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  1. That wasn't the argument at all, that was a ridiculous strawman brought up by people who don't like being called rude and want to defend their right to act in that manner. The notion, and those that brought it up, should be treated with utmost contempt.
  2. Honestly, it's not. It's simply impossible to rule against reconstructing your opponent's list to deduce private info without introducing some truly ridiculous restrictions (see the whole "can't open the rulebook while playing" argument immediately above). In virtually all cases where a player takes multiple hidden troopers (camo, HD, AD, Holo etc.) it makes the reconstruction of questionable benefit, and it's simply not feasible to expect people to play as if they didn't know they were facing a Sphinx/Cutter (for example) when faced with only two thirds of a force on the other side of the table (and imagine their surprise when it turns out to be 3 Fraacta!). The people who consider it rude will do so, and judge those that don't, and vice versa.
  3. The difference being, popping a Swiss out of HD is explicitly allowed. You're relying on a weak semantic argument to enable you to break a rule, private info. No-one can stop you, as has been quite clearly explained, but it doesn't mean it isn't rude.
  4. I was wondering when the strawman would make an appearance... By all means, open the rulebook, read the rules, read any section you choose. If your intent in doing so is to deduce your opponent's private info, you're breaking the rules and IMO being quite rude. see above.
  5. And your point is? You are using a semantic argument on the one hand and stating "it doesn't say I can't" on the other. Both of these should be waving big red flags for you.
  6. I'm aware of the context. I'm just not sure you understand that you need to supply reference for where in the rules it gives you permission to look up the points and SWC of your opponent's profiles, not the other way round. The nature of a permissive rule-set and all...
  7. You say you understand, then you write something like this. My mind boggles...
  8. Yeah, they are. You seem to fundamentally misunderstand how virtually all games work. They have permissive rule-sets, ie they tell you what you can do, not what you can't. For example, please find where in the rules it says I can't get up on the table and stomp on my opponent's models whenever he declares an ARO? The rest of what you said is largely valid except for: It boils down to this: Are you attempting to circumvent a rule, private info, by looking up profiles? If so, you're breaking the rules and being rude IMO.
  9. (edited, bad maths...)
  10. Well, there's some hope with the releaswd Svalarheima lists that a mixed Knight+OS link may be on the table some day.
  11. I start with 4-4, 13, 10, 10, 12, 0, 0, 1, 2, pistol + knife as 0 points and add from there, with very few exceptions I get to what CB get when adding up. The biggest unknown for me is the cost for +1 W, which looks to be about 10 points. Terrain skills are free if they are singular (or so close to zero they don't usually effect points), 1 point if they encompass two or more terrain types. ... ... Adding up everything I get frenzy at about -10 points, and without it the Teuton basic profile would be 44 points.
  12. Sinbad (Lieutenant), Mercenary (all human factions). LI, Regular MOV CC BS PHY WIP ARM BTS W S AVA 4-4 15 13 12 15 2 3 1 2 1 Ghost:Jumper L2, Total Immunity, Strategos L2, Specialist Operative Automedikit Combirifle, Nanopulser, Pistol, CCW Golden Netrod -, Regular MOV CC BS PHY WIP ARM BTS W S AVA 0-0 0 0 12 0 0 3 1 2 - AI Beacon G:Jumper 2, counts against your total number of Ghost Jumpers. Comes with a Golden Netrod which must be deployed in base contact with Sinbad at the same time he deploys (otherwise is treated exactly the same as a regular Netrod, and counts against their AVA). If chosen in an army with G:Jumpers, additional Proxies are part of the Sinbad “persona” and he can move freely amongst them as a normal G:Jumper. Sinbad and his Golden Netrod provide a total of 2 regular orders and the Lieutenant order to the combat group they are part of (due to Strategos 2, this is essentially 3 regular orders). Nemo, Mercenary (Nomad and Haqqislam) HI, Regular, Fury MOV CC BS PHY WIP ARM BTS W S AVA 4-4 21 14 14 15 3 3 2 2 1 Zero-G, Natural Born Warrior, Forward Deployment L1, Engineer Breaker rifle, D-charges, Heavy Pistol, EXP CCW, Tinbot B I've had these ideas rolling around since the RPG was announced as competing antagonists in a space-based campaign eventually coming into conflict with one another. Sinbad being an (unknown to everyone else) Aleph agent trading information and setting the players contracts, the crew of his vessel being a total of about 4 posthumans jumping between 20 different characters. Sinbad personifies the iconic character full of charisma, charm and guile, the proxy Mk4's are hulking mute nubians, the g:servants on the ship are all monkeys (going full trope-tastic). Nemo in the Nautilus is an anti-imperialist, siding with the "little guy" against the big corporations, setting more anarchist players missions and providing direction for the story, he's a bearded swarthy man in powered armour of his own design carrying a trident that doubles as a ballistic weapon, with a large bore antique pistol strapped across his chest. There's a whole backstory for him and why he exists, and why he made the tinbot (a mini-kraken) that the players will eventually discover.
  13. Except the question was about keeping up the deception with no reference to anything other than the Holo 2 model(s), and Holoecho state requires you to mark it at the "start of your active turn", before the impetuous phase.
  14. And oddly enough, I've seen more than enough stand-up comics deliver rants about Hitler that were hilarious to give lie to that statement. You missed the hyperbole, don't try and cover yourself with the "it wasn't funny" excuse, you're fooling no-one.