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  1. Unless they plan on giving them Haqq gear and holsters if they ended in Haqq or Tohaa gear and holsters if they ended up in Tohaa. Besides, they might not be releasing everything with short-term profits in mind.
  2. No, but making use of the SWC efficiently triggers a long range of changes. Make the Zuyong have a HMG and you've still got 1.5 SWC left but no points to spend them on plus you now have three to four models you want to spend orders on (Hsien for high competence, Shang-Ji for mid table brawl and Zuyong para for mid table support and Z HMG for long range fire.)
  3. Hsien HMG does not have SWC discount, you need the multi rifle versions for that, also extra SWC that isn't used is also not something that benefits you. I think HFT referred to higher likelihood of using the LT order with the Hsien than the Zuyong.
  4. I'm afraid this is not true as of ITS 1.4.
  5. Dead hacker: I'm fairly certain the hacker doesn't cease being part of the combat group just because it's dead. It stops blocking command token movement to the group, though. I can't prove this, because that would involve proving that something doesn't exist in the rules text (proof of absence is very, very hard). Moved hacker: I'll leave this one for more experienced arbiters such as IJW or Solkan. I am fairly certain it'll end up being "from the pool the hacker was in when it caused the state", but I can't give any references or solid reasoning.
  6. No Oxford commas are there to help the reader see when a list of items is coming to an end. The following list has an Oxford comma prior to Armand to help you see that Cordelia isn't the last item on the list "Bounty Hunter, Miranda Ashcroft, Scarface and Cordelia Turner, and Armand". (My girlfriend keeps telling me I have increasing problems telling a joke and a real question apart, just in case you weren't actually asking for real: my official story is that it'll help someone somewhere, and I'm sticking to that story!)
  7. 1. Yes. If your opponent takes over your TAG it is now your enemy, it can gain AROs against you and you can gain AROs against it and you can shoot at each other. 2. The hacker is not actively controlling the TAG. The hacker's dying does nothing to free your TAG. 2b. Remember that possessing a possessed TAG does not free it. 3. Possessed is a Null state (just like Unconscious) and can typically not control areas. I am not aware of any ITS missions where a Null state trooper can control an area, they all have this exception. 4. No. This is one of the more morally bankrupt ways of killing a possessed TAG. Just make sure you jump from a height so you suffer DAM 20 and not DAM 10 hits. Most TAGs need only roughly a 1" tall height, but the Seraph requires a 23" high building to reliably kill this way.
  8. I'd argue that's language barrier more than anything. The "or" clearly references that what follows is a replacement-clarification of what a head is. So to speak. It probably has a good word with a decent definition that I'm unaware of. Personally, my bugbear with the rules is that currently they aren't clear whether they mean that you need to see an uninterrupted segment of at least 3x3 or whether the total volume you see need to be 3x3. Take a mosquito net (1,2mm mesh or smaller), typically used to make the steel wire nets you'd find around suburban football fields, I do think you should be able to draw line of fire through those without having to resort to house rules, though in the rules I can not actually determine this other than go by what IJW writes (meaning the mesh would grant total cover).
  9. The thing that's bothering me with the Moderators (though I still hold that they are very good quality and concept) is that all four of them are leaning forward with both body and head. It's that awkward forward-leaning head that sort of bugs me - they're all falling forward. The picture of the group where the hacker is stood at an angle, giving the impression of a more straight-standing pose, makes the hacker look so much better.
  10. Very much this! Usability is important. Luckily Yu Jing has had this usability pass done (Cranes and Pheasants are no longer noted as only "Imperial Agent" and our remotes are in format <name> <type>) so I have only three items to add from our perspective. Mech-engineer - please consider Zhanshi Gongcheng to harmonize format with Zhanshi Yisheng Asuka Kisaragi - please consider Aragoto Asuka Kisaragi to harmonize with Aragoto Senkenbutai (similar to "Domaru Takeshi Neko Oyama") Zhanying, Imperial Agent - please consider the forum & PDF name to be "Zhanying Imperial Agent" to harmonize with Crane and Pheasant.
  11. With that said, Raiden for roughly 4 points more and real camo would be sexier. Thing with Limited Camo is that it'd need a real weapon (we're talking HMG or HMG equivalent). Double Breaker, while a very interesting choice, or the current E/M weapons don't quite cut it when single-use camo is your protection. At that point the TAG starts looking like a discount Guijia or even a large and poorly equipped Hac Tao. I really dig the Holo2 idea, not only for how evocative it is with how a few TAGs would ambush a column during a snowstorm spreading massive amounts of echoes affecting a larger force than it truly is, but also from a gameplay perspective with how it allows you to spread your influence further but at the same time tripling the drawbacks of S6 (hiding 1 TAG is doable, hiding 3 TAGs that need to be within ZoC of each other is very hard).
  12. Agreed on no Ambush Camo - not part of Yu Jing arsenal. Limited Camo barely costs points. It's extremely un-sexy. Doesn't mean it's not realistic for a potential YJ TAG, only that gameplay-wise it's very un-sexy.
  13. You still don't get more than one opportunity to declare a skill. You only get one ARO which may be uses against only one single target - you have to get explicit permission to break those two basic ARO rules in order to declare Attack against more than one target.
  14. Nothing but the Lieutenant is necessary in this game. If you refuse all remotes, however, you'll have some problems laying the army list puzzle.