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  1. How do "transparent" units cast a dark shadow? *shrug*
  2. You must rather be of the opinion that it is an acceptable risk to pay that price for something neither you nor anybody else has bought or seen the contents of before. With the possibility of being disappointed by what you get for said price (or fully satisfied by it).
  3. And keep in mind that fluffwise, a Camo-marker is just that faint feeling of a soldier there might be something, a weak radar blip not really discernible, a sound he heard that makes him suspicious. From a soldier's point of view, a Camo marker is no enemy he can really see. If you use Discover, your soldier looks closer, only then to see the outline of that Camo-unit hiding in the bushes or the flickering appearance of a TO-camo. Now why can't you drop a mine against a marker? Because it wouldn't make sense for a soldier just to drop one of his precious mines every time he gets that itch. If you want him to still trust his intuition, you simply have him make an intuitive attack (which, mind you, if failed, can not be repeated until the next game turn, as the soldier thinks his intuition failed and his mind just played tricks on him).
  4. Over-dramatising for my part. I'd love to support CB by buying their product. I don't like unnecessary coupling of products though. If (as in some other thread it was mentioned) it turns out that there really is global fluff (as in: where does the Infinity story as a whole go to) involved in all mission packs (assuming the extreme case that you'd essentially have to have all DF-boxes to follow said fluff), I'd be fine to just find the pdf somewhere on my pendrive (how does it get there though? see below). Since I don't really like many of the DF-models (perhaps 2 across different boxes, everything for PanO is a big let-down for me), in this extreme case I'd rather prefer to buy just the PDF without the crappy models. If there's no global fluff, but only mainly unit fluff, I'm fine with that. Due to reasons mentioned above I'd probably still not buy any of the DF-boxes, but I'd also not have the feeling of missing any important fluff bits. Edit: btw, since when do you care about subjective opinions? Isn't that just chitter-chatter cluttering the forums? Edit 2: Didn't vote because your poll options suck.
  5. Yeah, there's a Spanish FAQ-entry dealing with that. I've translated it in another thread already. (sorry for no link, but i'm on clumsy mobile right now)
  6. Not really. Like with AROs, if you don't declare the explosion against the first skill that brings the enemy into the area of effect, you lose the ability to explode in this order. No explosion possible against the second skill if you could have already hit the enemy after the first one.
  7. You could also use a coordinated order containing an Engineer to try and get other units past mines more safely. Use the coordinated order to get close to the mine (if possible, not allowing a template to cover more than one unit at once). If the mine goes off, use "Engineer" as your second skill in the Coordinated order and try to defuse the mine (which has now automatically revealed itself). Instead of having to dodge at -6 now, you make a FtF-WIP-roll potentially saving all the miniatures in the blast. This also ties into a recent discussion about how close you have to be to deactivate mines using "Engineer". The Spanish version of the rules differs a little from the English one here as it says you have to be in the mine's circular template range, whereas the English version doesn't state that. It was said to be a remainder from when mines only used to have circular templates at all and no teardrop ones. Note that the method stated above would pretty much only make sense if you can really defuse mines using "Engineer" if you're in teardrop range. Edit: Not sure if this would work though given the mine could probably wait with announcing its explosion til after the whole order has been declared (since it's sometimes said to work as a standard ARO, sometimes not, this seemed a little confusing to me). What if it doesn't declare to explode?
  8. Lol, no no, I was more referring to the weather "outside" ;D Scorch is not too far from my region as we already discovered once, so I know the weather here. Cold and wet.
  9. Oh my gosh yeah, the career mode update was really fun and time eating :-)
  10. I couldn't care less for downloadable art advertised as an art print. And, you know, printing art prints is an art. I've never really managed to print printshop-like quality stuff at home. I tried printing full sheet art stuff, but even if it looked well enough at some point, I always had roller markings on it. Combined with the ink-consumption I decided it was not worth further trying. OT: Best art print I ever got as a bonus was crammed into the Skyrim DVD-box. A nice A2-sized map of the Province of Skyrim printed on some lovely, thick, linen-textured "paper". That's something worth paying an extra for (which I didn't even do). Funny thing, a friend of mine who did not get the UK-version imported like me had the same print in his DVD-box... but on glossy paper. Yikes!
  11. Having all of the Artbook One Cover Prints framed up on the wall (el cheapo black w/ acrylic panes frames) I say they look stellar that way. Not sure if I'd like to frame and hang small format postcard prints though, so the art prints from the DF boxes will probably be pretty useless for me. Just wanted to add to the free rules arguments here and there: Todd and Red Harvest already mentioned it (and probably others already as well), the rules development is probably priced into the models. Heck, even if not, and the rules were totally free, I've never really seen it as a generous move of CB to make their rules freely available. It's lure, bait, advertisement. Rules being free is a great incentive to start or even consider starting a system. If it hadn't been for free rules, I'd probably never started Infinity, meaning CB would have missed out on a good bunch of money. Being able to read through all of it and see the system fit me was a huge factor in decision making there. Being able to look up rules online with a (potentially...ahem) always up-to-date wiki and FAQs delivered on the fly - huge bonus of free rules, that is not easily achievable if you base your rules on a locked-down print version only. And guess what. I still shelled out the money for all of the books so far just for the fluff. Win-win. Comes to mind everytime I read "CB already gave you the rules for free!" pops up.
  12. Oh man, I spent so much time playing vanilla over the years, then paused, then spent probably as much time again playing some modified Direwolf20 modpack on a friend's server Minecraft is an itch that doesn't just go away though, so yeah, I'm seriously considering
  13. Incredible indeed. Very nice style. I've been toying with the idea of hardpainted shadows for a while myself and seeing this, I'm definitely gonna give it a shot next time.
  14. "A burning sensation: Social reflux after digestion of Sphagnum fanaticum peat." (Bostria, Bostria et al.) was one of the first papers issued by the Bostrian Scientific Society in 2012, so while scientists had already suspected the inhabitants of the little island Foro Ingles to express a certain increased amount of weirdness, statistically significant levels of high weirdness have only been proven since then.