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  1. Soooooo i take it no one else was thinking of the Redeemer?
  2. Hmm, a panO knight character, so they're gonna be religious, but the silhouette looks like they have more cloth than power armor, and wait, a flamethrower??? COULD IT BE!?
  3. Did somebody sAY TRAP! Somebody get Smagg the smugg in here, they're on tumblr too, they know and can help further derail this thread into chaos.
  4. Just a couple questions, but for those who preordered, when should we finally get our games in hand assuming about a week and a half for shipping? Also has there been any news on how the Aristeia tournament system will work (rules, drafts, prizes, etc...)?
  5. RULE #1 of INFINITY: If they're helmetless, they're a THOT. No ifs, ands, or buts. Male or Female or NB or Pupnik, doesnt matter, still a THOT. Achilles= THOT Fusilier Angus=THOT Shinobu Kitsune= THOT Tarik Mansuri= THOT Yasbir= perv but not a THOT Bran Do Castro= THOT Sorry guys but i don't make the rules.
  6. Id guess CPN3 will be spoiled and put for preorder by gencon 2018.
  7. Oh ok, thats what i figured. Hmm and i guess the initiative values are probably just like that cause they are.
  8. Is there a reason why all the expansion characters have the same initiative value of 5? Also Some unboxings and gameplays have stated that the rulebook says the teams are set but can you still mix and match aristos to make your own personal team?
  9. I think in terms of new units, id like to see CB experiment with statlines and skill/equipment combos more. Things like units being 4-6 move, ARM4 or 5 BTS0 hackable HI, etc.... Wierd give and take stuff thats unique and that fit their fluff accordingly.
  10. I could see a 4 player option eventually being available but not for a while. Right now CB wants to run Aristeia with a tournament system like ITS so it makes more sense for them to keep it 1v1. And if i had too guess whats the first major gameplay change they will add, id put my money on a character draft after the first year worth of characters are released.
  11. So after reading up on the character profiles/ fluff blurbs, i cant help but wonder if anyone can explain what the "Day of the Dead Man" is, cause it sounds like an Ariadnan form of the purge, but likely more horrific due know... Ariadna.
  12. Id go with zhayedan. Not every unit has or can get camo, but any competent player is going to give their units cover whenever its possible. Thus, your gimmick gets used the most, and has better value. Although the cheapness of Hunza and Ghulam snipers is nothing to scoff at.
  13. Im loving these new previewed characters, and im loving people deconstructing the 4 hidden characters. Wulver seems guaranteed, the biggest one does look to be like a massive bot or perhaps a small tag, next to it looks very clearly like it could be another hacker whos dressed like a wizard or similar, but im excited about the one near the wulver who looks like they might be Haqq based given their head wear. I would love to see a khawarij in Aristeia!, they could be a sort of publicity stunt to sell haqq based medicines and bio enhancments.