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  1. Bagh-Mari fireteam. They have a good mix of weapons and skills and are difficult to fight for the most part. I play Haqq and the fact that the sniper is a minelayer is really annoying, my fiday can't stab him without trading with the mine and shooting him is a bad idea. Firefights with them are dangerous unless its with a tag or your own link team. This is one team where it is ideal to smoke them off and ignore them until they move further up the board. The only real hard counter are models with albedo or white noise zones, which are quite limited.
  2. A maakrep tracker with sniper is a fairly good counter against bikes as they mostly have short range weapons and can't smoke to sneak past you. They will have to probably cancel some impetuos orders then move up an hmg guy to take shots at you. Noctifer w/ missle can be good also, USA has no good visors so it'll be hard to get past a noctifer in a decent spot. The best they can do to take it out is a marauder rocket launcher. A good spot can be right next to your maakrep to punish your opponent for attempting to take her out. Play the unidron 5 man link and have them looking around to aro in their appropriate range bands, spread them out to keep infiltrating grunts from hitting all of them with flamethrowers. Against fireteams look to engage only 1 member at a time, multiple aros from a fireteam is a bad situation unless you are templating all of them. Your best bet is having a unidron sniper in a 5 man link with a nexus hacker. The hacker can put marksmanship on that unidron and now its hitting on 17's ignoring cover. I personally like the xeodron haris with samaritan, they hit hard and have multiple wounds, so taking them out is a big problem. They can get up on buildings where templates have a hard time hitting you. You can move around the board and pick off foxtrots and other troops looking to cause problems. The samaritan can load up on extra wounds and be impossible to deal with. Depending on the terrain, rodoks are situational against usa. Rodoks are not great against templates (most fireteams aren't, but your paying extra for mimetism) unless they can sit on top of a building. I'm not sure what your table is like but its something to consider since infiltrating grunts can hide real close to you. If your losing mostly to templates, perhaps its the terrain setup or your deployment. Try to spread people out, don't line them up like bowling pins. Watch common routes your opponent could use to push into your deployment.
  3. From this thread, friendly models do not block the trigger area, just the trigger itself, keeping you from placing a mine behind yourself to avoid using the intuitive attack rules. For templates in this instance, I assumed a template from an S0 mine could not reach over the S2 camo marker of the other mine to touch the enemy. The logic here is that with the normal turn sequence you can declare at which point you made an attack on the enemy and you could attempt to lay down a template where it would touch an ally and cancel it. I was wondering if something similar worked with mines "triggering", the advantage being able to not trigger one of the mines and have it trigger on a separate order. Looking into it more after @Sabin76 mentioned it wasn't an aro, a mine trigger wouldn't have timing since the 'trigger' is neither a short skill or aro, which allows you to declare when in the sequence you would make your attack. Based on the FAQ for dodge movement into a mine, a mine will always trigger whenever it can place its template to hit an enemy without touching an ally, so as soon as mine 1 triggers and is removed, mine 2 will trigger.
  4. Lets say I have mines 1 and 2 in a straight line around a corner. An enemy trooper peeks out around the corner and is in the trigger area for both mines with mine 1 being the closest. Do both mines hit the enemy model? Lets say I try and aro with mine 2 first, I try and lay the template down, but mine 1 is directly in between mine 2 and the enemy model (there is no way to lay a template down to only hit the enemy model, it would have to pass through mine 1). Would the template be cancelled by the 'friendly' camo marker that is mine 1? Or since the turn is considered simultaneous, would mine 1 not be in the way because it also triggered and thus would be removed after triggering? Do mines or deployable equipment in general count as 'Friendly troopers', so far as not being able to declare attacks on them and cancelling templates from attacks by friendly troops?
