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  1. One person, and all the people who are replying to him looooooong past the point where it's clear he's just trying to extend the debate. As he's shown in previous threads/topics, his interest in the subject will wane as soon as people stop trying to debate the topic with him. Because this is his MO: Find something that's not 100% crystal flow-chart clear. Post under the pretense that it's difficult to understand When people respond under that pretense, engage antagonistic debate mode Should you actually get a Corvus response, question the competence of that response Return to step 3. I've been told he won't be banned for this behavior, and that all his posts should be viewable for anyone to judge. that's cool, totally CB's prerogative. But without being disrespectful or rude, it's also my prerogative to call the behavior out for what it is: a desire to engage in debate for it's own sake, even at the cost of signal/noise and amity on these forums. Stop. Feeding. The. Troll.
  2. Agree 100%. We've all been playing Biotechvore for several years with no issue. That a few people are making a tempest in a teacup does not mean that it's unplayable or even difficult to play.
  3. i agree that DA is not enough without very high physical and/or a willingness to spend a lot of orders.
  4. It's hard to beat Ajax or one of the other big boys, but if you do want to use D-charges I think Machaon is a solid choice. he can get d-charges from the panoply, and his eclipse smoke and ODD should help him approach. MA 3 to offset the D-charge penalty. He's also a really solid datatracker. If by vanilla you're one of those RP players who means 'only vedic' then yeah, you pretty much have to go with Sophie
  5. This is a good question, but outside the scope of this thread. You're not alone in disliking this interaction, but the rules are clear.
  6. Please. Move this to a thread in the rules forum. Or better yet, those of you who know better, stop feeding the troll.
  7. Guys this has gone around and around. If you want to continue, please create a thread in the rules forum.
  8. The ITS rules require you to write down your faction or sectorial army on a control sheet. And since your faction is not listed as private information, this information is available to your opponent at any time. If you aren't using a written control sheet, that doesn't change the nature of the information.
  9. I picked exactly what I intended to pick. With soldiers of fortune, QK can bring 7 Yuan Yuan for 56 pts and 1 SWC. The image was posted in reply to the post that I quoted, which said that this was not legal. This is as intended. QK has the choice of 2 different YY sources. That it's not beneficial to choose the one that costs SWC is akin to playing Corregidor and taking Vanilla AVAs and no fireteams: there's no benefit to it, but it's legal and there's no reason for Army to prompt you that you aren't optimizing your list.
  10. be sure to read the 1.3 FAQ, which among other things specifies how this should be done.
  11. Edit: FAQ 1.3 says this is not the way to score this mission. Here's how I do it: Take all the figures that are immobilized or Isolated at the end of the game, set them aside. From that group, count all the specialists. Then, count all the figures that were LTs at any point during the game. This was the confirmed method for counting 'scored' models last season. Doing it any other way requires you to keep a notepad to record when and for how long each trooper was a LT, and who has time for that.
  12. apparently it's even worse. The LGL shows when you're picking the troop, but the HRL appears on the weapons list. This seems like a simple fix... maybe it's been overlooked?
  13. You'll get better visibility and response if you post this in the Rules of engagement forum.