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  1. Aztec Tohaa? What's next, Toa Tohaa?
  2. Back when I painted Knauf's cloak, I did it by painting it black, filling the recesses with watered down red over a couple coats, then cleaning up the hexagons with black to later highlight with grey.
  3. This may not be the hero we deserve, but it's definitely the one we need.
  4. memes

    With the Stealth skill that's actually an option.
  5. As an overall blend of Aesthetics and going out of my way to use it in the game: Shock Marksman Rifle. I usually try to pick the Djanbazan Shock Marksman Rifle when trying to fit in its link or a QK list, if I'm not already fielding the Hassassin Ayyar (with whom I'm slightly disappointed is just being released as a general proxy version with its two Viral rifles). Aesthetics and Fluff: Chain Rifle. It's a classic, looks the same across all factions because it's basically a Chinese made dustbuster purposed for spewing out hot metal, and I think it looks rather unique and it fits some of my favorite units: Domaru, Yuan Yuan, Kuang Shi, McMurrough, etc. For what I find interesting in terms of rules - Toss up between Blitzens and ADHL for me when it's SWC 0. Flash pulse is a good mention as well. Favorite SWC Weapon in the crunch: Spitfire. Usually my go-to heavy weapon that I most commonly include on my favorite aggressive pieces. I also like its look for Yu Jing.
  6. I colorized this image on photoshop that I recently acquired.
  7. They're cheap. They do their job well. They're easy to paint. They're not a focus to your list but really help support it. There's an article on the many uses of the Weibing Remote. Between Sat-Lock, Triangulated Fire, its repeater, sensor, and supportware you can give it, this is one of those cases where you may not exactly need everything it does in every game but you'll be oh so glad you have it when you do. This is one of those core units that I really have to think about when not putting it in. Pairs well with an EVO remote. The Husong Remote can annoyingly lock down a lane and cover its own flanks with its 360 vision, while being vulnerable as expected to camouflage, warbands, and skirmishers. It can be a pain with Marksmanship. Chayi is a decent cheerleader at 8 points while being harder to kill than most cheerleaders at that level due to mimetism, but also about as good in ARO with its flash pulse. As for the sculpts themselves, they're personally up there among my favorites. My Husong's better painted with a solid Dark Red but I can't find my clear picture of it. Closest I've got is this pic from my wotan batrep Painted it pretty early in my infinity days like with those Keisotsu and even managed a pretty respectable logo. I think they look fine on the table top, and they have plenty of room for some fancy freehand if you so choose. I've also painted this Weibing remote when I was hearing these exciting rumors of the White Banner sectorial but it's not as impressive on the table as the camo was overdone.
  8. "Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster." - Sun Tzu
  9. So is that yellow sword with Nakadai supposed to represent monofilament? Seems like an odd breakage from the already established colors with the Oniwabans. Does yellow represent anything else, because the only reference I have is the outdated Pheasant Rank who had their sword ret-conned to DA?
  10. What we really need is a male odalisque with a shirtless CW Poster-eque pose.
  11. Because Sun Tze knows that JSA needs yet another mildly pricey Close Combat Specialist Unique Character source of Smoke for JSA (heck even narrowing it down to with TO camo gets two others, even Character Oniwaban with Smoke gets Kitsune). I'd actually like the profile for Nakadai though. An SMG, smoke, and ninja is always appreciated. It'd be strange if they're all just available for NCA (except for Jethro with QK) even if that's what's supported by the book.
  12. IDK, my guess is Minotauro Studio, they've got a slightly different way of shading things which can be evident when comparing Miranda Ashcroft. Like redder flesh recesses, flatter armor plates, and such. At least that's my impression of them. Could be DAF, but it doesn't quite look like it. IDK. I'm not sure I'd want a particular profile for Emily or Uhahu for example. I guess I'd like to see who'd they work for. There's also the problem that most of them are, y'know. I'd expect something like the Fat Yuan Yuan, where you can recreate the missions from Outrage in a .pdf with a specific set of profiles. Edit: I'm backing out of the Minotauro Studio guess. It's come to mind that these are the same bases as found from this instagram pic from Giraldez earlier. Unless he's just painted the bases, which is unlikely because he mentioned finishing the miniatures, it seems Giraldez did paint the group. You can even see the general Silhoutte and colors of Emily and Beba as well as how the bases match with the leaked Outrage picture of the group like Domovoi and Uhahu.
  13. The split box deals on this would be interesting. I'd be curious what everyone's priority would be, like I'd want Nakadai from that but I'd imagine I'd be excited for the Irmandinho proxy that Domovoi serves. I wonder if they'd all get rules.