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  1. I have to thank you for motivating me all that time. It is really not that difficult. Take sticks and tree branches, wash them in ink, stick them to styrofoam and seal the foam with pva and paint/sand. Bushes and tree branches are made with filter foam and flock (and varnish/spray glue).
  2. testing all my "green terrain" for a lonely small forest/meadow near a small town. I know, the car is an anachronism, but if the US-Ariadnians build choppers, they might build 60ies-style cars, too.
  3. slightly wip watchtower that needs some bending on the railings
  4. Hmm, even the rulebook advises blocks/shoeboxy terrain for beginners. Starter boxes do it the same way. Well, it seems easier to start with, and you can easily put your little ones on roofs and the like. At least easier than on trees, rocky hills and in shrubbery. That's my humble opinion.
  5. Urban is easier for LOS (most of the time), it suits a cyberpunk appearance, simple mdf kits are *quite* affordable and a bit easier to store. That said nobody stops you from making a park or a sweet and comfy meadow. I wasn't stopped either .
  6. Thank you! Being colorful: don't be afraid using bright grass and paint the bottom of ponds not plain black, rather go with sand or green. Flowers: well, I cheated with tufts. But these tufts are mostly grass with colorful small parts of kitchen sponges on them. Just dip ends of grasses in pva and dip them in colored chalk or spongeparts. Grass: some years ago I was frightened glueing grass on terrain. I always paint and drybrush earth, even though it is not really visible. Covering everything in watered pva made me uncomfortable. But actually it is a messy fun! Water: well, I cheated again. The inner parts are "woodland grass" (model train supplies) and are partly covered in water effect. So it looks like swamp plants.
  7. i came back to my coaling tower/dice tower
  8. patches are for normies The shirt is not 100% perfect, but the little small happy mistakes can only be spotted if you come really close to me... Made with a graphtec vinyl plotter, so every color had to be pressed after the other. I started with red, then black, then blue, then yellow.
  9. Really not a beauty, but after all, I imagine at least some Ariadnians go to church. So this could be a kind of inspiration.
  10. Just a quick los-blocker made from last paper sheets (aka upcycling rubbish). In Brandenburg/Berlin there is a quite funny name for illegal dumps in forests (Waldfriedhof / forest cemetery). So.... well... maybe or not somebody still lives here, but who really wants to find it out?
  11. Hahaha! I have some of those (they are in in pharmacy glasses for ambient light). I'll try it!
  12. And now the last and most complex boat, still wip. After that I'll start with concrete quays.