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  1. Just thinking of the total lack of interaction the opponent has with Loki replacing the HVT makes it not sound good for the game at all, but that just might be me. I think having two on the board (especially for something like highly classified) would be much more worth while and potentially game changing than a Hafza doing double Saladins or something similar. I think it would definitely be worth testing both.
  2. I like the trickster idea, but have it so that you deploy the HVT as well, so it looks like you have 2 HVTs and the opponent doesn't know which is which. It would be much simpler rules wise as well.
  3. Chain, Hacker, Chain. Your characters will be putting out the long range firepower, the chains act as corner guards and smoke throwers while the hacker acts as a backup or primary specialist. Combi Myrms are expensive, so I'd almost never take them, but the Spitfire would be useful if you don't have a character that can gun stuff down in that link. Or are these three supposed to be their own link? If they are supposed to be their own link without officers or characters, it would be Chain, Hacker, Spitfire.
  4. I'll have to take a better look, and also see it in person. From memory, it looks pretty massive, and things like the Al Fasid and Yan Huos are already right at the top of the S5 template. Give it ED: Escape System (explosive bolts blowing the heavy armor off and letting the operator run around from there) and non hack-able (I don't see it being a huge issue, though I know others would), along with some stat and points increases, and I think it could be a good/fun TAG. By no means do I think this is something that needs to be done, as I think the Black Jack has amazing rules (I actually think it should get a little price boost, but that's a different argument for a different day). Personally, I think it would just suit the model better, as I don't see him being able to go prone too well and it looks pretty hefty to be dodging without penalty. This would also fit the fluff of them being fixed up by the Dozers (I think it was Dozers).
  5. It's TAG sized. I'd expect TAG sized prices. I'd be much happier with it being packaged and sold like the Geckos though. But I'll also be getting it for the $27.97, so I don't think it's that bad (Tarik is $10 cheaper on that site and has a lot less metal). I do think they should have done it as a S6 TAG though. It would give USAr a TAG for the TAG missions, and match the size better.
  6. This mission really interests me, as it makes infiltrating snipers, which have almost always been called bad (which I don't agree with) pretty great picks. It also makes me want to run some really really stupid HB lists with 3 Fidays and a crap ton of inferior infiltrating guys.
  7. Strange, when I go to your profile to see what topics you've created, it only shows this one. Maybe it only works for the user. Do you see anything else listed there, or just this one?
  8. The Valkyrie idea is pretty cool. Would that be a normal smoke launcher, or an Eclipse launcher? As it stands, it seems too multi-purpose for Pano to get, which makes me want it even more. Inferior Camouflage Mech Deploy S5 infantry for the Troll. You've gotta pay the troll toll, and the troll likes to ambush. I want one with double shotguns of some sort. (I know that there is no chance of this, but it's a fun thought.)
  9. I would expect it to, as it seems to be their main battle TAG. I hope it's in there anyway...
  10. I guess you've never heard of Navy Seals, they use boats and helicopters. Would you rather have the aquatic specialists have infiltrate (like crocmen) or AD, as in them coming off the side of the board like parachutists? They both play a roll. The crocs lie in wait, while the other units come in to flank/box people in. And do they have them jump off the boat onto the other boat to save hostages held at gun point? Well, since PanO makes a bunch of the ALEPH stuff and uses it, I don't see any issue. I'm not the one butt hurt about this, and I don't know many people that are. Just because you're unhappy about it don't mean it's some terrible thing for the game. Broadens more armies with less models. Lets you collect multiple factions easier if you want.
  11. Fast response units don't use boats in most cases. They use air insertion, as it's faster and relies less on water conditions. (You don't see the coastguard trying to save crews of boats with other boats in most cases) Like the Garuda? Damn, using logic... You should try it some time.
  12. Because no one ever gets dropped out of helicopters/fliers into the water? Or air water rescue teams? No one needs to get to the top of a big building on one of those big floating cities?
  13. What? MO's Fusiliers can link. I wouldn't be surprised if they kept it that way.
  14. He can drop in anywhere he wants, but if he is in a coordinated order he can only come in on the same table segment that the ADL1s and 2s are coming in on. I wouldn't find it worthwhile to drop in in on the sides with the parachutists when you could come down into the back of the opponent's deployment zone instead. It was in N2 that he and perhaps Ko Dali could have others come on in the back field.
  15. Found it on some online retailers and Amazon. I wouldn't be surprised that they are dropping her, as they are resculpting the Scots at this point.