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  1. And what are nomads without their typical Yu Jingese 'splody bears that don't even deserve a dry brush. Oh, and I repainted the helmet a bit too. I have some new models assembled, from my friend's tournament prize trade, but I don't think I should pledge them yet so as to not break any promises. What's next on the finished list is a toss up. I have some colors on a prowler, but also a Djanbazan too, but neither are fully base coated. In other news, I'm actually kind of excited for Bit, Kiss, Cypher, and Switch. Some decent profiles in that mix. Plus, they're part of a TAG event where pilots are somewhat useful, especially my favorite, the O-Yoroi pilot, who's render has been spoiled. So I'm pretty excited modelwise for the next few months. That is, if the Hassassin Ayyar even comes out this year too. In the mean time, once I finish this January pledge I might start dipping my toes into ISS and more info Generic Yu Jing. My goal this year would be to paint nonhuman models like the Sophotect, as well as the sample aliens that are the Krakot Mercenaries and Armand Le Muet. I want to get a taste for every species, as I already painted the Xeodron head from Scarface.
  2. So, in a bit of a surprise to me, they didn't give the O-Yoroi just Specialist Operative, but the Forward Obeserver skill, which would entail the beloved flash pulse. Now, not only is she a decent Pseudo Skirmisher with CC 21 and martial arts, but she has added reactive ability to survive with the flash pulse, and can do normal objectives and classified ones like telemetry. With the Lt option in JSA there are unprecedented new tactics to consider and I want to hear them. Guijia pilot has some love as well. While being a specialist operative, she is also smoking hot! A light flamethrower! Oh my! Plus she's likely getting her model first. So what measures and counter measures do we have to take to support our newfound specialists? Any list ideas? I want to hear it. Calling all Sun Tzes and strategists.
  3. Watch out, it has a knife.
  4. memes

    My subpar OC. I should try to rewrite that text but I don't know how to use gimp 2behonest and I miss the photoshop that was on my now dead PC.
  5. Kind of speed painted this one. I think I'll later rework the highlights on the head as it doesn't look good in the photo. I'll report back when I finish the Koalas and what else tomorrow.
  6. Anyone have a conversion for the Hassassin Ayyar made? I was personally thinking of taking the arms from a Djanbazan Shock Markmsan on to the base model of a Janissary HMG, maybe doing a head swap with a Ragik or old Fiday and then sculpting a hood+poncho with green stuff. Any thoughts on that idea from more experienced people?
  7. I've faced my JSA against CA some three times. Two of them, surprisingly enough to me, fielded the Overdron Plasma sniper. Against the Overdron in Onyx I managed to outshoot the sniper trying to kill my lone Haramaki ML, after causing two wounds over two orders, the guy decided to hide next to a building ... where Kitsune was waiting to get him off the face of the planet. The time I got stomped was when I was in a limited insertion event, therefore not having my usual firewall up to protect my Haramaki with an extra Keisotsu hacker, so I got exiled and plinked off by a Speculo killer's shotgun. Even before that out of dumb luck Kitsune got critically hit while going for their tag. So my suggestions would be more of what some are suggesting. More MSV2 and smoke, like the Hsien and Shaolin monks, Rui Shi's good too. Kitsune's great for TAG removal, and wouldn't have to worry about Albedo blocking visor shots. I'd also suggest to fit in Koalas and minelayer where you can to dissuade the Speculo killer a bit, or at least to make it a bit order inefficient to deal with mines before shooting your guys in deployment. Total reaction bot is good for that to. Combined army is really good at fielding lots of various roles, you can't prepare for it all. Personal suggestion for dealing with the Q-Murderbot: Use surprise shots on it. Even with like a Raiden HRL in cover against the bot in cover in optimal range bands for both you still have a respectable 45% chance and dealing with it compared to its 13% chance of dealing with you. Hac Tao, Combi Rifle Guilang, and a Hsien shooting through smoke are admittedly better options.
