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  1. How come? We don't say which one generates the order, just that an order is generated. They still can't tell if it's Ambush Camo or Minelayer. And if you have several minelayers, you just say "Camos 1 to 5 are in group 1 (10 orders) and Camos 6 to 8 in group 2 (3 orders)."
  2. The fact that those orders cannot be added to the Order Pools (there is an order Pool for each Combatr group). Those Units are not accountable during the Tactical Phase if they are entering via HD or AD. They each generate their own order which is the one they use to enter the table. That is a matter of opinion, you still have 2 camo tokens and no obligation to tell what they are. In game terms they are doing exactly what they are supposed to do. Until you reveal the Trooper, your opponent can't tell which is which without spending orders or sacrificing units; which I thought was the whole point of Ambush Camo. Remember you don't have to reveal what the Camo Token actually is, the mind games are still there. Sure, a veteran can predict what the two tokens are (but not which is which); but so can anyone with a tablet and acces to the internet and the Army6 App recreating your Courtesy List and doing educated guesses when filling the blanks)
  3. How come? My Al Fasid is a Minelayer and doesn't have Camo. It seems you confuse a "perk" of the rule (to lay 2 Camo Markers in the case of a Camo Minelayer) with the actual use of the rule (to lay a mine at deplyment)
  4. It must be a translation problem, because, from the begining, we've been playing separating our order pools and announcing which units (camo tokens included) are part of each group. Granted, we are a Spanish speaking community down here in Panama (which means we are a small community also). The only orders not accounted for are those not present on the table at the Tactical Phase (AD and HD units). Also, don't diminish the Ruling of a Judge who learned the game in its original language as "faulty" just because you don't agree with it
  5. Odalsiques have 360° Visor or Sixth Sense Lv2. My heart broke when it was explained to me that it wasn't both at the same time. Then I learned of Link Team bonuses, and all is right with the world.
  6. Yeah, they are more a good excuse to get cool HVTs and minis to proxy as something else (which is what most of my Dire Foes are becoming)
  7. That's just evil! 3 B2 +3BS Snipers... *shudders*
  8. In my case it's the humble Alguacil w/Multi-Sniper-Rifle. Playing Qapu Khalqi; and having the benefit of a Djanbazan with MSV and for 0.5 SCW (as opposed to the 1.5 of the Alguacil); every time I field the Alguacil Sniper, she's been a murder machine, causing most of my opponents' casualties. It may be just superstition (well, it definetly is, having no significant statistic to back this up); but every time I field her, she becomes my MVP. The fact that the model looks like Evangelion's Asuka Langley, her boss crouching pose and the eye patch I made for her with Green Stuff, all contribute to my wishful thinking that she rocks.
  9. But they also sets a precedent, which could advance the argument for more varied Dire Foes.
  10. This, this, and a thousand times this!!! Also, please give Assault Pistols to the Odalisques. #assaultpistols4odalisques
  11. I just registered without problems.
  12. Infinity is a highly competitive game, and most of the competition is against ourselves (to be better than last game and so on). With that said, there is a diference between being competitive and being conflictive, which is what most players who complain about "competitive" players are actually complaining about. I always open my Introduction to Infinity with "This is a Gentleman's game. A conversation between two adults working WITH each other to play a game of OPPOSING armies." (I have yet to play a teenager in my local group, and the only two ladies that play had their introduction to the game made by their respective boyfriends). So when things start to get problematic (when they rarely do) I appeal to a- common sense and b- the best compromise we can take. If it means for me to accept a rules interpretation that is not convenient for me, I simply accept it and look it up after the game (and then come here and discover that the same rule has caused wars in the Rules Forum ) I did have to talk with a conflictive player once. I had the advantage of being a good friend of him. He doesn't play much anymore, but when he does, he has learned to keep his cool.
  13. Scariest fireteam? PanO Fusilier Core with HMG and ML. Wildcats with HRL are a close second, but they are more rivals to my Odalisques than an actual threat.
  14. I just checked and I still have all the Wotan phases. Sending you a PM.
  15. By Jove, I need to try this!