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  1. I personally feel like Sixth Sense (or more especially sixth sense level 2) could use some extra clarifications. Like it says you can shoot at targets without LoF, but does that include instances of shooting over walls like guided ammunition or speculative fire with grenades? Is it clear to others that you can't delay your ARO with Sixth Sense Level 2 when out of the 8" range, or am I misinterpreting that? A few more examples with permutations of what you can do can go a long way IMO. No LoF in general could use some extra clarification in my opinion. It would help with the case of Jammers too (although I'm aware an FAQ used to say that Jammers don't take Camo/TO camo into account, it's not explicitly stated anymore). F2F with Impact Templates also isn't quite as intuitive for me. I would think shooting back when you aren't the primary target shouldn't be a F2F roll, but, y'know how it is. Those are my main issues, rather minor at that. The only other thing I kind of don't like is how Irmandinhos look like they should have Aquatic Terrain (anchor in their logo, their official basing is full of water, one's carrying flippers and goggles and yet ... zip).
  2. I surprisingly didn't have a problem with that Tuareg when I was assembling RV (although it probably helped that I was expecting trouble and did my best to mitigate it). Instead, it was the male Zhanshi who caused the most problems for me for some reason. Anyways, sometimes when I have a problem with pieces not sticking, I do a layer of glue, a layer of paper, and a layer of glue to put (usually big) pieces together. I've got this Grim Angus model whose gun holding wrist is famous for falling off, which of course it did before, did that trick at someone's suggestion, then the hand never fell off the wrist from the glue even after a lot of stress which ended up with part of the gun bending until it broke. Still not quite sure how to fix that gun (I'm thinking pinning and greenstuff) but it stands as a testament to the "paper trick" famous at my FLGS.
  3. memes

    Good call on changing that to Shentang. It works better.
  4. We know Yu Jing has the best bling
  5. IDK. The Hsien is the deciding factor in it. The ninja can sneak her way into the Invincible Army with some low AVA like she does with ISS but I would think one of the highest ranked Imperial Agents isn't likely to find himself in the sectorial. The Zhanshi could be like Fusiliers in MO. The Tiger Soldier's Dossier confirmed it will be in IA. The Zuyong is Duh. Maybe Xi Zhuang is a clue in that direction?
  6. Nothing really new has come out. We know their faction logo (you can see it in the Hac Tao's Dossier), a few of the units to expect (namely Guilang, Shaolin Monks, Daofei, and maybe Tiger Soldiers and Zhanshi), but it does seem that the focus in the next book will be the Invincible Army (which is a bit overdue). I'd personally love to see another Korean names unit that I can hire as a supplementary roof Korean to my Son-Bae remote (although I recall a rumor about an AD HI). Maybe we could get the first Multi-Sniper HI.
  7. I'm not particularly approving or excited for it, but I'm just glad it's not taking the place of a regular release.
  8. The legend. The BattleFoam exclusive Yuan Yuan. So story about how I got this particular model: I didn't buy it with the BattleFoam pre-order bag in 2011. Instead it was during Crucible Orlando last year where I spotted it. There was a table set up from one of the sponsors, among other things they had infinity items. I just browsed because I finished one of my games early. Among other older things like the Mk 12 Grenadier vaulting over a wall and a Caskuda I found this mini with the other blisters. Had no price to it, but I recognized it because I remembered online complaints about how this particular model was hard to get and they wished they had it. So I knew it had value, even casually mentioning it to another sponsor store next to it that guy almost tried to swipe it off my hands because he knows he sold one for at least sixty bucks before. I asked the price for it with the one selling it, said seventeen dollars after some time looking up a price for regular Yuan Yuans I think so I thought, sure, I'll buy it because it seems like a steal, and bought a Karakuri blister with it. When I posted about it on /tg/ somebody just called me a lucky bastard. Later I looked and saw two sold auctions on eBay for the model that were 50 and 100 dollars so I thought I'd try to resell it in the box. I think the word was that were only about 700-800 of these. Kept it unopened for a good eight months because I was between keeping it or reselling it, but by July or August the Red Veil rumors of a Yuan Yuan coming with that starter box were through and I figured its value as a good looking Yuan Yuan was lost because of the competition with the Red Veil one and the likely general release later so I decided to assemble it and keep it for myself. Final nail in the coffin with that was the release of the Fat Yuan Yuan. So, here it is. The Battlefoam Pre-order Yuan Yuan. Painted most of the armor like how @the huanglong blogs it although I never seem to fully capture the way he uses Scrofulous brown as a glazing highlight. I used the usual Coal Black I use on my Yu Jing for the dark green (slightly turquoise) bits. Did something slightly different than normal with the sword, building up from a dark blue base instead of shading and highlighting a light blue base. I thought the effect was decent, but I smudged one last highlight a bit on the bottom of the top side. Overall, I love this model because it combines a lot of my favorites. The Chain Rifle is my favorite looking basic weapon. It's got Yu Jing armor in the modern style, which I just adore. Airborne Deployment wings because I'm a fan of combat jumps. And on top of it a pony tail and beard which I happen to like. @Gamma Ray I'd choose the Speculo killer (personal favorite assassin) and 1 BSG 1 HRL Gwailos (maybe 2 BSG) (I think I remember hearing how Gwailos are the best link for Shasvasti but I'm not too familiar with them given that the only Shasvasti troop I've seen was a single Speculo Killer, but either way it's probably best to paint what's likely to be your core troops or decent MI weapons platforms with moving cover). @smilerZhayedan looks good, but I feel like the Janissary's a bit too dull being mostly the same color. Maybe a couple of grey armor plates to break it up a bit but you can do you it looks good regardless. @N21 that Nikoul looks good but I too can't see your pledge. @Code Ronin looks like you missed a couple of spots when priming, if not filling it up with uniform grey you should probably try spraying again or else it'll scratch too easily and be hard to paint. Anyways, April's one model pledge was fun although it took a bit longer than expected. I'm currently working on preparing some objective terminals from Only had grey primer and wanted them black so I had to do a lot of layers to get them a solid color black. I might post a picture of it here, but it doesn't count as any pledge. Edit: Put the objective markers together. These are the ones without scratches. In retrospect, I should have painted the non-translucent plastic bits as well.
