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  1. They do sometimes do genetic modifications to themselves, so it could be something along those lines.
  2. I thought we were heading here next?
  3. I wish this box had been around last year when I started diving into Nomads. I have all but the fuzzy miniature in that box now. If I had any idea this box was coming I think I would have waited.
  4. I'd personally prefer some sort of Flamethrower, but I figured the Chain Colt was because the Gecko is a Zero-G unit I assumed it's meant to battle in space, and I doubt flamethrowers work all that well in space even with 175 years of advancements.
  6. You are correct. I totally missed that in both the Wiki and the book. Based on that wording you wouldn't be able to have a unit with the Revitalis ability use a Symbiobomb to heal themselves if they did it with their normal ability. Then again if you had Revitalis on the unit to begin with you would probably use the bomb for one of it's many other uses.
  7. Is there a reason why it would be limited to once per match? With a Symbiobomb it's once per match, but that is because the Bomb goes away when you use it. Or are you suggesting to limit it to once per match?
  8. So looking at this: IMPORTANT! Regeneration automatically grants its user the Shock Immunity Special Skill. Regeneration is compatible with the use of MediKit or Doctor. This means that a trooper with Regeneration can be healed by Regeneration after being healed by a Paramedic or a Doctor, and vice versa, as long as all Requirements are met. That second bullet point, while not specifically stating it, suggests that yes a unit could use Regeneration after it was no longer unconscious. I would think that would also translate to a multi wound Symbiont Armor being able to repair itself. I guess it was me just assuming that it wouldn't work based on the Medikit and Doctor skill. It's not often that Regeneration comes in to play so it's hard to remember the details. SYMBIONT ARMOR AUTOMATIC EQUIPMENT Fire-Sensitive, Non-Lootable, Obligatory REQUIREMENTS EFFECTS This piece of Equipment allows its bearer to be deployed in Active Symbiont Armor game state. During the game, it allows the use of the Active Symbiont Armor state. In Unconscious state, the bearer of this piece of Equipment applies a MOD of +3 to his PH Attribute when using the RegenerationSpecial Skill, or when the AutoMediKit and MediKit pieces of Equipment are applied to him. Based on this you only get the +3 bonus for Regeneration when you are using it while in an Unconscious State, so still no regenerating on a 19 with an Active Symbiont Armor even if it was added to a Gorgos.
  9. MEDIKIT SHORT SKILL Traits REQUIREMENTS MediKits can only be used on Unconscious friendly troopers. A MediKit can be used in one of two ways: To use it remotely, the user must have LoF to the target. To use it as contact equipment, the user must be in base to base contact with the target. EFFECTS Used remotely, a MediKit is a piece of Equipment that acts as a Non-Lethal BS Weapon. If the user spends one Short Skill and passes a BS Roll with all applicable MODs (Range, Cover, Camouflage and Hiding, ODD...), the target gets to make just a PH-3Roll. The MediKit can also be used in base to base contact simply by spending one Short Skill. This gives the target the chance to make a PH-3 Roll. If the target passes the PH-3 Roll, he recovers 1 point of its Wounds Attribute, automatically recovering from Unconsciousness. If the target fails the Roll, he immediately enters the Dead state and is removed from play. Using a MediKit never causes the target to make an ARM Roll or a Guts Roll. Using a MediKit, troopers can be recovered from the Unconscious state as many times as desired, as long as they keep passing their PH-3 Rolls. REMEMBER MediKits can only be used to heal friendly troopers in the Unconscious state, and they can recover only 1 point of their Wounds Attribute at a time. MediKits cannot heal more than 1 point of Wounds, and they have no effect on non-Unconscious troopers. Paramedics use Medikits which can only be used on Unconscious unit. They would have lost their Symbiont Armor to get to that Unconscious State. DOCTOR SHORT SKILL Optional. REQUIREMENTS The user must be in base to base contact with his target. The target must have a Wounds Attribute. The target must be in Unconscious state. EFFECTS Doctor allows the user, by passing a Normal WIP Roll, to heal 1 point of the target's Wounds Attribute and cancel his Unconsciousstate back to Normal. If the user fails his WIP Roll, the target Dies automatically and is removed from play. Troopers can be restored to health from Unconscious state as many times as necessary, declaring each time a use of this Special Skill and passing the corresponding WIP Roll. Troopers healed by Doctor can be healed by MediKit, AutoMediKit or Regeneration afterwards, and vice versa. In certain missions and scenarios, Doctors are considered Specialist Troopers, that is, they meet the requirements to fulfill certain mission objectives. REMEMBER A Doctor with V: No Wound Incapacitation who is in Unconscious state may attempt to heal himself, but failing the WIProll will cause him to Die. Doctors can only doctor units in an Unconscious State. They would have lost their Symbiont Armor to get to that Unconscious State. Actually now that I am re-reading it, I don't see anything restricting Regeneration to Unconscious units the way Medikits and Doctor does. Maybe that would actually work? Honestly I don't know since I am not certain any multi wound units have Regeneration. And after looking through Army, the Asawira is the only multi wound unit that has Regeneration. I suspect someone playing Haqq has asked about this question before, but I haven't started digging through the forums for the answer.
  10. This is currently the only way to heal an Active Symbiont Armor: REVITALIS SHORT SKILL / ARO Optional, Support Tactic REQUIREMENTS The user must possess this Special Skill, the Corahtar Discipline L2 Special Skill or a piece of Equipment that allows him to use Pheroware Tactics. The user must be in Active Symbiont Armor state. EFFECTS By passing a WIP Roll, the user may recover one Wound point of his Active Symbiont Armor Profile. The user can only declare this Support Tactic once each game. Failing the WIP Roll has no negative consequences for the user, but the user will be not able to declare this Support Tactic again in that game. Critical Rolls with this Support Tactic have no special effect. The only way to do this is to put a Symbiobomb on the unit at the beginning of the game and hope they only take one wound in the case of the Ectros/Neema and Rasail, or no more than two hits on a Gorgos. Actually I just noticed that you can use Revitalis in ARO. Not sure how often that would come up, but it's a nice trick to keep in the back of your mind in those corner cases where you have an ARO and a wounded Symbiont Armor while not being the main target of whatever your opponent is doing.