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  1. SYMBIOMATE AUTOMATIC EQUIPMENT Deployable, Non-Lootable, Optional, Prior Deployment REQUIREMENTS SymbioMates can only be assigned during the Deployment Phase. A SymbioMate can only be assigned by its owner to those troopers possessing Symbiont Armor and who are present on the game table (thus excluding troopers with Airborne Deployment, Hidden Deployment, etc.) A trooper with Symbiont Armor cannot receive more than one SymbioMate. SymbioMates can only be used while in the Active Symbiont Armor state. If this state is lost, the SymbioMate must be removed from the game table. EFFECTS During the Deployment Phase, a SymbioMate is assigned to a trooper possessing Symbiont Armor and is placed in base to base contact with that trooper on the game table. If its user, the trooper who the SymbioMate has been assigned to, is in the Active Symbiont Armor state and receives a successful Attack and declares the use of his SymbioMate, he will not perform an ARM/BTS or the correspondent roll, and the Damage and effects of the Special Ammunition or Attack will be ignored. However, the SymbioMate will be removed from the game table at the end of that Order. Any other successful Attacks, including their Damage and effects, received by the user during the same Order will also be ignored. However, when using the SymbioMate, all Critical Attacks received will be applied as usual. Using a SymbioMate also avoids having to perform a Guts Roll in that same Order. The player must declare the use of the SymbioMate before performing any ARM/BTS Roll.
  2. I was so happy that you guys kept making stuff for armies I don't own. That meant my wallet was safe from you guys! But you had to go and do it. You had to make something Nomad. At least you guys didn't do anything Tohaa. I am required by law to buy Tohaa stuff. The Nomad stuff I just buy if I like...and I like the weird and quirky Turtle.
  3. Seriously, this is how you choose what army to play.
  4. Ouch, it hurts to agree with you on this. I loved Aelis and she was a regular in every list I made, but she is hurting due to all the other Tohaa units getting updated while she is stuck in her N2 form. I cannot wait for them to update her and make her points match her worth.
  5. Looking at the list Skoll provided, the Moderator link is what really hurt you. Tohaa can get outgunned by five man links. If you see an opponent running some sort of five man link your options are to avoid them or break them apart. Look to go after the weakest link. Generally it will be trying to get into a better range band than the unit you are going after. In most cases all that does is get rid of the +3 BS bonus the guy in the five man link has for being in the five man link. Another option is to run Makauls up in smoke and use the Heavy Flame Thrower on them. Another useful tool against five man links is the Sakiel with Light Rocket Launcher. Five man links hiding in cover tend to close together. Templates are your friend in this case. One other option is the Krakot. He's the only unit we have that has plain old grenades. The grenade profile also has two chain rifles for 14 points. Nice cheap missile to send after those links. If he gets killed along the way you haven't lost much.
  6. Excuse me while I actually post a serious comment: I was just thinking that the profile that Abrilete posted looks like it might be a good size for a card. How about printing out an army list and cut out the units and put them on cards? The cards could be made with the skills/equipment/rules printed on the other side and then just paste the profile to the blank side? When I first started I had kinda wanted cards for my units as well. I never got around to making any and got used to the Army builder really quickly. By the time I actually played I was fine with just the printed sheet from Army, but I still understand why someone would want cards to put near their units.
  7. Just for clarification, this was a 200 points with Spec-Ops event? Glad you were up against a friendly and helpful fellow Tohaa player. That is one of the things I like the best about the Infinity community, you get to play with good people. I don't know much about Ariadna and have never played them. Werewolves look cool and that's the extent of my knowledge. Nomads are my secondary army. I have yet to field them due to not having time to play lately. It does sound like you may have run into this: Nomads ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 2 INTRUDER (X-Visor) MULTI Sniper Rifle / Pistol, CCW. (1.5 | 43) JAGUAR Chain Rifle, Smoke Grenades / Pistol, DA CCW. (0 | 10) 1.5 SWC | 53 Points Open in Infinity Army Intruder and Jaguar seem to be a popular combo with Nomad players. Jaguars are very similar to our Makauls, but they are not Extremely Impetuous (only Frenzy for them) and their smoke is regular instead of Eclipse like the Makaul's. The Intruder is a camo unit with MSV L2 that can see through the smoke. Our Gao-Rael is the only real defense we have against the Smoke Intruder tactic. Sure Kaauri could shoot back at them with their Sixth Sense L2 if they are the target, but the Intruder has a BS of 13 vs the Kaauri's 11. This means the Kaauri has a little bit of a disadvantage. Best solution is to hide units that might be the future targets of the Intruder. Since the Intruder is just standard Camo, the Kaauri, Nikoul, and Le Muet can all cancel that out if there is no smoke blocking the Intruder. As for the ODD units, Gao-Rael is also our main answer to those as well. There are two units, Reverend Moira and Reverend Custodiers, and four characters that have ODD in Nomads. Best tactic I have found against ODD is Heavy Flame Throwers. Makauls are the other solid answer to ODD. Charge across the table with Eclipse Smoke and burn them with Fire. Even if they manage to not take any damage the ODD is fried and no longer functions until they get an Engineer to fix it. If you do see a link of Reverends they should be a clear target for those Makauls. Chaksa Auxiliars and Rasails with their Chaksa are also good for taking out ODD, but they lack the smoke that you might need to get across the table.
  8. How dare you try to use logic on my argument!
  9. Two reasons. 1: It's an evil Yu Jing unit. 2: It's in Spanish and I'm a dumb American who can't figure out what something like Pistola translates to.
  10. A Kumotail with First Aid or some new form of Revitalis that works on another unit would be amazing. It would definitely make you want to bring her a lot more.
  11. You will catch someone who isn't paying attention unaware. Just watch for someone who is focused and knows anything about Tohaa, they would probably spot it.
  12. Won't they wonder why one of the Ectros isn't in a triad? Also, Ectros with Vulcan shotgun, Kosuil with nullifier, and a Makaul is a triad I like!