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  1. Ah, Spookmas. My favorite time of the year. Now that I've been through Crucible Orlando, and thus no longer getting a pair of armies tournament ready with painting three colors and basing several dozens of models, and also just list building and getting ready for the game I can finally get back to the fun part of making models beautiful. I played a few games last Friday, pick-up games before some players would participate in an ITS event. They had several tables set up, some Demos, and some special multiplayer scenarios. Lost two games, won two games, couldn't finish one last game because I had to go with a friend. It was fun. I got a prize. Some terrain. Would terrain count for models? Plastcraft that I have to assemble and paint. Not too bad a return of investment on the fifty dollar extended weekend. Anyways, I do have a pledge for this month. I know I should get shamelessly booed for last September for getting none of it done but let's support each other now. So top row from left to right: Hassassin Fiday, Hassassin Ragik, Bounty Hunter Sniper, CSU Breaker Rifle "Big Dick" Tarik Mansuri, Kriza Borac, Intruder Sniper, Hellcat [once again painting my friend's Nomads] Hac Tao HMG [birthday gift from August], Hassassin Ayyar [two people I faced last Friday were impressed at all the BAMF actions he could take], Guilang Combi conversion, Zhanying, and a Daofei. If anyone wants to see some pics I took at Crucible Orlando during one of the Infinity Events, they're below as a spoiler.
  2. Exclusive Bonus mini: Corporate Security Unit (CSU) with Breaker Rifle. Available for ISS. Big guy standing on a steel beam with a sword out: Daofei HMG. Girl with a helmet and coat: Guilang MULTI-Sniper Smaller guy aiming: Zhanying Breaker Rifle. (Can be in both Generic Yu Jing and the Imperial Service Sectorial).
  3. The way you painted the visor is striking.
  4. IDK, that operator does have a rather big chest.
  5. Could it be the extra points are to factor in the options of more exotic weapons and equipment the Zhanying can take like Mad Traps, Breaker Rifles, Sensor, and Nimbus Grenades, or to otherwise offset one of the few, if not the only, sources of Burst 5 MSV2 HMGs in the game with the Hsien Haris?
  6. Spec-Ops doesn't come with a combi. I'm actually not too sure where I got the combi from, but my best recollection is that it's either one that was erroneously placed with an Interventor, or just possibly from one of the old Ninjas. (I think the first is more accurate than the latter). Doesn't matter too much as you can just take the combi from about any mook and get the same result from strategic cutting.
  7. I'm not too sure where the combi rifle came from, but as I remember it, it's from erroneously being packed with an Interventor, so this conversion is a serendipitous one. I dig it.
  8. Did my first honest conversion of a Guilang Sniper to a Combi-Rifle (so I could field her as a FO or Hacker) Sure the bigger gun might make her look closer to her outdated brothers and obscures some details but I make do with what I have.
  9. Ok. Thanks for the assurance. Now on to washing (because I forgot to) and priming my minis.
  10. Sup guys. Made my first honest conversion with a metal model. Used a Jeweler's knife, practice a bit first, then went on to do the Yu Jing rite of passage into converting the Guilang Sniper to a combi-rifle. Thoughts, comments, tips? Is this presentable? (scraped off some of that stray green stuff).
  11. I've got a new home now, and now a new pledge. Will be painting my friend's Nomad half of Beyond Operation Icestorm, this leftover Ayyar, this Hac Tao I got from my birthday, and my own copy of Beyond Red Veil. I don't think I'll reasonably get through all of these in time for the end of the month, but maybe two or four. Tarik and the Kriza are my priorities after the already primed models. I'm in the process of converting the Guilang to a more useful combi-rifle using a spare from IDK where (will be trying out a new Jeweler's saw). I've also been painting some Orks for an upcoming tournament so I'm not sure which will be painted between the days. Still need to get new furniture. @Mothman and @Azraelsburden try not to take pictures of models while you're directing holding it against a busy background, it messes with the Camera's focus. The models look good though.
  12. The Guilang sniper is a right of passage in its conversion to a combi-rifle hacker or FO. I just moved so I'm having trouble finding the spare combi I had for this purpose. Besides, they had to balance out the debatable use sniper obligatory to most starters. I'm sure Haqqislam players would too rather have a hacker/doctor Tuareg instead of sniper. Daofei HMG is indeed a bit baffling. Spitfire is preferable, but luckily that's not too hard to convert from the spec-ops model's spitfire as it's just there. Luckily, painted black and with four feet of distance the difference in look between spitfire and HMG is not that drastic (plus I still think the O-Yoroi's HMG looks like a spitfire). I do not like its pose, makes it hard to store. Mixed feelings. They release the re-sculpts I've been asking for years and been told I shouldn't otherwise expect but the monkey's paw gave me the actual sculpts of profiles I don't need. Zhanying's fine and I feel like I don't have much problem with flash from the models themselves as they're easy to cut off. I bought the pack for "Big Dick" Taric mostly, who unlike the Daofei is actually carrying the spitfire profile he's most often the Lt with, so I'm happy with the purchase.
  13. I don't mind so much as long as it's clear and there are no profile switcheroos mid game. Makes me sad inside to see my fully painted armies against bare metal, but it's still a fun game.
  14. You don't understand. The word is that the Domaru were legitimately accidentally scaled too big over intention, but by the time they noticed the molds were already done and it was too expensive to fix.