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  1. Thanks omikoron these cards have been a massive help and are perfect for all the tournaments I go to. Keep up the great work.
  2. Haha Wuji so intelligent
  3. So let me get this straight, it seems to be that you came on the CA forums to talk about Morats but you only wanted to hear bad stuff about how bad they are. How much of a bum deal they have compared to ALL the other factions of Infinity, although you still win lots (cause you must be bad ass with the ELITE tactics you use ). Boohoo morats are poo morats are poo. There you go fella, feel free to take your elitist ass back under the bridge. Trololol. P.S. Fluff doesn't sell/ not important? Tell that to GW I hear they have made a company out of their fluff and even have a publishing wing dedicated to it. Here is my answer: Morat are the muscle bound elite warriors of the galaxy! (I don't care that I don't have your arbitrary numbers numbers backing it up, I have something better ANECDOTAL evidence in the form of fluff!
  4. I didn't start getting any wins until I started running a 5 man link team of Vanguard with the aforementioned super hacker, and the ace in the hole that takes this unit to the next level; Treitak Anyat! He is the does nuts for bring versatility to a meaty Vanguard team.
  5. Ok so I think I know the answer and my buddy does too but he did ask where in the rulebook it says it and for the life of me I havnt a clue. So I thought to pop it on here in the hope of some Guru helping me out. So my TO CAMO'd, stealth ninja was in such a place as to be able to get into close combat with my mates unlucky little line trooper. I could trace a line from the ninja to the other trooper so that I would go behind the troopers back and the trooper could not turn round as the ninja had stealth. So when the ninja attacked the other trooper could only make a CC attack, right? Well my mate said that he could declare a BS attack, as when you are in close combat the model gets 360 degree point-of-view, and at any point along the line it moved as the whole order happens at the same time. Could that happen, could he fire his main weapon at the ninja as the ninja closed in for CC? So what do you think then peeps?