  5. Almost always 2 bulleteers, at least one spitfire. They are so efficient its hard not to play them. When switch and cypher were around you could have an exceptional hacking game on the cheap. Now back to the ol' Hexa killer hacker. For peacemakers only ever 1, with their large size I find it hard to hide the second one effectively within 8 without being out of position. The shotgun is my go to on peacemakers, I just want to hold corners with it and threaten an area with the repeater
  6. Having a marker state is fairly strong, it lets you get where you want at no risk to set up devastating attacks. Then you go back to marker state to stay protected. The sepsitor version is a great rambo model, 2 shots is enough to be very threatening to grouped models. You can rambo up the board, sepsitor 2-3 modelsl then hide and recamo. You now have multiple aro models that help protect you from anyone coming to try and take you out. You can also hunt infiltrators with the sepsitor, intuitive attack on 16 is brutal, and most infiltrators don't have bts. Taking an opponent's infiltrating specialist hurts them a lot, they now have to spend a lot more orders to do the objective and now you have a specialist near the objective. The hacker is very good, it used to be exceptional before killer hackers but now its just good. With mulitple wounds, high bts, and wip 16 you can actually fight killer hackers if you get caught by one. Lets take a look at the Math Defending with sucker punch vs zero killer hacker redrum, no surprise shot mods from his side, his active turn. Active Player 39.11% Zeros inflicts 1 or more wounds on Anathematics (1 W) 19.24% Zeros inflicts 2 or more wounds on Anathematics (0 W) 4.43% Zeros inflicts 3 or more wounds on Anathematics (Dead) Failures 21.49% Neither player succeeds Reactive Player 39.40% Anathematics inflicts 1 or more wounds on Zeros (Unconscious) 26.87% Anathematics inflicts 2 or more wounds on Zeros (Dead) With a zero killer hacker attacking you, you are slightly favored. Still dangerous, as he has a 20% to do 2 wounds to you, but most hackers pretty much die when hit by a killer hacker while you are guaranteed not dead immediately. A surprise attack will probably hit you and do damage. Best bet is to be in marker state so you can't be hacked but its not the worst if your forced into a fight. Your active with suckerpunch vs defending zero with redrum, no suprise shot Active Player 48.67% Anathematics inflicts 1 or more wounds on Zeros (Unconscious) 33.08% Anathematics inflicts 2 or more wounds on Zeros (Dead) Failures 28.02% Neither player succeeds Reactive Player 23.31% Zeros inflicts 1 or more wounds on Anathematics (1 W) 8.56% Zeros inflicts 2 or more wounds on Anathematics (0 W) If a killer hacker tries to aro you, you are probably winning that fight. Other hackers are not much of a problem since you have suckerpunch, but they can potentially slow you down a lot if you get caught out. The best plan is to be in camo marker state so you don't get hacked. Even if you are caught out, you can put up a pretty good fight. One thing to note is you do have stealth, so if you happen to be in someone's hacking area you can walk out of it without getting hacked as long as you just move that turn. The spitfire is pretty great for hanging around the middle of the table, its easier to engage the things you want then retreat back to safety. Overall I would treat the anathematic like a tag, look for ways your opponent can engage you on their terms and deny them the opportunity. If you think your going to spend most of the game in the middle of the board, bring some shrouded minelayers as an extra layer of protection against warbands and other models looking to hunt your anathematic. If your worried about killer hackers, bring the evo hacker as support. If your worried about lots of flamethrowers, take the spitfire and hang far back and take a noctifer with missle launcher to threaten board movements. Always end your turn in marker state unless you have a really good reason not too (like going into suppressive fire).
  7. @Teslarod I mostly agree with your assessment. I just don't think the limitations are as severe as you make them out to be. I don't think you need to always pick first now with an elite list, the change just makes the option to go first more viable in more scenarios. Most of the good rambo style units are also decent aro models with how many stats/mods they are stacking up. Going second and letting your opponent push the board can actually make it easier for your elite list to do damage, as your spending less orders to reach your opponent and effectively nullifying the turn they just took by killing the models that were pushed up. Also, your likely to be able to strip 2 orders from your opponent as I doubt that many people will suddenly start playing 10 order lists. I think its still fairly easy to get a doctor/engineer where it needs to be in an elite list without using more than 1 order for rolling the wip check. A vanilla style list would just include them in coordinated orders to move around and with elite sectorials your doctor is likely to be in the same link team as the downed model. If 2 aggressive lists are facing off, I'm sure whoever goes first gets a major advantage. I don't think this will be common though, I doubt that suddenly everyone is now going to run 10 order lists, let alone aggressive focused ones at that. Some sectorials have incredible castle link teams like the bagh-mari link that can abuse the better deployment zone and isn't that cold to an aggressive list. In general I like the change, I just fear it makes the good Rambo style lists stronger than they should be. A sphinx with 10 orders instead of 8 is a fairly big difference with how fast that thing moves.
  8. What faction are you playing and what is your style of list? Do you bring models to take action on the first turn? Do you keep your action model as the reserve? Even if your deploying first, if you have first turn you have the opportunity to re-position and take the board. Hunting out enemy camo on the first turn will reduce the risk that your opponent punishes your deployment decisions. If you have alpha strike models such as AD or camo troops, you can spend the majority of your first turn on those models, then force your opponent to take initiative and take the board, making it easier for you to push up and do damage on your second turn. Also, your opponent's faction will change how you want to deploy. If your opponent is haqqislam, then deploy to counter fidays by not having anyone alone. If you opponent is JSA, expect hidden ninjas around the board and possibly kitsune, so deploy to avoid a ninja alpha strike. Don't sacrifice your overall gameplan doing this, but just keep in mind what your opponent is capable of.
  9. A fairly cheap infiltrating specialist with weapons meant for flanking. I dig it.
  10. Dozer and foxtrots sound great for L+S. You can use marker state to get close to the console and suicide plant a d-charge onto it, then detonate the d-charge with a dozer. Devil dog squad would also be really good, you can hunt out enemy camo planning to do the same thing, and your throwing smokes on 19's so it can be easy to get close to the console. Show of force is fairly simple, your just trying to deny your opponent 3 areas of the board. Lay mines around consoles, take some infil grunts, van zant their order pool.
