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  1. I think HB has gotten a lot easier to get into than it used to be, but it's still a fairly different beast than a lot of other sectorials. Your not being sure how to take out powerful ARO pieces is definitely a challenge with it due to a relative shortage of good gunfighters, and I think the basic answer is the same as most things in HB - respond asymmetrically. Engage a Sniper with a Fiday or a Daylami, take out ODD with your Muyib team's Rocket Launcher, then go for the Kill with your Govad team, etc. Big open tables certainly make getting into the mid range tough, but you're probably going to have 5 or 6 sources of smoke to help with that and lots of orders to work with. Ragiks are expensive but can deliver firepower to the other side of the table efficiently, with Dogged as a little insurance. The Lasiq was mentioned, and one thing that I did basically always before HSN3 was starting with linked Lasiqs, moving them to the midfield and putting them in suppression (and moving the link to the Muyibs) Now that HB has more fireteam options it's harder to decide to spend the points that way, but suppressed viral rifles with x-visors and Mimetism in the midfield are still very nasty, and can close that firepower gap some.
  2. MULTI Snipers are really solid options. Damage 15 DA ammo only breaks even with AP for likeliness to cause a wound on 8 Armor in cover.
  3. I was thinking linked ML vs linked MULTI Sniper.
  4. Do you think the extra armor roll or the extra target is more valuable?
  5. So it's not that they're hard to remove, but that they have a high potential threat, or that their threat is in a place of high value? This is an approach I'm not very practiced in, but have been thinking about more while I've been playing NCA.
  6. I'd say the League Pack should be ran as intended by ITS, so that you're reporting the same thing everyone else is reporting. That said, it seems like the League format allows either a 6 round escalation league or an 8 round format which is pretty open ended. As long as you do the pairings the way they say, and do one list per round and you use ITS rules I don't see any reason you couldn't weave a narrative around it.
  7. I believe the answer is yes.
  8. I haven't backfilled all the data yet, but I added a sex column and chart to my release tracker document a bit ago https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/126J81GqIjmpwsJuEXa9kuEkbj7RDlHlX8MXW7HEr8vs
  9. Oh yeah, for sure. I don't think he needs to be treated with that kind of care, but I'll take it.
  10. He's a Hunzakut? I thought he was a Ghulam. I wish the old pictures had the models identified...
  11. OH, OK. Cool. Thanks for sharing!
  12. HMG Rocket Girl?
  13. There it is, under commmand token uses. Whenever I learn something new I always look it up in way the wrong order, I started with AI Beacon, and Combat Groups.
  14. Huh I did not know this. Why can't they change combat groups?
  15. I hadn't thought of deploying as a hacker to conceal hackable! That's great. I really like the FO Ghulam, though.