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  1. The Maghariba Guard. Yes, it's a she. #bigbootyspiderscorpions
  2. Damn, you are good. Aaaand I forgot, that you can use Pistols in combat (again), so yes, you are right about the CC score.
  3. Two guns and Frenzy. But I like the way you think.
  4. I could get incredibly salty and bitchy in online games, luckily never in tabletop games, though. Now that I'm a bit older, I realize that was mostly in games, that did not make it readily apparent what my failures were. What probably helped, was that even when I played Warmachine, as a complete novice with players that were competitive with a capital C, they always explained to me what exactly I had done wrong and what I could have done better. Still there are players that are genuinely not fun to play against.
  5. This could be hard... but my GM immediately guessed who I had based my character on... 4-4MOV CC15 BS14 PH12 WIP13 ARM0 BTS0 W1 S2 No Cube, Frenzy, Irregular, LI, Marksmanship L2, Fatality L2, Kinematica L1 2 Pistols
  6. I for one like the ambiguity that is Bit's background.
  7. Well, the word I would have used is "Gaukelei" which only loosely translates to "sleight of hand". "Gaukelei" additionally implies a person dressing up in a silly costume and making a fool of himself to get money from his audience. I'm sure you can see the parallels to religion...
  8. Apparently the quote about Religion being opiate for the masses was wrong. It's actually sleight of hand for the masses. (That pun worked far better in German)
  9. I can only speak for ISS, but Bounty Hunters with Sniper Rifles are fun. As is a Bao Trooper with MSV2 in a defensive CoC Haris. Multi Sniper Rifles are a bit expensive on the SWC side, though. Missile Launchers and Sniper Rifles compare like seals and walruses. Essentially similar, one is just a louder and more messy version.
  10. Because I haven't finished the first one. Barely even started it. Hopefully I'll get to finish Nier Automata this weekend. Then my backlog of "in progress" games becomes a little bit shorter.
  11. Well, not yet...