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  1. As someone who works in the tech industry I have seen many a manager (or LT of the group) have no idea how to do much of what their specialists in the group do or how they do it. What the manager does know is what type of work the specialist is best at and points them to the project that best uses their skills. Only once in a while do you see a manager that can actually do something a specialist does. I figured that was the new logic for LTs not being specialists in general, but we do have a few LTs with a specialist skill here and there in various armies.
  2. Diplomat is the worst.
  3. I'll get the new Neema. Which ever I decide looks the worst will just be another generic Ectros when I want to field more than two.
  4. I'll be curious how they work for you. I had thought about getting some myself, but with a 3 year old and another about to be born I won't have much time to even paint my Tohaa so I would be able to use the decals on them for the next couple years...
  5. The idea of Zero G has me itching to play my Nomads, but I have to be loyal to my Tohaa army.
  6. Technically the Fat Yuan Yuan is a joke model AND a legal Yuan Yuan. It can be used in QK and some non-human Sectorial down the road. I am still hoping that means the Triumvirate will be that sectorial. Tohaa was so starved for releases last year it would be nice to get a little extra this year even if we don't realize it now.
  7. Looks like the profile is just for the scenarios and he is just tacked on to whatever 300 (or other) point army you build no matter the faction. Honestly this looks entertaining to me.
  8. I had no plans to pick her up...but now I might have to.
  9. I demand more pig miniatures from CB...
  10. It doesn't matter what CB does. Someone will always complain. They could give out free money and someone would complain about the denomination or the currency or something stupid.
  11. At least we own planets!
  12. Greedy Nomads... I think no one else should get a Sectorial until Tohaa get one! (Nomads are my secondary army... 😀 )
  13. I own everything in my main army, but with Tohaa that is easy to do. I will buy anything they make for Tohaa because I am loyal to my army like that. My secondary armies I reserve the right to be picky.
  14. If you look at the dossier it is in fact the MULTI Sniper. I'm very familiar with the Tohaa weapons and Sygmaa use Tohaa weapons. Tohaa do not have a MULTI Sniper with the exception of Le Muet who has a Pano MULTI Sniper. The weapon the Maakrep has does not exist on any of the Tohaa units. The HMG below the MULTI Sniper on the dossier looks exactly like the Tohaa HMGs.