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  1. Currently Switch in the ALIVE GROUP is showing Spanish abbreviations in the statline. This applies only to ARM, BTS, W, etc and it applies only to Switch. Switch solo has correct language as does his equipment etc. It's also only an issue for English setting.
  2. Nah. They try their damndest to make Haqq have shades of grey, but they're very cuddly-two-shoes once you look past Bob and his flamethrower friends. For obvious reasons I can't say this is through experience, but rather more through theory; but Singh seems like a good candidate for Executive Order. Not only to make him work (which is to say, make him cheaper), but also to expand the toolbox with a few tricks. However, it also removes specialist status from him for those who play ITS.
  3. My research has turned this up: Ko Dali was a Tiger Soldier with Tactical Jump and BS 14 (for only a few more points). Tactical Jump was different back then and it let you bring one more model in a coordinated order (Command Tokens weren't a thing) and it recalculated the order pool, meaning Yu Jing would start off in Loss of Lieutenant, Tactical Jump in Ko Dali and a HMG Tiger (which back then had +3 from 0") and they'd remove LoL and have an order pool that included the Tiger's order as well. To compensate Yu Jing for Ko Dali's loss, CB removed the HMG profile from Tigers and nerfed AD3+ in general. From what I can tell, Ko Dali and Tigers were pretty bonkers and most of the nerfs were justified.
  4. Yup, that's exactly what I'm saying. The end goal of this forum is to have a topic locked when correct answer has been given. Besides, you'll have much better success in attracting opinions and answers in the Ariadna or Access Guide forums. But to answer your question properly: CB doesn't want Ariadna to run more than 2 Dog-face soldiers at a time. It stands to reason that they also want to be able to tune the individual dog-faces better to each sub-faction without running into issues with the vanilla faction by dog-face AVA bloat.
  5. Apples and oranges. Or in this case apples and pine cones. Very dissimilar. This isn't a rules question but a game design question. Try asking in the Ariadna forums.
  6. This thread (and the ones about unit balance) seems to have a cycle. "Pan-O have very similar troops" "There's a few that doesn't and they suck" "We can make them un-suck by removing one/all thing(s) that sets them apart from the other troops" Go to 1. Not saying that the faction feeling same-y is not a problem, nor that the point cost of rifle vs combi vs light shotgun is not... problematic, but rather that the solutions that keep popping up to individual unit problems is to make them more one-dimensional.
  7. At any time means at any time. If the Team Leader goes enters the Isolated state or any Null state. The cancellation occurs automatically at the end of the Order in which the Team Leader enters into one of those states. If the Team Leader declares an ARO different from the Fireteam's ARO, the one declared by the rest of the Fireteam members. The cancellation occurs automatically at the end of that Order. Unfortunately, the voluntary cancellation doesn't have the same statement on timing
  8. More like I don't fight them much and have only faced them once each so the names haven't stuck. At this point, though, it's nearly dyslexic style misreading, however.
  9. I'm still mostly waiting for confirmation of what IA will have that's less than 25 points per model. Can't, unfortunately, make decent armies with only 25+ models nor is it very possible to use 2+ Guijias unless we get 8 or more AVA worth of 8 to 15 point models. Right now that means AVA T Zhanshi, but honestly, that's boring as hell and also somewhat out of character since it's the type of army that IA is meant to replace. In either case, that's for a different topic.
  10. It's a different design, sleeker and more pinched at the front than the Pan-Osian shoulder thingy, and it's also missing the popup Panzerfaust-looking tubes.
  11. Sounds a bit like someone (not necessarily you) is conflating two issues. I really do see the reason why they have to not be in blisters. I don't see why the Uhlan and Tikbalang have to be together, though it is certainly an interesting decision from both a sales and modelling point of view, while being an issue in terms of cost (aka wasted metal). In either case, it's not a case of black and white so I do think it deserves some proper discussion and I strongly think it doesn't deserve ranting.
  12. TAGs obviously can be done in blisters, but since they are a solid investment and a center-piece it makes sense to relegate them to boxes for a very large number of psychological reasons (some of which aren't even cynical).
  13. Why not 5? Two will blow up in your face, and one is a heavy infantry! If you've got a special affinity for Guilang, I'm afraid some of your interests will be unanswered. Theory is next year afaik.
  14. Why the hell do I keep getting Xeodrons and Unidrons mixed up!?
  15. Can Nourikas use Haris with his Unidrons in a Human/Tohaa sectorial? Can Nourikas use Haris with his Unidrons in Onyx? Can Nourikas use Haris with other Samaritans in Onyx? (My assumptions are; no, no, yes for the reason that Nourikas does not have the special Haris that other Samaritans have in his profile, but is a Samaritan, is this correct?)