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  1. Expectations: AVA 3 Zhanshi Yan Huo not to be linkable Shang Ji mixing in within links. First Korean unit outside of the Son-Bae A nimbus grenade option A unit with a new rule that partly counters link teams by being killy, like Full Auto or Fatality but being neither. A couple of Fireteam Haris options A new Character HI Lt option (to mirror the rumored ORC one, and be similar to what Neko is to Domaru). Shang Ji. Hopes/Wishlisting: that the inevitable Zuyong Box just happens to be all female (to balance out the two males in blisters and switch things up for a change). A smoke Grenade Launcher (to also help pair with the Rui Shi). Both the Daofei and Hac Tao being in the sectorial An In-Sectorial-only Mechanical Deployment option for Guijia (for a hefty price upgrade of course). I just like the idea of them being brought in through a drop ship like we kind of saw in Outrage. The first Multi-Sniper equipped true HI The first AD true HI (hopefully the Shooting Star, but I can see it being a fun unit but rather expensive), although I'm not holding out on Combat Jump as it'd be too close to the Tiger Soldier. I'd expect one of the levels lower, or perhaps AD:X to replace the lost Ko Dali. The Ninja somehow sneaks his/her way in to be AVA 1 in this sectorial too. A unit (perhaps Holo L2) with Surprise Shot Level 2. Number 2 option for link teams
  2. Man, I've been missing out on a good thread this month. @Xanthier I really like the minor conversion with the taskmaster that's really well supplemented by the paintjob. @DarKteleFaX That shiny effect on the Jammers is pretty good. Flashy, but in good taste. I wish I was as ambitious with it. Also glad to see that I wasn't the only one who interpreted that guy as dark skinned. I'll just pledge the leftover model from last month. Just the Hassassin Ayyar from this bunch. Hopefully I'll find a day in Florida this month that it is not some combination of raining, too humid, or too hot. This month I'm more focused on some personally converted models for another game, y'know, some indie game by a developer called "gw" where I can't quite recall the title but I think it had some weapon in it's name and a number. Battle-bludgeon 41? IDK, you've probably never heard of it. Anyways, it's cute because they have some offbrand Orcs with an alternate spelling so they could copyright it, and I've personally converted thirty of them to have rockets on their backs so they can fly, plus kit-bashed a Big Mek on a War Bike that partially floats and is rocket propelled with a custom force field. Also have some Scarab Occult Terminators to paint for my Nomad playing friend, as well as finishing Mr. Magnum Dong, and some Reivers I got for fun. So August will be otherwise busy for me, but not with Infinity. I'll be waiting for the Beyond Boxes to come, as both of us gotten the two boxes, so I'll be painting three factions while my friend tries to sell or trade the PanO. Most excited for "Big Dick" Tarik Mansuri for next month, plus whatever I may get on my birthday in Mid-August.
  3. I mean ... official color schemes never stopped me from making my own custom schemes. Often it encourages it. Not to say I don't like some official schemes, as my vanilla Yu Jing say otherwise.
  4. So are ninjas (of possibly the same clan) going to be orange or will they subtly shift the color scheme of JSA to white and orange similar to how they did it with Bakunin?
  5. How peculiar
  6. Thanks I was expecting little cardboard stands and cards, maybe a pre-order exclusive mini. Having actual minis that I can possibly paint is a total plus. Aristeia, like any other board game should be casual friendly, as the board game crowd tends to be casual and not so inclined to fiddling with tiny metal bits, so breaking the mold in production with plastic makes sense.
  7. Hear hear. Take note CB, if you're reading this. We want ladies! JSA has it pretty decently between the Domaru and Haramaki being almost 50/50 and the Karakuri being fem-robots, but the upcoming Shikami is looking like it won't be the case. C'mon, at least give us the female Hac Tao ML. Or a female Hacker Daofei. Female Shang Ji maybe? All female box of Zuyong for the Invincible Army too much to ask? Sure the guys are a bit easier to assemble and get less accusations of "boob-plate" But I'd like to see some variety. I don't want to feel like I'm playing Space Marines. I've done it. Probably shouldn't have done grey but I did it. And I like the result. I've been using the OOP Multi-Rifle Invincible
  8. As someone who just finished painting these guys, I'm taking notes. My plan was to have one or two of them, and the Ayyar holoprojecting as them for further mind games when guarding my deployment zone. Flamers really do seem useful, and I do like the idea of grenades on Lt's as I find myself doing speculative fire with the Lt order pretty often.
