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  1. No, Janzerker, it would make them less carbon copies and it'd make the very useful CG profiles in vanilla be more of a choice instead of limited to basically the LT and the smoke launcher profiles. Particularly if CG changed away from rifles (i.e. prefering other rangebands than Zhanshi prefer - if that matters to order mooks). The bigger concern is that Yu Jing are supposed to be crap at doctoring and introducing a semi competent linkable Doctor means the (intended?) awkwardness of Doctors disappear as a faction trait for ISS.
  2. I think there's deeper analysis to be had here. If a faction has more than two major over-arching list building strategies that are valid, you should see less than 33% appearances of any given solid unit. For ISS, let's assume that Wu Ming, Su-Jian and Hsien builds are mutually exclusive and theoretically equally valid for these missions and that there are no other builds (incidentally all 4 lists fielded by the Spanish ISS players were other builds, but let's ignore that). If Wu Ming show up in 50% of the lists, provided a larger sample, then something is up. For the Shaolin, I think something is up. They shouldn't be that frequent in vanilla since they aren't cheap order providers (Keisotsu/Zhanshi are pointless to analyse due to this). The question is why. Is it because they are really strong for their points like some allude or is it that they provide synergy to other units in the faction that no other model can provide? Would they have been as common if Shang-Ji or Wu Ming had Smoke Grenades? What if Zuyong had a Light Smoke Launcher profile? Yu Jing is very low on smoke sources and to a kind of large extent rely on it, and Shaolin are the more reliable source (funny since they are X.Imp....)
  3. Given the low AVA of Celestial Guard in vanilla Yu Jing, I'd rather have Doctor and Engineer profiles for Celestial Guard in order to further set them apart from the military regiments. (I'd also like to see a few of the current profiles with SMGs, less for cost and more for fluff)
  4. Sounds correct. Who was link leader would have been irrelevant only so far as he risked the link needlessly by using the Crane as leader. Another example of when using Stealth is slightly sub-optimal. Emperor protects his servants.
  5. The reason why it's a nerf is above all else that taking a wound removes an order that you can't ever get back. I can't really remember ever having finisged a HI heavy game where all or even most HI didn't have a wound. More power to Janissary links I guess, but worse for everyone else. And that's saying nothing about NWI. Lesser concern is Limited Insertion and the fact that with a 5-man Wu Min / Janissary / Grrl link you might want to spend orders on something other than the link.
  6. That'd put Jotums at ARM 13 and Tikbalang to ODD which can't be removed. I doubt the key is to make TAGs stronger. If there is a problem, it more likely lies in price tag.
  7. Impetuous models can't benefit from Partial Cover MODs. All Nanoscreen does is provide Partial Cover.
  8. Looks a bit too detailed (and sort of the wrong angles on each segment) to be a Yu Jing HI braid, could it be a TAG tail for Nomads?
  9. I can, but that's only on the premise that anyone get HI spec ops. Though, while Orcs and Brigada aren't Line Troops, I especially wouldn't want "any HI with Line Troop classification". I mean, increase BS and WIP to 14, up BTS to 6 to protect from hackers, add Engineer and Mimetism and you've got a 12 XP, 2 wound Multi HMG of DOOM for 53/2 - who is also a Line Trooper. Shang-Ji also looks like a ridiculous template to use, but they've got sane weapons. (Possibly we'll see Kamau (nasty!) spec ops for Varuna and Securitate (Muyib quality right there) would be the natural one for Tunguska)
  10. Whatever the sectorial's engineer and doctor is, I hope they are linkable. Non-linkable and slow doctor/engineer is the hallmark of a faction with shite support units (not WIP 12 that Pan-O obsess about). HI could alleviate some of the issues, but for a Doctor or Engineer the biggest problem is that getting someone up is always going to be order-inefficient (and you risk worse than just having to spend more orders if the check fails). I disagree that Yan Huo/Zuyong link is equivalent of Zhanshi/Zhanshi Gongcheng link, not only are Yan Huo and Zuyong vastly different (and a comparison more akin to Zhanshi+Guilang link because "troop of the banner"), it even makes more sense than Haramaki+Domoru, Crane+Celestial Guard and much more on level of Dire Foes characters - especially Bipandra. It seems more like the division is to make sure Yu Jing can't have AVA T Doctors, so I'm still holding out hope for Yu Jing getting doctors that will finally be within one order's distance of where they need to be (in order to fail a check and kill a vastly more expensive unit than they are in as few orders as possible). I do, however, hope that this link will happen in White Banner and not IA. Because that link makes sense in White Banner while it doesn't, really, in IA. I wasn't aware Muyibs were so expensive, but we're still talking about a Spec-Ops that has 18 XP worth of Stats compared to the Muyib for those 3 points.
  11. I'm not saying Yu Jing is or ever has challenged Blue or Red, I'm saying I think Yu Jing is losing the position of 3rd spot possibly falling to 5th. We also seem have slightly to vastly different experience when it comes to the mercs (except for Sforza).
  12. Depends on thickness. But yes, provided the beam/staircase/whatever covers one third or more and that it is in such a way that the model's silhouette can touch it. The rules do not specify that the one third has to be the bottom third of the model.
  13. Nono, that's the ISS lists I found in the zip-file. I'm interested in reading the unknown lists that are missing to see how well/poorly my design philosophy matches the international scene.
  14. I'd be very interested in seeing those lists! Miki designed their lists in a way that's very foreign to me so it was an interesting read.
  15. Without Sixth Sense you are limited to what Zero Visibility Zone would allow and ZVZ requires you to be attacked by a BS Attack to allow you to see through the smoke. With Sixth Sense but without an Attack (CC, BS, hacking, etc), you lack the triggering condition for Sixth Sense of being targeted by an Attack. So if simply Move-Move into CC both me and @ToadChild have the same view - namely that if the walking trooper can use Stealth their enemy can't react at all and if the walking trooper can't use Stealth their enemy is limited to the list of CC skills.