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  1. 4Ground have a series of traditional Japanese buildings if you want a more rural setting. Build quality is excellent, in spite of the flimsy thickness of the mdf (thanks to construction technique and that outter walls are always more than one layer), and they come pre-painted. We are, however, talking 16th century rural Japan, though, so very retro and not very... in-verse.
  2. Perimeter weapons should be Remotes, so no. I also note that they aren't troopers and Prone state specifically calls for a trooper entering the state.
  3. Thank you for the answer, Solkan , though you might want to quote the people suggesting quantum movement instead of me doubting them. On the corner case (multi-dimensioned pun intended) of serious boxing/clustering in, do you also move models not engaged if necessary to move engaged models? * this is out of curiosity, I doubt anyone would ever pile models in so much that you can't move the engaged models at all. (Mentions simply don't work on phone browser atm)
  4. So who gets to end up in the indicated spot where Joan wants to dodge to? Joan who declared it first or Haramaki who moved there first? While I agree that a model that is moving will not block other models movement in the path the model takes, I am less certain about a model's final position and whether enemy models will not also count as being in base-to-base contact and thus trigger the end-of-movement condition for a move. Putting a different slant on the line of thinking, a model with a broken Hacking Device stands 2" away from an Engineer, the active player spends a Coordinated Order on the Hacker and the Engineer, moving both to the same spot between them and then back again - can the Engineer use the second Short Skill to try to Engineer the Hacking Device to functional state? --- Okay, let's make this more complicated - what if the models that are boxing the victim in are not activated? Order 1: Shaolin uses smoke on Jotum. It's super effective! Jotum is blinded. Order 2: Shaolin moves. Jotum resets. Shaolin moves into Engaged with Jotum. Order 3: Zhanshi moves. Jotum resets. Zhanshi moves into Engaged with Jotum. Order 4: Keisotsu moves. Jotum is annoyed. Keisotsu moves into Engaged with Jotum. Jotum is now boxed in with the biggest gap between Yu Jing models (that is not an infinitely high wall of an Armoury) is 30mm. Order 5: Crane Agent moves into Engaged with Jotum. Jotum dodges. Crane Agent rolls an "anything but a 1". Jotum dodges. Can Jotum get free or is the Crane Agent going to remain engaged with a +3 burst gang up bonus?
  5. Entirely true, I'm afraid. Army is missing some important notes, but the ITS verification is correct.
  6. Unfortunately, Miranda is required, so the usefulness of said profiles is diminished. I'd not mind picking either Miranda or the RBH, but both being mandatory together does put a spanner in my list-building machinery.
  7. Am I correct in assuming the point is that for people used to SI, 10cm is a very common measurement that just becomes easier to eyeball due to practice everyone gets growing up. @Darkvortex87
  8. While I'm not certain I agree that movement is simultaneous like that, how do you interpret the followup question? What about if there are Haramaki placed blocking all of the dodge trajectory, not just some of it?
  9. Skill 1: Domaru is link leader and declares Move. Only Domaru reaches base to base with Joan who is in a zero visibility zone. Aro: Joan decides to dodge to try and escape, she indicates a path directly away fron the majority of the Domaki link. Skill 2: The Domaru orders their Haranaki to group up. Joan is now trapped between a Domaru, two Haramaki and a wall with less than 20mm between each samurai. Resolution: Joan passes her dodge. Question: what takes priority; separating from close combat or obeying general movement rules? Is Joan trapped or does she escape (for now)? Followup: I assume no, but can Joan move over one of the Haramaki to complete her movement? Does it matter if the remaining two Haramaki are positioned to block her indicated path?
  10. Immobilized units aren't only disallowed from attacking, they also aren't allowed to declare " any Short Skills other than Reset, Regeneration, Sensor, AutoMediKit, or those that state so explicitly in their description. " Boost (and other skills that are exclusively AROs) are poorly defined, but they should fall under Short Skills as well similar to how other non-defined skills do.
  11. Delaying ARO means you are waiting to declare your ARO against a specific target, but severely limiting what ARO choices you have.
  12. They made strong hints that they are permanent. I think language barrier prevented a clear answer.
  13. I don't see how this is any different from a range of other abilities in Infinity which naturally combos well. Camouflage and Infiltration is stronger together than stand alone, Sensor and Forward Observer is doubly stronger together than along, Smoke and MSV2 is so strong together that under the hood CB has banned it's combo, and so on.
  14. I've also had a bit of success taking over Perimeter weapons. However, I do want to underline this: Minesweeper sucked then and it still sucks. I'm just happier with the current proof of concept. It takes too many orders to properly execute regardless of implementation, but it's the -6 on the 16-24" range band that's the real culprit - it means that you still need to make a looot of manoeuvres to get the little REM into position for very little effect. I think the Forward Observer statline would have been more fair, since while this would significantly increase the chances of the skill working against a target that can't ARO, we're still talking about targeting non-troop targets that take no ability rolls to activate. Thinking of Xcom here and the Psionic ability that blows grenades up: how about hacking program that, if successful, blows all disposable weapons controlled or carried by the target up. For Perimeter weapons, they just go pop and are gone but for mines, e/marats, etc the target not only lose them but also suffer a hit by the same weapon.