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  1. I think I found what you are talking about here, Looks like Samurai Masks. They also have bushi troopers which have a hat.
  2. I had a similar situation with Saito's Katana
  3. No bloat from Close combat or other debatable use skills like AD or grenades on a sniper. Some sort of defensive MOD like mimetism, maybe even full camo BS 13 MSV 1 or 2. Is that so much to ask?
  4. I think it's good, like really good for its combination of superjump, climbing plus, HI, and ODD that can push buttons on top of it all, but at its usual points cost I don't think it is an "auto-include". For close combat assassination and objective grabbing the KHD Ninja can be just about effective for almost half the price, for power pieces Karakuri can be a budget version with flash pulses and template weapons, and I like to take Kitsune/Oniwabans/Saito so it finds itself losing the battle for the "1/6th of my army" place. So does anyone know if there's some kind of third party model with a Japanese theater mask we can possibly headswap with? Doesn't seem like it would be either too hard to find or too hard to swap. Come to think of it, I think I can maybe make do with some spare Harleiquin bits
  5. If Yu Jing finally gets a decent sniper for a reasonably competitive price I don't know what else could Yu Jing players whine about next. More resculpts for the line infantry I guess.
  6. Who dis? Ayyar by September or else I dismember. I kinda wish the Shikami looked closer to this. Two katanas, one more explosive and damaging than the other, climbing plus, super jump (double jump), would've been pretty close. I like the idea of a mask more than a Raiden with Mushashi's hat.
  7. In the Fireteam Duo part of your article it's Domaru "'Neko' Oyama" not Ayama which incidentally sounds a bit like Pumpkin in Spanish. Regarding what you were talking about with the core fireteam, I think it should be mentioned how Haramaki fit into the picture with them, them being cheaper and better at shooting when linked. BS 13 contenders/blitzens are very different from Chain or combi rifle Domaru and add a lot in the reactive turn that isn't to be undersold. Hard to say what might be going wrong in your 150 point games. Those in general small point games have a large sway. I think you'll just have to make sure you have your bases covered in general. JSA doesn't have the luxury of as many elite LI like Haqqislam's Muyibs or Govads, where even the basic Ghulams have a lot of versatility with high WIP and shotguns. JSA plays more into the strengths of Keisotsu fueling Assassins and their decent HI. The Domaru-Haramaki link is super tough to deal with even though it has no specialists. Luckily KHD Ninjas are pretty cheap for both assassinating and doing objectives, Saito Togan or an Oniwaban can be a definite thorn in one's side like a Fiday. The Rui Shi can be a great source of Anti-camo firepower with a MSV2 for a mere 21 points. Without knowing the specifics it's hard to tell you what to do, but there are many versatile sources to help you. I personally like the Karakuri because they're surprisingly durable specialists with options of template weapons, flash pulses and DEP for good ARO, and a Mk 12 or Combi Rifle for shooting decently in the active turn and getting into suppressive fire. the Huanglong's got a good list you should probably try, but I would try to field a Combi Karakuri + regular Ninja instead of Saito and Yuriko as I tend to not like fielding named characters for beginning games but that's just me.
  8. Well, the month's pledge is complete, going to see if I can finish Magnus before I go so crazy as to pledge anything else. Meteor Zond in my usual style: Nothing too remarkable, I messed up the hazard stripes a bit, but at least I put some personal effort on the basing.
  9. Or it is a spoiler for it to be straight up dying in the next panels.
  10. When I saw it I thought Hac Tao for the helmet and chestplate with the little lines coming out which is a detail on the Hac Tao, although I'll admit the backpack isn't as bulky but that could be the positioning. Would be nice if we got a Daofei resculpt though. Awesome rules should get awesome models. I just use an out of print Invincible I find prettier to proxy.
  11. I had the same experience so I didn't go through with my order as it looked weird.
  12. I hope that's the case, I've been needing a third Yuan Yuan for my QK anyways. Now what's going to happen with all the people who's flair is demanding the Fat Yuan Yuan?
  13. Morats are Red Ariadna's on Dawn We're finally getting the Fat Yuan Yuan
  14. Good to know. Your model looks like it could be a 9.5/10 with just a bit of extra effort. My 7-pointed star wasn't quite intended to look like Canada's Maple leaf but you're not the first person to point it out so I've got to roll with it. He's from Canuckistan or some made up Canadian/Haqqislamite hybrid colony. The bottom left one kind of reminds me of Legion of Everblight. Given the P3 logo I've seen was it intentional? Kudos regardless.
  15. For me the "visor" is where the eyes would be, Above the nose below the top head plate. I'd suggest a golden orange color. With my own, although it isn't as neatly highlighted as yours I went for an effect of a shiny surface reflecting a blue sky and brown ground.