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  1. tactica

    I mean.... 40k 8th ed is saving me from the CB product lull right now. Plus Dark age is picking up pretty well right now. Theres other games that are in full release cycle mode right now that might quench your thirst for new stuff in between waiting for CBs cycles.
  2. cause there is a case to be made that posthumans might be the best unit in the game, or at least one of them, while the djanbazan is a meh MSV2 medium infantry.
  3. That was the point, hue hue hue hue hue hue!
  4. sooooooooooooooo............. anybody gonna mention the karkatas crotch mouth?
  5. tactica

    Try the Assault hacker Taureg. It just seems like the obvious choice to me wor defending Maggy with a hacker.
  6. tactica

    will CPN3 info drop at Gencon? Probably, but i feel its more likely CB continues to keep a lid on things and focuses on Aristea! instead. As for CPN3 actually dropping, no chance of even getting a set preorder date.
  7. tactica

    I mean as an honest guess, 2020 to 2022 depending on what else CB has in mind for the future of this game.
  8. tactica

    Id guess CB will have CPN3 for us at Gencon next year, but leading up to it they will release resculpts and unit boxes for all the new sectorals and likely 1 new unit each before the book drops. They confrimed the Kriza, so why not a new haqq supersoldier, new yu jing HI, new kazak...kazak?
  9. tactica

    Technically isnt the new Haqq starter a Rama starter?
  10. In my experience, khawarij are glass cannons and should be treated as such. Ive never ha a khawarij be successful in reactive turn, but in active turn, they hit pretty hard. ive used my mobility before to get the drop on a yan hou, and then beat it to death in cc. They work, in the right circumstances of course.
  11. You guys do know they are brought back dual packs right? I can see them being resculpted (hopefully keeping a slim profile compared to some other HI that have come out), and being released in a duo pack. Just do spitfire and Doc/generic rifle, that would be the perfect answer for most of us.
  12. My god, look at that karkata, its soooo wierd but sooo cute! Look at the little guy. Its no crabbot but look at them fists up like theyre going to beat someone down.
  13. tactica

    So after reading the infinity Manga, what are the chances we eventually see a Gabqar (khanate) unit with guardian and one of those gnarly mountain panthers. Edit: i do realize this is a rama thread, but it has sorta became a central hub for haqq speculation and the Khanate is far enough off that I just wanted to throw this bit out there as a cool idea.
  14. Yeah, his is still really good and pretty straightforward and efficient. Im just used to playing in a cutthroat meta, i semi regularly see a hand full of the USAs top 10 players and also semi regularly get my ass handed to me hahaha.
  15. Im kinda laughing right now at how this packaging is very similar to the tech bee, which makes me think of how stupidly funny it would be if the danavas had remote assistance lvl1 or even more.