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  1. The requisition of 24volt truck batteries, jumper cables, ginger beer and a pineapple is also totally coincidental...
  2. I think you'll find we are the real troops, there are no strings on us Pinocchio. Calm down, Satan Besides if we install android on 'em we can play angry birds...
  3. Nothing about the unprovoked* attack** on antella either. * our lawyers are almost 100% sure singing "come and have a go if you think you're hard enough" doesn't actually constitute legal justification for hostilities. ** our lawyers are also sure that the piss poor attempts at combat the Pan-O forces threw at us do technically count.
  4. I think T sections on 12 inch square boards are the simplest way to start off, centering the walls on the 4 and 8 inch marks with a door at the end of every wall. By swapping the sections around you can create fairly long corridors that are wide enough to put starter set crates in for verity, you can make various sizes of rooms, and a side effect of this is you can make an objective room just but putting any 4 corners in the centre of the table.
  5. I think CB needs to look at having optional parts if they're going to do away with single model blisters entirely. If I want say 2 shotgun ORCs I either have 2 HMG ORCs spare I didn't necessarily have a need for or I need to convert one of the HMG guys to a shotgun through various methods some of which may not be looked kindly upon by CB... Using @ChoKonnit's services would work fine for the first few people that want 2 shotgun ORCs but once he has 8 or 10 HMG ORCs sitting in a pile it wouldn't be viable for him to keep splitting ORC blisters for the one model that's really popular. (I'm not saying shotguns are actually more popular than HMG, this is just an example)
  6. Something about your dialysis vault or something? Honestly I zoned out and just imagined you were all singing show tunes...
  7. Fair enough, and since the weapons we're talking about are an order of magnitude above what the game deals with, it doesn't actually matter anyway.
  8. Ha! He thinks I can read... But yeah, the difference, as @Eciu said, is they're hitting an enemy of O12, not the ships, installations and property of O12 member states(well, not directly, if they left stuff near the targets that's too bad...) anyone that goes hammer down on a rival factions ship without approval will need to explain that really well or at very least have a high ranking scapegoat ready to take the fall...
  9. The reason why nobody will get to deploy the mass drivers, laser batteries and nuclear torpedoes in game is the game doesn't have them. The fluff reason is something along the lines that O12 wants to minimise materiel losses and won't authorise it. Now it might be fun to act the hard ass and say "we'll fire anyway hurhur" but one of the fundamental constants of Infinity fluff is that nobody wants to give anyone else leverage politically. Being the first to open up an open conflict almost automatically puts you in the wrong with the rest of humanity, and gives your opposition the moral right to return fire, most likely with O12 approval...
  10. I currently have an armoury building 80% done and a bucket load of foam rocks to be painted, then I need to get started on the corridors and ship bits... This will be a busy month...
  11. Well if this funky little map of transetheria routes is accurate it would seem that NeoTerra, Varuna, Yujing, and Dawn are all accessible from Svalarhiema, so either we stop em at your door with tactical decisions such as not sending the most vulnerable troops in when there are plenty of people from Dawn and Bourak without the little plastic pal in their heads, or we can all fight them on our own lawns were they know what to expect from us and can tailor their assaults accordingly...
  12. Let us know how sending cubed troops against voodootech works out for yah... Who knows maybe they're not expecting you to do the thing that exploits your main weakness against them?
  13. You rang? You forgot wet dog and cordite, and we spell it "whisky", but aye pretty much.
  14. That's why we're going to use mines to flip them.
  15. If they switch off the gravity it won't matter wich way round the tables are, keep calm and wait for the situation to develop, and then when the strategy dictates we FLIP ALL THE TABLES!!