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  1. Oops, I meant Shock Immunity...
  2. Ojotnik would be cool as would NWI on the Unknown Ranger too. Oh, I just remembered another one. Airborne profiles with FO and/or D Charges. Traditionally, forward observing and demolitions are something US Airborne have been assigned, ala Pathfinders and the 20th & 37th Engineer Battalions, since inception. Oh, maybe even make one an actual Engineer...
  3. So I've been struggling with USAriadna for awhile but it has me thinking about what new units or profiles I wish USArf had. A Foxtrot profile with Minelayer. I don't get why there are no USA units with Minelayer at all and it seems like the skill Foxtrots should have. A Hardcase profile with FO. Maybe one with a Marksman or Sniper rifle. I feel like Hardcases are supposed to represent a huntsman and what better represents that than a hunting rifle. And, of course, a manned TAG of some kind. A new US only TAG would be awesome. Call it the Ironside in reference to the 1st. or Spearhead in reference to the 3rd. Armored Divisions. or something similar. But regular access to the Anaconda would be okay too. Any other thoughts on what you think USArf should or could have?
  4. Ah, okay. That's what I was thinking but this post confused me. Thanks for the quick reply!
  5. So what exactly does fire do to fire sensitive Symbio Armor?
  6. That's how I was understanding them.
  7. I'm not familiar with Tohaa but my girlfriend has started playing them and after reading the wiki entry for Symbiobombs, I take it to mean they follow the two general rules for deployment of Symbiomates and not the boxed in power description. Others in my meta (not Tohaa players by the way) are assuring her that not only do they have the one Pheroware Tactic but also act as Symbiomates because the wiki states that they follow the same general rules as Symbiomates. Is this correct? If so, that sounds really overpowered and doesn't make any sense to me since no one would bother taking Symbiomates if bombs do both...
  8. I have a Hexa sniper with the MSR barrel cut down and moded with the head from the the Aleph Chandra Spec Ops. I would probably use Knauf as a second.
  9. And if you switch a Fusi to hide the Lt., add a Tech Bee. If you don't add either a Warcore or another Palbot.
  10. First, should Wotan rules questions be posted here or in the Wotan forum? In the Kill Cage mission, we have a couple of questions, first off, do you have to identify you Lt. so that he can "threaten" it? Does your opponent roll and decide targets for the Security Remotes as in Ice Storm for the CSU? Also, the scenario states it uses No Quarter but also states under End of Mission that Retreat will end the mission.
  11. Regarding Marksman X, well, crap... I like Desperado's (though I don't care for their fluff or models), my last League game, he turned the game around but my meta seems to be a lot of Snipers and HMGs with MSV. PanO, Aleph and Nomads with smoke. Plus Total Reaction bots with HMG doesn't help. How does USARF deal with long range, MSV units other than Van Zant or Air Borne? And if they have smoke available?
  12. Why can't you use Marksman X in an ARO if it's in a link team and has a burst of 2?
  13. While it's possible I'll have to deal with Achilles, it seems unlikely. Like I said above, the player doesn't like the Greek characters. And I've given up on AROs with USARF. Every unit I have used in ARO so far is dead first thing and accomplishes nothing. My opponents always seem to have units with camo or worse, TO or ODD, surprise shot, smoke or just plain better BS. The only luck I've had has been the Grunt sniper in a link team because of Marksmanship X and even that's been iffy. Is there another unit I should be using that I'm just not recognising? I don't have this issue when I play PanO or CA as they have HMG Total Reaction bots and snipers with MSV, Camo, etc. And other good ARO pieces.
  14. Well that's disappointing but thank you!
  15. Does anyone know if the backpack on the old Akalis is a separate piece from the body?