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  1. It was actually on the site since day 1, as was phase 3... We'll see what happens in the end up, but uh... Yeah...
  2. I've never seen that thread so I can only go on what the book says, and the weapon(all one of them in the game iirc) does not have the antimaterial trait listed, and neither does the ammo (it lists the effect but not the trait in the same way flash is a stun effect but isn't stun for the hunting party mission) , so I'm playing it that the unknown ranger needs to stock up on demo charges(or an exp ccw if he gets lucky) from the panoply en route to the ac2.
  3. The Combined Army are trying to compromise the comms equipment, so it has to be thoroughly swept for hardware and software breaches. Any resistance to this process cannot be tolerated. Those individuals (aspects of aleph or human support staff) who do not resist and pass logic and cognitive tests designed to root out sepsitor victims, as well as tissue screening are being sent to the shuttle bay for relocation. They appear to be heading mostly for the Don Peyote, since we have already cleared the Don of any infection or infiltration this seems to be a good solution.
  4. Ah I see what you mean now. We're only a couple hours out from the limit on our objectives now, we'll see what solutions CB have for the next set soon I guess...
  5. CBs biggest hurdle with the objectives is they are inherently gamey, and it seems like the core of players that hang around all the time instead of popping in when they have a report to publish, actually are playing narratively for the most part. Ariadna abandoned our objective in about 7 minutes when we figured out everyone else's. The number of points we all needed for the first week was already scaled to each faction @AdmiralJCJF, eg tohaa only needed 200 because they have about 2/3 the players of any of the human factions. YuJing also only needed 200, presumably because 3 factions were told to attack their territory. The phase structure will cause natural crescendos, and those crescendos will be followed by a lull. Wait till we have the whole phase 2 data, then we can see if there has been a drop off.
  6. T2 ccws aren't AM in army or human sphere N3, the only reference to them being am is the wiki which is probably mistaken.
  7. If you only have a regular, AP or T2 ccw on your TAG, you can't use them, since the antimaterial trait is on the unarmed attacks only. If it has a DA, EXP, or templar ccw you can use that as normal.
  8. Surely you mean a waaaaambulance... But in all seriousness, the idea that you shouldn't play anyone because you have more or less experience than them is entirely ridiculous, and just a little bit insulting imo.
  9. PanOceania's technology is advanced enough that you can breathe solar radiation, drink vacuum, and fuel your ships with your own hot air now? Ice is water, water is fuel both for the human body and for space ships. Alfundaq is crucial to the operation of the blockade, any attempt to seize it will be viewed as sedition by the Security forces and we will act accordingly.
  10. How about some kind of system were people that can't play games get to control the surge in some way? Instead of the the reports of a surge going to a specific area or theatre were the AI historian will eat them, have an extra "logistical" theatre on the map that doesn't report its results directly but members of each faction get to vote on were the points go in their briefing rooms, and then the liasons, or an automatic system doles out the points at say 24 to 72 hour intervals, or 24 hours before an objective cut off or phase change? Stipulations could be in place for minimum numbers of votes before they trigger etc, and the discussion of were the points are needed most would give anyone without a game to play some interaction with the rest of the campaign as logistics divisions etc...
  11. I don't recall Warren ever stating that people don't understand the rules, let alone criticised anyone for it. But he has stated several times that the rules are intentionally loose and few to see what happens. Turns out people are dicks occasionally. It's annoying but we can all move along and work out how to deal with it ourselves. Also, a manual explains the basic operation of a system, not the rules which govern its operation. Look at any car manual and try to find anything in it about how long you are allowed to park on a private road, what the speed limit is etc...
  12. The whole point of the air historian imo is to only reveal the truth *after* the end, so that we have to act or react to possibly false information like operation quicksilver, Hanoi Hannah or Fox news.
  13. I'm unsure if the system actually needs to be limited. If it's allowed, and every body knows it, then it's up to us to work out how *our* actions can limit the surge effect. The weekly objectives will show if it's going to be a problem that needs addressing, while also limiting the amount of battles anyone can put in one surge. Plus the AI Historians have been implied as having some effect on the effectiveness of the surges, I know that's not an immediate answer to the perceived problem, but if in the end a surge, has any sort of "penalty" (in reality it's more likely to not get a bonus individual reports might earn, going on how @Beasts of War - Warrenhas been talking here) compared to posting the reports as soon as possible, I think that's probably enough for me.
  14. And here was me thinking whack-a-mole was his jam...
  15. Assuming it's not been tweaked since famestrike, for held the line your faction needs to be in control and you need to prevent the faction you play against from taking the theatre with a win(draw might work but don't count on it.) it won't trigger from a tie. Cleared the decks you need to take the theatre from the faction you play your game against in one win, no tied score in between.