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  1. My biggest issue with it is that it works really well with the bombs and mates. Once I've selected both Kaeltars, I don't have any proxies left for the bugs. I really wish the models would get released.
  2. What new profile? I've not heard of any changes to them.
  3. They aren't bad, per say, but for their costs, they are quite expensive for what you get. You are essentially paying 4-6 points for a line trooper that can't do anything for the first turn.
  4. The cloak was a bit awkward to fit, but I don't seem to remember any significant issues with either of the ones I assembled. The Knee caps on the Kaauri are really small after you remove the spikes.
  5. I want to clarify this. Symbiont Armour grants you a +3 MOD to medikit rolls. That's a MOD that's applied to the PH-3 roll, which means you are are rolling against PH, not PH+3
  6. You will need to spend an order on the drone so they exit the TAG. The TAGs themselves don't count as specialists. Essentially: 1)Move the TAG up to the objective. 2) Declare a move + connect(?) order on the pilot. You will use the Skaldron's profile for the entirety of the order (including Silhouette value). If you can, leave the Skaldron is base-to-base with both the objective and the tag. 3a) If the Skaldon is in base-to-base with the tag, you can activate the TAG to move the Skaldron back into the TAG, at which point you will use the TAGs profile for the entirety of the orde. For example you can move and shoot with the Xeodron. 3b) If the Skaldon is not in b2b with the Xeodron, you will need to move it, and then spend an order on the TAG (see 3a).
  7. I think you've answered your own question. Taking the Haris team gives you points to spend on other support units. That being said, the problem with the Haris team is the Haris profile itself. It's not a great load-out, it costs the same as the Specialist but an additional SWC tax, so you wouldn't take unless forced to. Ideally you want to have 1 each of a Weapon, Specialist and the Tinbot, but the Haris profile limits you to 2 out of 3 of those profiles. Double linked MLs are brutal
  8. @Jujoji I guess it comes down to how I learnt to play Link Teams. If you can't tell, I've spent a lot of time playing Tohaa, so I'm used to 3-man links of a variety of different units. The Tohaa Triads usually come down to 1 Heavy weapon, 1 Specialist and 1 Heavy Flamer. This means that they tend to move up the table with the Heavy Weapon leading and clearing a path, and the Specialist can tag the objective on the way past. It's a different way of looking at Link Teams, and it's something I'll have to try out (when I'm not playing Tohaa).
  9. Pretty good, tbh. I was playing against Morats, and got a couple of Crits from my Kaauri Sniper. Neema and her link stayed hidden until the last turn, when they ran out and tagged some objectives. Still, I would have preferred the buffer of CoC and the Bombs would have helped with some healing and changed some of the attack vectors.
  10. I agree with your choices, based on the experience I have with link teams in other factions. Here's what I would take: For the Core team, I'd build it as you have. I'd add a Specialist in as one of the other profiles, possibly even 2 of them. That way you'll have the Missile Launcher for dealing with heavier targets, the Spitfire as your standard weapon, the BS for closer ranges, the TinBot for hacking defence and the Specialists for scoring objectives. For the Haris, it depends on what you want to achieve. I'd take the Haris + (2x of) Spitfire, Missile Launcher, Tinbot or Specialist. If you want to go with a fully aggressive team, take both the Missile Launcher and the Spitfire, whereas for a defensive objective team, take the TinBot and Specialist. I suspect I'd probably end up taking a balanced team of the Haris + Spitfire + Specialist and use a hacker to put Fairy Dust on them.
  11. Postage to Canada looks kind of expensive (for the cost of the item) plus it'll take several weeks to arrive. It might be better to find somebody in Canada with one.
  12. I was planning to play with both the bombs and the mates (I love the bombs).
  13. I've got a couple spare. I seem to have ended up with a pair of Hatails. Where are you based?
  14. This thread got me pumped to try the Gorgos out with the Symbiobombs and mates last night. I ended up taking the Gorgos, but I forgot to add the Kealtars. Not sure how that happened, but we were playing Limited Insertion and I was trying to avoid taking the Gao-Rael Sniper (I play him every game, and wanted to try something different).
  15. You mean yours can't? Mine heals them... permanently.