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  1. Odalisque with Spitfire: Chun Li from Street Fighter Bipandra: Cammy from Street Fighter Yojimbo: official color scheme is Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai Old Acontecimento Regulars are modelled after the characters Jack, Kate, Sawyer and John Locke from Lost
  2. If you like the Hassassin, they take the same inspiration as the ones from Assassin's Creed: Vladimir Bartol's Alamut. It is a historical novel, though. The Takeshi Kovacs books (Altered Carbon, Broken Angels and Burning Chrome) have the same cubes and lhost stuff as Infinity. The Metrozone quadrilogy by Simone Morden is also a great read, though it's the last two books that veer of into Infinity territory.
  3. I have the Hatsu... Gogo Marlene mini. She's my HVT, the regular joke is that Classifieds involving the HVT are getting her autograph or taking Paparazzi shots of her.
  4. Aww! And I just bought two Dire Foes boxes...
  5. If you have writeups for the missing units, I'll be happy to add them. My Haqq is currently in storage as I have moved, so I haven't had time to try out any of the missing troops, yet.
  6. An tactical ponytails!
  7. Not a complete fan of the flipped up visor and lack of a helmet, but the PanO Marksman and Breaker Rifles looks really good.
  8. The more I look at it, the more I wonder what the Hassassin with his foot on the tactical boxes is. I had him pegged as a Muyib with Spitfire, but that one is already in the Muyib box. Could he be a Barid with the Pitcher making up the boxy gun part over his shoulder? 2 of the guys are obviously Daylami with LSG and a Panzerfaust, another is an Ayyar, but I am not completely sure about the rest... Is shipping from Germany an option for you? Mine will have engraved on his base: "Alas, poor Zarblox! I knew xem well!"
  9. Wow! Sooo many things I like sooo much. Anyone wanna buy an Imperial Guard Army so I can afford them? I also got some Tau. I might have to get two of the new Joans. One to paint up for playing and the other one for a diorama piece. Or just one and make a MO display board. Yeah, that may be the way to go...
  10. I don't think CB has any actual numbers on that, but I see Infinity minis show up in painting contests far more often than those from the other skirmishers I play.
  11. Saturday, 19:00 - 20:00, if I read that correctly.
  12. New headcanon acquired! My Reverend Healer will remember to put on her bodyglove, tho. Also, your art is awesome!
  13. I was waiting for new Riot grrls for possible conversion fodder. Now I am thinking about making my own Riot Sabers from Mobile Brigadas. I am on a quest to find a proper DVD/BluRay Version that does not cost an arm and a leg, now that I finally tracked down the Ghost in the Shell Manga Editions I started with.
  14. That's not really the issue. It's not like PanO can simply take troops with Rifles and Light Shotguns instead of Bolts. It's about internal consistency of cost in the faction and Bolts' cost seem to be somewhat off. So people field other things, which is a shame since Bolts have very cool minis.
  15. It's his dress uniform. The regular uniform adds two pockets labelled "TOTALLY" and "NOT A".