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  1. Sure, except for this part right: A Civilian is a game element with a Troop Profile that does not belong to the Army List of any player. Therefore Civilians cannot be part of any Combat Group and don't provide Orders to an Order Reserve.
  2. As a big fan of the Joan Limited insertion armor heavy builds myself, I must say I'm really impressed with that Cutter list.
  3. Aside from CHA (linked = duh), I actually ran her at Gencon in my Limited Insertion list. When you don't know what the missions are going to be, classified coverage is fairly important, she still pushes buttons, and you don't care about the cost because you actually need more expensive models. But the biggest reasons are also the most subtle. 1.) Emaulers! These things are a fantastic piece of kit, and she's the only one who can bring them and score, which is great for the necessary "dual capability" you need out of most single combat group lists where individual models have to perform multiple roles. 2.) She can both set and detonate D-charges, meaning you've got backup capability for Sabotage, Looting/Sabotaging, the Grid etc. Odds are models like Uxia may not survive long enough to finish the job, but Isobel can be tucked away and still do her thing. 3.) She can coordinate suppressing with your other models, but unlike some other mook cheerleader, shes no joke at it. BS 12 T2 rifle is jussssst dangerous enough to not want to ignore, and if you set it up right, she's hard to get at without setting off the emaulers in the process. 4.) Errr... She's rele purty The hacking is largely useless yes (more so now the Objective rooms are gone). Once in a blue moon you get to mess with that situational list that brings guided ammo or actually drops AD models on the table but that's really it. She's for classifieds and that's all. In other words she can head up to the button, WIP it on 13, Emauler the area, maybe snatch a classified, and drop into suppressing with the T2 rifle from cover as an ARM 5 (total) model. If they get her out of suppressing range she still has the Flash Pulse. It's not horrible for that price. But outside of this bizarre corner case (Limited Insertion, not knowing scenarios, playing Vanilla Ariadna) it's CHA or bust though probably.
  4. Yeah I think it would be hard to argue that Dog Soldiers didn't influence the designs for the resculpted Antipodes...
  5. For Kazak related stuff, it's hard to beat S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or Metro 2033.
  6. Indeed, QK has a very "flexible" list style, where you rarely want to form a concrete plan for each of your holo troopers before the game, but rather adapt for each opponent/board/mission etc. The more you change up your approach, the harder it is for your opponent to predict what goes where and why. I think that's why the most successful builds I've come up with for them have multiple different ways of forming the links and/or multiple possible holo/real models to keep opponents guessing.
  7. Marauder box for sure. IMO the Marauder link is the main reason to play US, over say, Vanilla Ariadna. The Grunt box isn't going to hurt if you choose to go in that direction. 112, Dozer+Muls, and at least one other Foxtrot would be wise.
  8. Actually as noted, now that the FAQ clearly prevents you being in a marker state in a link, Tankhunter Haris is not actually that insane. You link the Tankhunters and they essentially have Mimetism, or they can break out of the link and become markers again. The bigger problematic question is actually the Autocannon - if Kurgats weren't allowed to Haris and bring one along, I'll be surprised if Tankhunters (with a generally superior combat profile) are. Now I personally think it's pretty expensive so that might be the balance limitation by itself, but CB might have different ideas at this point if Kurgats were consciously prevented from doing so.
  9. If mixed links count, then Scots have 7 (Volunteers, Volunteers + Greys, Greys, Mormaer Haris, Wulvers Core/Haris, Highlanders, Scots Guard Core/Duo). I don't think most count mixed links as a separate link choice though. French have 4 (5 if we count Bruant, not sure how we disregard him but count mixed Grey/Veteran links?). And the French are known to be behind the curve anyway here so I'm not sure how helpful they are for comparison. And again, that's still a really low number. But all of this is just mute to be honest if you actually read the stuff that's been spoiled frequently, as just about everything points towards us getting something else that's linkable, and I think something in the 18-25 point range is the perfect niche for it.
  10. While Kazaks might have a similar number of choices as other sectorials, Ariadna sectorials on the whole are generally smaller than those used by other factions, so there is no reason they can't be fleshed out more with further choices (they're also fairly one dimensional at the moment as well, which has already been noted in other threads). If you've actually tried playing them extensively with the choices they have currently, you will notice a definitive gap in capabilities that simply allowing the two known links (Line Kazaks and Vet Kazaks) isn't really going to be enough of a reason to play them over Vanilla, making AVA increases on a few key models an interesting draw, but ultimately more will be needed to really push the adoption of TAK as a powerhouse sectorial. As noted, they already have amazing choices, and sprinkling in 1-2 new profiles (and maybe the odd additional loadout, especially to add another link choice) is all that's really needed here to get them off the ground. And if anything is to be gleaned from the extensive rumors already discussed, that's also what most of us are expecting to see in terms of new releases. This will make them pretty easy to push out the gate next year actually, so I think a reasonable prediction is going to be: - New Kazak starter (box). - Vet Kazak (box) - Line Kazak SWC (box) - Scout (blister - personal hopes for - Shotgun or Ojotnik) - Tankhunter (blister - personal hopes for Missile or Rifle) - New profile(s) (blister 1-2x or box depending on what it is) I think that's a fairly conservative estimate, mirroring the schedule of other Ariadna releases, creating models for a few profiles that haven't had sculpts yet, and allowing the largest number of resculpts while minimizing the number of necessary releases (6-7 "slots"), which could be spread over the next 1-2 years, depending on whether they want to release sculpts for any other Ariadna models like continuing the Scots resculpts. Expecting more than that I'd say is unlikely with how many other sectorials they plan to release over the next 1-2 years, and even more so when you consider that the TAK range is more developed than some of the other sects already.
  11. This tends to work better with Sekban though, because then you can have Core Oda/Sekban Haris or Core Sekban/Oda Haris (and the Haris profile on Sekban is free).
  12. I don't think it's bad, although I would put a Hawwa in each pool so you always have access to midfield scoring no matter which pool gets tight on orders. This in turn helps with how order hungry pool 2 is if you swap it for say, an Alguacil.
  13. I think he's designed to have different weapons than the current spec ops, so a sniper option was always going to be unlikely. The plus side of course being that if you have both (which you probably should!) a conversion should be pretty easy.
  14. Is it playable? Absolutely. It totally works, and myself and many others have ran low order count lists and done very well with them in events. Is it playing to the faction's strengths? Arguably, no. We have more cheap options than most and fewer expensive ones, so you're largely playing with one hand behind your back. While I can craft a decent enough elite list out of the faction and run it successfully, I would say it doesn't really hold a candle to what my normal list can accomplish in the same circumstances.
  15. 6 line kazaks is definitely overkill (more so when they can't be linked with heavy weapons yet till the sectorial drops). A minesweeper Mul and/or Volunteers with Chain Rifles will do just fine if it's order generation you are after, and the points saved could easily afford you something like Antipodes (to crack heavy armor) or Irmadinhos (so you have access to a bit more smoke and scoring). Uxia and Chasseur #2 are also personal favorite pieces of mine, tho of course it depends on how Kazak heavy you want to go at this point.