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  1. Working on a few more Ghulam SWCs from the Red Veil ones. This time it's a sniper and a panzerfaust. I'm not 100% happy with the panzerfaust but I'm chuffed with the sniper.
  2. I've finally plucked up the courage to paint my HVT. Using one of the inspiration photos from my Odalisques I picked out a scheme for her dress. I used her coat to tie her into the rest of the force's colour scheme. After all they are her security force. She still needs her base attaching but these pics will do for now. What do you all think?
  3. Finally got around to taking pictures of the latest completed figures. More Khawarij this time, the old sculpt and an extra Red Veil one, courtesy of Shae Konnit, except with a boarding shotgun instead of the rifle.
  4. So our group decided they wanted to try hacking rules yesterday with only 1 day until our gaming session. Que Leila Sharif painted in one evening. Finished basing and varnishing her at 2am.
  5. I've definitely been bitten by the conversion bug again. I need to start getting some painted now though. The latest 3 are (from left to right) Hunzakut with Rifle/Light Shotgun so I can have a Forward Observer (using the Ghulam to his right's arms) Ghulam with Rifle/Light Grenade Launcher (using the Hunzacutie arms) And lastly a Zhayedan with Sniper Rifle (using a Taureg's Sniper Rifle and a lot of cutting to his arms.) I need to green stuff his right arm back on next and clean up the rest of the left arm. And some close ups Sent from my Harrier from EE using Tapatalk
  6. Can I add a Red Veil Taureg to my order please Sent from my Harrier from EE using Tapatalk
  7. Hi Cho, can I get the following please: Gui Feng Xi Zhuang 2 Mad Traps Husam Leila Sharif Red Veil Ghulam (Knife) Fast Panda Sent from my Harrier from EE using Tapatalk
  8. Finished up another one last night. This one was shown off in the Conversion thread first but now she's painted she can come over here. I'm really frustrated that since painting the first Hunzacutie my paints have changed colour but oh well. I'm also not generally as happy with the camo on this one so I might go back and revisit it later.
  9. @Andrek I have completed a prototype for a 70mm Lazarreto Base and if you PM your address then I'll send one out for you to see how you like it and give me some feedback. Chris Antenocitis Workshop
  10. It's been a while since I've posted in this thread and the calibre of conversions since then has been great but I thought I'd pop back with a couple of new ones. Khawarij with Spitfire (as I broke his rifle) Khawarij with Shotgun and Hunzacutie with Sniper Rifle (I bought the old Sniper Hunzakut but he is sooo small so I bought a new Hunzacutie and popped his arms on there instead. Also rotated her head and greenstuffed the hair and collar.) Sent from my Harrier from EE using Tapatalk
  11. Thanks for the comments guys, it's very much appreciated. Roark the TO mini is indeed the Taureg and I cast it myself, I hadn't actually done a post on it as I haven't actually painted anything on it. And now for a quick update, I've finished the Khawarij (which had to be converted after I dropped it off my top shelf and broke the rifle) and the Zhayedan which marks the completion of my Red Veil contingent. Just quick phone pics this time but they should show the models ok.
  12. Hey Cho, any chance of a Ghulam HMG? And how much would he be and a Hunzacutie from your web shop posted without the blister? Sent from my Harrier from EE using Tapatalk
  13. I had developed the lazarreto pattern into a display base tile for my nomads which I cut on our laser cutter so let me have a play and see if I can come up with a decent 70mm base. I'll post back here with what I have managed. You''l have to bear with me as i'll be doing this in my spare time as we are very busy at work at the moment. Chris Antenocitis Workshop
  14. Finally got around to getting some more painting done of the Haqq after an elongated hiatus to paint Warmachine and Malifaux. But with our Escalation League getting closer I figured it was about time to start painting line infantry so I knocked out the Ghulams from Red Veil. And I thought I'd share a shot of the whole lot together.