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  1. And they just announced a couple small Alcabaza buildings for Adepticon that are pretty much exactly what I was going to want to fill out a board. My wallet aches already...
  2. To reduce the danger of knock-over, I might consider building one at dock instead of free flying. That way it is attached to a presumably hefty building. You can also then put other terrain directly below it, depending on the design of the dock.
  3. We use the "courtesy list" prints with reference pages at the table quite a bit, but we keep having to look elsewhere for the Sustained Fire profile. Would adding it to the weapons page of a list when weapons are capable of it be practical? Am I just missing a setting?
  4. I necro'd the thread, so it may have dated from when they were experimenting.
  5. That's more a 2,000 gallon tank. 55-gallon drums are only partial cover.
  6. The video series has expanded but does not cover all of the facades, and I have found that watching the videos is still useful to cut down the incidents of "where does THIS go?"
  7. As one example, assemble a four-way intersection with the overhang buildings on each corner and cars, dumpsters, or other objects to grant some cover in and near it. Now hold a firefight in the intersection. Unless that intersection is big enough to lay down the large teardrop template sideways you will have trouble with LOF around the corners, or even between opposite Stop signs. You can get away with it if the buildings are short, but tall and cantilevered gets messy very quickly. The same thing occurs when a lot of bridges are involved but the ground remains playable, or the bridges aren't from roof to roof, but lower on the buildings. The table *looks* amazing, but is, as one tournament organizer put it, "technically difficult" for the players.
  8. Apologies. I am referring to the potential of the individual buildings, not the specific arrangement you use.
  9. I can imagine, but my point was more to sheer playability. A table that has to be half disassembled every turn to make LOF determinations near the center is too cramped regardless of the actual building count, and extensive overhangs can escalate that.
  10. The electricity bills must be staggering.
  11. A friend is also building this set of kits, and has noted that the top deck of the Feng Huang building is too narrow to actually put models on that will meet the requirements for Infinity (room for the entire base) unless you leave the little shrine/roof access building doorless and/or not attached. Moving the railing outward would help, but you have to know to do that before you start...
  12. Yeah, as the build-a-little-paint-a-little work flow model is not my ideal approach, I'm working up to the Alcabaza stuff by noodling around with the Alpha series a bit first.
  13. Mine has arrived, and I got the other LE Studio B building in a trade, so I'm in for the long haul.
  14. I'll be adding a light kit to one of mine. (Which reminds me that I need to get some velcro for the battery and replace my cheapy hot glue gun, as it seems to have vanished.)
  15. I think the snowed trees can be de-snowed with hot water, though it might take *really* hot water. Alternately just line 'em up and re-spray them green with the snow in place. Alien world and all...
  16. I picked this up last week without giving the visible instruction sheet much of a look, and noodling around with it over the weekend found that it needs that odd "rotate the last wall into place vs two other walls at the same time" step. The loose tolerances needed to make that possible make the whole building a bit loose. While I suspect the corner bits for supporting the roof in non-Objective mode might help, I'm curious if people build this kit fully (except maybe the roof/floor) or if they leave it collapsible?
  17. Yeah, I would love to use something like Bandua's platforms, but they're a bit much to cover a table with, and not quite stable enough in large numbers. I love the railings, though. Thinking out loud, a raised ring (like CNC's plain raised stuff) perhaps three feet square, with walkways at table level around the outside. The center has the tall rig itself, and the ring has tanks and buildings. Pipes everywhere, of course.
  18. I think they were using some old toy line with girders and platforms, but all brightly colored. and very tall. A great spectacle table for a convention but tough to store and transport unless it came apart. I didn't see the set up or tear down, so I don't have a sense of that aspect.
  19. Someone built an oil platform for a supers/spy game at a local convention a couple years ago. I'll see if I can find a picture.
  20. If you can find any, the Polymeric "brown stuff" holds an edge exactly like green stuff doesn't, as it has no memory effect. You can blend them, or most any pair of two-part putties, together to get intermediate properties as well.
  21. CA and PanO are most common, with YuJing next and Ariadna after that.
  22. Ordered one of these yesterday. I look forward to putting it on the table.
  23. The Atl (the "small" stepped apartment) is roughly 8" (20cm) square and about 7.5" tall. The other two have slightly larger footprints. The Xolotl is the same height as the Atl aside from the roof access, and the Tlaloc main roof is the same height as the Xolotl's elevator roof.
  24. The methods suggested for 40k Catachan tables back in the day are applicable to Infinity as well, and Infinity even has the rules in place already. Real world jungles are a mixture of nonspecific hindering low level roots, shrubs and branches, larger trunks that are full LOF and movement blockers, and a constantly changing visual filter of leaves. Paths can vanish in days or even hours depending on what made them and how frequently they are re-used. Paradiso is supposedly a hyper jungle, a constant race between the large and aggressive animal inhabitants and the otherwise unchecked plant life. For the game reality of Infinity the simple approach would be to declare the whole table Low Visibility, place the big landmarks like that tree, alien ruins, this week's bunker, etc, and mark the spots or zones that are either better or worse than the LV default. For the spectacle, the Catachan table, full of 60mm round bases with terrarium foliage that you remove and replace as models move, is tempting to do, but a time and storage investment entirely separate from the usual urban boards Infinity is known for. If certain types of trees are present on Paradiso, a board could also be approached as a traditional catwalk table, with huge and high branches connecting trees with paths large enough to traverse with a little agility and moxie. The rules covering legal model placement in Infinity do threaten to make such a board look a little odd, however, so you will want to mix really wide and suspiciously flat-topped branches with liana bridges, multi-branch tangles, and super-leap gaps.
  25. Or install lots of balconies and bridges, and provide *covered* elevators or ladders in a few places. Then invest in some mirrors, because your LOF determinations stop reaching the table edge very often once you go seriously vertical.