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  1. I was eyeing lenticular postcards for some time, but you've really made that happen! Now I can't wait for Zen to produce those.
  2. The rightmost one might be marksman and the other maybe LRL. I think I'm skipping the box and waiting for Vedic to come.
  3. SMG, electric guitar, marksman rifle and what? This doesn't look like a HMG.
  4. Hospitallier Doctor is like "Keep your hands up where I can see them or I'll shoot you with a medkit".
  5. Check Shae-Konnit split box thread on this forum for buying single miniatures. For trying things out I would just proxy for a while and use some marker instead of a tinbot.
  6. Doesn't match the render. Maybe Kiss, maybe something new or an unlikely Ikadron resculpt?
  7. Sarissa Precision also makes some traditional looking Japanese buildings for gaming. One thing I want to try someday is Woody Joe. It's a Japanese company making making scale models of famous castles and temples. Although expensive something in 1:75 or 1:50 scale could fit Infinity. As for futuristic buildings other than those mentioned by others I have no idea.
  8. Hi Cho, Any plans to split another Red Veil box? I'm interested in Hsien HMG.
  9. https://www.infinitythegame.com/blog/articles/item/357-infinity-beyond-what-you-will-find-beyond-icestorm-and-red-veil
  10. Intruder is not complete without some smoke coverage. Bring at least one in (sub for Alguacil seems like a good idea) and enjoy killing things through smoke.
  11. Where did you get this nice camo marker from?
  12. Old JSA starter is keeping me from starting another faction, so at least my wallet is happy with this. Still a bit surprised with that decision. From previous releases (Haqq vs YJ, ISS, SAA, Bakunin) I would expect a push to get all starters to look fresh and modern.
  13. Fraacta Spitfire is coming. I think we've seen the render.