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  1. I stand corrected.
  2. I find it unacceptable not to mention The Amir of the Khawarij, Tarik Mansuri! Not only is he INMENSE, he is now the sexiest man alive with Fatality Lv2.
  3. I just checked the Spanish rules and it says exactly the same thing, word for word. It says that even though a G: Servant troop can cancel the Unconscious State or recover STR points, it is the Doctor/Engineer the one who makes the pertinent roll (singular roll) Then it says that you can't use the Doctor/Engineer Skill on two different targets in one order (because they just told you in the previous parragraph that you only roll one die, the pertinent roll) Italics are mine, as well as the emphasis. Could it have been written in a better way, most probably. Is it gamebreakingly ambiguos? Only if you want to see it that way and interpret the rule in an unintended way.
  4. I recently bought the Janissaries box set to create this (but with AP Rifles). Players in my group have been favoring Limited Insertion and a madman even wanted to make a 400 pts Limited Insertion Match. These make Lim-Ins quite easy to pull.
  5. It really depends on what you consider offensive; and how many points and SWC you're willing to put on a Link Team. The advantages of the Kaplans are that you have Specialists for pushing buttons and either blitzens or ADH Launchers to isolate/immobilize expensive things.
  6. I had a Wotan Campaign Battle where the Umbra Samaritan made a rendition of the Darth Vader scene at the end of Rogue One. That thing hacked and slashed killing my troops like disposable Rebels. It was awesome and awful at the same time.
  7. Check out the Kaplans (my Odalisques will hate me for this). They are extremely versatile and Mimietism gives them additional protection. Them with an Odalisques Haris (2 SMG/Contender + the Rifle/LSG Haris one; or one Spitfire, one SMG/Contender and the Haris); are a good order efficient combo with enough points left for extra support.
  8. Sorry to bother but, we want to start an ITS Campaign in our Local Group and I noticed that unlike Tagline, there's no Campaign Pack. If I buy the League Pack, will I get the option to run it as a Campaign? Or should I just run it as a League for ITS purposes? Thanks in advance for your time.
  9. I call that personal.
  10. Now that's just EVIL!
  11. That is nasty. I did it once and my opponent was not amused. I'm always tempted to buy the second one (I proxied one of them with my HMG Al Fassid). And now that the Nomads have 2 Taskmasters and Kriza Boraks I'm getting more convinced it would be a good investment.
  12. I say Full Auto (like PanO) is a mistake. How dare Corvus Belli create such an overpowered Skill and give it to a beast of a Unit (both visually and statswise) that is not in MY faction!!!. If I had two cents... What's that? We get Fatality Lv2 on Tarik!?!? Please, kindly disregard this post.
  13. I love it! Thank you very much for sharing it!
  14. 1. While I do try to play with painted minis only, I have no problem playing an unpainted army. After all I got into the whole Wargaming thing to paint miniatures, but I stayed with Infinity because of the Gameplay. 2. Our gaming group encourage painting and the Local Store even offers Painting Courses to give new players help starting; however it's not mandatory. My personal rule is "If you bought it, you can do with it whatever you want." 3. I have never seen that with Infinity or any other Wargame I've played. What I've seen is a player proxying every Faction available with the same miniatures, repainting them to achieve a similarity to the paint scheme of the current faction he's proxying them as. That was a very interesting experience; and less bothersome than I thought it would be.
  15. Thank you @Melkhior and @Golem2God