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  1. Ko Dali is 38 points in Army and 37 in MayaNet; not sure if it's already been mentioned.
  2. Boarding shotgun/Number 2 Bagh Mari shows 17 points. Should be 19.
  3. Thanks for all the work you put into this. Acontecimento: Teucer is not appearing, but Regulars are in there twice; first time with no logo. iPad Air 2, newest iOS. Thanks! I uninstalled and reinstalled. Now only one entry for Regulars, but Teucer is still AWOL. Bye, old lists... sacrificed for a cause.
  4. Depends on what the catwalks are connecting to. The short towers will be lower, but the standard ones are about 70mm off the ground.
  5. Simple Miniature Games in the UK carries arsenal products!
  6. HellLois,

    I had a tournament on Sunday with 18 players - but the tournament manager did not work properly. Is there an email I can submit the results to? Tracked everything by hand and on a spreadsheet, so I do have all the round-by-round results. Thanks!


  7. Arizona Armageddon is a Dire States event being held at Odyssey Games in Scottsdale, Arizona on October 8, 2016.This will be a five-round, 300-point ITS event (no SpecOps). Missions will be selected once the new season is available.There will be room for 40 players.The fun begins Friday Night with Beerfinity, and the ITS will be all day on Saturday, with a break for lunch catered by the sandwich shop next door.Registration will be $50, and will include event registration, a T-Shirt, Patch, lunch, and other cool swag. PayPal to ArizonaArmageddon@Gmail.comRegistration Form:
  8. They finally straightened this out too...


    1. Schadlez


      "They" did. Uh-huh. OK... LOL.

  9. You're awesome! Thanks!
  10. Is the update to the charts the only change in 2.0.1? Changelog posted up in here would be helpful, as well as announcements when you do update. Especially on Social Media.
  11. Order Sgt Body and Left arm, Chandra Head, Indigo right arm, and the Diagnostic Tool he's carrying is the hand from a Dakini Tacbot!
  12. They are available for all distributors and retailers to order. If you would like them, try requesting them from your preferred supplier.
  13. Sure is! Clickity Click.
  14. With slightly appearance! And I didn't even put that clip in this one. Total fail!!!