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  1. Yep. My wife had a year to prepare for Strikezone: Wotan (mostly because she saw me updating my units' profile pics) and refused to be a Wotan Widow.
  2. +++Incoming Transmission::Source:Desert Duchess Assault Carrier::SCHQ44231+++++ Voice of Sireen Barakat, Haqqislam High Commander Dear Shogun Fuyu: While we have locked horns in the past, I am delighted to finally be able to come to you not as an adversary, but as a fellow humanitarian and coordinator. Indeed, Haqqislamite Traders have been flooding your station and we're sorry if it they had cause any inconvenience. I'm leaving this line open should any of your haqqislamite guests cause any trouble to reprimand and apply the propper sanctions from our side; appart from any you deem appropriate. It's not our intention to impose, but with the situation of La Forja and the Combined Army's incursions, we do need to coordinate efforts to support refugees and offer them help and sactuary. Thank you once again for your hospitality and your willingness to lend a hand in this, our hour of need. Haqqislam will always be grateful. On a personal note, having visited the Dancing Panda, I have to say I'm floored. Yu Jing's cusine and entertainment are beyond my wildest deams and I can't recomend them enough. If you could send brochures with the Dancing Panda's schedules and menus, I´ll be honored to pass them along to Haqqislamite visitors to Ilik, should they have some spare time to explore the wonders of Yu Jing's Culture. +++++Transmission ended+++++
  3. Please, let me quote this one more time! English is not my first language and most of times I feel limited in my capacity to convey ideas (especially written ones). This explains perfectly what Warren, and those of us who stand by the Campaign System, have been trying to explain. Just not as eloquently or spot on. Thank you very much for voicing your opinion.
  4. ic

    Incoming call from [ENCRYPTED] "Hi, I'm a Nomad." says anonimous caller with the voice pattern of Alguacil Ashely, Second Officer of the Desert Duchess Assault Carrier. "And I'd like to say *bleep* you, you entitled piece of circuitry and fake personality! What happened at La Forja was unfortunate, and the brave lives lost are not for you to *bleeeeep*ing disrespect! If I had my way, I'd ram Don Peyote so far up your entitle-" sounds of a scruffle and muffled unintelligible insults, then the connection is severed.
  5. Sireen Barakat listens intently to the Admiral's message and then to Effendi's response. Ravenna, send a crate of that Neoterran Blue Vodka to Effendi Yilmaz andd his troops. The man has earned it.
  6. Sireen Barakat covers her face with her left palm. Fatimah, the Ghulam Doctor, hands her two tablets of analgesics and a glass of water. Someone please change the channel. And get me a line to Press and Propaganda, I want to know why we haven't countered these baseless accusations yet.
  7. [IC] Sireen Barakat, Haqqislam High Command: @AdmiralJCJF, less LOLing and more defending the Human Sphere, which is what you've been hired to do. So far we have been unobstructive to your labor because it has been effective. Don't disappoint us. We are conducting sensitive operations that have nothing to do with the war. Like we've stated from the begining, we are here to safeguard Haqqislam's commercial interests. I can't believe I'm actually answering this vermin. E.I. Aspect, or whatever your name is, you are the cause of all of this!!! Because of you, PanOceania's ego is inflated to insufferability, and humans and our ALLIES, have been forced to keep an eye on each other and support each other whenever we can. The Yu Jing Frigate was a likely target for a CA assault. Our friends the Tohaa are helping Yu Jing to strenghtening their defenses and avoid another Sygtir 1. If you could just, leave us alone, we would be extremely grateful, you have no idea the levels of shit-stirring you have created, both in Paradiso and here at Wotan. We don't want what you're selling, we're not interested, we already have a Controlling, Overprotective, Somtimes-as-Insufferable-as-PanOceania's ego AI, we don't need another one. Please, just leave us alone. We're wasting time, money, friendships and lives, because you can't undrstand "NO MEANS NO!!!"
  8. This is part of the problem, you generalize based on your experience and this in place makes things look worse to you than they are. At my faction we had a Standing High Command, composed of the Flamia Veterans, who organized everything from day one. The first 3 Threads were for setting up everything to make sure everyone knew what to expect from us. We then waited one week; to allow new players to introduce themselves and find their voice; to finally have Wotan High Command Elections. 3 Veterans and 1 newcomer were chosen (and only I from the old High Command). We've had conversations and more with other factions and are still working cooperatively with them. We've been having lots of fun doing what we do best, playing games, writing batreps (or stories in some cases, by those of us who favor narrative reports) and we've been doing our hardest to bridge gaps and help others bury hatches. All of this throughout the Campaing you percieve explicitly as not about any of that. I could sit on a high horse and say "Well, that's the way Haqqislam rolls." But the truth is we've had conversations with every single faction (except CA, but not because we wouldn't want to but because of the Story Constrains). And all were willing to work with is in different degrees. What I'm saying is, you can't generalize the acts of 5 or 6 individuals (and I'm not only talking about baterp dumping, there have been poison spitting even before the Campaign started) and paint the Organizers, the Campaign and the Community with the same brush. Not all of us need a giant sign on the front page in neon writting saying "play fair, be nice, don't cheat"
  9. Osdalisque Apple Pie: "Pleaaaasssse!!!" Sireen Barakat: "No." Odalsique Apple Pie: "But it's a Mortal Kombat Tournament!!!!" Sireen Barakat: "No." Odalisque Apple Pie: "I'll bring back Lo Pan's..." Sireen Barakat: "Spicy Shrimp!" Odalsique Apple Pie: "With Spring Rolls" Sireen Barakat: "Ok, go, but don't come back without my Lo Pan's!"
  10. Sireen Barakat sips a bit of frapuchino and stuffs her mouth with her fourth eclair. The old reliable Telemarketer Technique. Ravenna, send a note to Ilik Administration. Tell them to offer a 50% discount on all products until the 27th. Two can play at that game.
  11. Sireen Barakat explosively spits her coffee all over the screen and an unsuspecting Alguacil Ashley, the Desert Duchess Assault Carrier Navigator. "Send word to Ilik, I want every machine at 'Arabian Nights Arcade' unplugged and a Kaplan Engineers team to check every single one of them!"
  12. Thank you very much for this @Beasts of War - Warren, it means a lot to us. I'm passing the word along to the Haqqislam Faction Forum, if you don't mind. I'm sure the other Haqqislam players will appreciate it also.
  13. Sireen Barakat sips a hot cup of Bourak Gourmet Coffee. "Not a word about us. Perfect." she says with a broad smile.
  14. I still have one Batrep I want to finish before Sunday (if my family allows it, it's been a crazy week for us). Concerning the witholding reports tactics, all I can say is, don't worry too much about it. Is it a valid Tactic? Why, yes it is. Is it good sportsmanship? Aw hell no! Will it happen? Most probably, but whichever faction does it will be considered "that guy" by the rest and will never shake that bad reputation (much like Yu Jing, when they did that at Narooma last Campaign). So, let the Powergamers be, nothing anybof us say will change their attitude (I am a very patient man IRL, but some type of people are just beyond help). Play honorably, post your reports and most importantly, have fun!
  15. Maghi had those!!! I miss them sooo much!