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  1. Of the difference in the Bolt vs Bagh-Mari, the two most costly items are the extra BS on the Bolt and the MSV on the Mari. I can't tell which one is most expensive, though I suspect BS. So if we compare it slightly differently (and I'd argue more honestly) and also cancel out the multiterrain with BTS and WIP with BTS (that we know are all roughly 1-cost): [BS 13, Bioimmunity, Veteran] vs [BS 12, MSV 1, Mimetism] Looking closer at this, we know that Mimetism has some pretty damned funky costs (1 point on CA TR HM REMS while I refuse to accept that BS 13 on Reverend Healer is roughly 7 points compared to Raiden sniper, so it's clearly more than 1 point on Reverend). Whether this qualifies as hand-adjustment or not, it's still damned strange. As far as I can tell both Bioimmunity and Veteran are cheap skills (sub-5 - most likely the pair is sub-5). So as far as I can tell, once again it is the very high Pan-O BS that makes the unit expensive and not the other abilities. In either case, it looks like what it comes down to is Bioimmunity+Veteran versus Mimetism. With the caveat that the units will be compared as a whole. But let's play with the thought of 14-point BS 12 Bolts and 23-points BS 13 Bagh-Maris - is the Bagh still so much better?
  2. That seems unintentional in the case of two enemy players supplying the targeted 3+ model CC
  3. Missile Launcher is 5 more expensive compared to Combi (so roughly 13 points compared to chain rifle) and all Engineers have Deactivator as part of the Engineer skill. I don't know the cost of MHMG, but it's going to be a whole bunch easier to deconstruct the Az'rail since it's got less exotic weapons and a statline that both more likely and more useful to a bomb squad (-1 BS +1 WIP). The real difficulty is Total Immunity, which I have a problem assigning cost to properly due to all profiles having it being very special, changing Sun Tze to become a Shang-Ji we have Total Immunity's cost be = 8 - Mimetism + 1 BS. Since Mimetism varies in cost from I think 1 to 5, it's really difficult to say. Bioimmunity is roughly 2 points, though (Securitate provides an easy deconstruction towards Zhanying). 45 sounds about right, but I'm looking at a profile that's -1 BS and +1 WIP compared to yours. The reduction in MOV for Az'rail and Yan Huo is a fairly heavy discount I'm guesstimating the discount is 4 and an extra ARM
  4. You as the mine's owner decide where the template is put if there's only one viable target, I don't see how it would be any different here.
  5. CC is sort of like a Meltagun in Warhammer 40k. It will make many units leave a bit extra margin around your squad, and occasionally they'll get to pop a tank that failed to keep that margin, but unless you've got the delivery method required (wave serpent / infiltration+TO camo), probably not. Most of the time, though, it'll be shooting at stuff with so much overkill that it might as well have been a lighter weapon.
  6. I mean, I get the feeling that Yu Jing is meant to be the faction with the least amount of Doctor support similar to how Pan-O is the faction with least smoke (1) while Tohaa is the one with second least smoke (2). This might even extend to Engineers as well in a least-support, we'll see. While Yu Jing has fairly decent Doctor AVA (3-ish), they are by no means good Doctors and technically you don't need Doctors to complete any objectives, classified or otherwise. As for hackers, I'm expecting the support regiment to handle hacking. Be they Zhanshi or be they otherwise. If we're talking Remote support, however, I'm aboard! I'm hoping that, while ISS has increased Yaoxie support, IA will have increased Yaokong support: Weibing 3, Husong 3, Chaiyi 2, Son-Bae 2. Still, IA will require some cheap backbone in order to fully utilize (presumed) increased AVA Guijia (in 400 games), Daofei and Yan Huo, though I'm not expecting my fantasised new medium infantry support regiment.
  7. This would only be viable for a 400-point list, unless you are willing to play with fewer than 10 models. I could be wrong, but I don't expect any Fury troopers in Imperial Army and I don't expect sufficient AVA of cheap HI to accomplish this in White Banner. That said, Engineer HI would be really nice. I'm less hopeful for an HI doctor, however. Yu Jing might be the HI faction, but it's absolutely not the doctor faction. That would be as unlikely as Ariadna getting a hacker (ifyouknowwhatImean)
  8. What @FatherKnowsBest says is very true. Red Veil or Icestorm is a good approach. It will give you a simplified rule set that's designed to somewhat ease you into the rules. Keep in mind, however, that while they offer very good value the contents are; simplified (not complete) rules booklet, a set of terrain that does not contain scatter terrain, a game mat that is smaller than the standard size, and a collection of great miniatures for good value with two miniatures that are not sold separately. This means it's a very good purchase if you're on a budget and has a friend who wants to tag along for half of the pack. If you're buying alone it might not be the most bang-for-your-bucks and just the starter might be better value. For best effect, you need a few unit boxes such as a Yaoxie remote box or a Wu Ming 4-model box. The Red Veil / Icestorm terrain are made to sizes such that the unit boxes will slot in and stabilize the terrain pieces. I strongly recommend against trying to build this terrain with Zond-bot or Riot Grrls unit boxes, however, since the contents of those boxes are objectively inferior and aesthetically unpleasant (for local definitions of "objectivity").
  9. Peacemaker (the one with a synched HFT) or Bulleteer (the one with ODD) with Heavy Shotgun in AP mode has +6 for range, -6 for TO/ODD, -6 for close combat. 1-6 hits Shikami, 7-12 hits Joan, 13-20 hits nothing.
  10. Can you? When you dismount a TAG, it has been established that you spend an order on the pilot, not the TAG (thus the TAG doesn't generate AROs when you active-turn dismount because it is never activated by an order). How do you spend ARO on the pilot when it is the TAG that receives the ARO?
  11. Neko begs to differ. It's about sacrificing only so much that a doctor can put you back together again.
  12. Yan Huo armour, maybe? Lighter weapons of course, probably on the explosive theme. Probably not minesweeper, though, Deactivator with True Total Immunity should be plenty enough. Still, it's going to land at something in the 40's in terms of points, unless the main gun is a Contender or something.
  13. Just to add on to what macfergusson wrote; when two models take actions that (1) rolls dice and (2) directly affect each other or (3) one model takes a dodge when the other declares an attack that can be dodged (or dodge-like skill) - it will result in a face to face roll.
  14. Only the results that are not beaten by and not equal to any opposing results will have their effects* apply. Critical results will beat any non-critical results and are equal to any other critical results regardless of the number rolled. * Effects for a bullet typically means forcing an ARM/BTS roll, effects for Dodge means getting the 2" move you specified when you declared the dodge, effect for Reset is to cancel certain effects and states, etc. Remember that rolls with a MODded skill value of 21 or higher will increase the dice result by the value minus 20. For example, a Pheasant Agent (BS 12, MSV1) using a Multi Sniper Rifle shooting at a Marked (+3) Kaplan Tactical Service 40" away (+3) in cover (-3) using Marksmanship Level X (+6) will hit on effective BS 21. A roll where the dice shows 4 will have the value 5 meaning a dice result of 19 or 20 will be a crit. This is especially important to remember for melee specialists since a Ninja rolling a 4 on a melee attack dice will most likely beat a Fusilier rolling a 7 since the Ninja's value is significantly higher (typically 10 for a roll of 4).
  15. Unlike Fire, Lava doesn't burn ODD or TO Camo