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  1. wow thats a fraggin good idea man thanks.
  2. and gues what i just orderd today =P
  3. any new update on the chickenhawk people?
  4. thats a great idea thanks
  5. thanks for the tips
  6. those building pack are great thanks again for pointing me to them.
  7. i orderd the district 5 war game mat at MaC and got in in to day. i have to say the quality is great and i got even a bag with it specialy to put it safely away in =) can`t wait to do my first battle on it. thanks guys for this great product.
  8. thanks
  9. is there a place where i can down load these textures please.
  10. lol what do i think? i think i see nothing hehehe there must be something going wrong here. edit: now i see great stuff man
  11. verry good looking hilss man.
  12. great work thanks. i always love unit profiles on cards that makes them easier on the battlefield/table
  13. may be make a mold of it and so you can make more of these bases and from harder material? (plaster or resin)
  14. what will the brexit mean for us gamers? i guess there will be again a huge tax to pay on stuff we get out of england because we will technicly be importing ower parts again. so diffrant british shops/producers are .......... well F**Kt i think, i so hope there will be some work around for this.
  15. holly shit 25 euro for a plastic miniature... come on for that price they could atleast make it in metal like all ols models where in the good old days.