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  1. This doesn't work against Kaauri, which has all but the guns to put the Hsien in their place, so be careful. (But what can you expect from a 19 point infantry?)
  2. Heh. I just found a use for Miranda. Switch.
  3. Unless the TAG hasn't already done so with a Heavy Flamethrower and assuming the enemies are not still in base to base with the TAG. Like I wrote, not without it's uses, but it isn't a weapon that you'll use to protect yourself from a HD unit decloaking to take a potshot at you in ARO when you're trying to claim the objective.
  4. Does a TAG killed count as killing a specialist?
  5. Thay might be the thing they mean, but these ITS rules changes are the Bomb for the community
  6. *sigh* why is it that on the internet, you either have to make disclaimers for even the tiniest of things or have to cover all bases in a post no one will read? Least useful isn't the same as useless. Worst isn't the same as unusable or a gimmick. The most expensive unit in the faction has the least well-protected model in the faction with the faction's most suicidal type of weapon, it is useable in the same category as Explode level 1 on Achilles (I initially wrote Ajax, but for Ajax it'd be fantastic)
  7. It's sort of funny how ISS can take anti-establishment mercs. Anyway, I'm being a bit internally inconsistent. I think Yu Jing is blessed with the best pilot (O-yoroi) and the worst pilot (Guijia) at the same time. If all pilots were brought up to the level of utility and force as the O-Yoroi or Gecko it would be a non-issue. They don't. Ghost on TAGs are confirmed to be free. The piloted TAGs just come less expensive because they also lack the toys that the Ghost TAGs have.
  8. Tohaa loves the warm fuzzy feeling of a Tiger soldier walking in on the board edge just behind one of their link teams, which is why an experienced Tohaa player will always cover their rear or avoid blind spots on the table edge if they spot 30-ish missing points in a Yu Jing list. Tigers with combis are an anti-Tohaa toolbox, if a suicidal toolbox. You can also improve your odds with the sacrifice of a Weibing (use forward observer or Triangulated Forward Observer) if the target is of strategic value enough. Nimbus Grenades could also be useful, but it's very bad bang for an order.
  9. I believe the plethora of Contenders on TAG pilots are also new. I'm a bit miffed that Guijia pilot didn't get one as well. O-yoroi pilot is fantastic, though, almost to the point where spending orders on her to dismount will be a real asset rather than a gimmick.
  10. *shrug* at worst, inform your opponent that you'll be writing down your hidden information, since that's what the rules require you to do. "I have no hidden information or any hidden troops hiding on the board since for this mission I elected the list without Ninjas or Oniwaban and my Kanren deployed in a truthful manner just to mess with my opponent." Make it as detailed as you think is necessary for your opponent to be able to check all potential hidden information.
  11. This is true, at half MOV, but one thing that has never come up for me before is; can you declare prone and dismount in the same Move short skill? Will the pilot be placed on the table before being prone or can you crawl out of the TAG so to speak? I very strongly agree with the OP that Remote Presence is better than Piloted and that the new rules for Remote Presence REM Pilot is overall in favour of Remote Presence. And due to this being the internet, I'll have to add a disclaimer: I do think that Piloted TAGs still need a skill or ability to bridge the gap. A fairly insignificant feature, such as a successfully dismounted Pilot generating orders regardless of status of the TAG similar to a Ejection System operator does - but without the actual ejection system - meaning you'd have to spend an order to dismount the pilot from the wreck - if the wreck survives - which if you think about it isn't very dissimilar from Resetting the TAG when the REM Pilot dies.
  12. Then add that on top of the list of amazing benefits which completely overshadows the reduced WIP of the REM pilot
  13. Or the one where it is s2 (typo due to mobile phone, meant to be S1) and can hide behind a larger array of scenery. Is Dead a null state for the REM pilot from which the TAG can recover with a reset?
  14. There are very few mistakes in list-building you can make (that isn't also caught by the ITS validator). Tactically there are plenty of mistakes to make, so it's typically not your list but how you use it that's the issue. I'm sure there's a sex joke in there somewhere. You have a few things to solve: 1. How do you get the Gongcheng, Paramedic or Tiger to an objective. The Tiger will be easiest, but it's also a high-value asset that you don't want to make suicide runs with needlessly. 2. You've got one Engineer with two Yaozao ready to repair a single REM and one HI. While not bad in and of itself, I'd still argue that the Engineer can't score any objectives (classified or otherwise) through its proxy except for Test Run (I think it is) and that while the Husong is a good asset, it might not always be worth spending orders on. This segways into 3. Your Paramedic is there exclusively for a limited number of classified objectives. The Hsien has a decent shot at being revived by a dart, but it's not great while everyone else has a surprisingly low PH value for the arbitrary CC faction of the human sphere. If you can free up 2 points, this Paramedic can become a Yisheng which will both be able to shoot darts and if it or its Yaozao reaches base to base can heal people up on 0-13 with potential for re-roll instead of 0-8 with no re-roll potential at all. 4. Your LT is obvious. He's also a HI. It's probably fine. 5. You have a large number of Extremely Impetuous models. Think twice before you deploy them aggressively. They will be easy to manipulate. Think about how one could use your own list against you - what if someone deploys the Husong on one edge of the board and then on turn 1 walks the Tiger in from that side in order to bait all of your Monks and Kuang Shi to run into TR HMG fire? Do you want your Kuang Shi to use their Chain Rifles or are their orders better spent on the Hsien? 6. You've got two order-hungry main hitters. Not bad. Think about who is your primary puncher and whether the secondary puncher goes for the flank or aims to pick up slack should your main puncher be wounded. 7. I realize you are short on points, but the Su-Jian is a shotgun Su-Jian, meaning you probably need to split your monks between the Su-Jian and the Hsien in order to get your Su-Jian forward. I'd personally prefer the Spitfire Su-Jian in this situation, but I wouldn't be able to find the SWC or Points to make tiny enough changes. 8. With an Assault Hacker Tiger, you need to be careful of enemy hackers. This profile is difficult, it does the most of all Tiger profiles, but it is also the most vulnerable. Remember that Tigers are BTS 0, so while their WIP is decent they still aren't great for handling other hackers. 9. Guilang can infiltrate, but that doesn't mean you should! Deploy as necessary, you may want to use Surprise Shot to get a TR HMG REM down to -12 MOD or you might want it infiltrated on a table edge somewhere off to the side. It is decent but not as effective as a Hidden Deployment MSR Ninja. In short: go for it, you've got plenty of stuff in the list, lots of learning opportunities and no obvious mistakes.
  15. Oh boy, this reasoning is probably a bigger can of worms to go for. Limited Camouflage (and all the other camouflage skills) have the Optional label and so does Impersonation. Going by this reasoning, it would be impossible for the Cateran to ever use Limited Camouflage because the Obligatory label would kick them out of camo immediately. It would also mean that a Reverend Custodier couldn't use Cybermask to gain Impersonation-2 because ODD is Obligatory and NFB. The thing is, Caterans gain the use of Surprise Shot through Limited Camouflage. It isn't until Limited Camouflage's NFB is cancelled that Mimetism can start functioning - NFB also suppresses the Obligatory label of other skills with NFB.