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  1. I'm a bit surprised how much I like the Airborne Ranger with the Molotok and how much I dislike the Riot Grrls. The Outrage box, weeeeell, seems to be hit and miss so far. I'll wait for 360 shots from Angel before I decide.
  2. Highly trained team of operatives on a mission from god to redeem their fellow humans from alien captivity. Bringing along adorable four legged bots and big Robots that look like they can actually walk? Sounds perfectly like the Military Orders to me. And since I usually play Haqqislam and Bakunin, something less subtle on occasion is also fun. Not as brick-shaped-unsubtle as the Space Knights from that other game, though. More like a longsword. Which is less subtle than the dagger or hacking device my other forces are like, but much prettier than a brick covered in skulls and iron crosses.
  3. Nah, my idea is to have a crossover of a Combat Rescue team assisted by cute murderbots with Space Knights with a swordshaped murderboner for aliens. If I wanted to stay closely historical, I'd be playing Saga.
  4. Even though it is the Hacker profile, I really like how they put it in a pose that does not scream "I am a hacker, see me hack!" so it can be easily be used as a regular Zhanying. Also, moar tactirocks for my eventual tactical zen garden. By accident I found out that putting surplus Raging Heroes heads on Magister Knights makes great female Knights. An actual female Knight of an Order would be welcome, tho. As long as it is done in the same style as the Lady Jannissary and not like the Brigadas. My Knights may be fanatical, religious loonies, but they will be equal opportunity fanatical, religious loonies. (Also serves as a personal eff you to that one other tabletop company who hasn't really supported my favourite religious loonies from their system in years )
  5. Same here in Germany, for the last election in our federal state. For me moderate right, moderate left and green party are basically an indistinguishable blob. Less moderate left pairs some good ideas in their program with a few really, really daft ones. Far left is slinging buzzwords, as is far right.
  6. There is the Haris Team of Raktorak, Suryat(Haris) and any other Suryat. Or simply three Suryats with one of them being the Haris dude. The Suryats after all can also form a regular Haris.
  7. Kornak does have Haris built in. I think that would suffice, so you can take any Suryat.
  8. memes

    Only because they were included in Icestorm! And the Cutter is one of the coolest Infinity models. And I already had Bipandra...
  9. Some of my recolors: My Bakunin, because I can't for the life of me paint white (that I'm happy with) Approximate color scheme for my Order of Mercy team My Imperial Service, a homage to the video game Oni and its heroine Konoko
  10. Breaker Rifle Zhanying, Nexus Operative and new Hospitaller would be exactly what the lists I have in my drawer need.
  11. First impression says something Druze. I'm usually wrong with those snipershots, tho.
  12. I like him. Kinda would have hoped for the pistols to be closer to the regular Haqq ones, but eh... One will definitely make it into my Hassassins.
  13. Yes. Since it is either rifle at shoulder shooting or anti-grav wulver, more PanO sculpts defying gravity's harsh call might make me play them. I'd maybe also settle for such ludicrous poses as shooting from a kneeling position or a sprinting with weapon held across the chest pose. You know, in a pinch.
  14. *pushes a locker closed against something heavy* *straightens beret* "Oh, I didn't see you there! ... Introductions, you say? But I am only Corp... *glances at his rank insignia* Lieutenant Jorge Pano..Panoceanman! Merely a simple aide to the Colonel! I was just getting some coffee. Do you want some coffee?" "There isn't a coffeemaker here? How very astute of you to notice. Very important for a journalist to notice things! How about a little exclusive scoop then! *leans in with a conspiriratorial wink*" "I overheard some of those intelligence fellows talking how they want to make this big hubbub about a Haqqislamite force commanded by Khalid al-Mukhtar. And it is all only to make them look important! Ludicrous isn't it? Meanwhile, al-Mukhtar is on the other end of the Human Sphere. I have it on very good authority, he's currently on Bakunin, getting ... getting his ... his beard trimmed! Little known fact, Bakunin's barber are terrifically competent! So it's really preposterous that he would have a command of any Haqqislam forces here. Who in their right mind would send al-Mukhtar to command some caravanserey guards? Little more than glorified Policemen. He is more suited to command a Qapu Khalqi operations group or a team of Hassassin.... which he definitely isn't. And if he was, it would clearly not be anywhere near here! That's just a plot by those intelligence folks to make them look oh-so important! But I must be going! The Admiral needs his aide and his shuttle will wait for no man." *walks out of the door* *sticks his head back through the door* "Remember, no Hassassin here. All just Hexahedron make-believe!" ... ... ... *the locker makes a grunting noise* OOC: I'm reasonably sure I'll play either QK or Bahram
  15. Weaponpacks would be nice. You are correct on the old Galwegians. Also there was the female Celestial Guard which had the Kuang Shi Device and a Combi (spread over a Blister and the Old starter) as well as a Rifle Moblot and a Rifle+Panzerfaust Moblot (same situation as CG). Also the Devil Dog standalone release is basically just different arms for the body in the USARF Army pack. Now, these aren't technically options, but they are just different arms.