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  1. That is a solid argument, @cazboab that makes an effective use of the Warconsole as it is. Minimal changes to the map can get the "Border" seesaw up and running. And in Yu Jing's defense, they ended this campaign in much better standing than last one.
  2. Unfortunately, due to the openness of the Faction Forums, most of the politics had to take place that way since Flamestrike. But at the Haqqislam Forums we did write about what we were doing and who we were talking to. We did our best to make sure no one felt like a "grunt" unworthy of knowledge, but we did have to be careful because we did get at least one infiltrator during Wotan. I would strongly advice against that. After the sh*tstorm that appeared on the different Facebook Infinity related pages; I think we're well off without having that preemtively. Remember, not everyone liked the Campaings; and some were even actively boycotting the campaing and asking people not to play.
  3. Actually, that was @Yasashii Fuyu's idea: Opening up the Consulate to bring in the wounded from La Forja's attacks. I even sent him a PM thanking him for it because we were trying to figure out how not to make our move an act of aggression and his post: Baijing Orbital Consulate now accepting Refugees and Traders was a godsend for us. It's been there at the IC Forums the whole time. Maybe it was later drama that misted that particular storyline, but for me that was a brilliant move by @Yasashii Fuyu, turning a bad position into an oportunity to make Yu Jing shine; and I swear, despite all the Background animosity between the Yu Jing Empire and Haqqislam (Red Veil), I was and still am willing to take that as our story. I don't know what all the Liasons are writting, I'm not part of the Podio Crew this time around; I don't know what Corvus Belli will choose to do with all that info, but the effort was there, in plain sight and in good faith.
  4. Indeed. Just give me a handful of good storywriters and roleplayers and I'm a happy camper. Give me good reports of interesting games by friends from around the world and I'll be there every year. I can organize something like this with my local group (as we were about to do just as Wotan began), but there's something about sharing your passion with people who have similar interests that simply fills me up. It's doubly satisfying to me because in my small country the Wargaming community is small. We don't have enough players to do big tournaments, We have one Convention that is mostly taken by Anime, Cosplayers, and VideoGamers. This type of event gets my local communinty hyped, and in turn, new people see us play and wish to know more about the game. So while I get to interact with and make friends around the world; I also get to promote this game that I love so much and make a space for it in the only LGS where we can play Wargames at all. Operation: Flamestrike got my local community out of their houses and into a single meeting place to play. Strikezone: Wotan helped a lot in that regard too. We're working on a local Campaing to further our own stories forward and prepare ourselves for the next one. In the end, it's all a matter of taste. If you like the Campaing, I'll be glad to participate with you and read your reports (whenever I can, the more people participate, the harder it will be for me to read them all). If you don't like it, it's ok. I don't like playing for the sake of playing, I like to spice up my games with stories. Not everyone digs that, but I don't expect them to.
  5. Actually, we had Intel that the Combined Army was targeting the Consulate as secondary objective, so Haqqislam helped Yu Jing increase security at that point. We didn't see it as attacking, more like deploying troops to help. That's our story and we're sticking to it.
  6. Well, I'm always in the camp of waiting until everything is said and done. And even then, it's Corvus Belli's Intelectual Property, we participate in their world, but, ultimately, they have the right to choose what they like and go with it. It's clear they want to advance the Combined Army vs Human Sphere story. Which is fine. If anyone wanted my personal opinion (which I've stated several times), I would have taken the Combined Army's presence with a different approach. Instead of an Invasion Force, I would have made them a Commercial Venture. The aliens trying to muscle their way into the Human Sphere and getting goods from it. It would have the benefit of it being another Faction in our "Game of Shadow Wars" instead of the rest of the Human Sphere's punching bag. But that's just my opinion.
