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  1. I think that would work just fine, was thinking about MB shotgun also as it will likely have the same hand. By all accounts they are just a bit bulkier than other Nomad HI.
  2. Excellent work as always Nazroth, can I enquire as to how you went about redoing the Hellcat base? I love the model but like yourself have more industrial/scifi themed bases.
  3. Just another untested suggestion, but would an Evo with kaleidoscope up and running help negate the Khd chances?
  4. If you don't laugh while reading this I think you need medical attention. Highly recommended! (Not just cos I'm in it)
  5. If it helps, I wouldn't mind a human dog warrior or two...
  6. @Darkilian that report vs Garak, what terrain make is that? Some lovely stuff
  7. Close thing at Baijing!
  8. The events leading up to No. 5's awakening
  9. My first reaction in all honesty was OMG what have they done to the Intruder?!? Then I remembered, as others have mentioned above, it's an X-visor, and then it suddenly became immensely cool. Going to try model it on my (naturally, just built) existing Intruder Sniper
  10. Quite happy with the little narrative on this
  11. well that sound's harsh! *goes to read* In the mean time, here is Onyx and Nomads fighting over pillaging rights on Baijing
  12. Would it be a foolish thing to hold out hope for more samsara variants in future?
  13. Nomad version of events
  14. The final report for the Nomad journey in Garagefinity III: Wotan Edition