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  1. I went out and bought a Druze box and some PanO Rems the next day. I always knew the Merc army was coming out, but i was never interested in it. But for some magical reason, they release the update to Army, and now i NEED a Merc list. I finally am able to use my Anaconda in non soldier of fortune ITS games!! Very exciting stuff.
  2. well played sir...well played. But seriously, i love Bolts and never leave home without them. Drop Bears, EM grenades and shotguns, oh my!
  3. Exactly! Win win scenario!
  4. For those of you having problems throwing your Drop Bears...remember Bolts in a 5 man link are burst 2 and throw them on 17s in their good range.
  5. I used the Montessa from the Acon starter for my GDA...because let's face it, the original model blows.
  6. I prefer the multi rifle for my GDA. 2 SWC for a spitfire in an already SWC starved faction is just too much. I've had success with every Scylla profile but the ability to impersonate with the KHD is invaluable to get those fiery murder bots where they need to be. Her EM close combat weapon has come in handy a couple times as well.
  7. The GDA is the reason i play Acon. Every game i have used him, he has been my MVP. He and Scylla can usually lock down a table side by themselves while my Bagh Mari link take the other side. The way the GDA plays is very different from other PanO units it makes it very fun to play.
  8. Are Sekbahn available in PanO? No? Ok then.
  9. Bolts, Devas and Hexas are the name of the game. BS 16 B2 ADHLs in a five man Bolt link is amazing. Any specialist or LT that gets within visual is glued. Devas are always solid choices to take anyway and are even better with the glue gun. Multiple Hexas surprise shooting with glue guns has been a game winner for me. I've only lost this mission once and it was by one point. NCA has everything you need to win this.
  10. I never would have bought the old Avatar. I'm definitely buying the new one. The old one was featureless and lacked a menacing weapon. I love how the new one looks like a predator. 1000% improvement in my book. Well done CB.
  11. So, they are the EI version of Devas. Awesome.
  12. Bolts would be great for boarding actions. Lotsa shotguns, EM grenades and drop bears...oh my!
  13. Sorry for the wait...I had to figure out how to resize the image. Me and technology don't get along.
  14. It all depends on the mission. If it's a killy mission, I always bring a TAG. That being said, for friendly games, I love to use the Anaconda. It's cheap enough that I can still get all my specialists it looks so damn cool.
  15. Bolts! I love their US Army Ranger-like fluff and their good looks. they are one of the units that got me into Infinity. I also love that they come standard issue with underbarrel shotguns. To me, that is the epitome of Urban warfare, room clearing, CQB goodness. Hard core, in your face gun fighters. In a close 2nd place is the Guard de Assaulto. I hate the standard model, so i converted one up out of the Knight in the Shock Army Starter and then fell in love with my own handiwork. It's now my favorite model and i use it every chance I get.