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  1. The blade isn't anything to worry about, Corvus Belli's metal is pretty soft compared to some, softer than most resins, barely harder to cut than a few model companies plastics... Blades break, that's why they sell spares.
  2. The grunt wants the flamethrower, so the marauder gets the rifle. The extra difference in the marauder makes it easier to define which one is the paramedic/haris/Lt etc-it's really handy for the harris if you do get the zombie survivors, since one of the heads from that is a drill Sergeant type. It's really easy to get the grunt rifle and the marauder flamethrower off the hands with just an exacto knife since the back side will be against the body it's not crucial to save the thumbs... The only "problem" is the Foxtrot, but if you get the spec ops(or use a pistol from the zombie guys) then you can pick what you want from him...
  3. I'd actually recommend doubling up on the starter box rather than the Minutemen or marauders, since they're both Ava 5, having 9 of them means a lot of lead on the bench. Plus there are a couple of weapon swaps you can use with the starter models that ad some utility. The easiest is the starter marauder and one of the male rifle grunts, a little slicing of the gun hands and you end up with another heavy flamethrower grunt, and a marauder firing from the hip, if you can get a light shotgun from somewhere (my own preference is the wargames factory zombie survivors) you can make the other grunts into the flamethrower profile too, and swapping the starter minuteman's hands for a pistol and ccw from somewhere (again the zombie survivors do nicely) sets him aside as a proxy for basically any of the profiles.
  4. Ariadna were only larger than tohaa and aleph. The third smallest faction scored the third most points. Larger factions have an advantage, they are not guaranteed to win. Some soccer teams have wage bills per player higher than the entire operating costs of the teams they play, but they don't win every game.
  5. Well no, because nobody else can actually keep territory. They might be embarrassed by some ateks stealing tessium refining techniques, or hindered by some space hippies trashing a TAG factory, but since everyone is leaving at the end, there would be two metrics of control. One set of objectives would be open to everyone, but the other would be a shifting border between the hyperpowers. The fluff brief should be pretty beneficial to YuJing as well, you might have been screwed over in both campaigns but if everyone else is given neutral objectives, who is their in the fluff that flat out won't work with (or for) YuJing? Smooth things over with the tohaa over narooma, and suddenly you have options to open channels with everyone. Pano will always start with a minimum of 2 factions ready to take their shit when they aren't looking. Throw in a couple of cube copying rumours, some ethically questionable facilities experimenting on prisoners etc, and suddenly it's hard to justify siding with blue team. Yes that is unfair to pano, but I think they will adapt to it far better than anyone else would(definitely better than CA) , since they have both numbers and determination, which has given them victory in both campaigns. All of it though hinges on faction objectives being determined by the fluff ahead of time, and avoid the situation were pano are left in the clear by setting everyone else up. Actually on that train of thought, what if the map was mostly in pano territory? PanOceania players might call foul, but again they are the only faction capable of surviving as the focus of the campaign...
  6. Negative modifiers are not the way to go, however you phrase them, they'll just cause arguments and accusations, and frankly we already had too many of those. Add to that, the current system, flaws and all works as a baseline, things can be added to it to No system will be perfect, however you cut it the factions that report more, either by effort, luck or numerical superiority will always have an advantage. Figure out something that you can do within the current system to get a new advantage, rather than trying to mitigate the existing ones.
  7. I think combined army should be taking a back seat for the fluff in the third campaign, putting the focus of everything on a Combined Army invasion will have the same result every time, a faction that is at best average sized gets ganged up on in the end game to "protect humanity". O12 send security forces to Svalarheima to search for Shasvastii, the low risk of Sepsitor attacks meaning that everyone can contribute manpower, PanOceania and YuJing get "assistance" from the other human factions and even the tohaa in securing their territory for a few months then when few shasvasti are found the transports arrive to ship everyone home, and at that point YuJing attack PanOceania territory and vice versa, both hoping to grab a few more miles from the other while blaming the other factions...
  8. To me those numbers are a pretty good case against extremely low report limits, but I'm sure someone will be along shortly to argue the opposite. Personally I'd really like to see what the numbers look like once all the accounts without reports are discounted, and what effect the AI historian had on the numbers, but the BoW team have moved on to something else now, so that would probably be a little way off even if it were forthcoming. It's interesting to me that in the top 3 factions by score, the nomads seem to have gained most of their points through having multiple people with a few reports rather than a few people with multiple reports, Ariadna the opposite, and then PanOceania has a best-of-both-worlds approach,which seems to work pretty well given the fact they scored more points...
  9. That's cool, but you might want to consider who knew about it and if they gave you warning ahead of time...
  10. So @Nazroth you're saying that Ariadna are Nomad allies because Haqqislam said so? Think maybe there was someone else who you could have asked about that?
  11. So why even report the loss? We've already had folks own up to not wanting to waste the time doing it when they have the option to blank them out later, if you're limiting people that heavily on top of that...
  12. The purpose of the campaign is to get people playing games. 2-3 games over the campaign, 2-3 games a phase, 2-3 games a week or 2-3 games a day, doesn't matter, play 'em report 'em. If the faction making more reports because they have more players can still loose because of how you work the results, then the faction who has more reports because their players can play more, can also lose due to how the results are worked, no?
  13. Lets say that the limit is reduced as heavily as has been suggested here, were everyone's output is reduced to the average. The faction with more players wins. every time. Play as many games as you can, stop worrying about people playing more than you or playing the "wrong" mission.
  14. Except, the nomads took the legation back in really short order, and grew their ranks in the last couple of days to ensure they had a lead, several people posting 1 or 2 games each all banded together and beat the two or three guys that could post several games. That feels like a pretty solid team effort. Different Factions have different strengths, if they play to their own, they'll get a lot more success than trying to have another factions strength limited.
  15. Of the 30 players who earned the longest war achievement, 6 are pano, nomads and combined army had 2 each, everyone else had 4. that seems pretty even overall to me, one faction did better, yay for them, two did worse, better luck next time. The whole point is to report games. Stopping people from reporting games is counter intuitive. If a whole faction can't outpace one person you shouldn't limit or handicap that one person to account for it, you should PLAY. MORE. GAMES. If you limit the reports so severely only wins will get reported, and only on the last couple of days of a phase.