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  1. Think we can change the cookies a bit, it's been a bit annoying having to constantly log in on those forums repeatedly when I don't have to with this forum (or the army builder it feels like). I definitely like the "infinity style" of the page over the "Corvus Belli" style
  2. I meant to say start a new paiting support group thread in the new forum for December, even if it is a bit early, and link to the previous one here.
  3. I'd start the December thread (perhaps early) I'd say it's worth it, possibly. How hard could it be, posting the link on Maybe just the past six months.
  4. I've been spending time in my hobby the past few days repairing scratches and varnishing my models and it's been almost meditative. I started with Haqqisam. I've been seeing the tangible differences and improvements in painting from the last year alone within the same faction. Even the past few months I noticed how I've improved painting white with a Janissary. Less missed spots, neater highlights, and such. Anyways, I've got a bunch of links documenting my painted models, I posted frequently in the support group thread and reddit, but so as to not spam the thread I'm going to put it in spoiler text. Anyways, no new WIP pic because I've been concentrating on the great repair and varnishing project of 2017, but I have put a few colors on the Daofei so that I could at least complete the Yu Jing half of beyond red veil.
  5. memes

    Two can play at that game. Too bad I'm not quite good at capturing the art of bad MS paint drawing, so I just used the Dossiers instead.
  6. I'd personally like to see a warband type unit with a tactical bow instead of the usual chain rifle. It'd be in a similar point value (in fact I think it might even be cheaper) but it'd be pretty refreshing. A non-character source of smoke would be a nice thing to have, but it's merely a dream. My dream warband unit would be to have a JSA warband with similar but not totally the same CC stats and skills of a Shaolin Monk, sneakiness with mimetism, and a tactical bow. I feel like it would tie in with the Kempeitei's CoC a little too well. JSA seems to have a deliberate weakness in obvious and aggressive Lt's. Care to provide a link to the video you're talking about or do I have to use my google fu? Or give the other Raidens Minelayer too so as to make the HRL Raiden not the most interesting option by far with minelayer alone, and not to mention the actual impact template weapon. Anyways, without current context of the video I'd be expecting simple resculpts, perhaps even of the famed starter that sells well but looks dated these days. I'd be expecting the Raiden to be the obligatory debatable use sniper, the Oniwaban to be the obligatory sneaky guy, Keisotsu as the LI, the Kempeitei if they don't want us to riot, and the Shikami as the obligatory HI given the Ayyar got a quick second sculpt in the HB starter despite the generic loadout blister (but to be fair the Domaru Chain Rifle is indeed missing a resculpt) although I'd love to see the Karakuri if they're going to get at it (despite me thinking they look good). I don't know why people keep asking for Haramaki resculpts, I believe they're outright gorgeous. It's the Domaru who have the problem of being too big (thank goodness for basing to help compensate height differences).
  7. Authorized Bounty Hunter. Took a few shortcuts here and there, and I fixed a mistake I've seen from the second picture but it'll work. I didn't aim for display quality here, this was mostly a side project and I've realized I think I'd prefer to convert a Dakini in the place that I would have this Bounty Hunter listed.
  8. Tarik Mansuri. Also a Cactus that I'm more proud of than I likely should be. imgur album here Not quite like @MikeS pretty well done rendition but hey, many ways to skin a cat and what not. Should have been a little more careful with some of those highlights but oh well. On to the next. Regarding MikeS' question, I'd personally just leave the already painted models as is and maybe go about mixing in a bit of a bestial/beasty brown or a warmer flesh color like sunny skin tone to the skin formula you're using to look less like the armor.
  9. Here is my Pledge as posted in the October thread And additionally I finished painting the Intruder by now. I didn't use as much medium as I did on the Ayyar, plus I tried to save some time by using the same color to highlight different shades of grey and it shows. Luckily I'm just painting this for a friend as a favor and it's not too bad. It did remind me that I should probably get a new pot/dropper of black wash as I've been making do with a thinned down black too often. First Mini for November: Intruder Sniper. Booty shot first front. third angle. Not much of a fan of the X-visor as it kept me from my plan of doing some freehand on the helmet like the other intruder I painted. I have been liking the look of this new color I bought (VMC's Mahogany brown) for a reddish leather. I think I might use it more often. For a moment I thought you had some really well painted minis in the background then I noticed it was just Giraldez's pictures.
  10. Managed to squeeze in the Zhanying before the end of this month. Nothing too fancy, just a quick haris filler to accompany my Hsien. Pictures makes it looked more messed up than I might have realized. EDIT Are we going to do a November thread? This'll be my pledge before I finish this intruder.
  11. @jherazobThanks for the video, helped put things in perspective. I think I was just frustrated because I was painting white over black and it takes a Frak-ton of layers which made the Hassassin feel like it took so much longer. Anyways, made some more progress today. Dry-brushed a Kriza Borac to competion, for Table-top quality as it didn't feel like the right canvas for another one of my overly elaborate tribal patterns, and that thing I usually do doesn't quite mesh with the cyber Russian mobster theme I heard Tunguska units have. Helped tone down what would've been another nine hours down to about two or three including drying time. It's not a model that's mine and the person who owns it doesn't play Generic Nomads very often. It's size is impressive enough. But in that time of the Kriza Borac as a side project I painted the Guilang conversion I did a while back to a decent standard. album here That's another two ticked off from the list. Not sure if I'd get more in this month but this was a good effort.
  12. Finally had enough stars aligning so I could paint my overall favorite unit in terms of a blend of fluff, in game rules, and looks. The Hassassin Ayyar. Don't worry, I added a tuft to hide that little bar. Any C&C before I varnish it?
  13. Ah, Spookmas. My favorite time of the year. Now that I've been through Crucible Orlando, and thus no longer getting a pair of armies tournament ready with painting three colors and basing several dozens of models, and also just list building and getting ready for the game I can finally get back to the fun part of making models beautiful. I played a few games last Friday, pick-up games before some players would participate in an ITS event. They had several tables set up, some Demos, and some special multiplayer scenarios. Lost two games, won two games, couldn't finish one last game because I had to go with a friend. It was fun. I got a prize. Some terrain. Would terrain count for models? Plastcraft that I have to assemble and paint. Not too bad a return of investment on the fifty dollar extended weekend. Anyways, I do have a pledge for this month. I know I should get shamelessly booed for last September for getting none of it done but let's support each other now. So top row from left to right: Hassassin Fiday, Hassassin Ragik, Bounty Hunter Sniper, CSU Breaker Rifle "Big Dick" Tarik Mansuri, Kriza Borac, Intruder Sniper, Hellcat [once again painting my friend's Nomads] Hac Tao HMG [birthday gift from August], Hassassin Ayyar [two people I faced last Friday were impressed at all the BAMF actions he could take], Guilang Combi conversion, Zhanying, and a Daofei. If anyone wants to see some pics I took at Crucible Orlando during one of the Infinity Events, they're below as a spoiler.
  14. Exclusive Bonus mini: Corporate Security Unit (CSU) with Breaker Rifle. Available for ISS. Big guy standing on a steel beam with a sword out: Daofei HMG. Girl with a helmet and coat: Guilang MULTI-Sniper Smaller guy aiming: Zhanying Breaker Rifle. (Can be in both Generic Yu Jing and the Imperial Service Sectorial).