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  1. They're still listed in the wiki List of Fireteams and it's been confirmed that they are still core, so you are good to go.
  2. Enjoy!
  3. I'd rather they borrowed off the Bakunin or Hassassin new starters and go for something a bit more assymetrical while filling in missing choices. Things like - Hexa KHD - Swiss Multirifle - CSU Shotgun - Locust Marksman Rifle Etc.
  4. Laika was the Soviet dog who went to space. As a result, a few of us fans thought it would be a great female character dog warrior.
  5. It's also pretty easy to convert that sculpt to a Swiss Hacker using the multirifle from the SpecOps sprue.
  6. Echoing what Barakiel has said above, I would only really make 2 other addendums (more an expansion on his commentary): 1.) The 3 Fusilier Hackers is way overkill. 2 instances of supportware should realistically be plenty. Turning one into the HMG is great for a bit more offensive presence, and downgrading another to a regular Fusilier buys you both a Lt decoy and a final 3rd Fugazi to bump up the order count (and B2 AROs via EVO are no joke on these!) 2.) I'd stick a Bulleteer in each pool. These can be quite order hungry pieces and are one of the main offensive tools in the list, so being able to spread the firepower out ensures that whichever pool remains strongest on orders can fuel your primary offensive. 3.) I'm sure someone will tell me I'm wrong with all the REMs in the list, but I'd personally rather a Warcor than the 2nd palbot. Having access to a WIP 13 discover, a free throwaway order, and yet another flash pulse is a high value case for me, and I've occasionally even converted that irregular order when the tough gets going just to get one last round of shooting (or crucial suppressing fire) up, so I think it's my personal choice there, but play it out and see if you agree
  7. Yeah I mean there really is a bunch of overlap. With Briscard vs. Marauder, the latter is generally superior in every way (points aside, I don't really rate the movement on such a typically static piece, and even if 4-4 is better, its no competition vs. Dogged, Forward Deployment, +1 ARM and +1 PH for dodging) so you're usually reaching for that option unless you're desperate to make a trim to fit in something else. With the Tankhunter vs. Scots Guard (or Minutemen) I have a seriously hard time taking anything but the former. Camo is just such a powerful ability that there's really no reason to reach for the Minuteman (+1 BS and shock immunity not even being close to a tradeoff) and I can't think of any instance where I'm rating the Assault Pistol and Multi-terrain of the Scots Guard to pay 2 points more for it. I mean clearly a lot of these choices were balanced around being linkable and how they function as part of a team, but for solo pieces I think those are generally the best two of the pack for a reason.
  8. Marauder HRL and Tankhunter Missile are probably your best picks for each respective weapon and usually outclass the rest of the field in terms of competition. I've used both in Vanilla to great success.
  9. Think it's largely been said, but I'd just like to echo the Chasseur to remove ODD and hit it with AP guns, smoke to keep it unscary, or Antipodes if it even remotely extends to get you as they'll shred it in a heartbeat. eMaulers also make it very very sad, like any tag really. It's actually not a very good piece into most Ariadna lists because it's paying for a Sepsitor it can't use, the elite nature of the build makes it hard to gain traction vs. lots of orders and camo to reveal, and its otherwise serious overkill in most 1v1 fights. It's also worth having elements like M5, Van Zant, Uxia, Shotgun Spetz etc etc in your list because you can usually get a good glut of their order pool. Even if you're just piece trading to remove things like the Ikadrons, Doc Worm (always kill doc worm), and the like, you can usually come out ahead by indirectly siphoning his punch even if you're behind on points.
  10. Right they're legal, and I suppose you could take one just to have a model on the table and use it to stand by certain key models so they can't template them?
  11. Sure, except for this part right: A Civilian is a game element with a Troop Profile that does not belong to the Army List of any player. Therefore Civilians cannot be part of any Combat Group and don't provide Orders to an Order Reserve.
  12. As a big fan of the Joan Limited insertion armor heavy builds myself, I must say I'm really impressed with that Cutter list.
  13. Aside from CHA (linked = duh), I actually ran her at Gencon in my Limited Insertion list. When you don't know what the missions are going to be, classified coverage is fairly important, she still pushes buttons, and you don't care about the cost because you actually need more expensive models. But the biggest reasons are also the most subtle. 1.) Emaulers! These things are a fantastic piece of kit, and she's the only one who can bring them and score, which is great for the necessary "dual capability" you need out of most single combat group lists where individual models have to perform multiple roles. 2.) She can both set and detonate D-charges, meaning you've got backup capability for Sabotage, Looting/Sabotaging, the Grid etc. Odds are models like Uxia may not survive long enough to finish the job, but Isobel can be tucked away and still do her thing. 3.) She can coordinate suppressing with your other models, but unlike some other mook cheerleader, shes no joke at it. BS 12 T2 rifle is jussssst dangerous enough to not want to ignore, and if you set it up right, she's hard to get at without setting off the emaulers in the process. 4.) Errr... She's rele purty The hacking is largely useless yes (more so now the Objective rooms are gone). Once in a blue moon you get to mess with that situational list that brings guided ammo or actually drops AD models on the table but that's really it. She's for classifieds and that's all. In other words she can head up to the button, WIP it on 13, Emauler the area, maybe snatch a classified, and drop into suppressing with the T2 rifle from cover as an ARM 5 (total) model. If they get her out of suppressing range she still has the Flash Pulse. It's not horrible for that price. But outside of this bizarre corner case (Limited Insertion, not knowing scenarios, playing Vanilla Ariadna) it's CHA or bust though probably.
  14. Yeah I think it would be hard to argue that Dog Soldiers didn't influence the designs for the resculpted Antipodes...
  15. For Kazak related stuff, it's hard to beat S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or Metro 2033.