  9. Helghast? Don't you mean Talon Operatives? I think I remember Halqa being a Khanate unit. Anyways, to answer OP's question, one more vote for HRL Hafza (preferably female), Janissary rifle, and Halqa (heck, I'd take a doctor blister, or even just a regular rifle mook, although I do think USAriadna's grunt's are reasonably similar to what old Halqa look like). Also, although I'm likely in the minority for these I'd be interested in a general Yuan Yuan release (like the RV Yuan Yuan, but with a chain rifle or universal load out and hopefully female), a Saladin resculpt (perhaps even a box of two like Mushashi got, the current model's fine, but he's my number one disguise for my Hafza and I'd like a unique model for his stunt double), Muyibs resculpt box, +1 vote for Al Hawwa FO (however unlikely that may be), I know I'm a bit greedy with this one but I'd also like an explicit Shock Marksman Rifle on the Hassassin Ayyar (I just like the look of the SMR so much), and a male Odalisque for the fun. Of course it would also be neat for a new Hassassin Bahram starter to come along, especially with a modern standard Asawira. I just generally like HI and assassins.
  10. So overall Infinity seems to run on some slightly Hollywood-esque and video gamey rules for guns for the necessity of abstraction and streamlining. Reloading regular weapons isn't a factor in time/short skills and have effectively infinity ammo except where it's cause for drama like with a Panzerfaust or blitzen. I'm not particularly worried about picturing how they fire their guns (although I do wonder if there any laser guns that go "pew pew" with the combined army). Hopefully this will be further meated out with the manga with it being a more visual medium. What I want to wrap my head around is how we're supposed to we're supposed to picture Close Combat. Are they wrestling, are they slicing? I know with the knights of old they often tried to keep their swords from touching at all, from some recreations generally looking something like wrestling, holding on and grappling each other, but trying to stick a sword in a vulnerable bit but is that how CB pictures it? Do they picture something like fencing or clashing each other's weapon, face to face for a cinematic shot? With the fancy ammunitions even more factors come up. Like, explosive is described to have a gel layer over it that explodes on contact. That's cool ... is the blade sharp though? What happens when you take a DA or monofilament sword and block a hit from an explosive sword (if that happens at all)? Would the edge of the blade bite? Is the material strong enough to not get any damage? Does hitting with an explosive weapon ruin its use after one or two strikes? Does a monofilament weapon wear out or get dull? What's the style of Martial Arts L2 from a M.O. unit compared to MA L3 of a Haramaki? How about what kind of motions gives +3 to attack from a guardian compared to Protheion? If anyone can provide example illustrations, maybe videos of historical units they're based on, speculation on the general tone and atmosphere infinity goes for in regards to this it'd be appreciated.
  11. They say too many Myrmidons spoil the broth.
  12. I was just providing examples of long skills I know can be done with coordinated orders, so (1) suppressive fire, (2) coordinated AD, troops capable of the same skill and doing so.
  13. I watched this movie in "4DX;" which was the first time I was watching a movie in that format. Every bullet was accompanied by a gust of air, every wide panning city flying shot was accompanied by a small breeze, water drops came down when it rained, your seat moved the whole time so when you saw major floating you also felt floating, so that high tech novelty made it feel a lot more awesome. Still, in retrospect, some cracks still show. I only saw the 1995 movie while taking braids out of a friend's hair but that still gave me a baseline to compare it to. It felt weird for example in the scene with the one guy who had false memories they showed a photo, but only of his face who he thought was his daughter, which I feel is a lot less impactful/believable than a photo of him at a park with his dog. And they had a few scenes where it just seemed somewhat forced like "this moment's famous so we gotta put it in there." Also, they really milked that Geisha effect for everything they had as they put it in so many times. The spider-tank looked kind of ugly, not like the re-imagining CB did with the Maghariba guard. Reminded me of Terminator Salvation. Overall the movie was better than expected, and I did like the aesthetic they put in there. Might draw up an inspiration or two later.
  14. Simple question that occurred , mostly on basis that you can coordinate other skills like Suppressive fire, and AD. So, if you have several models with Regeneration, or several with Automedikit, a regular order, and a command token can you do a coordinated order to attempt to bring them all back up one wound?
  15. Aww YEAH! Back into the FRAY! Everyone else is excited about the Fat Yuan Yuan that no one'll notice my Battlefoam Exclusive Yuan Yuan being pledged for this month. Today I was painting one of the new Pathfinder minis that came out last week, so she's there giving moral support next to my pledge. Overall not bad. The VMC pre-primed models are convenient, and a lot of them are neat like a displacer beast, a unicorn, the skeletons, ghouls/zombies, and of course all the PC models for like two for four bucks. I noticed a mold line here and there but it really wasn't a deal breaker. Was curious if other hobby-ists here had any opinions as a side note, or just C&C over the rogue I painted. So glad I won another prize.