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  1. Hi Guys Thanks so much for all your feedback, so I actually looked into other factions outside of just the apes and I am pretty keen on Tohaa. Overall I like the look of their army. One last question is that with regards to the game in general besides the models and measuring tape what would you need to play a newbie game?
  2. Hi Lampyridae Awesome, I am Cape Town side. Well yeah, if it's diverse then I really like the look of the Combined Army, mostly Space Apes. Just didn't want to get into a faction and it's not my play style but as you say every faction is diverse then I will stick with Combined Army. Thanks for the reply, do you know where in Cape Town the guys play?
  3. Hi So I play warmahordes but interested in a second system to play and looked at Infinity. I instantly fell in love with the models especially the Space Apes (Morats). There is a specific play style I like which is being tanky and hitting hard, speed doesn't bother me. Now I am just wondering if Combined Army would be the way to go or does no army really have that kind of play style overall. Because I really, really, really like the look of space Apes. Yu Jing and PanOceania pretty cool as well. Thanks Future Infinity Fan