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  1. There's a place in North Shields that plays every Sunday. Newcastle Warlords is every thursday, but im not sure if they play Infinity ...yet.
  2. Yeah, i've just bought the actual model as well... but that pose is still a hell of a better than the weird sliding rocket launcher.
  3. Really not a fan of the model. Had hoped CB had moved away from making this type of shit, but nevermind. I'll just be using a standard Zhanshi/CG or whatever i have spare i guess. Not that important.
  4. Holy shit dude, these are awesome. The amount of detail you even put into that newspaper on the base sums these up! Ha. Glad to have you fighting with Yu Jing
  5. Oh nice. I might check it out sometime. Shame it's on the same day as the one in North Shields. Hate having everything stuck to Sundays only because Newcastle lacks a proper store.
  6. Corvus Belli said theyre currently making a mobile version, so dont worry....
  7. Yep. It's THAT guy. The funds in general look like ridiculous blocks, but it's the knife behind back by that brings all of them down.
  8. Ah, that's good news then. I'd heard that elsewhere too, but thats quite possibly from you haha. I'm still meaning to use Kuang Shi although the sculpts kinda put me off, hence going for Monks first. Although, playing vanilla, Monks seem the easier option anyway.
  9. And over the 300 points mark in that sample list. I loved the idea of duo Su Jians initially, even more so when I read they're available in Vanilla too, but I'm having a hard time fitting them into a single list as a duo. Given they have pretty much the same role regardless. I struggle enough trying to convince two of Hac Tao, Guijia and Yan Huo and at least they have variation.
  10. Thoughts unit was always going to be an audio include for me but after seeing those... Oh man! I'm hoping the artwork goes in this direction.
  11. In more distressing news, i seem to have lost my Bao Sniper's head. Damn. Any ideas for a replacement? hah. :\ The only thing from Infinity i have spare seems to be the extra head (helmet) from the Spec Ops guy, but it looks a little on the large side....
  12. Not a fan of any of the Remotes in looks, but i cant see them getting resculpts anytime soon as well. I just dont know what to buy first! The Rui Shi/Lu Duan one looks like a winner so far. Although i really want to test out a TR bot and Panggulangs seem pretty important when HSN3 drops.
  13. Ah, i didnt realise heaton had started playing Infinity. Tried there for a quite a while before finding the one in north Shields, but it seemed dominated by Warmachine/Hordes.
  14. Yep, the exact same one! After pinning it through the MAS bases is just seemed to get weaker and weaker over time. Gradually falling forward, until one day it snapped. I was tempted to pin the leg back on similar to how you have, but the ankle looked to thin and the boot looked messy. So i removed the foot. Now ive got to come up with some sort of boot of of green stuff or maybe something more study that she can be running through... I'm not sure yet!
  15. Yeah, I really should start pinning things other than just the bases. I think it was more the fact that the ML has more parts to attach around the back + fin area than the HRMC model. Both feel pretty solid though. I have bigger problems anyway. One of my zhanshi snaffled at the ankle (female model that only has one front foot on the floor), so I need to model some crutches for her now...