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  1. yeah. I mean, that specific situation wont come up again because my opponent was trying to get the patroclos/achilles shell game combo to work, then found out that it can't work (but until we found out that it doesn't work, I was intent on morpho scanning achilles, which is why the question of holoechoes came up in the first place.)
  2. Yeah, we had looked around for a while and noticed that nothing existed. What Solkan says is the issue with how this works. So for Holoprojector level 1, what macfergusson said is what I expected (it made the most sense). For Holoprojector level 2, holoechoes technically count as troopers, so you can pick them to be scanned. How I figure it works is that you are told it has no stats (much like if the holoecho has mimetism, but it can't be used). The other half of the question is whether or not that wastes your morphoscan use, since you only get to use it once. What is funny is that morpho scan and holoechoes existed in N2 and yet I never saw anything about this interaction back then either.
  3. So, I decided to be a little silly and bring a lot of combat drop troops today. One o them was a Cadmus. My opponent, decided to bring a lot of holoechoes. The obvious question never actually occurred in the game, but we read through a lot of things before the game even started to try to find out. The question is, what happens when the cadmus uses morpho scan on a holoecho accidently? If I choose poorly and pick a holoecho, does nothing happen? Do I lose my ability to morpho scan again? Do I get the stats of what the holoecho happens to be copying? Similarly, if someone is duplicating a model using level 1 of holoprojector and I try to scan him, do I simply get the stats of the person with the holoprojector? Or through some wizardry do I get the stats of the model he is duplicating? Thanks much.
  4. /q When you coordinate Troopers, you have to declare the same sequence of Skills. There isn't a skill Hack, each program is separate Skill, so I believe Troopers have to use same program ./q I do not know how to quote. Anyways, you do not need to declare the same program. Page 92 of HSN3 says that " It is not mandatory for all the Hackers in the Coordinated Order to use the same Hacking Program." I'd like to assume the bursts are halved as well. However if we just go off of the rules for coordinated orders, the bursts will stay the same. With that in mind, there is a tiny section (as insignificant as it is) in the main rulebook about hacking and coordination. All it says is that you can't do it unless a rule says otherwise. I don't want to make too many assumptions...but I'm going to be an ass and do so anyways. I'm assuming that if there was anything about bursts being halved, it would have been in that tiny paragraph. So my thought is that if you declare a coordinated hacking order, you have up to four folks all declaring their own hacking program and creating all kinds of hell for one target. Now the thing to remember is that reset is like the dodge of the hacking world, so I'm fairly sure that the reset roll works against every attack coming against it (just like dodge would). I'm assuming that if you try to defend yourself with another hacking program, then just like shooting you would have to pick a single target to do so. I do find it very odd that there wasn't any example of a coordinated hacking attack in the rules. And I just figured out how to quote. go figure. And I double checked reset, you can in fact use it against all hackers that are attacking you at once, just like dodge.
  5. I realize that morpho scan is a part of striga, but did they actually say that these were still in effect as they were?
  6. I briefly touched on the subject in the CA forum. I figured I'd more specifically ask here, but is Striga dead until it gets updated? Will there be some kind of temporary fix to those units that have the Striga rule? Is the Cadmus officially dead forever? :Find out in the next issue of "How the Plants shall Burn!" :-P lol
  7. So, I understand that Shasvastii are getting their own separate rework in the next book. However, I would like to mention to Corvus that there are currently 3(?) models that basically can't be used (or aren't worth using) because they have rules that no longer exist. I assume that with HSN3 out officially that everything from ALL of the previous books (aside from the campaign) is now completely irrelevant, so that means striga doesn't exist and can't be used, right? With that in mind, when can we expect the changes to those models that have non-existent abilities? If its soon (like, within a month) then awesome! I can't wait! if it's longer than that, then why? I mean, I would have been okay with morpho scan having its own, not-as-good version in the new book, and everything else just have protheion level 1. Heck, not having morpho scan at all would be okay, as long as the cadmus gets a temporary stat buff or something lol. Just food for thought for you CB :-)
  8. So first let me say that the new interface LOOKS slick. Get that out of the way. First issue, as others have mentioned, the lack of a download-as-pdf button is sadness incarnate :3 next issue, on one computer I use the stats don't show up in the print. Next thing is when I do print, the formatting is odd, it prints all of the units in one column which uses up more paper than it needs to. Last issue is it doesn't print weapon stats. I think that's everything I found myself. Oh, next odd thing. inches don't seem to work. My printed out army sheet is giving me super weird numbers in the movement area. On top of that, the spec ops I made on the army list didn't come with any of the changes I made to the spec ops. Unless there was an "apply" button that I missed. I'll look. update. So when it comes to the inches and spec ops stuff, it gives all of the appropriate numbers and equipment IN the army builder. When it gets printed off though, all of the movements are wrong, and the spec ops doesn't have any of its changes. Okay, next big thing. Looking over my army list, there were several other discrepancies. First, my Charontid LT wasn't showing his MSV 3 on his entry. My Zerat hacker was not showing her Assault hacking device in her entry, and my Morat Forward observer was not showing forward observer in his entry.
  9. I think crits are fine. They are obnoxious sometimes, but that goes both ways. It really does equalize some of the better models, like the Avatar. Even with crits, the Avatar tends to roflstomp on just about anything else that isn't in its point range. Now, on the ten models part, I still use 10 model lists regularly. Sometimes I go up to 13 models (averaging 11-12 so that I can put my TR remote in a separate group) but never more than that, and I still rock the 10 model lists where I play.
  10. Okay. So you just get to pick a card out of the deck for this? This is a very odd addition I think. Kinda coolish, but I'd have to try it.
  11. So, there is a new ITS mission in the PDF. It has a new condition thing called command and control or something. I'd like someone to explain what that is to me because I don't quite understand it. Kind of feels like there is a sentence missing in there somewhere.
  12. I Originally voted for crazy koala because that would be awesome, but now I'm thinking I want a plushy Avatar...
  13. thats funny, I said that a page or 2 ago, even using the same number of "pleases" lol
  14. At this point you guys are just arguing ABOUT arguing. I have not really seen anything wrong with anybodies form of complaining, or fact stating, or whatever it is you feel like calling it today. everyone has brought up good points about what could have been done, or what shouldn't have been done. However, the fact is that it is done. As far as the new book, we don't know how they will format it, I bet they wont tell us until it has already been done. People will love it or hate it as usual. I just want you guys to get along, its a game we all obviously enjoy or we wouldn't be here. just call a truce, at the very least for this thread lol.
  15. I'm not going from a practical standpoint, I'm going from a cinematic one lol :-P