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  1. memes

    Striking while the iron is hot about the debate over some new 40k models. A thread on /tg/ prompted me to do this. Although the one pic about the Inteceptors being picked up by mama cats like a kitten is better.
  2. Just a 40 minute slob job because I wanted to feel like I finished something today as more entertaining models are being base coated as seen in the back. Plus no one really cares about the 8 point model hiding in the back who may occasionally switch the sides of a crazy koala, replace the ammo on my own koalas, unloaded panzerfausts, blitzens, or move up as part of a coordinated order for board control. Not exactly a centerpiece unit. Anyways, here's my Yaopu Pangulling Minesweeper/repeater. I'm a lot more excited about the Fat Yuan Yuan I'm painting that's not done yet.
  3. I'm like 80% done with Knauf but in the meantime let's show the Bootleg Lizard Pilot I finished, in the only angle that matters And now the front for the sake of posteriors posterity The tiny Lizard was supposed to look like Charmander but it ended up kind of creepy looking with the beady eyes EDIT: Finished Knauf. Found a way to both include the symbol I wanted to freehand (PanO logo) and the Symbol for Knauf himself (the skull with a bullet hole). Too bad I messed up the freehand a bit, but I think it works well enough as intended. No one told me how to paint PanO and I couldn't find the tutorial I remembered from Giraldez so I just went for Space Wolf Grey which gave it a weathered look I'm digging.
  4. Missing a final touch on the base rims (and a soda can on the Yan Huo's base) but I finished "Cho" the Yan Huo and the Kanren. Special thanks to Shae-konnit games for these two. I was surprised with how well the skin tone for the agent came out, the formula I've been experimenting with has been working. I did derp the eyes a bit so it's not perfect. Gave him orange buttons instead of the grey ones to make him closer to the Dossier which I liked the look of. The Yan Huo I named "Cho" turned out about as I expected him to. Special thanks to @the_huanglong for have a decent tutorial on how to do Yu Jing armor. It's getting easier to get a hang of. Have the HRMC of Cho some of space wolf colored plating to help break it the black a bit and I think it has a good effect. I may edit this post tomorrow after the last touch up and to get different angles. Both these guys took longer than expected but I'm proud of the results. Edit: did the final touch ups and added a bunch of base coats to a bunch of models (you'd be surprised what colors Knauf, Yuan Yuan, and a Lizard Pilot have in common). Anyways, freshly finished Yan Huo with a coke can and Kanren You can see how I made the eyes a bit "derp." Full albums here for the Yan Huo and Kanren. You can see my small attempt at the Yu Jing Logo on the back of Cho.
  5. I keep forgetting that the breakdancing Shaolin Monk is a girl.
  6. Unfortunately a lot of my regular painting time was eaten up by painting the ceiling and walls of rooms in my Apt. Have to meet a deadline to sell it off now. On the other hand I did get these remotes finished (YJ minesweeper was queued up for later because it had to be reprimed) Nothing too fancy. Just lots of dry brushing and some sloppy quick edge highlights. Got tired of painting them and wanted to get back to humans. I've got a Kanren and Cho the Yan Huo well on the way. Anyways, new addendum to my pledge given that my friend just went up and got some three more of his favorite models. Geckos and the Lizard Pilot. Guy wanted blue hair for her but I think I'll do green because I hate red and blue (needing to do red to match the army). I might be up to painting the lizard like Charmander as it kind of reminds me of that pokemon. The main inspiration for the Geckos will be the Iguana I painted before and the Uso brothers. @smilerAbsolutely love that taskmaster. Great job! 20 layers of pink were worth it! @the huanglongThat's one spot on Knauf. Anyone's got a link to Giraldez's tutorial on painting PanO (or one heavily inspired from it)? I think it was either deleted or I can't find it. I remember he did one for Icestorm, and I remember it built up from Prussian Blue being the darkest.
  7. O-Yoroi's so nice she's got a model thrice (four with a different scale). Anyone remember the canceled comic that we had a page of? It had her in it. Not a fan of the Guijia pilot, but I do like the note you made about how she looks uncomfortable in comparison to the O-Yoroi, that makes me like it a bit better.
  8. memes

    I mean, it's a parody of a song from the movie Moana, it wasn't that hard.
  9. memes