  7. And said by Saladin himself, no less. Well played @John Tenzer, well played.
  8. It will depend greatly on what the focus of the next Campaign will be. If we go back to Risk: Infinity in Slavarheima, then coordination and diplomacy will be fundamental to achieve land grabs, especially for the smaller factions. If we go into a more Goal Oriented narrative event, in which each faction has an Objective (or sets of objectives) to pursue, then coordination among members of a Faction will still be important. Part of what CB and BoW tried to achieve was to steer away from the Land Grab aspect; but we have to take into account that that's the model of the Warconsole, so what they're actually trying to work around it by giving more importance to different aspects of the data collected. It's not perfect, but the excercise was very interesting and new ideas are coming up. As we all noticed we had Secret Objectives for Phase 2, but not for Phase 3. This was because (I think) the idea was good, but did not have the best execution. That doesn't mean a good idea should be scrapped, but that it can be improved upon. Which is what CB and BoW have been doing since Famestrike. Maximize the use of this tool they have and try to offer us the best experience possible. It will depend greatly on what the focus of the next Campaign will be. If we go back to Risk: Infinity in Slavarheima, then coordination and diplomacy will be fundamental to achieve land grabs, especially for the smaller factions. If we go into a more Goal Oriented narrative event, in which each faction has an Objective (or sets of objectives) to pursue, then coordination among members of a Faction will still be important.
  9. I just saw half of it, but so far: - PanO is awesome! (Whyyyyy? We'll never hear the end of it ) - Tohaa are amazing for their size! Great players and very effective. - Ariadna Kicks Ass! As they have shown us Campaign after Campaign - Aleph is noble (see, she loves us!) and brings us the highest ranking batreps. - Yu Jing had to fight in the worst conditions possible and did their best under the circumstances, thanks to the high quality of its Commanders. - Bromads Forever!!! We will never forget how they "Held the Dong!!!" and became 20% cooler because of it. - The Combined was a Force to be Reckoned with. - Haqqislam was well organized and level headed. I still have to see the second half, but that's what I have so far.
  10. @sevsterino: Yeah, i really enjoyed your assessment and I agree with most of your points. I too would love to have the Campaign move more into a Narrative Faction Goals Oriented format. I do have to say, Wotan was a great improvement on Flamia, it felt a lot less like Risk: Infinity. While there's still room for improvement, I really liked that they took several of the players recommendations and improved the experience. Let's wait and see. They have a year to plan the next one (if they can find the time between all their projects ).
  11. Some players. I think part of the opposition you find comes from your use of absolutes. Some of us are happy with the system; and while we would love to see some improvements in some areas; we don't find it so bothersome to the point of unplayability.
  12. This is very important, because it is exactly how Haqqislam has functioned. I did the same assessment at the end of Operation: Flaestrike, but it's easy enough to do so, here goes: While we had 549 Commanders listed in Haqqislam, just 64 actively answered the Role Call Thread created on day one; and The Swords of the Prophet, the group consisting of our more active players that were also active at the Haqqislam Forums, has only 19 members. This is why we at Haqqislam understood from Flamestrike that having a "High Command" was a necesity to give guidelines to those players willing to work together so we could work in unison despite our small numbers and to avoid being manipulated by other factions via external infuence (people talking to members face to face, or through social media) or infiltration.
  13. Also, there's a difference between trying to help imporve things and endlessly complaining things are awful. One is taken into account, the other is ignored. How we say things is just as important as what we're trying to say.
  14. That's precisely the Idea, I think. Yes, you can achieve Field Marshall for posting hundreds of reports, spamming the Comments Section and the Faction Forum; but that's not the point of those Achievements. They are there as a happy reward for those who take their time to read and rate reports and encourage their fellow players to continue playing and posting good reports, or helping them out to make them better and get more readers in the process. I recieved a lot of help from the feedback at the Comments Section of my reports and I'm grateful that I had that help. I'm still on the sideline concerning "Next Year Svalarheimia!" because I'd rather wait for what the Organizers actually present us, before getting my pitchfork and my torch. And even then; I'm more likely to write an Epilogue to my Sand Cats' Campaign Experience based on the Wrap Up; than get angry at the organizers and vow not to play another campaign. I got what I neded from Operation: Flamestrike and Strizone: Wotan, an oportunity to play consecutive games that stringed together formed a narrative; having fun with my friends in the process and enjoying reading their takes on our encounters. Reading how other players from around the world spiced their games with their stoires, or just had fun narrating a hard fought battle is for me, the icing on the cake with a cherry on top. If anyone calls me Pollyanna, I swear I won't take it against him/her.
  15. Well, we have to wait for the results and what happened, but Raxora was described as a banged up and a barely functioning ship (iirc); that by itself screams Red Herring. The Shavastii had been hitching rides until caught. So there's enough for it to work as a Campaign theme. With that said, I stick to the idea that I'd rather see a Franchise Wars where Factions fight to advance a particular Company's hold on the Market, but that's just me.