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  1. Holy shit, want! PM me details on what it takes to get the files from you.
  2. You're totally correct, for some reason I was thinking it would be different on the reactive turn, but it's not.
  3. Markers do not block LoF. Blew my mind when I found that out last month. Line of Fire: "Unless otherwise indicated for specific purposes, Markers do not obstruct LoF." Edit WRONG: As the Ghulam could see the Rodock move at one point of the movement order, they should be able to shoot at them at that point, as I don't believe the Farzan coming out of camo is retroactive to the first part of the order. As everything happens simultaneously, the Farzan coming out of camo is retroactive, so they would count as coming out at the beginning of the move, preventing the Ghulam from seeing.
  4. Yeah, one per spec ops option is ideal. I love the 2 option ones, as it allows for a solo build, along with one balanced more towards link teams. More variety (with real worthwhile choices) is always favorable.
  5. No end to my amusement. Character who constantly shits on CB and claims they do nothing but attempt to make people spend additional money on products with dodgy packaging system defends shitty company that attempts to make people spend additional money on incomplete products with dodgy pay-to-win and gambling mechanics. Classic.
  6. My body is ready for a Heavy Infantry AD unit named the Bearcat.
  7. I think everyone is using up all of their hate in the Aleph board.
  8. The only time I've used him was in the first half of a league (before it was reset). He was a beast that I would just run up the board and kill everything. It's not easy to judge how that would work in a 300 point game, but he and his smoke bot annihilated everything, every game they were in during that league.
  9. I like how people on Facebook were raging about this, and everyone on here is calm and collected. Brings it in line with how other units with deploy-able equipment are set up.
  10. Yeah, that certainly sounds like a profile that I would start a faction for. Could have been balanced though.
  11. Do you have his old profile? I've heard about them, but haven't ever seen them and I don't have any of the old books.
  12. There is a big difference in playing against an army that isn't fun to face vs playing against an opponent you don't get along with. One you can learn counters for and become a better player, the other you either have to suppress or modulate your actions, which doesn't result in fun. Best bet it to notify them individually about what you view as the problem, if their actions don't change, stop playing against them. There are one or two people in almost any gaming group that don't get along, along with that one person who can't ever get games in. You don't know why no one plays against them until you do once or twice, then you stop playing against them as well. It's no reason to stop playing the game if you like it. If you still have one or two opponents that you have fun playing with, keep going.
  13. So I answered this in the way of battle reports. I think the most interesting Core link would be Wild Cats, as you get a lot of options with them, and people get to see their strengths rather than just complaining about them on paper. While I mostly use Alguacils, it's really just an ARO and order battery, so it's not that interesting to watch. Brigada would be cool for a report or two, but then they can get boring and repetitive (see Owen with Gaming with the Cooler and his Knight links). It's neat to see how to maneuver them, and seeing others try to counter them, but after a few reports it's rinse repeat. Jaguar Core is cool, but Jaguar Haris is cooler. You get to see a trio of guys going around dishing out pain while your main core goes for objectives and big targets. A Gecko or two is always cool. People will get to see how to manage them, and see Corregidor's strength of engineers come out to keep it up. I want to see more Bandits. They are a ton of fun to play. They are pretty decent on the board, and there isn't really a more cinematic thing in Infinity than a guy knifing someone, stealing his big gun, and then blasting away at other people. Intruders are effective and all, but boring to watch/play (see Guerrilla Miniatures spending the first half of almost every turn tossing smoke on his Hsien and then shooting at anything in the open).
  14. If you read any of what I typed, that's not what I'm saying. You don't put the female gun on the MB, and you don't put the MB gun on the female model. You put the male light infantry standard scale gun on all of them, as it looks good on all of them and is how guns actually work.
  15. Mixing stuff into primers can really mess with how they bond, so that might be the main issue.