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  1. I've got a tournament next month with very similar missions. You are correct that CG is the only source of smoke, it's basically auto-include so most people don't reflect on that it's on a very basic LI. Only Missile Launcher is the Zhanying one, so Haris with Zhanying or Core as only Zhanying in Wu Ming link (but I'd prefer the Wu Ming HRL if it's dealing with links you're after) I think overall (at least as I would analyse the list if I were to use it myself) is that the list has a lot of the Good Stuff. With this I mean, you have a lot of quasi-main order pieces in Sforza, Rui Shi, Lu Duan, Su-Jian and the HMG Zhanying - all of them competing for orders where a significant chunk of the orders will be eaten by support units (smoke costs a lot more than 0,5 SWC, after all). Between the hacker eating order to either Marksmanship the Rui Shi or Fairy Dusting the Su-Jian - Sforza isn't going to get many orders and neither is the Zhanying. I would reconsider Sforza's role in all of this and possibly get another Husong (using the Zhanying's HMG to free up the SWC) or maybe split the Zhanying into two or three CG combis (for the shell games) in order to provide some orders for Sforza to move around with. Added bonus if it's two CG and a Panggolin so you can spend half of turn one putting MadTraps all over your half of the table (not that it is a very good tactic, but you COULD do it)
  2. It's even easier than that. Doctor doesn't require Line of Fire to target, because it never specifies it does. (Neither does CC Attack, btw)
  3. @Robock: Mormaers can form Haris that consist of up to 3 Mormaers, they don't need a Grey (nor a Grey stand-in) to make it valid.
  4. Yes, the latter of which I was not aware of. Neither of which causes the same upset with special requirements that I can find, however, so this is still a new situation.
  5. Idle conversation: Yes, but that requires specifically ignoring one of the Fireteam: Duo or Fireteam: Haris bullet points under Requirements. I do agree that that question is more likely to come up if using the suggested wording, than should someone ask if Valerya can join Scarface AND Cordelia for a 3-man duo with the current wording, but both would require skipping one of the requirements for forming the respective fireteams. Like I wrote, I don't doubt you - I just don't agree that the rather simple notation on Valerya in Army is sufficient to reach that conclusion on its own. The thought occurred to me, though fireteams aren't created differently during deployment than during gameplay other than not requiring CTs, so I think that line of argument would fall flat. I do note though that QK is the only place I know where a "may join any fireteam" sort of notation exists on Hafza and QK doesn't contain complicated fireteams - for other sectorials they've gone with hashing out the exact configurations for complicated fireteams (and I also note that I've seen questions regarding Joan's special fireteams a few times so that solution isn't foolproof, either). In either case, done is done and we'll have to live with this informal knowledge of how it works.
  6. I'm getting more and more confused with the whole situation the more I dig. The TAG and the pilot are two completely separate models, they do not share states between each other and they don't share equipment with each other at all. I did find a post by IJW where he noted that they are still the same trooper, and all I can really say is that the pilot rules are a complete mess.
  7. So the real wording ought to be she may "take the place of any member of a fireteam" in DBS, not just join them (since the single Druze + others doesn't fulfill the requirements for the special fireteam without Valerya counting as the Druze that's missing).
  8. I know you're right because of both your playtesting experience and that the rules work like they say they do except when they don't, but that's not how logical operations work. Does this mean that Valerya + 3 Brawlers or Velrya + Druze + 3 Brawlers are legal fireteams as well? I.e. can she join any fireteam or can she replace any member of a fireteam?
  9. Well, If Scarface didn't have Frenzy triggered before joining with Cordelia, he won't be Impetuous when Cordelia inevitably gets shot (because Scarface suffered from an Overlord attack) If Scarface had Frenzy triggered before joining with Cordelia, he will revert to his normal, impetuous, state when Cordelia leaves his ZoC. If Scarface was Frenzy and gets popped out of their TAG, he's now a completely different unit and should no longer be Impetuous. This doesn't make sense to me, personally, but is the logical consequence of the rulings that TAGs and their pilots are independent units.
  10. Yeah, but Scarface can only Duo with Cordelia, so a Duo with Valerya will only be legal for Valerya.
  11. So you don't have to reveal the group they belong to on the turn they enter/reveal, you don't have to reveal what group irregulars belong to and you don't have to reveal what group markers belong to during reactive or deployment turns? Please note that generating an order isn't explicitly private or open information, you are never told by Hidden Deployment to keep the order generation private so I am not sure your logic here is waterproof. Using your logic, the generation of orders for HD and AD must be revealed (and it's not much of a stretch to imagine that whether the order generated is AD or HD must also be revealed using this logic). We are told by the Order Pool rules that the status and expenditure of the pool and its resources is open information, but this is not sufficient to include the source of where those orders came from.
  12. What is your rationale and rules reference for not disclosing the combat group of AD or HD troops, if you disclose it for camouflage markers?
  13. HRMC in a link? You're talking about 15mm, right?
  14. ...or shoot back? Would you rather take your chance on using CC at -6 against a Mono/Viral CCW? Body-blocking is very effective versus IMPs and echoes make it so that you basically don't have to sacrifice any orders if they decide to fight free. Though, again, Auxbots (particularly the unwanted one that Seraph comes with) are probably more effective at it.
  15. Stick the Sepulchre down as 3 echoes with two body-blocking access to Joan if you're going second. Naturally, this is doable with Fusiliers or Auxbots as well, meaning it might be a more viable tactic for Limited Insertion or solo-group.