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  1. The pdf says "any type of pistol" so breaker, heavy, assault and even other stun pistols grant an extra stun pistol,because they are all types of pistol.
  2. You choose the Datatracker at the end of deployment, pretty sure you can't change the state of your troopers from marker to model at that point, so you need to actually deploy at least one model. It doesn't say what happens if you don't but logically the data tracker should count as being killed the same way AD troops do if not deployed so nobody can screw their opponent out of the objective points for killing them...
  3. You need to do lethal damage, but since all damage happens simultaneously as long as you get the target to -1w in that order you got the kill, no matter how many other wounds the target takes. Since they all happen at the same time *everyone* that does damage in the order the target dies did the lethal damage.
  4. @Teslarod everything in the same order is simultaneous, not sure about the mines(though i believe them to be simultaneous as well), but for coordinated orders, G:sync, multiple AROs etc I think that means everyone involved can claim the kill, no matter which order you resolve the shots or saves.
  5. So Druze in QK become 5 from the list 2 more from SoF , Caterans in CHA are 4+1, all warcors 1+1 etc? I can live with that...
  6. Not sure I follow your logic. If we ignore the AVA of merc units that are in lists in favour of the merc profiles AVA you can still add merc profiles, just at their own AVA... Do you mean you just add the merc AVA on top of AVA already afforded from lists EG 4 Caterans at regular cost, and a fifth at +1swc or 5 druze +2 for swc , a second warcor etc? Edit:saw the answer in the other thread, will ask there...
  7. Question about the Soldiers Of Fortune extra rule: It states "Players must respect the Availability within the troop profile, ignoring the limitations established by Army or Sectorial". Does that apply to everything with a merc profile or just the units added via the rule? EG, if I take Avicenna or a Druze hacker as a merc in a CHA list, does that mean Caterans become ava 1, and must by counted against the 75 point merc allowance?
  8. The first bullet point of the soldiers of fortune extra rule is "Players must respect the Availability within the troop profile, ignoring the limitations established by Army or Sectorial", so I'd say no, the AVA of Warcors is 1, if you buy one from SoF you don't get to buy another from your list since it's 'ignored'... It does present a question about Druze in Qapu Khaliqi(ava 5 in QK, ava 2 as mercs) and Caterans in Caledonia( 4 in CHA 1 as a merc) etc, does taking any mercs mean you have to use the merc profile AVA(and 75 point limit) for all "mercs" or just the ones you add to your list?
  9. Yep, good catch @mightymuffin, its not so much burning an order as not using a free one(should have been clearer on that), but they'll still lose partial cover mods anyway, which is less than ideal given how much of a target your datatracker will be in most missions....
  10. the "best" option changes with the mission, In Annihilation, you want it on a cheerleader in the back to keep 2 points out of the enemy's hands, and on something as cheap as possible so it won't gain your opponent a big boost towards the next points bracket at the same time if they kill 'em. Decapitation, you want something mobile and hard hitting, Wulvers jump out for this to me since they can climb up to get line of sight on the enemy hvt, and it doesn't matter that he triggers fury after that since he's done his job, but like @Yvainsaid, having to burn an order to keep him from charging ahead isn't a good deal in the other setups. Any of the missions were you gain a bonus for having them in the right zone, survivability is key, but again, consider a cheaper unit to minimise your loss in points in that zone for domination if they're killed.
  11. The Spanish version of decapitation only says not to use the classified deck, it seems pretty clear that's the intention since you need the HVT in play to get the full 10 points. On the subject of "pretty clear intentions" re:designated targets, do HVTs have a facing(IE line of fire as a trooper, no sixth sense, 360 visor etc), and can they use and/or be deployed in cover, suppression zones, low visibility etc? I'm assuming the answer is "yes" to both, but it doesn't actually state that in any of the rules I can find...
  12. It looks like there's half a Gorgos under the avatar's foot...
  13. Shoulder mounting the sniper on the Blackjack kind of makes more sense since it would reduce the mechanical "wobble" from the arm throwing the aim off, and since it's much easier to machine a CROWS style mount than a scaled up human arm. It still looks way too much like a tag to me to be heavy infantry though. Personally I think it's maybe a bit too bulky for the profile.
  14. The blade isn't anything to worry about, Corvus Belli's metal is pretty soft compared to some, softer than most resins, barely harder to cut than a few model companies plastics... Blades break, that's why they sell spares.
  15. The grunt wants the flamethrower, so the marauder gets the rifle. The extra difference in the marauder makes it easier to define which one is the paramedic/haris/Lt etc-it's really handy for the harris if you do get the zombie survivors, since one of the heads from that is a drill Sergeant type. It's really easy to get the grunt rifle and the marauder flamethrower off the hands with just an exacto knife since the back side will be against the body it's not crucial to save the thumbs... The only "problem" is the Foxtrot, but if you get the spec ops(or use a pistol from the zombie guys) then you can pick what you want from him...