  11. I really like mk4 heavy rocket launcher, mk2 sniper, and mk1 doctor. A nasty set of aro models that can pick themselves back up with the doctor.
  12. So far the only confusing thing i've found name wise is the 6 different combined units ending in -dron, but once they are on the table it is easy to tell the difference. If a name is too hard, most people use nicknames in their playgroup (Dr. Worm, skill bot, palbot). Really its the troop symbols in combine that trip me up, with other factions I can easily find the unit I'm looking for with the icon, but combine's morat icons are too similar in design and kind of blur together.
  13. Here is a thread that might answer some questions. My response in that thread. To me USA is a rambo faction since they have lots of durable cheap orders to cover their backline and foxtrots to easily grab multiple objectives and cover the midfield. You can spend most of your orders pushing their side of the board with solid units as its difficult to push into your backline since all of your units are different kinds of MI. Devil dog squads are best used as camo hunters. Lots of people depend on their infiltrators to grab objectives and they will be hiding most of the time. Devil squad can sniff them out and engage them favorably with their great set of skills and equipment. They also can reliably smoke the table when needed on such high phys. I like the shotgun version if he's going to hunt out non-camo units. I would try out grunts with inferior infiltration, they are very good at forcing your opponent into awkward situations if they make their roll, otherwise they are still cheap order generators that can protect your backline from drop troops and rambo units. generally I take 4 when using them as statistically 1 of them should make it up the board. Black jack sniper is pretty great, he covers most range bands and chest mines have been useful against v:nwi + ODD units. Grunt links want only like 1-2 snipers since they are expensive, and they are probably not going to move at all. I mostly like them because of the 6 arm in cover and they do a great job of protecting the Lieut. A doctor nearby can hopefully pick the snipers back up. Van Zant can single handedly win the game. If they don't deploy to protect from him, he's going to destroy their backline. If they do deploy to protect from him then it generally makes it easier to move around on the rest of the board. You can even fake that you have him by having just 9 orders in your first group so opponents will try to play around him. Looks like you have a good handle on bikes, I actually like the forward observer mavericks as back up camo hunters/objective grabbers, they also have 3 arm cause reasons. Unknown ranger is a great rambo, basically an unhackable HI that can take objectives and win most firefights. He works really well with a devil dog smoking the board for him and making things unconscious with a chain rifle, this will let you scavenge silly things like hacking devices off of infiltrators. Minutemen are fine, they look bad because it says HI, but it actually means MI that move 4-4. I would mostly use the forward observer or hmg profiles and definitely linked up.
  14. To back up what people are saying, here's Djan with sniper Djanbazan - Sniper Rifle vs. Posthumans Proxy Mk.2 - MULTI Sniper Rifle (Anti-Materiel Mode) Active Player 39.09% Djanbazan inflicts 2 or more wounds on Posthumans Proxy Mk.2 (Dead) Failures 36.08% Neither player succeeds Reactive Player 24.83% Posthumans Proxy Mk.2 inflicts 1 or more wounds on Djanbazan (Unconscious) 7.93% Posthumans Proxy Mk.2 inflicts 2 or more wounds on Djanbazan (Dead) VS HMG Djanbazan - HMG vs. Posthumans Proxy Mk.2 - MULTI Sniper Rifle (Anti-Materiel Mode) Active Player 59.15% Djanbazan inflicts 1 or more wounds on Posthumans Proxy Mk.2 (0 W) 25.33% Djanbazan inflicts 2 or more wounds on Posthumans Proxy Mk.2 (Dead) Failures 24.61% Neither player succeeds Reactive Player 16.23% Posthumans Proxy Mk.2 inflicts 1 or more wounds on Djanbazan (Unconscious) 5.36% Posthumans Proxy Mk.2 inflicts 2 or more wounds on Djanbazan (Dead) You are much more likely to win face to face with hmg. Also make sure when shooting at them to use mov to pop out and back into total cover, that way you can regen or doctor the Djan back up without getting shot by the sniper. I know most people mention the fiday but that only works well if you have an idea of where they are hiding their sniper or if they deploy them in marker state. Mutts can lay smokes down to try and get near the building the sniper is on then jam them through the building isolating that proxy.
  15. There's no easy answer here, its just going to be a brawl between their warbands and yours. 4 mutts, 2 panzerfaust daylami, and a warcor should be able to hold the line, thats only 37 pts out of your list. A single lasiq sniper will kill most things she hits with viral so position her to force face to face smokes. A linked ghulam sniper is cheap and easy. You can take up to 3 minelayer farzans if your really having trouble holding them back, that's quite a bit of board control without spending extra orders. You can even do a coordinated mine drop to get more coverage. If your looking to hunt warband models the ayyar with shock marksman rifle can wander around and try and pick off models out of chain rifle range. An asawira can tank multiple chain rifle hits and regenerate back up if knocked unconscious. A decent way to take out entrenched warbands if your opponent is hiding them inside buildings and such. We also have rediculously good doctors, trades are fine as you can get your models back up way easier than they can.