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  1. I just picture them catching their opponents hand or just getting stabbed, not caring and then punching the other guy out. Something like the Mountain on Game of Thrones.
  2. You would be surprised about the true origins of the red turbans...
  3. Guess what I had to sit through today. Nearly an hour to learn that someone above my paygrade has to decide if documents are to be labeled for everyone, not for everyone or only for selected people and that "password123" is a terrible password. One thing that qualified it as WTF, though, is that apparently, smart vibrators exist. Every data is valuable, I guess...
  4. Soo, played the first level of Bayonetta and I think this game is giving me motion sickness. oO Must be something with the blur options. I have never had that happen before. Carmen Ryder (puns, lol!) pretty much looked like I must have looked when I ran into the first dragon in Dragon Age: Inquisition: Utterly fucking terrified in a "that giant flying thing wants to eat me!" way. Maybe because I did not use the stock face. I hope for the patches to fix that at least somewhat. The character interactions were my favourite part in the Mass Effect series. And it's the part lacking the most in ME:A. Anyone playing Fire Emblem Heroes? I'm a big fan of the series and have been playing it pretty much since release. It's a fun game to play on the train. RNGesus doesn't seem to be with me, though. My brother, who only started playing about two weeks ago has already summoned more top ranked heroes than I did in my entire playtime. We both haven't spent any money yet, since microtransactions for the game are also quite expensive. So expensive, in fact that every time I open the store, I think: "A few bucks more could get me a used DS and some of the new Fire Emblem games.... and that wouldn't run the risk of RNGesus being a dick." Good way to keep your money
  5. Definitely not the only one. When the notification that it was available on steam popped up I must have sat there for a moment looking like a confused puppy. Haven't played it yet though, since I haven't finished Nier Automata yet. I wouldn't call the Ryders civilians. From the 10h trial it seemed pretty clear they were groomed to be Pathfinders. Still, they are quite a different hero to Commander Shepard. What made me decide not to purchase ME:A, though, was how "off" some of the interactions/reactions felt. For example, once you see the Tempest for the first time, clearly the "F* Yeah! My own spaceship"-moment, my character looked freaking terrified. o.O I'll see how ME:A develops further along with patches because, I really like the premise and setting.
  6. If that was the case, I'd set up a table in my garden just so I can flip it in a rage! Yes, please!
  7. I'm not saying it is likely, but I would have said the same about the Jannissaries: Asawira resculpt?
  8. Hell naww! I already have trouble removing the basing tab without ankle breakage. More of a wasp-waist and I see her snap while priming to hard with my airbrush. Oh, wait, you weren't serious, were you?
  9. You got a point there. I think she is only a hair-dectomy/pruning away from being my Bakunin Spec Ops.
  10. Me, too. But I'd still prefer a 4 trooper + bot box.
  11. Woot! Giant visor! I Like giant visors!
  12. Women's Volleyball match of the century! Neoterra Orcs vs. Bourak Janissaries
  13. I don't really mind, though I will be picking up a Dactyl Engineer ASAP, because I already have the Doc and the Yudbots. Didn't Bostria say at last years GenCon that the Daktari is their single bestselling Blister? That's probably the closest we will get to actual sales data. The LGS closest to me doesn't want to stock Infinity because it is such a massive lineup. Though they have recently caved a little and now have one of each of the Icestorm, Red Veil and USARF Boxes as well as an old PanO starter () in stock. So yeah, SKU bloat is a thing.
  14. When you have to go to battle as a cool gunslinger, but also might have to chop some onions in case the enemy player isn't crying enough, accept no substitutes.
  15. A coat with inbuilt cheesegrater? I got nothing.