  8. With deserts it is with pink actually. Come fight me 1v1. That Hsien HMG is the best from Red Veil. I'll defend his honor! Tiger soldier looks good, but I always have it in my mind that the back calves should be a different color from orange, like the white it's usually painted. Looks well painted though.
  9. Citizens of the internet. Witness the first fruit of my pledge. Soon it will be a harvest to reap from. So this is my friend's Taskmaster whom I've got as a holiday gift for him. Did the usual orange brown markings I do for the scheme I've been doing for his stuff for the better part of about four years since his Dark Eldar. More "polynesian" style than anything right now. Not pictured: The Nomad Faction logo on his left shoulder pad. FAQ: Why is the DA CCW green instead of blue? Because I don't like combining blue and red. Makes me think of lame Power Rangers, Optimus Prime, VR Troopers, and I generally don't like it.
  10. I'll take my own experience from painting the Yin Yang Symbol on Saito Togan's sheath into hand, as well as the many Space Marine shoulder pad freehands I've done in my hobby lifetime. Lots of good suggestions ITT but if I were to add: Cheat a bit. It's ok if your circle looks a bit oval-ish. Perspective and distance warps your view anyways when you see it on the table. What I usually do is attempt the circle smaller than intended with thinned out paint, and use the smaller size to go over it again and fix the deviations and mistakes. Kind of an in to out approach. It's what I'd do for the Pan Oceania symbol anyways, which is a bit similar to a Yin Yang.
  11. I'm going to hold out and say The Hassassin Ayyar ... if we had one. I want all the load outs. Concept so nice I want it thrice. Also, probably a minority in this and it's a pipe dream, but Saladin. Give him a different pose, maybe a new outfit. Would be great because he's often used in holoprojecter shenanigans unlike Mushashi but like another named character Achilles. Halqa are also a rather high priority, although I just tend to use a regular Ghulam. The Sniper Djanbazan just to complete the set with the box of four. Hopefully keeping the rather memorable pose though. (technically Mercs) Kaplans because the current models are kind of "meh" to me.
  12. Stormygeddon's "I'm totally going to finish painting these guys this time for realsies this time you guys" pledge plus some four Djanbazans and a Taskmaster plan is in effect.
  13. I'm trying to take notes with this thread because as soon as I try to activate the impetuous orders on my Aragotos or Yojimbo it ends up like this. "Go bike" Straight to dead or unconscious, almost regardless of the situation.
  14. My vacation is going rather nice, but I couldn't help creep on this topic a bit to see what y'all are painting. So much of it is good.
  15. Yeah, a lot of the paint was salvaged, I might have to transfer it into an empty gw pot and buy a new one. In the mean time I guess I have to avoid black for the immediate future. C'mon, I only painted nine models this month. Ten if you maybe count the severed Xeodron head. Not even a dozen. As for making a voucher for "best painted" I can see some problems in judging that as this is an art and it's all subjective. I wouldn't value a detailed high schooler's sketch of a cyborg over Rothko for example, even though the first might be more technically detailed. I guess you could make categories for number advanced techniques used (like NMM, Object Source Lighting, layering, edge highlighting over dry brushing, etc), lack of errors, and misc looks but it seems like it would give neophytes a harder time to be motivated in getting painting done as they might feel like they wouldn't get a chance at that prize. I wouldn't complain about it though. I could see it as you see it too, motivation for the slower painters. You know, my immediate reaction was rather quiet, I didn't say any expletives or yell, I just picked up my Mutt and brought her to the sink to wash off the paint. Then I took off my clothes, washed my arms and face and calmly assessed the damage. Luckily only a single drop hit my computer because my arm was in the way and the rest was rather easy to wipe off as I had a paint remover and simple green on my hand. Room's mostly clean now, but I left some spots for when I get back from vacation. I like the themed idea. Would gladly make an attempt for it. And painting improvement pledges could also be interesting. I personally know I need to work on some of my edge highlighting and see how well I can do object source lighting and NMM. Besides that I get a lot of comments on how I should varnish my models. If I could work on those points with witnesses it could be interesting.