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  1. Fair enough. Wonder if a similar situation has come up in testing or over course of tournaments before.
  2. When you activate the Holo2 trooper and declare Move, all Holoechoes activate and declare Move - this means they do not block line of fire. You're going to have to hope your opponent declares discover (or shoot) on the wrong model, or simply only present a false echo on first Move skill and then keep moving when your opponent Delays or shoots it. Or move with the real model so that it looks like that is an echo so your opponent won't shoot that model. Mind games!
  3. I mean, it's literally just a horizontal door. Of course, if you want to call it a "Trap Door" and make it distinct from a normal door with their own rules, that's a different issue, but a door in the floor is handled just fine by the standard rules - with the elephant in the room being the Interact skill of course - and it sounded like they were trying to use mostly standard door rules.
  4. Guided Ammunition is a weapon trait, not a skill. You still use BS Attack for skill declaration, so shots are placed exactly like they would for a BS Attack skill declaration, regardless if it is a teardrop, circular or no template at all - though burst is reduced to 1 and MOD is set to +6 (modded only by U-turn) and LOF is ignored.
  5. Woupdn't a trap door be identical to a door, but on the floor? Same situation would have happened if the LT declared Climb onto the only door of a room with no doors.
  6. The point isn't that a model is blocking access through a trap door, the point is that a player is standing ON the trap door and is trying to use the Move rule's clause "The user's base must be fully in contact with the surface over which he is moving." (no emphasis added) to prevent the trap door from being opened at all. Similar situation for a vertical door is to place the LT climbing on the door's surface. ----- Another way to look at it is this; It is the moving model that has to respect the rule regarding being fully supported with respect to itself only. Opening the trap door does not violate any rules. All your opponent has done by placing their LT on top of a trap door is to get the LT stuck if someone opens the trap door since the LT will be unable to make use of the Move skill (which many other skills such as reactive turn Dodge depend on) to dislodge themselves. Bonus points for not being able to declare Interact with the door while engaged.
  7. Sure, it's IFL and all that entails regarding source checking (i.e. better than tabloids, but still hit-and-miss), but... Did you say broadband invisibility cloaks? Possibly in our life time? (TLDR: a generally accepted rule, the Q factor, has been proven to be by-passable, you no longer need to have a small bandwidth for large (energy/information) storage - queue improved laser communication, potentially massive improvements to laser weapons, and more)
  8. AD1 (Parachutist) gains ADX* (Tactical Jump-ish) with caveat that you have to select zone during deployment phase. AD2 (Airborne Infiltration) becomes ADX (Tactical Jump) with no caveats AD3+ (Combat Jump +/-) gains ADX (Tactical Jump) as an option and may scatter into hostile deployment zone when using AD3+, and they also gain a +3 bonus to their PH roll that stacks with EVO Hacking Device or Controller Jump. Say what you want about the mission itself, but I find it's one of few missions where AD4 (Combat Jump) is reliable enough compared to its drawbacks, though Tactical Jump is so good that the "lower" level still tend to beat the "higher" level of the skill.
  9. No, mate, I'm not confusing anything. The burst dice roll doesn't matter for reliability until you examine the rest of what you are rolling for and only looking at variance on burst means you haven't evaluated the two attacks at all. Especially not if you call someone out on a statement on results and then not discuss how your proof relates to results. So while it would be an interesting read to see the variance calculated, not least because it is a very difficult problem to solve, TP has not done so. Hell, taken to their extreme, TP just claimed that Shinobu attacking with combi rifle instead of melee has lower variance.
  10. Might not have been your point, but it was my statement regarding all variables of the hacking programs you were reacting to with mathematical proof. Not my experience. In my experience Trinity tends to either win with several rolls or lose with them all due to having no MODs and since it will usually face off against a hacking program that have MODs beneficial to the enemy. Trinity also tends to fail at wounding, especially compared to Redrum, so as far as my experience goes Redrum and Skullbuster are more reliable while Trinity tends to cause upsets in a way the other two can't.
  11. Trinity doesn't have the same probability of success, it is significantly worse, which is one of the main points of the thread. It gets even more messy once you factor in face to face.
  12. Being targeted and being a target are two different things. The enemy model in the smoke area of effect is the target of an enemy attack and may Dodge. The Dodge direction is entirely up to your opponent to decide, but they must decide on declaring Dodge. Your Fiday's smoke doesn't take effect until the end of the order so assuming you move into base to base with your opponent on a new order, and assuming your enemy doesn't have Sixth Sense or MSV2+, then their only response to you moving in will be no ARO (due to Stealth) since they have not yet gained an ARO. Please feel free to clarify the situation if you found this answer strange. If you can, do a step-by-step; Fiday declares smoke grenade Enemy does not see the Fiday but is inside the smoke AOE, declares Dodge 2" away from the Fiday Fiday declares move and moves into base to base with the enemy The enemy has already declared an ARO and can not declare a new ARO.
  13. 1. Yes. Negated by things like MSV, Marksmanship, etc where applicable. Very similar to a BS attack. 2. No. Surprise Shot as a skill is not usable in ARO. It is a Short Skill active turn skill only.
  14. Did the Nasmat directly affect you're Opponent's AROing model? Most likely not, since it was doctoring an unconscious model, so it would have been normal rolls for both Doctor and ARO. Your unconscious model isn't activated by the order, so your opponent can't ARO against it until you activate that model. Additionally, it's not returned to 1W until after rolls, at which point your opponent is no longer able to declare AROs.
  15. If you're prone on a ladder and trying to claim "prone at elevated terrain", you also have to answer the question "elevated position compared to what?", because your ladder-climbing model has completely changed orientation and up isn't the same direction as for the model you're shooting at - so is it an elevated position compared to the orientation of the prone model or is it compared to the orientation of the table? I think the reasonable way to solve it is to go strictly with "compared to the prone model" meaning that you can't claim cover from someone below the ladder since that's either "on same plane or at higher elevation" (though weirdly I think they'll be able to claim cover against someone on the roof they are climbing up towards).