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  1. Just a quick los-blocker made from last paper sheets (aka upcycling rubbish). In Brandenburg/Berlin there is a quite funny name for illegal dumps in forests (Waldfriedhof / forest cemetery). So.... well... maybe or not somebody still lives here, but who really wants to find it out?
  2. Hahaha! I have some of those (they are in in pharmacy glasses for ambient light). I'll try it!
  3. And now the last and most complex boat, still wip. After that I'll start with concrete quays.
  4. Some painted boats (next time I'll add a second layer of cardboard for each boat...) and templates for small house modules. They will be stacked like the common matryoshka buildings and will have a set of "China Town" windows.
  5. ok, some templates. The small car isn't perfect on the front and backside. And the large truck isn't even tested. If you need more detailed pics/a file then I'll send some.
  6. still testing the plotter for terrain. By now some bigger ships (and houseboats) and small houses (like in Amsterdam) for a small harbor district in the french town are planned. Besides that I test moving gates/bulkheads, that could be opened to a certain degree (as an opposite to the more binary option of "open/close". Pic related is a test for Frostgrave. I'll maybe experiment with magnets?
  7. What about making it kind of a doll house with a removable "4th wall"?
  8. Most vehicles really just need 1-2 sheets of A4-cardboard. The small "Smart"-car is the size of a postcard, the transporter needs 2 sheets. Same thing with the boats. I can share the plot files if interested. In the end all my cardboard objects don't look THAT good compared to resin/plastic, but hey, planning them is like 3d-chess brain jogging for me
  9. Thanks. Kind of that: I used a paper craft template and made a plot file out of it.
  10. after long time, some small updates
  11. Either kind of plane toilet size or ... well ... One Unisex and Unirace white seat.
  12. So next time octagonal shape ... at least..., I guess.
  13. actually this was my first public toilet and it didn't turn out so well. But at least it's not gender binary (remember: gender diversity is everywhere, not just in Praxis)