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  1. You forgot about the Cutter, LOL.
  2. This is exactly what I was thinking. Seems like a wasted opportunity to not take him when you're running the others. Also, don't forget about the Janissary Pain Train in QK.
  3. Get some softer metal wire, drill a hole where you want the finger, and then glue it and shape it.Just a little bit of a crimp will simulate a knuckle, and you could put some dabs of superglue on it for the little armor plates that some models have on their fingers..
  4. So if you lost the brown color and don't want to buy more paints, take the brown and thin it way down to create a glaze. Then, in small applications, build the brown color back up, as it should be very translucent, so it should still be much lighter. Look up a few tutorials on glazing. Also a lighter color brown wouldn't hurt, but I'd recommend getting a Khaki/bone color instead.
  5. Blood for the blood god is to emulate blood. It's meant to be semi translucent and glossy, to appear as freshly spilled blood. Would not recommend it for any other use, that's why it's a technical paint, just as Ryza rust is to emulate rust, not to be used as a normal paint.
  6. Thanks, super quick scanned through stuff and I couldn't find anything. Was expecting it to be something from three pages back, not seven comments.
  7. What are you referencing?
  8. Love the Gencon one's head. I'm wondering what all I could put it on... Irmandinos come to mind.
  9. Also, the AHD Ragik has the rifle, the shotgun and, you know... the AHD to take down/lock up all the big stuff, with a lot less risk than the BS.
  10. Totally different pose, same unit design. Which is what we want, isn't it?
  11. I started off dong a sponged camo thing so I could get them all done for a tournament. Now they look really boring, and kind of dark, so they all blend in together, but I don't have the time to go back in and do all of the details, so they will just sit there... Went too dark. All the multicam paint jobs I've been seeing are great, but it also looks like way too much work to me.
  12. I hurts me that I still don't have the Minutemen, but as Infinity is cooling down at the moment for me, I guess it's good that I don't have another unit to not build/paint/play with...
  13. Ha haha ha ha. No. You must have been terrible at those "spot the difference" games as a kid, huh?
  14. But then E/M wouldn't work against them either, so...