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  1. Well, I didn't get that impression. On the contrary, it puts the Nomads in a very uncomfortable position. All I got from Bostria's presentation and the RPG text was that Yu Jing is salty for the loss of Zhurong and is looking at this opportunity give the Nomads a comeupance; hardly a Human Sphere shaking stratagem. I do agree thatbwe should see what Corvus Belli will offer us before we start complaining.
  2. Also keep in mind we're not playing in Open Warfare Scenarios. We're supposed to be the "Black Ops" that do things that are not Kosher, to advance our Faction's agenda while letting the Politicians save face. I see the result of the Campaign as the information the media gets, not what really happened. That is for US, the Ops to know, and NO ONE to find out.
  3. Code Margarita Part 2 The aftermath of one terrible performance at the Tagline Narrative Campaign (lost all five games). I decided to use the opportunity to shed some light on Apple Pie's background and the Wrecking Belles position in Qapu Khalqi. The only negative side effect of having Apple Pie be my go-to main character is that she now became a huge target for players at my LGS.
  4. I'm still scratching my head about Aranda, I don't remember us (Haqqislam) taking it over. I suppose, since we secured Onza and defended the O12 Installations it was just a matter of "a signature here, a seal of aproval there," and the PanOceanian forces ended up doing the work for us?
  5. Well done! I wish you the best of lucks. My only advice is constance and patience. If you get a group of regulars, things grow more easily. Something that worked in our favor last year was Operation: Flamestrike. So be sure to hype Strikezone: Wotan with your players. Last year we doubled the amount of people who had an Infinity Army, just by playing the Campaign and generating interest.
  6. I'm still struggling with design. I bought the Fat Dragon Games EZ Future Delux Edition .pdfs and I have a friend with a printer that can cut the pieces. But I still don't know whether to assemble the pieces and let the players figure out configurations or to make modular interconnecting blocks to simulate the Spaceship interiors.
  7. A beautiful story. And I love I correctly imagined a Fiday as her opponent.
  8. Excellent Batrep! I love your writting style. It's very dynamic and entertaining. Keep up the good work!
  9. Concerning Yu Jing, they are paying for the repairs at the Zhurong Plant in Flamia (let's not get into details how it was damaged, that's besides the point); so from my personal point of view, we're all hunky-dory. It falls on Yu Jing's own Public Relations to reign in its rowdier elements and project an open and cooperative image to show the rest of the Human Sphere that they are not the expansionist, isolationist, stuck up Jade Empire, that everyone seems to think they are.
  10. Oh, I wholeheartedly agree! The Iguana's pose is cool as hell. It's the crotch cockpit looking thing that I don't like. I would have bought one and chop the offending part off, but I REALLY wanted an excuse to buy an Anaconda.
  11. I use my Anaconda as a proxy for the Iguana TAG (available for Qapu Khalqi). I just don't like the Iguana model and do love the Anaconda.
  12. I wish the Combined Army was more the "Alien Corporation" muscling its way into Human Markets, rather than the "Enemy of Humanity." That way the Combined could enjoy the benefits of Mercs and we could get more Alien Mercs. Please, don't kill me.
  13. Couldn't have said it bette myself. The Feuerbach is a mean ARO machine, especially at the longer range. I have a limited insertion list with 2 Azrails. The AP-HMG one for Actively shooting down opposition and the Feuerbach one to slow the opponent's advance.
  14. The difference is that those are examples of changes MADE by the Company, not whislisting. Tha't all. And I never said you did. But in written language is a little hard to see where people are coming from and what's the actual tone of their comments.
  15. Does "Because I don't have access to the Al Fassid in Qapu Khalqi" count? Seriously though, the Azrail is a Turret you put in cover and spray bullets with, while the Al Faseed is a very durable Swiss Knife. Depending on what you need them for really decides which to field.