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  1. Haqqislam vs Ariadna, Ariadna wins at La Forja Military Harbour: https://wotan.warconsole.com/battles/terrordactyl-vs-drogmir-1497566368
  2. Ah, OK. That seemed like an odd choice so I wanted to make sure I was understanding. Thank you!
  3. Are you throwing Drop Bears in ARO in this example?
  4. Haqqislam v Ariadna Draw at La Forja Control Deck: https://wotan.warconsole.com/battles/terrordactyl-vs-drogmir-1497456438
  5. You guys didn't have spies last time?
  6. Yes! There seems to be extra confusion about if you can play other missions this time around, and I'm not sure why. We've been trying to dispel that misconception as often as is reasonable in our faction forum.
  7. If that were an intended function then there wouldn't be a report linking feature...
  8. Seems only fair to decide first.
  9. Obvious solution to my own question: The Spanish version says no retreat.
  10. Does Kill Cage have Retreat! or no?
  11. That's actually really funny @Nazroth. I'm gonna steal that for something, someday...
  12. Sounds like Bostria just doesn't like us, @AdmiralJCJF
  13. @Vanther said that @bostria posted on the Tohaa forums so I was like "cool, we'll have that soon" but haven't heard anything else from any of the other factions.
  14. It'd be nice, yeah. We've been bumping things as needed, but I'd like to be able to sticky/pin important posts.
  15. Any news on faction liaisons? Or at least moderators?