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  1. tactica

    You know what, i think youre right. I just re read it, and it was Tariks blurb that says he metabolized the runihura perfectly stopping the dangerous oxidizing process, which i guess could just be a reference to normal oxidization that affects everyone and he is simply living longer because of that.
  2. tactica

    @EmperorSaiStone I dont mean to rain on your parade, but isnt it in the fluff that Khawarij have shorter lifespans due to the Runihura burning up their metabolism at over twice the normal rate, exception being Tarik who just happens to have the perfect genetics to mesh with the Runihura. Also sorry to @Pathfinder, for some reason the forums wont let me post here without having you quoted, no clue why.
  3. tactica

    I thought the rumor mill was that the new Numair/Mukhtar replacement called the Numarr was supposed to be a fast (maybe not bike fast) camo based supersoldier with some more mobility traits? Could be completely wrong though. Alternatively, if a unit had protheion and poison, would that make their cc attacks Double Trouble?
  4. tactica

    Oh, i meant what rules or rules combo that exist in the game already would you like to see on a supersoldier. Personally i still like the idea of a haqq supersoldier getting protheion to represent a dangerously fast burning metabolism that can be suppressed and even empowered on the battlefield even if high ranking haqq officials advise them against it.
  5. tactica

    Well then, my question is, what wierd or uncommon skill would you like to see a new supersoldier get that might not be in haqq right now, or a combination of skills/equip that we dont have yet? I remember someone here mentioning an AD trooper without and wings/jets/or parachutes and some sort of NWI or other toughness buff.
  6. tactica

    I wonder if there will be any good number of new rules in the next book that our supersoldiers will get. I heard that the next book wont have many new rules (except for tohaa), so im curious what they mean by that. Will it be like HSN3 where we see things like Guardian, Suprise shot lvl 2, Meta-chemistry lvl 2, free agent, Albedo, killer hacking, etc... or will we see less or more?
  7. tactica

    Bruh, i know you need to be secretive, but..... all i want to know is, will there be multiple new super-soldiers. I just wanna know if yes there will be more than 1 new super-soldier unit added in Rama. That will quench my rumor-lust until gencon.
  8. Gotta agree with you there, that would be cool. I also dont see the issues with dakinis linkable. 6-4 and mimetism is good, but 0 arm and only 3 bts, plus only basic Human weapons, Unidrons can do a full 5 man link, bts6 arm1 dogged, and can get MML2 on plasma weapons. Dakinis shouldnt be too powerful as is and in links.
  9. tactica

    What do you guys think are the chances we get some serious info dropping at Rumble and/or Adepticon this year about the upcoming book and sectoral units?
  10. is that taking posing and posture into effect? I know the Taskmaster is less bulky than other S5 infantry, but i believe his height is almost indistinguishable from the others if he wasent lunging forward in a hunched stance. Plus it wouldnt be much of an issue if S2 HI werent so massive either, looking at those Domarus mostly.
  11. So, should i expect another Nomad and Haqq alliance? We have the silk you need, you have the ships we need.
  12. Should we be expecting another BoW Infinity video today?
  13. I hope theres more than just the campaign. Flamestrike was cool, but i dont remember seeing anything coming from it yet? Maybe the engineering deck mission? Do you guys know, or have any clues about what it builds towards? Cause its not that I dont like Wotan, im just not really hyped or impressed yet. (admittedly though, we havent seen anything on it yet so i reserve the right to change my opinion at any time.)
  14. Shortened the quote for ease, but i have a few questions. How long have you played Haqq? How competitive are you when playing, and/or have you tried casual vs. competitive gameplay? How familiar are you with Asymmetry in a game-play sense? Honestly from what ive read, youve just hit the same point I hit about a year into the game with my haqq. They (like all factions) are good in the first while of play when learning the ropes, but then they seem to hit a large dead zone before you reach certain higher level play. This deadzone drove me nuts, i despised the fact that everyone got technology and god tier units while i was stuck in the dirt with guys that died left and right. So i tried something new (i suggest you try the same, unless youve just started haqq, then wait a bit before blowing more money on a game), i started a second faction. My buddy played yu jing and i wanted a taste of the hyperpower life he has, so i went straight to the top with Aleph. I loved the change of pace and getting to use powerhouse units, but the best thing that happened from it, was that it taught me how to play haqq better. The first games were great, but i noticed i missed a lot of things that haqq did well for me that i never noticed. I could easily make armies or 15+ guys in haqq, aleph couldnt. Losing minis in aleph hurt so badly, points down the drain and dwindling order pools, haqq not as bad. Even to this day, i play better in touneys with my haqq than my aleph, not because i cant grasp aleph, but because the change in perspective showed me how to elevate my play. Other than maybe trying a new force (dont be afraid to proxy, or ask to switch armies with a friend), just keep practicing, trying new things, and listening to others advice. And dont be afraid of losing guys, Haqq is the army of pyrrhic victories, I cant tell you how often ive stomped an opponent whilst flirting with that 75 point retreat line.