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  1. People will say anything to justify their shitty behavior, self-diagnosing with psychological disorders and accusing others of manipulation just seem to be in vogue nowadays Any of you ever heard "bullies" by Trevor Moore?
  2. I didn't know how long the Kirchners had been in power, well at least things are looking up As for Colombia, I know that rat Timochenko is rightfully hated so he won't get into power democratically, but elections don't tend to mean much when the Castro dynasty starts pulling strings
  3. So wonderful they export it, just ask Venezuela and soon Colombia Thank goodness Brazil and Argentina got smart fast
  4. I see your Spain and I raise you one Cuba
  5. Must be nice, I have produced so many reports generating millions upon millions of dollars in cost reduction and government credits (over 200 million and change in 3 years, yes I keep track) and yet salary negotiations always end with me getting stiffed Might just quit this year tbh
  6. If there were more dire foes characters for the same troop type there should be a max ava of 1 for them I shudder to think of what I could get away with if I could take lupe and another special alguacil in the same fireteam Other than that, there should at least be one dire foes mini per line troop type, maybe even for some of the MI troops, like a character kamau or wildcat
  7. I don't know much about Deadzone but I'm familiar with the general tropes of it I feel like you could effectively run some demos using those models, maybe a 3 on 3 with the starter rules as @ItsUncertainWho recommended? If you're looking for profiles that feel about right, 3 of the human faction (enforcers?) basic infantry could be PanOceanian fusiliers who are baseline, save for a slightly higher BS and lower WIP. The dwarves could be USAriadnan grunts, they trade some movement and have slightly worse weapons for significantly higher armor. It's kinda hard to draw parallels, since Infinity is very human centric and doesn't really mesh well with space fantasy
  8. A good friend of mine recommended osprey, I ended up buying a couple of their books just because of the beautiful illustration work
  9. Hospitallers BS20 burst 5 HMG with SSL2 is one of the scariest things I have ever gone against
  10. A friend of mine has been trying to get me into that whole reenactment stuff, but the time and cash investment is way too high I barely find enough time for work, infinity, videogames, gym, and my girlfriend as it is
  11. Proxying is pretty widespread over here, with proper consideration of course For instance, I often use my bandits as zeros, or my jaguars as morlocks Pretty much if it's just a couple of proxies, the unit is thematically similar and I specify beforehand people don't seem to have an issue with it Other examples include: bandits as morans/hawwa/locusts Vortex spec ops as clockmaker/daktari Cordelia as Lupe FastPandas as zondbots Angus as HMG fusilier (thematically hilarious) Bipandra as a paramedic fusilier Etc.
  12. In the dark recesses of the undernet where we, society's dejected dorks, gather to discuss infinity we get news every now and then of metas where they ban this or that unit or even a whole faction because of things as arbitrary as "it hard counters the store owner's army" There is no proof of this, mind, but it is still fun to hear about how Byałystok's LGS bans TR bots or something like that
  13. Poor thing, thankfully it didnt choke
  14. I was just about to post this on fb until I saw that last one
  15. That sounds just like my mom, she keeps saying she needs to lose weight but every time I suggest she go running she complains it makes her too tired