  9. Yes, they're worth their points. There's hardly anything in Yu Jing not worth its points, although fingers still point at the Multi-Sniper and Hacker variants of the Pheasant Rank as well as the Sniper Tiger Soldier. Just remember that despite great toughness, anything in this game can die, especially from bad luck. At the end of the day they're both Heavy Infantry with two wounds and camouflage, not only being harder to hit, giving surprise shots, but also better able to take the hits with their high armor. They still have high PH to dodge shots and high stats overall. Daofei's unique in being able to infiltrate as a camouflage marker. They serve us well in both killing and pushing buttons. Yu Jing overall has several excellent sources of Killer Hacking Devices to deal with enemy hackers. Firewall is easy to set up too.
  10. Ok, so what you have are some pretty decent power pieces. Heavy in armor, great at damage output, they'll serve you well. You'll have to decide if you want to use the Yan Huo as an aggressive Lt or someone else. If you do so, you might want to consider the Pheasant Rank for Chain of command. That being said, hidden Lt's among cheerleaders is boring and reliable. Not everything is a must-buy, but you'll want to cover a lot of bases. Research what you like the look/sound of more. Armybuilder helps. What you'll need your choice of: Cheerleaders. Zhanshi, Celestial Guard + Kuang shi, Keisotsu are all good. Ocassionally small remotes also work. Mid-field Skirmishers and button pushers: The likes of Guilang, Ninjas (Killer Hacking device option's great), Tiger Soldiers, and the Kanren. Anti-camouflage: Best found with remotes, Rui Shi's great with MSV2, but having a Weibing's decent support by being both a specialist and revealing through sensor. Support: The JSA Support pack (best looking IMO compared to the other one) for healing and fixing things. Yuriko Oda. Some of your cheerleaders and Tiger Soldiers can also be paramedics in a pinch. The EVO Remote is a decent buy as it can supplement Airborne Deployment, other remotes, and Hackers rather well, plus it allows you to re-stock mines, Koalas, Blitzens, etc. Fast, Cheap, and partly disposable units: Our Warband, Shaolin Monks, plus possibly Kuang shi and Aragoto. People who really get up to make uneven trades in your favor.
  11. Painted old Maggy. Went for quite the cyberpunk look. I think I like how it turned out. Now just the Ayyar is missing, I'm not sure if I can get him in time for the end of the month as I held back on priming him due to inclement weather and some business at a tournament. But hey, 12/13 is not bad. @smiler She looks better now, I agree. Also your biker's great. @Vastran Glad I could help.
  12. I've heard of and seen some of their historical minis but haven't heard of this. Do you have a picture or a term I could look up to find it?
  13. When I was first looking into the game, it's rules, and general style back in 2012, two factions called out to me. One, because I was intrigued by the ability to Impersonate others in the actual game. The other because TO Camouflaged ninjas with swords with an edge sharpened to the atom seemed cool. At the time, the JSA starter was still rather decent and seemed like a good foot in the door to the game, as I like the idea of Sectorial play to limit my options, I thought the Hakama of Keisotsu was also uniquely distinct and made for stylish troops. Also, I was jealous of others playing humans in powered armor as I was delegated to the then mediocre Orks and alien races (Tau). I painted up the starter, tried to get my friends to play a couple games, eventually got back more into 40k until about late 2014 early 2015 where I really doubled down on playing Infinity again now that my best friend got into it. I was mostly playing JSA. Then the Tiger Soldier BS came out and I had to have it (plus to OOP). Ventured even more into Generic Yu Jing with some more units. I once got the Battlefoam Exclusive Yuan Yuan and held on to it for a year wondering if I should sell it until Red Veil came out, which had both my faction with units I wanted to expand to, and the other faction I was initially considering: Haqqislam. (didn't hurt that I already has a Mercenary available to them) Now I have JSA, Generic Yu Jing, just got into ISS, as well as generic Haqqislam, QK, and a few Mercenaries. Eyeing USAriadna but I'm keeping it stuck to two major factions for now. I've spend about $800 on Infinity (including some split deals and gifts) the last two years and I intend to keep the number low.
  14. One thing to keep in mind with Yu Jing specifically is the biolocater rules. It lets a Kuang Shi drop to the unconscious state, but targeted, and thus allowing you to shoot at it and splash damage to enemies, often with a shotgun, sometimes with guided ammunition). Shooting guided and speulative shots over walls into targeted people isn't bad, but it can be a bit order instensive. Also consider Sat-Lock with a Weibing Remote. Usually it's not easy, but when paired with an EVO remote you lose the WIP penalty to Sat-lock to also (and sometimes more easily) get enemies in the targeted (and revealed if camouflaged) state. That EVO also pairs well with the Tiger Soldier you're considering. Yu Jing has two sources of Nimbus Grenades, which really help by debuffing Link team bonuses with -3 BS and -1 B shooting through it. 80% of the time the usual way of dealing with links is by "slicing the pie" by attacking/killing one at a time through positioning, shooting through smoke with an MSV-2, high burst, or other means. Taking advantage of template weapons on their active turn or reactive turn also helps.