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  1. Looking at my HMG Ekdromos, I am about 75% sure the rightmost guy has an HMG. The blocky snout is quite recognizable.
  2. Surprisingly non-horrible for a Koei Tecmo game. The game can be locked to 30 or 60 fps and you can change some of the graphics settings between low medium and high. It looks and runs fine on an older i5, 16GB RAM and a GTX 970 in Full HD. It apparently also supports up to 4k. I don't know if you can configure it to play with mouse and keyboard, but the somewhat wonky gamepad driver did not let me play it with my Dual Shock 4 controller out of the box, had to resort to DS4Windows and now it displays XBOX inputs. That's something I have a lot with directinput devices in other titles too, though. I particularly like the combat system that gives you the choice of sword, twin swords, bigger sword, spear, tonfa, axe, kusari-gama (that chain thingie) which all have three different stances that affect your move list. Then there is a bunch of combo abilities to unlock, like a slash-and-backstep after your combo or a roundhousekick. Additionally, you can do a Ki focus move after a combo and depending on the timing, you will recover more stamina. Then there is about as much loot as in your typical Diablo clone.
  3. Meanwhile I'm having fun with Nioh, because greenmangamig gave me a big discount. Seasoned players of souls-like games might have gotten crying fits at how many tries it took me to beat the first real boss, but luckily for me it's a single player game.
  4. I once described Nomands as a swiss army knife to a new player and it escalated when he asked about the other factions, so have a tongue in cheek description, somewhat loosely translated. Probably has too many silly in jokes to be useful to a new player. Nomads: The swiss army knife of swiss army knives, can do everything. Includes a spiffy device to let you hack other peoples knives. Haqqislam: A swiss army knife with wooden paneling, not as many gadgets as the Nomad one, but pretty close, instead of hacking device contains a first aid kit. Knifeblade is curved. Yu Jing: Heavily armored swiss army knife, instead of a knife contains a katana. Screwdriver can transform between flathead and philips-head. PanO: Large blue army knife, tools, while servicable, don't work as well as others, but instead of a knife you get a gun. Prominent marking of a cross. Ariadna: Banged-up older swiss army knife with a camo paintjob and a fuzzy tail. Sometimes bites enemies. Knife is actually a machete. Can't be hacked, but also can not hack. Very light. Combined: Sleek black army knife. Serrated red lightsaber instead of knife. Talks like SHODAN. Has some tools even the Nomads don't have. ALEPH: Swiss Army knife by Apple. Sleek, shiny, can do a lot of things, many of those because it nicked it from others and made them easier to use. Tools work very well together. Unlike Apple, a bunch of those tools are surprisingly affordable. Tohaa: Three smaller, plant-based, swiss army knives, work far better together than on their own. Surprisingly durable.
  5. I'm not too fond of the sphinx either so I usually use my Anathematic as a stand-in.
  6. Speaking of Ubisoft, Watch Dogs 1 is free on Uplay currently.
  7. Slight spoiler for Wolfenstein ahead Anyone seen this: I'm cautiously hopeful about it being good.
  8. Confrontation wulfen would be as big as Taskmasters or even full blown TAGs. Do you know the Reaper Figure Finder? I believe they have weretigers, lizardpeople and catfolk among their range. Also, there is/were Crocodile Games Wargods of Aegyptus, alot of animal people, but very Egyptian in style. EDIT: Maybe also look at Soda Pop Miniatures range, I believe they have the odd catgirl there.
  9. Er, no? It is like a full fledged digital Board game. It has fencing rodents, though, but they do it by rolling dice.
  10. Rainbow Mika?
  11. Never delete your old works! I literally have my first painted Space Marine along with a bunch of other miniatures I painted over the years lined up in chronological order on a shelf. Whenever I feel that what I am currently working on does not meet my standards and never will, they are there to confirm I am in fact getting better.
  12. https://www.humblebundle.com/down-under-bundle This one! Hacknet, which is also included is quite interesting, but I've only tried it for a few minutes yesterday. But Armello is a really great game, especially if you are into digital board games and read the Redwall novels as a child.
  13. Satellite Reign is also part of a current humble bundle and I can recommend it heartily.
  14. What I meant with the person still being themselves, I meant that their body is still exactly the same and (probably) still have all their memories. I reworded it before posting, maybe should not have done that. I know about the quantum entanglement and it being the reason for the deletion of any stored copies, but that seems to me to conflict with the RPG, where one of the events during character creation is that one of your copies gets put into an lhost and disappears or the bleed over from other personalities. But if the Cube 2.0 are always backing up straight to their base, the disposal of copies makes more sense. I hope we learn more once we get the RPG sourcebook for ALEPH.
  15. Think of it like this: To use the Infinity universe resurrection technology you need to take a copy of your self, converting your personality into data. Al Djabel and the Fiday do it "old school". If they were a computer, you'd plug in a portable drive and manually copy all the data that makes up their personality to that drive, then unplug it and store it somewhere. People with cubes basically carry that portable drive with them, the cube continuously copies and saves their personality. Their brain is the primary storage and the cube the backup. It is possible to make a copy of the data on the cube to make a secondary, off site backup. Why ALEPH erases all copies in case of sepsitorization? It was explained somewhere as quantum entanglement mumbo jumbo, but I would explain it like this: A person turned by a sepsitor is something like a zombie, but not undead. They are still for all intents and purposes themself, but the sepsitor can make them do things, like turn on their allies, etc. And a sepsitor corrupted cube is nearly or even impossible to detect. Simple scenario: Odysseus (original) gets sepsitorized. ALEPH makes a new copy from backup. Fighting happens. Instead of Odysseus 2, the sepsitorized original returns. Sepsitor corruption is hard to detect. He is now highly placed in the command structure and even has access to humanities AI. ALEPH really does not want that to happen, so if one of the recreations is sepsitorized, they self-terminate and send some kind of distress call upon which ALEPH wipes all of their data, so even if the self termination fails, the EI can not use any of their information. But that is just my conjecture.