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  1. So you don't have to reveal the group they belong to on the turn they enter/reveal, you don't have to reveal what group irregulars belong to and you don't have to reveal what group markers belong to during reactive or deployment turns? Please note that generating an order isn't explicitly private or open information, you are never told by Hidden Deployment to keep the order generation private so I am not sure your logic here is waterproof. Using your logic, the generation of orders for HD and AD must be revealed (and it's not much of a stretch to imagine that whether the order generated is AD or HD must also be revealed using this logic). We are told by the Order Pool rules that the status and expenditure of the pool and its resources is open information, but this is not sufficient to include the source of where those orders came from.
  2. What is your rationale and rules reference for not disclosing the combat group of AD or HD troops, if you disclose it for camouflage markers?
  3. HRMC in a link? You're talking about 15mm, right?
  4. ...or shoot back? Would you rather take your chance on using CC at -6 against a Mono/Viral CCW? Body-blocking is very effective versus IMPs and echoes make it so that you basically don't have to sacrifice any orders if they decide to fight free. Though, again, Auxbots (particularly the unwanted one that Seraph comes with) are probably more effective at it.
  5. Stick the Sepulchre down as 3 echoes with two body-blocking access to Joan if you're going second. Naturally, this is doable with Fusiliers or Auxbots as well, meaning it might be a more viable tactic for Limited Insertion or solo-group.
  6. Sepulchre is a good way of keeping Joan safer* from Hassassinations. Considering how potent Sforza can be (and how hard he can be to masquerade), I think the only real crime is that Sepulchre, who are basically Sforza stuck into a powered armour, has normal combis, but the Spitfire should be interesting, if only to exploit the combat properties of Holo2. * She's competent enough to offer good enough melee defence, but further diluting Imp-2 assassins' reach might be useful.
  7. Stop calling it "evidence", you can not possibly have enough information available to call it that. You've got indications and deductions. You are entitled to your opinion and your disgruntlement and to express them (in public or in private channels that allow you to), but we have heard your complaints and we don't agree with them, can we move on?
  8. Can't find any specific references* for who Asuka is supposed to be but I did almost laugh out loud when I read this regarding "Kisaragi": * I'm not into anime at all, so Google is my only hope of finding references
  9. Daofei can be put into a position where he'll be needed (exactly as Ninja, but more reliably and not completely hidden), and he imposes a -3 on the enemy. At least the Spitfire version (with SWC discount for lieutenant option) is well worth it and will force most encounters more heavily in their favour than Hsien will.
  10. Domaru have been shackled by Haramaki, but it's very a useful skill to have otherwise. I think what makes Montessa/FK not appreicate it as much is that it takes their CC skill to barely acceptable.
  11. Okay, let me write in clear text; I think the likes of Achilles or a Pathfinder should be able to Assault at -6 penalty while Domaru and Knights Montessa would assault at +/-0. (Though now that I write that out, I'm getting concerned about units with Electric Pulse - could be OP could be interesting)
  12. Your mother smells of elderberries! Seems too complicated. I'm not sure Assault actually needs a buff, but it does need a quality of life one where members of a link team or coordinated order without Assault can still move. An alternative way of looking at it is that Assault skill should be available to all units while the units with Assault today currently should have Assault L2 which removes the -6 CC penalty *hinthintnudgenudge*
  13. That's a very skewed way of looking at it. Only MO has no Killer Hacker now, but this doesn't change that the hacking situation is in a very bad state if Killer Hackers of your own are required to field (assault) hackers. That tells me that other hackers are too poorly equipped to defend themselves.
  14. There's two ways of thinking, and this is just an interpretation of the arguments: 1. I can throw it on any surface that's not strictly vertical and as long as I can draw line of fire within the cone to what's roughly a fist-sized sphere sitting on this surface, it's covered by the smoke. 2. Shooting on terrain has the same requirements as shooting on an enemy trooper; you still need to target a 3x3mm which makes it impossible to balance a grenade perfectly on the edge of a building to have it cover both the top of the building and the bottom. Personally, I add "besides, the grenade doesn't have a volume so it's theoretically and practically impossible to draw line of sight to it from more than 180 degrees, regardless of where you place it"
  15. Very. It's what makes them effective at punishing massive repeater nets.