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  1. Whoops, I think I was thinking about the repeater of Ikadrons when I put down disabled.
  2. At least JSA in Limited insertion has Saito Togan to fall back to if Kitsune is a bit too expensive.
  3. Hang on, what about a Unidron Batroid who happened to get something from a panoply that could be burnt, and went dogged, therefore: Dogged Wounded Burnt (loot from Panoply) Supportware of some kind Prone Isolated IMM-1 IMM-2 Disabled (could have been FO) Sepsitorized Stunned Targeted That's like twelve unless I'm missing something that cancels the other one. I think overall we should probably account for mission specific markers like a supply box and loot from Panoplies.
  4. This is the cyberpunk future, we're digital!
  5. Yeah, it made me wish I brought my laptop, or whipped out my friend's laptop, but I wanted to streamline the process so just rolled with it and declared something.
  6. No model, you'll have to proxy it in the mean time. Given that it has a holoprojecter, I use whatever S2 model and say it's projecting at that when it is revealed. I've fielded it loads of times, using to proxy it among other things a Zuyong from Red Veil, A Djanbazan, Khawarij, Zhayedan, and just about any other thing on hand that I don't use that much but still have painted. A model might come out sometime within three months to next year. We don't know for sure but it was previewed august last year with some other stuff like the taskmaster (which has a model) and the Bakunin starter (which came out January too), so it's possible it will come out sometime sooner than the expected date of the heat death of the universe. It's not the only missing model, you'll have to join the club with Ariadna's Blackjack (which at least was confirmed to not be planned for 2017 at all), Pan Oceania's Locusts, Combined Army's Nexus Operatives, and Yu Jing's Shikami. It's like they know which models we have likings for, elite guys or HI with sweet rules, but then they tease you by not releasing it. The two Pan Oceania TAGs (Uhlands and Tikbalangs) had years before their awesome box was released so patience is a virtue in regards to this.
  7. I was at a tournament where I was trying to do this but my opponent didn't believe me and said delaying was only against markers. Ugh, I hope that guy learned his lesson later.
  8. I tend to call the Jinywei IS the MacDonald looking one. @T.I.A has some well painted examples of the Jade Army Scheme for ISS on his blog Anyways, you can, and are often in fact encouraged to paint your metal dudesmen whatever colors you want. If you want some advice on painting the yellow-orange of Yu Jing I can give you some as well. The colors you need (from lightest to darkest) are: White (Vallejo Model Color) Scrofulous brown Orange Brown Cavalry Brown and black for the deep recesses. Giraldez has a tutorial on it in his book. @the huanglong also has a decent tutorial on his blog here For the dark turquoise clothing though, I tend to use Privateer Press's Coal Black for the base coat instead of trying to consistently mix two colors. Best advice I've gotten for painting orange is to paint a pink coat under it all to give the orange base coat a better coverage. Works like a charm as pinks like "Pink Horror" have a better time making a base coat. Otherwise, to give you some ideas, Back in 2015 I did some experimental departures from the main scheme, going for purple for an invincible and some small departures for Tiger Soldiers. This was the only pic of the Invincible I found though. One of my Shaolin Monks is painted like Aang from Avatar the Last Airbender. Otherwise I recently took a shot of my Haqqislam army that is rather different from the studio scheme and went for a "black ops" and "pulp sci-fi" look. Oh and I'd like to share these schemes for Karakuri So: TL; DR Do what you want if you think it looks cool
  9. I'll take my extra ten points in the army list to field two Extra Ghazi Muttawi'ah for me too. Love those guys. Anyways, since nobody answered my color scheme question I'm going with red shoulder for the Akbar Doctor. My current WIP, Dinner first then finish painting. I'm making the boarding shotgun a test model for a potential future Hassassin Ayyar paint scheme as well as standing for an Ayyar now. Was kind of tempted in doing a Voltron-esque bit though, having white and a main detail color for their armor, the Missile Launcher could pilot a yellow lion, the doctor the red, and I might have made the boarding shotgun green or blue or something. Ok, finished the doctor
  10. Looking good. 3/7 days, tick tock.
  11. Behold! The most Stalwart of my defenders: The mighty grey and whitey tinbot! The shield logo is kind of "eh, you tried at least" but I'm ok with the result. On the other side, What should I paint the shoulder patch of the doctor? Still in the process of base coating this. Keep in mind it has the shape of a crest and the word "hekim" [doctor] on it. So I was thinking blue-ish white but I thought that might look weird paired with the grey/white armor, I was thinking earthly brown but that might not pair well wit the red and white either.
