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  1. I am planning a visit to Belgium in july and Amsterdam in september. I will probably visit Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp and Brussels in Belgium. Do you guys know if there are any shops that sell Infinity or other wargames in these cities?
  2. Ah. Order pool then.
  3. Can they use their own regular order to prevent deployment in the first round or do they have to use one from your order pool?
  4. Ah.. Okay.. :-) (... But what is the difference between "Basic impersonation" and "impersonation plus" then...?)
  5. I don't quite understand how you can use the impersonation-2 state? The rules state that Basic impersonation: Allows the user to deploy in the Impersonation-1 state. It does not state that you can deploy in the level-2 state (?). From my Reading of the rules you need impersonation plus to be able to do that. What am I missing here?