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  1. Hey guys, I’m just taking a break from working on my police station from the KS (finally arrived about 2 weeks ago. I'm glad I didn’t start with it as the first building to assemble as it looks like a mammoth project. I actually did Whiskey Jacks first and already during the cleaning/ paper removal part I was getting annoyed by how LONG all of this took. But when I finally got it done and on the table - wow I must say it looks amazing! It’s bigger than I thought, too, all of the buildings are. And everything fits perfectly, it must have taken ages to design all of it. And now the police station, all the detail (just unwrapped the landing deck). Anyway, before I continue rambling on and on I just wanted to say thanks for bringing all this cool stuff to our gaming tables and making Infinity even more fun! Great job, seriously! Best wishes, Chris
  2. Thanks for the replies guys! I guess ‘scary’ wasnt quite the right term, but I was trying to stay away from ‚best‘ to be honest.
  3. I think private information is an absolutely awesome mechanic and other games could benefit from adding it. Imo point costs should not be open, and while it is very easy to use my phone to find out I'd NEVER even dream of doing that. I recently had an opponent at a tournament do just that and it annoyed me greatly. Just like when a buddy tried to find out which my Lt was in another game by checking profiles in his app.
  4. Hey fellow commanders, me and a buddy had a discussion recently about a defensive Moira/Custodier link and how easy or not it would be to deal with. That got me thinking of the various fireteams Infinity has to offer, and which I'd like to see least across the table from me. So far in my personal experience Steel Phalanx mixed links seem to be excellent for instance due to their sheer versatility. I guess a Joan/knight link would be scary although I haven't played against it yet. Buffed Unidrons certainly have to be a royal pain to play against. What fireteams would you consider top tier powerhouses? Maybe even depending category offensive/defensive. Shoot!
  5. If you're thinking green, the Dark Angel Space Marine color scheme would work well, to imo. The grey Horus Heresy Space Wolves colors would look good, too. Night Lords too I think. (I'm awful at coming up with original color schemes, but borrowing has worked well for my armies)
  6. I’ve read that a few times now and it really makes me sad/angry. In my opinion the inhuman looking miniatures sell less because they’re OLD and SHITTY - not because they’re not more human looking. Heck just look at the Tyranids, some of the best sculpts of GW and selling well, too. I sure as hell would field a bug army and I’m sure others would, too. I'm very sure that CB drew the wrong conclusion here, and a lot of people on the forums at least seem to agree. I can’t remember ever reading anyone complaining about “too-inhuman sculpts”.
  7. Yeah, totally agree and thankfully thats also how we play it in my meta. From all the replies it DOES seem like I‘m trying too hard to set up the smoke combo. Next time I’ll just take what I get and put her in suppressive fire as suggested. Or try to eat something if possible. In that game Hector wasn't my preferred target, but the Myrmidons in his link were too close and I didn’t want to catch an unopposed chain rifle :/ I wouldve preferred to walk on, too, but the options were very limited with a defensive fireteam set up very well.
  8. I tried to, but wasn‘t able to peek out enough behind a container to see the Myrmidon without also seeing Hector. I suppose technically I could go by intent but personally if I can‘t position the miniature in such a way that even with the help of silhouette and/or laser the intent is clearly visible I won‘t insist on it. At least thats the way we play it in our meta. It rarely seems to happen that way anyway, most of the time I find it’s easy enough to slice the pie.
  9. Alright. This is getting ridiculous. This feels like the 15. thread that I make about Ko Dali but I just don't get her. I could just ditch her permanently for the amazing Fraacta and declare her as "doesn't work for me" like the Avatar, but, you see, I really WANT to make her work. I see the amazing potential and possible synergies with the Speculo but she's NEVER really done anything in my games. And especially nothing that said Fraacta Spitfire couldn't have done just as well or better. And I'm usually not starved for SWC.I don't get what I'm doing wrong?Here's what's happened so far (newest games first):Transmission Matrix vs. JSA (list with Skiavoro, Speculo and 2 Daturazi among other things)Had to land her just outside of my deployment zone fairly central to help out vs. Yojimbo that went rampant on my right flank. Put her in suppression and occupied him for 2 or 3 orders, then died.Supremacy vs. NCA (same list)For the first time ever I managed to pull off "drop smoke with Speculo then walk on with Ko D." Broke a Bolt Link (shot the sole standing member), then died to a crit when trying to kill the next guy in the link.Highly Classified vs Tohaa (same list, vs current German No.2 or 1)Had her walk on to complete "Demolition", then she was kind of stuck there eventually dying to a Rasail Boarding team (like everything else in my army).Aquisition vs Steel Phalanx (list with Skiavoro and Speculo)Had her walk on on my left flank to push back a Hector link. Tried to take out a Myrmidon first (outside 8") - first he made his ARM roll and fell back so I had to contend with AROs from the Myrm AND Hector. Splitting Burst is doable with 5 dice but she eventually got hit by the Myrms pistol after which it was gg. The Speculo was already dead by that point btw.Transmission Matrix vs. Corregidor (list with Skiavoro and Speculo)Didn't really need her as the Speculo was completely demolishing the left flank on it's own. Had to drop her in the middle of the board as time was running out.Firefight vs Steel Phalanx (list with Skiavoro and Speculo)Managed to bait the advancing Hector link into dropping smoke as an ARO, then landed Ko Dali behind it. She took a wound off of Hector through the smoke and maybe killed a Myrmidon, I'm not sure. Then had to pull back, dropping into Suppressive and got killed by the rest of the link/Hector.The one with the 3 zones from left to right vs. ISS (list with Charontid, Speculo and 2 Daturazi)Had her walk on on my right flank. She advanced to the opposing deployment zone, crit a Lu Duan on extreme range and killed a Rui Shi. Not sure if she made it out alive, I think not.Happy once again for any pointers.Thanks!
  10. Thank you for the many interesting and helpful comments! I also read PoRs blog entry, good stuff. I guess I'll simply have to give the faction a try. I just don't want to be overwhelmed by too many orders running into time constraints which already happens now at times.
  11. Howdy friends! So admittedly I know very little about Ariadna, having played them only twice. From what I hear some variation of (camo) spam is their „thing“. What I am wondering however, is if Ariadna (vanilla or USAriadna) is also (competitively) playable with around 11 to 13 orders. Because I like the look, fluff and feel of the army. But I dislike order spam list. Cool interesting elite-ish units is where its at for me. Any chance for that in Ariadna? Thanks!
  12. Nothing but the Hacker Lt for me, it's super versatile and deadly. And like you said I think with Bit it got a bit (heh) of an indirect buff.
  13. I rarely play Onyx and when I do I prefer Rodoks :/ Plus there's no smoke in Onyx so it's harder to move the Q Drone into effective range.
  14. Yes, yes you have a point (and all the other replies, too). But - what with the HMG Q being arguably our best ARO piece, don't you feel like your missing out in that department? Yes, we bring a Noctifer most of the time, too, but I wouldn't say that's enough. PS: Sorry for this continued derailment of this thread :/
  15. Seeing the new Avatar makes me sad— so much wasted potential. Its just a bigger Xeodron instead of an awesome weird and alien war god. The other EI aspects are so much cooler and much more recognisable.