respond to the narrative the players have created vis the one they clearly had in mind (e.g the Nomad freighter out to get revenge on Yu Jing for... oh wait). As has been said if you are expecting your individual effort/role play to have any impact, forget it. I would say if you are expecting your team to give the game any direction your hopes are set too high too. I think the whole narrative has been prescribed. But if you want to do a pbp campaign later in the year, hit me up with a pm. I'll dream up something.
  5. -//On the ECHO Commodule//- Scylla of the Argyraspides looked archly down through the angled glass of the observation window at her test subject. A biomechanical monstrosity. Constrained by the most advanced electromagnetic flux containment field that transhuman minds had yet devised - it was now reduced to mewling its frustration through its underdeveloped vocal cords. Such creatures had little need to speak, she supposed. She had personally supervised the amputation of its sepsistor wielding proto-limb on the transit shuttle from La Forja, and the disassembly of its isolated comms equipment. The way in which it's entire strike team had collapsed into chaos once Charybdis had relayed her blackout programme into its unsuspecting data nexus still thrilled her. It was the talk of the Commodule. Below, behind the glass, and still entombed in the tactical poly-adhesives applied to it on the command deck before extraction, the Skiavoros was alternating between futile attempts to free itself from the physical trap, and broadcast it's mindstate away - anything to escape the now useless husk of this captured body. She adjusted her glasses and cast a dusky glance back over a slender shoulder as the laboratory door slicked open behind her. The glasses were an affectation of course - the mere gesture one calculated to beguile and disarm - but it was entirely futile in this case. Her eyes saw an unassuming man, but she perceived with her mind what seemed like an ancient behemoth surfacing in her little shallow of the sea of information. It was a High Functionary, come to review her experiment and approve it's next phase. The painfully beautiful Asura Urvashi came with him, arms crossed and face inscrutable as she looked through the floor at their captive. "Quite the prize, but one dearly bought." The Functionary said, stepping forward and looking down through the glass. The mewling stopped abruptly, and the creature started keening as the aspect of ALEPH hoved into view. He met it's baleful eyes with his own. "All is prepared?" He did not look back towards her. "Yes, yes sir... the retroviral amendment to its code is complete. We will be able to trace the transmission to its next host once we release the angular confinement beam." "Very well. I wish to speak with our guest before it leaves us." She nodded, mutely and triggered the microphone between the operating theatre and the observation platform. It seemed to understand, and in a thin, insidious voice for the first time it spoke, haltingly: "You. have. won.... -nothing-" Even when she had sawed off and cauterised it's limb, it hadn't deigned to speak, or even cry out. The Functionary smiled a thin smile, then tipped his head imperceptibly towards Scylla. "We will see you again... soon." She realigned the containment field, allowing the malevolent intelligence an avenue of escape - out into space. Away to its next hiding place on the blockading fleet. Abruptly the creature shuddered, then sighed it's death rattle as the consciousness fled it's body. He looked back at her, expectant. Data reflected from the console off the thin glass slivers of her lenses, flashing at an alarming rate. "Ah," She said, presently. "Ah?" She preened at the pink flower in her hair, and explained, almost apologetically: "Well. It's a bad week to be a Nomad, sir. It's on the Don Peyote." "Ah." He agreed.
  6. Ah see now you're saying we asked rather than told. But you are right, we did ask and didn't tell - our tone was really clear as was the wording. And it does sort of matter who we told - your players responded, which means they read it. You have to assume they either spied on or had it relayed to them from the O-12 rep. But they chose to misinterpret it. If there was ever any doubt they just could've asked.
  7. I love you guys. Let's not dwell on what happened to the Congolese president's car. Mistakes were made but the sushi was excellent.
  8. Of course we put cubes in their heads and analysed them. How else were we going to prove they weren't aliens? 😋 We -know- that O-12 didn't order Ariadna to go there because we manage all communications for O-12, and we didn't send any. Seriously tho, I come back to this because, to use a comparable real life scenario let's say Chad (aleph) and the Sudanese (ariadna) forces are sent as UN peacekeepers to the Congo during a hypothetical civil war. Perhaps Chad and Sudan aren't allies normally but the UN has put them together and so they go to do the job. But you have the Sudanese peacekeepers trying to steal the Congolese president's car and wipe out the Chad garrison. And then when Chad surprises you and manages to defend the garrison and to commandeer the car first, you as Sudan decide to declare war on Chad. I see UN sanctions coming Sudan's way and perhaps even the US Marines (PanO). *these events did not of course actually occur and I do mean to cast any aspersions on any African nations If there is a fight between Ariadna and ALEPH it is because you are choosing to make one. I make the modest suggestion that you can choose to present your actions in a way that doesn't frame Ariadna (once again) as a group of mercenary pirates out to screw over the rest of civilised society (which Ariadna has fought tooth and nail to be recognised as part of) And yes we will use the fluff, this is a narrative campaign after all.