    Posted this on /tg/ but perhaps it has a place here too. Ok, ok, I see what's happening here You're face to face with greatness, and it's strange You don't even know how you feel It's adorable! Well, it's nice to see that humans never change Open your eyes, let's begin Yes, it's really me, Achilles: breathe it in! I know it's a lot: the hair, the bod! When you're staring at a demi-god What can I say except you're welcome For aliens, and scum, that die Hey, it's okay, it's okay You're welcome I'm just an ordinary Robot-Guy! Hey! What has two thumbs and fought aspects of EI When you were waddling yay high This guy! When Combined got a hold Who protected Paradiso You're lookin' at him, yo Oh, watch how far I can run You're welcome! To slice you up and shoot my gun Also my hair flows in the breeze You're welcome! With ODD I can bring the cheese So what can I say except you're welcome For my biosynthetic body No need to go gay, it's okay You're welcome! Ha, I guess it's just my way of being me You're welcome! You're welcome! Well, come to think of it Kid, honestly I can go on and on I'm an individual of mass destruction Those Nomads gunned into the ground? oh That's Achilles just messing around the weakness in my heel, Is kinda nuts So I wear extra armor when I'm kicking butts What's the lesson? What is the take-away? Don't mess with Achilles when he's on the break-away And the Cube 2.0 under my skin lets me ressurect when I don't win Look where I've been I make everything happen Look at Patroclus just tippity-tappin' (Hey! Hey! Hey!) Well, anyway let me say you're welcome For the whole human sphere you know Hey, it's okay, it's okay You're welcome! Well, come to think of it, I gotta go Hey, it's your day to say you're welcome 'Cause I'm gonna need that ride I'm flying away, away You're welcome! 'Cause Achilles can do anything but glide You're welcome! You're welcome! And thank you!
  10. The presence of Tohaa, something that denotes the distrust on both sides, the culture clash with the pheromone language they have vs us, how the pressure of the oncoming storm that is the combined army weighs over everyone's head like the sword of Damocles. Aleph beyond mere mentions. I'd like to see an aspect of them, like with a Sophotect, Naga, or Deva helping out. I thirst to see how they can pull it off as ambiguous, for one part genuinely compassionate to humanity, for another having more sinister dealings. A depiction of Helots, and other background alien species. Not delegating some info to things you'd have to look up in the Glossary or online if you weren't mildly familiar with the setting, like why and how Domovoi is a werewolf type they call Dog Warrior. I mean, I know the backstory with the antipodes and getting pregnant women attacked so as to create genetic splices/hybrids but if I didn't I'd just think he's a werewolf just 'cause. Probably just me, but I'd also like a fleeting mention of the Concilium convention, and how some weapons are banned from it. I'd like to see some deliberation of the advantages of taking a banned weapon or ammunition over the disadvantages of getting caught or trying to hide it. Like if somebody gets in trouble for wielding a boarding shotgun in front of a warcor or the police that'd be ideal. So many mentions of the convention in the fluff I'd like at least a small passing mention to help contextualize it in the universe.
  11. The usual suggestion is to start as a generic army to get the rules down then get into sectorials with fireteams and what not. Sometimes though, it's easier/funner to limit your options and start with a sectorial to at least have a theme down. I personally started JSA then expanded to vanilla due to tiger soldiers.
  12. IDK, how hard is it to print some cardboard? I think there's decent enough creativity in the studio to make up and playtest their own rules for a small board game.
  13. I'm expecting cards and cardboard, some plastic stands, but not plastic or metal minis. Seems more marketable to not have metal minis for a casual board game, because I don't see Corvus Belli making plastic minis without outsourcing (which they're not prone to do, showing preferences to keep things local, Spanish miniatures, self publishing Manga, using Spanish paints...). I also don't see it, or rather hope it doesn't, taking the place of a big box release like the USAriadna or Icestorm, rather expecting a new Spec-Ops line with the Nexus and hopefully Acheron Falls. Maybe the Kriza Boracs. So some self published, FFG-esque casual thing to introduce to board game players is what I'm picturing.
  14. Yeah, but if the Haqqislam side is all confirmed to be part of the Ramah Taskforce, I can have a small sliver of hope that Yu Jing can mirror it by being all part of IA.