  12. I'm a fan of mid field camouflage specialists so I'd suggest the Hunzakut and Al Hawwa. Both are great for that purpose, both look good, and they're easy to fit to fill up some remaining points. I am not a fan of the Khawarij Lt Option, nor hidden Lt's who never use their orders like Ghulams, so I suggest Saladin, who not only gives you strategos, but can be surprisingly durable with NWI and Armor 3, but additionally the veteran skills of Al Fasid and the Zhayedan can help mitigate damage from losing your Lt. Optionally, a Hafza to disguise as Saladin to keep your opponent guessing. I'm a huge fan of the cheap smoke, dogged, good looks, and general utility of Ghazi Muttawi'ah, so I definitely suggest buying their box of four. They pump up the jam, act as living mines, and can cause havoc against heavy links with E/Marats or bunched up light infantry with Chain Rifles. Try it with a suicidal run on their last turn with Dogged. Even just putting one or two to fill up some last 5-10 points can pay off very well. Plus, it helps you learn to manage Impetuous orders which can be a learning experience you'll have to go through eventually, so that you might not get caught unaware by a stray Morlock with extra armor tearing your flank one of these days. Otherwise, get what you like, it's likely good, just keep the button pushers in mind for missions you need to push buttons with. Azrails are a cool weapons platform, the HMG does kind of step on the toes of the Fasid, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Maghariba guard are definitely a power piece, but are expensive in price and points so tend to be used less than more easy sells of multiple cheaper units. Not bad, just a big thing to manage and nowhere near invincible when it needs to take some hits. I would also suggest the remotes pack and Djanbazans. Generally, you might have one of those extra, but having Total Reaction, or sources of counters to camouflage with Sensors or Multi-Spectral Visors will pay off in the long run. I like Hassassin Fidays for their ability to be the thorn in your opponent's side, assassinate someone, and how well Strategos L3 from Saladin pairs with Impersonation.
  13. It was kind of tiresome to paint here exactly as in the concept art as my friend requested, and I'm still not sure if I got the right shade of green for the dragon but I painted Lupe. Also got a Hafza 80% done that I'll finish today and edit into this post. Edit: Gave Mrs. Balboa some lipstick. Also finished this Hafza and Djanbazan
  14. Always glad to see someone brave enough to try freehand, believe me in that I know how it could be, especially on an iguana as I've painted one myself. Still though, the green armor plates are in some need of edge highlights to make the details pop out and it's better to do your freehand work in multiple layers if you can for a less rough and more solid look. But considering that it looks like you're starting to get the hang of painting and you're still improving I'll say it looks pretty good. That's one solid looking force. Well done. I like your style. Has a bit of a anime feel that pleases me. I like the orange on the Aquila guard well too. Anyways, on to my contribution to the thread. Tax season has been getting a bit in the way, and in general I've been less inspired to paint as I've only had about an hour of free time before I go to sleep, which I generally just allocate to watching TV or playing a round of Overwatch (for that lunar new year event) so I haven't done too much. I've been assembling my friend's Magnus model, fixing some scratches, and doing some slow progress on various models but not quite finishing many. Djanbazan hacker that I had mostly base coated from last month is one highlight away from completion and I've concentrated efforts into finishing this Janissary Missile Launcher. A couple notes on the scheme. It's yet another reference to Mass Effect (if you'd remember my Yuan Yuan from Red Veil) that was inspired by what I saw a year or so ago on reddit by some other guy [link here]. He or she did the effect better given that the model used in that post had a more prominent chest plate and a better passing resemblance to a centurion because of the less amount of details, but I think I did a good job.Eyes are red, lines are drawn, and she generally looks the part I intended for her. Primed the model grey so white was difficult to do (unfortunately no white primer). Overall this Janissary is my favorite female HI outside of the Domaru Spitfire and disqualifying Karakuri for being bots. The Doctor I have in the box will have different scheme. White and red details, and likely more prominently grey areas. The Boarding Shotgun will be something completely different too as I intend to proxy him for my Ayyar and will paint his helmet with a skull pattern and brown armor. On another note, does anyone else think these Janissaries are a bit too tall? They tower over most other S 2 models I own. Expect some back to back model posts as I have some decent progress also done on the "boss" Hafza, a tinbot, and Mushashi. Future models will not have as many required thin layers for a so so finish as this one did. Edit: By the way, I signed for this about two minutes after I made this post. My prize from last month's paint support group just came in. To give a mini review, they tokens feel great. They aren't so prone to smudging or scratching, they have nice colors to them, and the custom engraving takes the cake. My local guys have a small tendency to call flamer units "burninators" so that's to explain the custom engraving. The models are there for scale and so you could know it's the old lovable me who got them. A big thank you to @SystemaGamingScenery for being so generous.
  15. I'm a simple man with simple tastes. I paint brown sand and add some tufts and I'll be good. That being said, I did do something a bit "custom" with my Al Fasid Edit: Also did something with Saladin. Used some leftover plast craft and a hatch from 40k. The model itself is rather unremarkable.