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  1. This is partially why im still a little salty over the Al Fasid rework that was done last minute (or so ive heard) just to fill in points for the red veil box. It takes one of the few spots Haqq can ever get for a 50+ point power unit that i thought would have gone to more of a direct offensive piece. But then again i guess thats why we have tarik. Also on the topic of direct firefights...sorta, while we dont have that supremecy, we would be 3rd place in the game for most and best CC units which i like, but we arent 3rd cause panO gets all those knights too.
  2. Just a quick open question, but when should we next expect to hear new haqqislam news? Are we really going to have to wait until Gencon in august?
  3. True, and im not complaining, but hassassin and rama (as far as we know) just have najjruns. I guess its not that big an issue, but nobody here would be complaining if we got another engineer profile on something.
  4. Hmm id drop the jammer since its kinda the mutts thing. Also id drop super jump and probably mimetism since those are already present in khawarij or other elite warbands like daturazi. Although the speed and NBW get me really excited, id give them some form of immunity honestly, probably shock immunity or if we wan to go really beast mode, total immunity.
  5. I agree with this alot. But we know supersoldiers are coming so we have to just be patient. However i do agree id like to see more viral, higher BTS models (i think tarik needs bts6 honestly), and i think i have a couple more to add to your list. 4.)Another MSV2 option. This may just be me, but in comparison to other factions options, our Djanbazans kinda stink. Yeah we have Regeneration which is nice but we dont have multiple wounds to take full advantage of it, plus phys 11 is not as reliable. Theyre also BS12 with either a regular sniper or hmg for the same cost as other factions msv2 units. Besides this however my point is i think we need at least 1 other MSV2 option besides Djans, even if its a couple profile specific MSV2s like the Deva spitfire. 5.) Haqq are masters of terraforming. So why not have tech or weapons based on that? It would be a weird hurdle to jump but i feel like CB could keep making armies fluffy in ways like this. 6.) lastly from me, more engineers. We really dont have many options for engineers and while its not our specialty id still like maybe 1 other combat unit with the rule, just to help a little. I feel like we may not see that until the khanate though, just a gut feeling.
  6. Honestly i kinda mis-worded that post and mis-spoke, i had just woken up and was thinking about many things at the same time so i ended up mashing some thoughts up. I was looking more at how CB hasent given HD+ asura better weapons and thought given the Danavas name and mythological ties of being a type of good asura, that maybe it would get HD+ too and fill a better support role and that they may change the asura to be the "Bad" asura and focus mainly on being an offensive piece, so maybe they remove the HD+ and give it a Multi rifle with perhaps KHD instead or something like that. I personally like having the HD+ on an asura "like" platform, but not the asura herself given her high stats and msv3 being kinda wasted on just a combi rifle and some of the HD+ benefits (mainly white noise) dont seem to suit her well IMO.
  7. Ok, maybe not that extreme, but id like to see HD+ on the danavas.
  8. Does anyone think maybe CB has listened to us sorta, and will be removing the HD+ profile from the Asura, but put it on the Danavas instead?
  9. Actually , what if nomad posthumans were just rems bodies? Imagine nomads getting the software like what @Jassal2.0 said, but they dont have access to Lhost bodies so they have a rogue AI piloting several REMs that are like dakinis. Id assume that to be true for puppetactica, or something along the lines of a rem based Antipode/kuang shi/Hungry/symbiobeast type unit. for them. You mean something alot like SOMA? Cause that fits the wierd science side of nomads, while still falling into their "lack" or general Human Sphere tech. Instead of growing new bodies for dead comrades with cubes, they just put them into exo suit bodies, hence the name (Hollow Men), and it has a metric ton of meaning and tragic backstory to it now.
  10. I love those design choices though as making them different from the rest without being too different. I hope they keep the design if they resculpt in the future. THE DREAM!
  11. tactica

    Not if the link options are Core and a Haris and Tarik can be in either. that seems decent.
  12. tactica

    Maybe khawarij will just have a bunch of link options like Muyibs in hassassin.
  13. tactica

    well besides the Djan, we know Ghulam (likely core link), Leila sharif, naffatun, zhayedan (core link), khawarij (core link, with tarik), Tarik Mansuri, Tauregs, Saladin, Mag guard, najjrun, all generic rems, and the Al Fasid. Thats a pretty solid base for a sectoral.
  14. tactica

    I mean, of all existing units we already know which ones will be in Rama, and we already know a few confirmed link options.
  15. If i had to guess, i think we might see a new hassassin starter pack with 2 new daylami, a new fiday sculpt, a resculpted asawira, a new barid, and probably a new farzan. it will really emphasize the assassin vibe by having a camo, impersonater, and elite HI and Hacker.