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  1. Oh, total reaction bot is always a great warband killer/deterrent unless your opponent know how to play warbands, then sorry bud.
  2. Imma say daylami counter spam.
  3. I mean, in these cases, perhaps HI just have the capacity for better aiming equipment but it can still be used on its own in the form of MI which perhaps adds to their weight and lack of full movement aswell. Which leaves HI to get a bonus in the physical and wound department.
  4. I might have an answer for you that makes this all make sense. Power armor. Most people in infinity can only reach a max of bs 12, and phys 12 naturally with the most intense training and more widely used body mods. So it made sense to me that power armor is capable of boosting cc, bs, and phys by 2 points on average when you compare generic line infantry to their generic line HI. So a ghulam is cc13, bs11, phys 10, while a janissary is cc15 (+2), bs 13 (+2), and phys 14 ( Unarmored jans might be phys 11 or 12 instead of 10 to make up for the +4 discrepency) but in other cases it all kinda makes sense. So look at achilles without power armor buffs CC22, makes sense, BS 13 without his targeting systems is still superhuman, and phys 13 would also still be superhuman. The concept makes sense, and when applied to tarik who has NO power armor, suddenly being cc23, bs 13, and phys 14 with 2 natural wounds aswell since power armor also gives +1 wound and shock immunity from it. Tarik seems pretty superhuman to me, able to contest achilles in a straight up fair fight without armor or gear. Edit: Inb4 ariadna is an outlier and must have crazy gravity/ steroids in the water/ dog DNA crossover/ whatever to make a basic guy somehow able to cleave into a tank with a broadsword. Some warbands also fall into this catagory. (looking at you monks)
  5. tactica

    Any new news from interplanetario? Or is Gen Con gonna be the place for Rama News.
  6. Any news about new sectorals? Also love the new hassassin stuff, fantastic.
  7. LIES, Bostria doesnt need breaks, he just wants to watch us suffer.
  8. Is the bostria interplanetario presentation going on now? Its not being streamed right?
  9. tactica

    The wonderful thing about Tiggers, is Tiggers are wonderful things...
  10. tactica

    Anyone into the concept of a tankier super soldier? perhaps a total immunity arm 4 MI? Also, i dont feel that having several badass supersoldiers will flanderize the sectoral, let alone the faction as a whole. Also the other new sectoral preview units are probably going to be the same way. Nearly everything in Varuna will likely have aquatic terrain, HB has assassins, QK has mercs, ISS has agents with toolboxes full of gear and skills, military order has knights. Its how it is.
  11. tactica

    Hmm idk about buffing khawarij. Only way i think you could make them more survivable in my opinion would b giving them dogged or NWI, but then they step on others toes, and become a good bit more expensive. I feel Khawarij are fine, but tarik being 54-56 points should be at least be making the most of his rules (hence why i think he needs bts 6). He pays for bioimmunity that makes him 1. Immune to shock.....except having 2 wounds already does that 2.Immune to viral..... except having 2 wounds does that 3. You can choose to take viral and shock saves on either Arm or BTS..... except both are 3 so theres no reason to use this 4. Basic khawarijs also can do the above, but with arm1 and bts3, they gain a decent survivability boost by using their rule to take saves on bts3, however tarik is no better than a khawarij in this instance despite being nearly double points. 5. True you reduce viral to 1 save instead of 2 per hit, its fine but not how fully he should be utilizing his rules. These are just my opinions though, and cb probably wont change anything.
  12. If youre new, i would say stay away from saladin LT. cause its obvious and takes skill to set up a defensive shell game to keep him alive, also, you dont want less than 8 regular orders in your main group. Impetuous troops, ARO troops, and support troops like baggage bots can all be in a second group that doesnt need many regular orders.
  13. Practice playing limited insertion lists, and you can also add elite LI to cover points aswell. Also you can try playing sectoral lists with link teams and higher ava HI to fill in the rest.
  14. tactica

    Ive said that if he gets a slight redo, that he should get +3 bts. BTS 6 for a LI isnt unheard of and it gives value to his bioimmunity that only Khawarij make the most of right now.
  15. eww, not everything haqq needs to have coats, cmon CB.