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  1. Don't know why but I just pictured a Squalo with a slingshot strapped on his arm, launching little explosive teddy bears across the board. That would be awesome.
  2. Man i've killed so much things in CC with my crane that i can't possibly agree with you. Alone he is already a beast, but the synergy with the CG link as smoke dispenser and CC booster is completly insane. Seriously, spec-fire smoke then rush-in with the team is my go-to tactic against TAGs.
  3. At this point i wonder if it wouldn't be interesting to have an option in Army 6 to add approximate point costs to the courtesy list. Like, either indicate the less and most expensive profile cost (like, for a pheasant agent, it would be 29-36pts) or the average cost of the unit (pheasant agent is around 33pts).
  4. Precisely. It's especially true when you're playing elitist lists and rely mostly on one or two costly models with big gun to take down ennemy ARO. Linked missiles launchers or multi-sniper are one of the few things that often makes me want to drop my Hsien HMG in favor of less expensive gun fighters (like a rui-shi and a dakini HMG), because once he ate his ML crit or just fumbled hard the game is basically done for. It actually happened in my last tournament, even with haris bonus and firing through nimbus the guy still got clipped by a regular MSR in 5-man fireteam. Twice, Because i was stupid enough to spend orders to get him back on his feet after his first disastrous attempt. I really love the Hsien/zhanying haris, and i know shit happens, but bloody hell it's frustrating... Anyway, the combination of sixth sense L2, 13+ BS and burst 2 on a weapon who need only one hit to send pretty much anything to the grave is insanely strong. If it also packs MSV/mimetism or the like it gets even worse. If it has more than one wound things will likely get ugly really fast. So yeah, i'd say riot-girls and rodoks are probably some of the most fearsome fireteam one could face, but even the humble fusillier link is scary as hell.
  5. Don't forget you can also put him in a wu-ming link. If you're short in SWC for a wu-ming HRL and want something that will be a threat for more than one order (looking at you panzer-ming) it's a fairly good choice. Also, if like me you're fond of solo aro sniper (Bao, Lunah) then he can be used as such: SSL2 and bio-immunity can be both fairly annoying if your meta relies a lot on smoke-trick and shock/viral ammo, and the nanopulser means you can also guard a flank or something.
  6. Like most LI agents the kanren isn't meant for "in your face" assault since BS12 and a combi is good but usually not enough against anything serious, so you have to make the most of its toolkit if you want him to shine: - Holoechoes are very good to clean up mines, koalas and such. Holo 2 also acts as camo against most aro, which means you can use it to sneakily get in the back of your opponent. Overall it's a really powerful skill in active turn. Also, pretending to be something else can lead to interesting situations and gets really powerfull if you made your list specifically for it ("nope this wasn't a Hsien, it's a kanren. Also, chain-colt, you're dead. Also, tiger soldier/ninja, you're dead-er") - Forward deployement L2 is kinda tricky to use, because your kanren will be exposed, and sadly the holoprojector doesn't offer much protection during your reactive turn. What you should do is hide your 3 holoechoes far away from each other, in 3 different spots that can't be reached easily from one another. If your kanren has to die, then make it as order intensive as possible. - Monofilament + MA1 + surprise attack (thanks to holo echo 2) means you have more or less 50% odds to slash ANYTHING in half. This is especially powerfull when combined with the assault hacker or mad-traps profile who can both immobilize a juicy target. - The chain-colt is your "dead man's switch". If an ennemy gets too close, and you know your odds of survival are too small, just take him in hell with you. - The hacker profiles, thanks to Holo 2, can get closer to interesting targets despite mines or AROs. One interesting trick is to Holo 1 your kanren hacker as other profiles to lure your opponent in his ZoC. - The forward obs profile is my all-time favorite. A specialist who can clean up mines then get in there and blast everything with his shotgun is invaluable!
  7. I want to see AVA 2 xeodron in vanilla CA so i can finally sell my soul to the alien invader and play Avatar + 2 xeodron list. Though i'm willing to negotiate with the EI because DEAR AI-GOD THE NEW AVATAR IS GORGEOUS. Also, more terrain rules, crazy scenarios with the improved button pushing mechanics (no more roll at WIP -6 por favor) and a different vibe than ITS missions (longer missions with more objectives, no time limit, etc...). Basically, the old one but updated.
  8. Also (afaik) sepsitor only works on networks and cubes. It corrupts and take control of datas, so for example the EI can't just sepsitorize ariadna into submission, and the same applies to any civilisation without cube-like tech.
  9. maybe alucard, but he should have protheion
  10. You can't, these kind of unit is nearly unstopabble in their active turn. The only thing you can do is slow them down by stacking bodies/mines/hacking and/or make it so they have to spend a lot of orders to get one kill (by hiding every one). Now, when it's your turn, they're suddenly way more vulnerable, and you have a LOT of options to bring them down: hacking, MSV2 troopers (even better with smoke), CC (again better with smoke), etc...
  11. Your first priority should be to overwhelm your opponent's single shot with 3 or 4 dice, so spitfire,HMG and combi are fine. Ideally, you also want to shoot him in the 0-16" rangeband, and stack all kind of modifiers in your favor (mimetism, TO, surprise shot, smoke trick, etc...). As an ISS player i usually rely on my Hsien HMG to deal with most AROs (snipers included), but in vanilla you have a LOT of good units to do this kind of jobs, from badass HI packing an HMG/spitfire to infiltrators (oniwaban!) or tiger soldiers. Yeah, but that's mostly because snipers are primarly an ARO weapon, and yu-jing as a whole is designed to have "meh" firepower in the reactive turn. Though lately i've been using Major Lunah a lot and she does one hell of a job. Anyway, there's a lot of variable so do you have difficulties with a specific kind of sniper? Those in a fireteam? TO camo? Dumb cheap scotish caterans?
  12. So, why didn't we have a thread like that already? Is it because y'all want to keep your tricks for yourself just in case your gaming mates are lurking in the forum? Long story short, here's a courtesy list: And here's the real one: I know holoprojecting kuang-shis doesn't work if you play first, but if you play second your opponent will have a hard time alpha striking you considering your DZ is packed with 14 kuang-shis. Also, this simple trick mostly serve as decoy to hide the bigger one, aka Sforza and the Garuda. Anyway, just wanted to share this funny list i've came up with a few weeks ago, and see if you guys are willing to share some of your own!
  13. Yeah! Suck it Sushi Traitors! Though, considering the INSANE amount of release ISS got this year i'm surprised it didn't outright skyrocketed. I wonder what will happen once JSA has new keisotsu...
  14. In this game, the most valuable thing besides orders are bodies, because they eat your opponent's orders. So yea anything that is cheap AND slightly threatening is really good: warbands, warcor, 8pts mimetism drone, techbee for Pano, ikadron for CA, post-humans for Aleph etc... Also, even though setting up ARO is a good way to get rid of warbands, you have to expose one of your guy, which means he will probably end up as HMG fodder. Personally, i'd gladly sacrifice a few monks if it makes my opponent expose some of his units (especially if it's one packing an MSV2). And if he decides to hide in total cover, then those very same warbands have free reign to wreak havoc. Damned if you do, damned if you don't...
  15. Side note, but if i-khol is indeed free, i find it quite funny to give to beautiful women models. They literally won the genetic lottery!