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  1. Kinda reminds me of the arms on these guys... Is it a Tohaa gunslinger with HUGE wide brim hat?
  2. And we hate you Yu Jing people too!
  3. If Tohaa is one of your options is there really any other option? 300 point Tohaa Army box is everything you need to make your next army quite affordable. The other nice thing about Tohaa is that you can just forget all those pesky hacking rules. You won't need them. Sure we have Symbiobombs, but you don't need to use those. Tohaa are durable but will always struggle in a straight up gun fight with many other armies. Mix and match Triads give you many different options to try. One of the main features of the Tohaa are that there are almost no bad units. The Kamaels are considered weak, but even they are on par with any other LI Line troop out there and provide solid Triad filler when you need to squeeze in one more unit it. The bad part about Tohaa, not as many options as the rest of the armies out there. Though some could consider that a good thing when looking at Tohaa as a secondary army. You just won't have to shell out as much money to get all the things Tohaa because there just aren't as many. If you decide against Tohaa then Nomads are a good choice because they just look cool. While they are my second army, I have yet to play them, so I really can't give you a whole lot of tips on them. Still wrapping my head around them, but what I have seen looks fun.
  4. Hacking Device Plus does White Noise. (Also Symbiobombs can do this)
  5. I have seen and own the movie, but I don't think about it when using that gif. I take the gif at face value when I use it.
  6. Bit & KISS on paper look like a Tohaa unit. If Bit was Tohaa and KISS was Chaksa. Really I don't see any reason these guys would be bad in Tohaa. Sure it would give us access to two characters that have hacking outside of what Tohaa normally get, but Tohaa have so many other cool toys I doubt these characters would become a must have for Tohaa players in every list.
  7. Seeing those new units in Army makes me sad since they will barely get any use before they are taken away from us at the end of the season. They are just taunting Tohaa with Hackers at this point.
  8. Yeah, if they stick to that rule you have a point. I was kinda hoping they would treat the Gorgos different and allow the pilot to hop in and out as needed with these updates.
  9. As much as I want to get excited about these new Mercs, I know that once the season is over Tohaa will more than likely not get them. Hard to get excited about something I'll never really get to play with. I would like to see Tohaa get access to some Mercs going forward. I hope Scarface and Cordilia stay as an option. Not because they give us anything new, but because it gives us something a little different to play with. Tohaa are trying to be friends with the humans. There is no reason some Merc wouldn't see this as an opportunity for getting in early on new Tech that the humans don't have if not just for the coin. Adding the Specialist Operative to the Gorgos Pilot is a nice addition. Not sure I will want to go for the Gorgos for missions with objectives generally, but it will help on those rare occasions I do bring one to that sort of mission.
  10. Maybe..... I own everything Tohaa and recommend them. I also own Icestorm and recommend that as well.
  11. I doubt we will see a box of Sukeul. There are only four weapon options and they are AVA 4. Since we are getting one as a blister, my guess is that they will all be blisters. That way they can milk the Sukeul as a year or two of releases for Tohaa. The better question is will we see the Taqeul at all this year?
  12. If you are dipping your toe into Infinity and want to get pre-colored terrain I'd say that the Plastcraft ColorED might be the way to go. When my buddy and I started playing he got almost a tables worth of the blue and white stuff. It worked well and he hauls it around to my house or a number of the game stores in the area. It's held up quite well and isn't too far off of the coloring of the Moto.tronica stuff. The only complaint I have of the Plastcraft stuff is that it's really light weight and can get bumped easy during a game, but you will have that with the Moto.tronica stuff too. But being light weight is a benefit if you will be hauling it around.
  13. Get both Ice Storm and Red Veil. That gives you four armies to try out. If you don't want both then decide which army you like the looks of the most. If you want the most bang for your buck on a single army then the Tohaa 300 point box is just the best deal in Infinity. But seriously, get the miniatures you like the looks of the best. Armies are balanced well enough that if you go for looks you will still have just as good a chance at winning as anyone else.