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  1. I hope they do an exklusive pre-order metal box for them aswell. I need a new deadpool hahaha
  2. 8-ball is My new Bran!
  3. I think one riot girl must have Haris trait? I would change the specialist to the haris bcs you have the khd zero in midfield anyway if you need to push buttons
  4. I would try and squeeze in Zoe and pi-well. Two orders, specialists, hacker and pi-well is a great sniper And you could get them in a list with 3moderators, the 3 riot girls Harris and some more fun stuff
  5. Will be sweet for sure! I really hope We can cross over the minis to infinity
  6. This will be so damn cool! (Just watched the new video)
  7. All and all it looks cool, I would have liked the new ninja look on Nakadai. But all women are perfect. Beba will be the new pilot for my lizard TAG. Also I hope they can cross over to Aristeia! (If it ends up like that)
  8. Maybe a securitate special character? And give her a pitcher and harris
  9. The manga box is so cool. I was hoping they would release one character with each new manga (I assume there will be more), but this is way better. And for the new manga they can release other characters than the main group as minis
  10. A new triple zero or a new Bran?
  11. well I always bring at least 2 zeroes in any list, so yes they work well with the prowler. If I want him to be active, and depending on other SWC costs in the list, the boarding shotgun is also fun (but more fun on Bran. But then you don't get D-charges). Still, the prowler have always done his job for me. Also don't forget bioimmunity, that's good fun agains ex: tohaa So yeah, the prowler can feel pricy with points and SWC, but I like him. And the spitfire model still look badass!
  12. Don't forget to put him in suppressive fire in the midfield. -9 without visors before range mods AND with a spitfire. Super nasty. D-charges is just a nice bonus
  13. I would add Moran's with the crazy koalas. Tohaa really does not like them or mines I would also do lunokhod's for the same reason plus flamer. Tomcats are also a great surprise. The rest I would go intruder and smoke
  14. So, is the Morlock art from the Luxumbra kickstarter stretch goal a new images or an old one? and can that hint on how the new minis will look like?