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  1. 3v3 game, 6x8 board, 200 or 300 with +50% swc each, one player is Platoon HQ on each side, the others get no LT. Sound about right? Could be good for a laugh and a full day's worth of entertainment. --- On topic, Yu Jing has the best basic infantry. Yan Huo is basic infantry for Yu Jing
  2. No implication. They function slightly differently from non-template attacks in a very explicit manner. You even have the rules justify why (because other models may be affected by the template if they move into it).
  3. "When placed?" is a different question from "When exists?". So, just reinforcing what others have already wrote; "When placed?": Step 4 or step 6 of the Order Expenditure Sequence, depending on when the ARO is gained. "When exists?": (Meta-explanation) The template attack exists throughout the Order Expenditure Sequence steps 1 through 8 and will affect anyone who at any point in the sequence touch the template volume. The template attack does not exist after Effects resolution, meaning a model can not get affected by the attack due to Guts Roll movement.
  4. Try hiding it as the much more believable Killer Hacker (and then sometimes try not to, to keep your opponent on their toes). Not only do you scare off hackers who might detect that this model is not hackable, but you also hide the close-range nature of your lethal weapon. Remember that you can combine Holo1 and Holo2, hiding your 1 FO Kanren as 3 KH Kanren for the overall effect of "I didn't bother holo-hiding this killer hacker from you" even though that's exactly what you did.
  5. Exactly. Provided the D20 is heavier in one section, the very round corners and roughly spherical shape will make the dice have "section" tendencies rather than "number" tendencies. The "heavy number" is less likely to be able to stop the dies momentum than on a few-sided dice where the momentum will typically not cause the dice to tip over. Even the fact that my two-coloured dice shows even-numbered tendencies and not specific number in a glass of water is telling. Either way, no one should be using dice with two different colours, 'cause one of the colours will be heavier.
  6. Yup. Has to be the active turn. Active turn is relative to yourself if nothing else is specified. If you spend the command token before the Tactical Phase of your opponent's active turn that means the relative term for you is the Tactical Phase of the reactive turn. Also, there is this, much simpler line: Players cannot expend Command Tokens during their Reactive Turn.
  7. Please see this page for reference: When you declare Move, your opponent may get an ARO. They may decide to shoot an echo, delay, or discover against an echo (in addition to normal AROs). If they shoot or discover, they must pick which echo and you may declare your second short skill with prior knowledge. Discover isn't a good option, since if they target the real model they won't get a Face to Face if you simply go for the shot. If they choose delay, they will lose their ARO completely if you do not reveal (typically if you declare another Move) So your assessment is partially correct. Holoecho state isn't as good as it used to be, but on the other hand you can declare Surprise Shot during your active turn. Just keep in mind that you don't reveal for the entire duration of the order until after you declare your BS Attack - if you change your mind and simply Move again, you won't (probably) be revealed. It's a chicken race, basically.
  8. The interesting thing with d20s is they don't tend to roll specific numbers, but generally one side so the favour tends to be either even or odd.
  9. I've got my hands on two sets of the Red Veil (Yu Jing) dice. Two show moderate preference for certain sides, one shows light preference, and three showed no meaningful preference. My 8 clear Chessex showed no meaningful preference on at least 6. I've also got a speckled dice with one side orange and one side spotted white/orange - it'll only roll the orange side (even numbers). I don't know about Icestorm dice.
  10. Do not get half-and-half coloured dice, they suck worse than the faction dice. Chessex clear plastic ones have, for me, been surprisingly good for Chessex dice.
  11. From a technical side, they could tie ip-addresses to sides, though this creates problems for people logging in from company networks and other shared addresses
  12. You're calling it 2x3, but remember that Zhuang is a Celestial Guard, so you can get a 4-man CG/Crane link with that list Otherwise, looks good. Try it out! P.s. what are your plans on hiding the Kanren as?
  13. You don't understand. I might have use for them. I might need them. 40k's WYSIWYG nonsense has put a mark.
  14. A general overhaul of mercenary company availability would be interesting. What mercenaries consider working with Yu Jing and Pan-O but not Haqq, for example. I mean, more diverse mercenaries in line with Druze and KTS, but there's a real opportunity for cross-faction miniatures that are ITS legal here that can be designed to be within faction restriction parameters. The big question for me isn't as much "are ABH correct AVA" but rather "who else may hire KTS and will they have Fireteam there as well?" Just... fewer snipers. Okay?
  15. So far 2017 I've spent on Infinity roughly: Independent terrain manufacturer - €400 Raging Heroes - roughly £55 (ALIVE and TAG pilots) Corvus Belli - roughly €20 Tournament price contributions (a.k.a. "fees") - roughly €35 Sort of puts things into perspective when it comes to costs - it's so easy to go bananas on terrain. This still doesn't mean I'd be happy to pay for extra weapon arms that I'll simply never use but have a really hard time getting rid of. I still have a loose sniper rifle in one of my army cases from the Spec-Ops package, and that one doesn't even come with arms attached. P.s. does buying a bigger apartment count as a gaming expense or not?