  9. Broseph, I get home after 3 months at sea on Thursday and will be playing my nomads this weekend in a friendly tournament. Not sure yet if I will report any for Wotan.
  10. Actually we didn't tell you to do anything. We sent a message to the O-12 liaison suggesting it would be prudent for them to redirect you to somewhere we weren't already. -You- chose how to interpret that, let's be clear. And this is again where role play without a DM rears it's ugly head.
  11. @cazboab you raise valid points, but again this is all about context. I'm not 'calling out' individuals for their conduct but citing clear examples. The historian says that what *Ariadna player* did was OK, and that's good enough for me. I remain hopeful it will also agree that *ALEPH player* will be vindicated in the same way. Just like Ariadna. We've played every game we can play, in both campaigns. In both campaigns we've made very clear and unambiguous IC representations about what we planned and why we did what we did. Anyone who's been spying on our forums can see that our presentation is genuine and that we have no hidden agenda either IC or OOC. The reason we feel like the aggrieved party here is that on an IC front we keep on getting screwed over by people (some of whom are supposed to be working with us according to fluff). Ironically the Nomads who actually hate us arent the ones who keep screwing us over. Plys on an OOC l front the campaign system seems engineered to screw us over due to our lower numbers. And again on an OOC level a double standard seems to be being applied to the conduct of our player. I don't see that anything *ALEPH player* did was a 'dick move'. He completed his mission. ALEPH was sent to do a job, he did it. On an IC level (and lets remember this is just how weve all decided to interpret the material - nowhere in the campaign material does it say that either ALEPH or Ariadna was sent by o-12 to la forja) Ariadna was sent to do a job too. There are ways they couldve chosen to do that which wouldnt bring them into conflict with what ALEPH were doing but instead (based on the objective evidence) they decided to seize the opportunity to 1) betray an ally to steal their stuff, 2) try and screw over ALEPH and endanger both their mission success (again, Ariadna could easily have won a second front at military harbour) and 3) go on to construct a straw man to carry on doing 2) in the next phase, just for lolz Just like last campaign we even offered you the IC opportunity to explain your inevitable steamroller as 'helping ALEPH out against the aliens' or 'engaging in training to prepare for the aliens' in this case - to present Ariadna as the big damn heroes. But you've elected to leap straight into 'kill the toasters who actually keep this blockade coordinated'. You seem to want to play the villain - which I see as a clear break with the setting material. Fleet communications? Screwed. Fleet? Screwed. Humanity? Screwed. And all ostensibly just because at an OOC level you have more players than us and therefore 'because you can' -That- is what strikes me as a 'dick move'
  12. Let's put this in context - we also had the ALEPH icon over Agoge briefly before Ariadna steamrollered us during Flamestrike. Like then we IC have declared a win for our team. Just like last time we have had to deal with Nomads and Ariadna ignoring everything we say IC and fishing out nothing but smack talk. Earlier in the campaign we were within 25 points of the Nomads for extended periods before Ariadna again decided to steamroller us. So in their final analysis BoW may announce ALEPH took La Forja far earlier. Or they may 'historian' that none of our reports were 'good enough' (being objective I would say the overall quality is much improved this year) and that we were never close at any point. At the end of Flamestrike ALEPH got no recognition and no 'reward' for anything we did. In fact we got told all our reports were fake and BoW and Bostria had a little chuckle as I recall. The same thing will likely happen with Wotan. Big deal. For now we play what seems right and we claim victory where we can to try and keep morale up. We know the games happened and we know we got the points. People earlier in the thread were questioning the value of intro games played vs. new players or on their kitchen tables. But let's again give perspective here - Cabaray ostensibly 'won the game' for Ariadna last time by playing dozens of low points games against his wife (a new player) at home from what I can see. That was okay apparently. Yet Blitchga has been vilified by certain elements of the community.
  13. This sort of thing isn't allowed, Mr Warhol
  14. What are you defining as toxicity here? ALEPH hasn't done any smack talking whatsoever that I've seen, but has received nothing but smack talk back. And now we've been OOC vilified by others for having the audacity to do something they were obviously already poised to do themselves