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  1. "Chess on Steroids" Does that mean the 'Hammers are Checkers? Because that's funny.
  2. Agreed.
  3. The one I just acquired is the same model Agis just posted a new picture of. Third pic down. I have conflicting whims here. I hate to leave a mini in a useless state, but also prefer the later sculpts. Just as I found a new role for my old school Mobile Brigada (she now works for the QK as a "Merc" MB in old equipment), this fellow strikes me as a Seven Samurai sort, crashing a JSA op in repainted but unconverted old gear he's been hiding for years. The old stuff will make great RPG fodder, if nothing else.
  4. I have acquired an *old* sculpt Hsien, sword in right hand, but missing his entire left arm. Pics, including one in this forum, tell me that the left arm held a rifle. Looking at the Yu Jing Spec Ops, I can't tell if he has a second left arm for those extra guns he comes with or not. I'm adventurous enough to sculpt a new arm using his right arm as a guide, but if I don't have to...
  5. Isosceles pyramids are easy. Use a compass or a CADD package that is decent. Draw a circle. Draw a second circle of the same diameter centered anywhere on the circumference of the first. Then draw a third circle of the same diameter centered at either of the two points the first two circles intersect. Now use a ruler or line tool to draw straight lines between the three outer intersections, and between the three inner intersections. Once this is on paper, cut out the four triangle shape, also keeping the inner arc of one circle on each side of the triangle to use as a glue tab. Fold on the inner lines and the tabs, glue together. You can turn this into a six-sided crystal by adding another circle to an intersection of the three prior circles. Eight sides, ten, and twenty, the shape of the dice Infinity uses, are also possible with this process by adding more circles in the right places.
  6. I use Pixar Cars, generally racers and econoboxes, on the table as ground clutter. As long as you don't go the route of tracing LOF *under* cars, they work just fine, are very close to scale (being around 1/55 or so), and relatively cheap and widely available. You do need to cover the eyes, though. Found a potential dropship from Matchbox not too long ago, too. The big green and white helicopter called the Cloud Chopper. It even has an openable ramp in back.
  7. Here they are. You tell me.
  8. I picked up some of each during the Fat Yuan Yuan promo, and with them now in hand I'm wondering how resilient the art surface is. The blast/landing template in particular has a few bubbles on the art side that may lead to it not wearing evenly. Would felt feet be an option?
  9. The list of SMS that will not break camo is pretty short for most models: Move and Idle. Activate can also qualify under some circumstances, as it does not always require a roll. Discover, on the other hand, is written to always require a roll. A model with Super-Jump adds Jump to that list, and a model with Climbing+ adds Climb to that list. Both are normally Long Skills that would not normally qualify but are converted to SMS by those Special Skills. Other cases like Jump and Climb may exist, but are going to be fairly uncommon. It pays to follow your Special Skills and Equipment rules down the rabbit hole as far as they go. In particular, the MSV3 as written does not allow Discover to be used without breaking Camo because it does not remove the roll requirement, but instead just makes the roll always succeed. The FAQ revision I have doesn't appear to change that.
  10. And they just announced a couple small Alcabaza buildings for Adepticon that are pretty much exactly what I was going to want to fill out a board. My wallet aches already...
  11. To reduce the danger of knock-over, I might consider building one at dock instead of free flying. That way it is attached to a presumably hefty building. You can also then put other terrain directly below it, depending on the design of the dock.
  12. We use the "courtesy list" prints with reference pages at the table quite a bit, but we keep having to look elsewhere for the Sustained Fire profile. Would adding it to the weapons page of a list when weapons are capable of it be practical? Am I just missing a setting?
  13. I necro'd the thread, so it may have dated from when they were experimenting.
  14. That's more a 2,000 gallon tank. 55-gallon drums are only partial cover.
  15. The video series has expanded but does not cover all of the facades, and I have found that watching the videos is still useful to cut down the incidents of "where does THIS go?"